Gout cure by diagnosis
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Treating gout by diagnosis is one of the most commonly used methods and is considered to be safe, rapid pain relief, and temporary inhibition of the progression of the disease. By impacting the acupuncture points on the face to repel disease symptoms.

In Vietnam, the father of the diagnostic method is Prof. Dr. Bui Quoc Chau, an ethnic medicine researcher, after a long research process he created the diagnostic method in 1980 and applied This method is used to treat all kinds of acute and chronic diseases, including gout.

Learn about gout and its symptoms

Gout is a metabolic disorder in the body related to eating, tolerating a variety of protein-rich foods, and purines cause an increase in uric acid levels in the blood, forming urate salt crystals that are deposited in joints, cartilage, synovial fluid … cause inflammation, aches and pains, causing stiffness in the joints, and extremely dangerous deformed joints.

Gout cure by diagnosis
Gout is a disease of the bones and joints that causes painful swelling in the toes

There are many causes of gout, apart from genetic factors or by the location, poor diet and living is the biggest cause of gout.

Before learning more about gout treatments, including diagnostic methods, you need to know the symptoms and signs of the disease to quickly implement active treatment:

  • Painful joints, may be knee joints, big toe joints, elbow joints, elbows …
  • Swelling, stiff, hot, red due to inflammation
  • The patient has difficulty in moving and limited mobility
  • The pain is dull lingering and painful with a lot of activity

Depending on the location of each person as well as the degree of gout, the symptoms of the disease will vary. So, pay special attention to the signs of instability of the body and promptly treat promptly to easily overcome symptoms, effectively repel gout.

Overview of gout treatment by diagnostic method

There are many ways to treat gout, rather than supporting treatment based on the symptoms of the disease. Because gout is a disease that has not had a cure until now. Currently, some popular methods that many people apply to treat gout include:

  • Using Western drugs to relieve pain, drugs increase excretion and reduce uric acid synthesis …
  • The remedy for gout according to Oriental medicine or natural herbs.
  • Apply gout treatment by diagnosis.
  • Surgery removes the damaged and incapable part of the joint.
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What is the diagnostic treatment of gout?

For the method of diagnosis, this is also a therapy belonging to the traditional medicine group, similar to the methods of acupuncture, acupressure.

The diagnosis is roughly understood as a cure for gout without the use of drugs or any medical procedures. Simply perform facial and body-based treatment by applying pressure to the acupuncture points associated with gout.

Gout cure by diagnosis
Area diagnosis is the method of acting on the acupuncture points on the face with the help of various presses, presses, day … to treat diseases.

This method will be performed by a specialist in traditional medicine, experienced in diagnosis and treatment based on acupressure observations. At this time, the physician will use specialized tools such as a roller, probe, hammer, scraping … to impact on the identified acupuncture point.

If the treatment of gout by diagnosis and response to treatment, the body is well adapted and persistently followed the expert’s procedures, it will very quickly reduce the pain and inflammation in the joints that are accumulating urate. to prevent dangerous tophi seed appearance.

The advantages of gout cure are by diagnosis

The reason that gout treatment by diagnostic gives positive results for people with gout is because:

  • The direct effects to the acupuncture point thanks to the techniques of day, roll, press, scratch … will help control and create positive effects in internal and peripheral areas of the body.
  • The impact on the acupuncture points is also a way to clear the blockage or slow blood circulation, stimulating blood flow to the joints, muscles and effectively reducing gout pain, enhancing the health of the muscles. internal organs in general.
  • Helping to eliminate toxins from the body, namely uric acid excretion, the body purification helps to control uric acid levels effectively.
  • Prevent recurrence of acute gout attacks as well as dangerous complications in joints.
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance, promote metabolism, improve liver and kidney function.

Moreover, gout treatment by means of diagnosis also has many other outstanding advantages that make many patients happy and trust their choice. May be mentioned as:

  • The method of diagnosis is a method that is clearly effective thanks to external influences, it does not cause any adverse health effects like using modern medicines.
  • The diagnostic method has not too high cost of treatment, so it is suitable for many different types of patients.
  • Because it is the Oriental medicine method, the effect is quite slow, but if you persist in implementing it, it will definitely improve positively compared to the initial.
Gout cure by diagnosis
Depending on the location, the severity of the pain and the patient’s physical condition, it will be diagnosed in different ways

Thus, with the above-mentioned advantages, it can be seen that thanks to the diagnostic method, it will help to treat gout by overcoming gout symptoms early. At the same time, improve overall health status of the body in a positive direction.

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In addition, nowadays, the method of diagnosis is not only applied at the traditional level of facial diagnosis and treatment, but also researched to expand the diagnosis and treatment of the total spirit, especially in the arm. , hands, wrists, feet … This is a new and effective study different from the traditional method.

