What is the nasal discharge in the throat?
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Nasal discharge in the throat is a common condition in many people. This condition will cause unpleasant symptoms and affect daily life. So what is the nasal discharge down the throat? Let’s find out more information in the article below.

What is the nasal discharge in the throat?

Nasal drainage is a condition in which mucus builds up a lot in the nose, causing the sinuses to become inflamed or unable to fully drain through the nasal passages, resulting in drainage down the throat. Usually, this is likely to occur in the case of later clinical sinusitis .

What is the nasal discharge in the throat?
Nasal discharge down the throat is common in people with colds or some other chronic illnesses


Based on the severity or mildness of the disease to decide whether a runny nose secretes the throat causes bad smell or not. In mild cases, the runny nose secretes into the throat in a liquid and clear form will not have an unpleasant odor. But if the sinus infection is worse, the mucus will be yellow, cloudy, or green with an unpleasant odor.

According to experts in the nose and throat department, runny nose down the throat is common in some people with colds, while other cases of runny nose down the throat are symptoms of some diseases such as:

  • Sinusitis : Fungi and bacteria attack the sinus lining, blocking the sinus cavity, leading to inflammation and pus in the sinus. Over time the accumulation of pus and mucus will overflow the throat. At that time, the sinus mucosa will often be inflamed, especially the posterior sieve and the butterfly sinus.
  • Nasopharyngitis secretion: This is an inflammation of the nasopharynx mucosa, clear runny nose, runny nose flowing down the throat causing burning pain, coughing, constant sneezing, stuffy nose, … Especially on days The weather changes, the body is weakened, making the disease even more spread.
  • Chronic rhinitis: A severe stage of rhinitis, most commonly seen in adults. The disease will have some specific manifestations such as runny nose, stuffy nose, nasal discharge down the throat causing discomfort, dry cough, cough with phlegm or a marked decrease in smell.
  • Nasal polyps : Polyps are masses of flesh, tumors in the sinuses. If polyps grow large, it will obstruct the airways leading to nasal congestion, deafness. Therefore, people with nasal polyps will often feel a runny nose down the throat and when observed, the nasal septum will be crooked.
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Treat nasal discharge in your throat

To treat the nasal discharge in the throat, people often treat with Western remedies or apply some folk remedies to support.

1. Western medicine to treat nasal discharge down the throat

To treat nasal discharge, a diagnosis is needed. The disease will usually arise in the case of infection and non-infection so that there is an appropriate treatment regimen.

1.1. The case is not infected

In the case of no infection or caused by weather allergies, it is necessary to perform the nose cleaning with normal saline. It is also possible to treat the disease with anti-inflammatory or anti-allergic sprays.

Regular nasal inhalation will help create moisture for the nose to reduce the runny nose down the throat. Therefore, you can go directly to an ear – nose – throat clinic to perform inhalation to ensure the right method and quick effect.

However, the sick person can also self-infiltrate at home, but must be done properly. You can use pure tea oil or wind oil to inhale to clear the nose, reduce phlegm. Daily inhalation for 1-2 minutes and combined with nasal hygiene methods will help quickly improve the runny nose down the throat.

1.2. Case of infection

In case of an infection that causes a runny nose to run down the throat, antibiotics such as: steroids, antihistamines, chlororpheniramine … If there appear signs such as yellow-green phlegm or a fishy smell, it is necessary to use antibiotics. See you promptly because you may have a nasal discharge in the throat with an infection.

What is the nasal discharge in the throat?
Using antibiotics is an effective treatment

In the process of using drugs to treat nasal discharge in the throat, patients should note the following issues:

  • Follow your doctor’s directions exactly and use the right dose.
  • Do not overuse the drug to avoid becoming resistant or experiencing unwanted side effects.
  • Diagnose and clearly identify the cause to have an accurate treatment.
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2. Folk remedies to treat nasal discharge down the throat

In addition to using western medicines, patients can also apply some folk remedies to support the treatment of runny nose down the throat to help improve the disease:

2.1. Wormwood treats nasal discharge down the throat

Researchers say that wormwood has anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties to help reduce runny nose down the throat. Therefore, wormwood is considered an effective treatment for allergic sinusitis and chronic rhinitis.


  • Take 100g of fresh wormwood, take only young leaves and stems to wash and dry.
  • Wormwood, after being dried for about a day, is then crushed and placed on a rolled up paper like a cigarette and then lit this smoke on the nose.

2.2. Fresh turmeric treat nasal discharge down the throat

According to Oriental medicine, fresh turmeric has hot pungent properties, bitter taste, helping to reduce pain and anti-inflammation. In addition, turmeric also contains the antibiotic active ingredient curcumin, which helps in treating chronic and cancer quite well. Therefore, fresh turmeric is considered to be a natural ingredient used to treat nasal discharge from the throat.

What is the nasal discharge in the throat?
Turmeric is one of the natural ingredients used to aid in the treatment of nasal discharge in the throat


  • Wash 1 fresh turmeric and crush it to squeeze it to drink.
  • The rest is put into the nostrils twice a day to clear the nose.

2.3. Lemon leaves to treat nasal discharge down the throat

Lemon leaves have high antiseptic and benign properties to help limit runny nose running down the throat. Gargle with lemon leaf juice to help dissolve phlegm, sore throat and sinusitis effectively.

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  • Rinse a handful of lime leaves, dry and boil for about 10 minutes and add 1 teaspoon of salt.
  • Get a clean washcloth to filter the water out and put in a glass bottle.
  • Every morning, use this liquid to rinse your mouth.

As can be seen, nasal discharge down the throat is a non-dangerous condition, but identifying the cause is essential to help the patient avoid unwanted complications. Therefore, to feel more secure, the patient should come to the medical facility for examination and treatment.


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