Using sesame bud to treat hemorrhoids is good?
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The treatment of hemorrhoids with sesame buds is a folk remedy that is effective in relieving the symptoms of the disease. So why can use sesame buds to treat hemorrhoids? How to do it? The following information will help you to solve this problem.  

The use of sesame buds in treating hemorrhoids

Sesame or bud buds are a very familiar tree to us. This type of tree belongs to the genus of sesame seeds, has beautiful root, body, and red flowers. When blooming, the flowers are fragrant. Therefore, it is often grown as an ornamental in many families. Many people have classified this tree into four precious ornamental plants, including: Sanh, fig, conifer, bud.

Using sesame bud to treat hemorrhoids is good?
Using sesame bud to treat hemorrhoids is good?

Not only is grown for ornamental purposes, all parts such as leaves, seeds, fruits, roots of sesame buds also have a healing effect. In particular, treating hemorrhoids with sesame bud is a method that has been applied by folk for a long time and brings good results. The reason can cure hemorrhoids with sesame buds because:

According to Oriental medicine, sesame buds are plants with a sweet taste, calculated to go to waste, spleen, can, and kidneys. It has the effect of tonifying blood, tonic, kidney, kidney, laxative, laxative, neutrophil. Therefore, sesame bud is often used for cases of body weakness, anemia blue skin, early gray hair, tinnitus, dizziness, less milk, hemorrhoids, dysentery, constipation, hematuria, dysentery. dysentery, constipation.

Modern medicine studies also show that sesame buds contain saporin and active ingredients that have antiseptic effects. Therefore, it can heal ulcers, prevent inflammation, help stop bleeding, and laxative. Therefore, we can use sesame buds to treat hemorrhoids.

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The remedy for hemorrhoids with sesame buds

How to cure hemorrhoids with sesame bud is very simple. The patient only needs to follow a few steps below:

  • Prepare about 20gr sesame bud leaves, kind of cake, neither young nor old. Take them to wash, soak with salt water for about 10 minutes to remove all bacteria.
  • Every night before going to bed, take a handful of sesame leaves in your mouth, chew and swallow the water. Its residue is chewed and then applied to the anal area.
  • Keep the sesame leaf residue at the anus for about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water. Persistent implementation of the remedy for about 10 – 15 days will help the disease get better quickly.

Because sesame leaves contain active substances that destroy inflammation, antiseptic, helping to heal wound quickly. At the same time, swallowing sesame leaf juice helps patients get rid of constipation, shrinking hemorrhoids. Therefore, applying the remedy regularly will make the unpleasant feeling caused by hemorrhoids disappear.

Some things to note when treating hemorrhoids with sesame buds

Hemorrhoids are a common medical problem that anyone can experience
Hemorrhoids are a common medical problem that anyone can experience

Hemorrhoids are a common problem in people doing jobs that require a lot of sitting or standing. Symptoms such as pain and itching not only affect daily activities but when not treated early, it can cause other complications. In the case of mild hemorrhoids and tired of having to take antibiotics or not being able to take medicine due to pregnancy, patients can apply a remedy to treat hemorrhoids with sesame buds.

However, like other folk remedies, using sesame buds to treat hemorrhoids is usually only effective for mild cases of hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoids have not fallen out of the anus. As for those patients who have progressed badly, the hemorrhoids come out, the remedy usually does not work. It is best for the patient to see a doctor for examination and advice to remove hemorrhoids or how to treat more effectively.

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In addition, to treat hemorrhoids with sesame buds to bring about the desired effects, patients also need to pay attention to their daily diet. Because the food we eat has a direct impact on the stomach and intestines. In order for the disease to heal quickly and avoid the risk of recurrence, it is required that patients eat and drink properly. Should drink plenty of water, supplement the body with laxative foods such as potatoes, whole grains, yogurt … At the same time, stay away from stimulants, fried foods rich in grease, hard foods.

In addition, regular exercise is also a good measure to relieve constipation, prevent hemorrhoids. Therefore, patients should combine appropriate exercises to enhance their health.

Some other remedies with sesame buds

As already mentioned, in addition to hemorrhoids, sesame can be used to treat many other conditions. Here are the remedies from sesame buds that are commonly used:

*) Treatment of body weakness:

Black sesame has the effect of treating body weakness
Black sesame has the effect of treating body weakness
  • Preparation: 100g black sesame, 100g young strawberry leaves.
  • Method: Roasted black sesame seeds, young strawberry leaves, after being washed, put in a pot of cooked food, then dry. Bring both roasted black sesame and dried young mulberry leaves into fine powder. Add pure honey, mix well and then wash into small balls.
  • Usage: Every day drink from 10-20g, persistently perform for a while will see its effectiveness.

*) As tonic tonic:

  • Preparation: 500g black sesame seeds, 1000g field, 500g young mulberry leaves (cooked and dried), 100g leaves of spring rolls, 150g of lotus seeds.
  • How to do: The above ingredients are powdered, mixed with honey and rolled into small balls. Then put in a glass jar with a lid to store.
  • How to use: Use 2 times a day in the morning and at night, each drink about 10g powder. Be persistent in doing this to make the remedy work.
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*) Cure psoriasis with sesame buds:

  • Preparation: 12g black sesame, 12g bio, 12g ginseng. 12g Ha Thu O, 12g horse head.
  • Method: The herbs are put in warm, sharpened with water to drink. Use a ladder every day.

*) Treatment of hardening of blood vessels, treatment of hypertension, constipation:

  • Preparation of ingredients: 50g Ha Thu O, 50g black sesame, 50g burdock.
  • How to do: The raw materials are pulverized into a fine powder, refined with molasses, to be used.
  • How to use: Take the powder 3 times a day, 10g each to bring the best effect.

*) Treatment of headaches, dizziness, early gray hair, dizziness, anemia, constipation, “sue the life benefits” for the elderly:

Sesame porridge is also known as chi ma su. This is the kind of porridge cooked from rice and black sesame with equal amounts, then add a little sugar or salt to be used. This dish can be eaten hot or cold, eaten with snacks or breakfast. Although it is a folk dish, sesame porridge has a very good effect in relieving headaches, dizziness, dizziness, anemia …

Above is how to cure hemorrhoids with sesame buds and some things to note. Because this is a natural remedy, it is very benign and can be applied to many different subjects. If the disease is mild and you are bored to take medicine, you can refer to and apply the above remedies to treat hemorrhoids for yourself.


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