Instructions on how to treat gout by diagnosis

Gout is considered a “rich family” disease, usually occurs mainly in people with unscientific eating and living habits, eating a lot of protein rich foods and triggering acute gout attacks. At this time, the patient can apply the diagnostic method to overcome the pain quickly without having to take painkillers or perform acupuncture causing pain caused by interfering with the skin.

Depending on the location that causes pain, the severity of pain as well as the health status of the patient, specialists will recommend the most suitable diagnostic methods. Usually, the patient will be diagnosed according to the following steps:

Step 1 : Perform press and day on all except Dam – Low – Thuy


  • This way is done through acupressure, with each pressing movement, the patient will feel the pain relieved quickly, the whole body is relaxed, the limbs are no longer numb.
  • However, after pressing, there are some cases where the patient feels a little dizzy, light-headed and an itchy rash on the skin. These are very normal symptoms that show that the body is starting to get rid of uric acid , after being rested and eating enough, the symptoms will gradually decrease and disappear.

How to do it as follows: Press and day the gout points to treat gout in the correct order 103 – 1 – 290 – 19 – 39 – 64 – 63 – 53 – 222 – 236 – 85 – 127 – 235 – 22 – 87.

Step 2 : Perform manipulation day, press on the acupuncture point to eliminate inflammation, detoxify and destroy tumor tumors


  • Performing steps and presses can help reduce inflammation in the damaged gout joints.
  • Stimulates the excretion of uric acid content from the body through excretion and joint cleaning. When there is no excess acid in the body, the patient will automatically no longer feel pain.
Gout cure by diagnosis
Follow the sequence of the number of acupuncture points to achieve the highest diagnostic efficiency


Do accordingly the following sets of numbers:

  • The antidote set are number points: 26 – 5 – 17 – 3 – 50 – 60 – 29 – 104 – 10 – 59 – 85 – 235 – 87
  • The inflammatory bowel is the acupuncture point number: 61 – 37 – 38
  • Tumor suppositories are number points: 41 – 127 – 19 – 143
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Step 3 : Treating gout by day, press and press the acupuncture point

Effects: Performing this step is useful to quickly relieve the symptoms of pain and stiffness in the gout joints.

How to do it: Do the day and press the acupuncture points in the following order: 41 – 87 – 16 – 61 – 37 – 60 – 38 – 0 and 39 – 45 – 43 – 300 – 0.

Step 4 : Combine the use of pineal gland pressure, the thyroid gland under the big toe and pituitary gland to help regulate the hormonal system inside the body.

Note when performing treatment by way of diagnosis gout

In the process of performing press, day, press … to ensure the best performance, the patient should note the following:

  • When performing these operations, it is necessary to have the assistance of specialized tools used in physiotherapy, especially the apricot hammer to knock on the damaged gout joints in this case.
  • Combine using ice or hot wormwood together with granulated salt to apply on gout pain areas to improve treatment efficiency.
  • In any case of gout cure by diagnosis also indispensable wormwood. This is an ingredient that, when heated and applied, stimulates blood circulation extremely well, supports pain relief, anti-inflammation and reduces the size of tophi (the stage of chronic gout ) as well as acid excretion. uric out of the body is extremely effective.
  • Follow the manipulation of day, press, and press in the order of numbers.

How long does it take to effectively treat gout by diagnosis?

Most cases of perseverance done within 3 days will help minimize the symptoms of gout swelling and pain, joints that have been damaged that caused difficulty in movement will now start working again. normal.

In addition, patients should make a diagnosis once a day and persistently do it within 1 month for the joints to recover and no longer gout symptoms.

Conduct a diagnostic test for gout through measuring uric acid concentration after field therapy to determine whether the AU in the blood has stabilized or not. If you see the AU in men reach 180 – 420 mmol / L; and for women, it is 150 – 360 mmol / L, proving the successful diagnosis.

There are a number of additional methods that support effective treatment of gout

Currently, to effectively treat gout, doctors often encourage patients to combine many different, non-subjective methods and rely on any single method to get the best results.

Gout cure by diagnosis
Eating, living, exercise science is the best way to prevent the causes of gout

There are some other supportive measures such as:

  • Combining the use of natural herbs, traditional oriental medicine has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and rapid relief of acute gout attacks.
  • Develop a scientific diet, avoid foods containing purines such as red meats, seafood, alcohol … Instead are foods from plants, green vegetables, fresh fruits … Drink A lot of water is also a great way to relieve pain when a gout flare up.
  • Adjusting the lifestyle, exercising regularly, exercising, exercising the body is not only good for health but also helps to improve joint function.

The above measures, including diagnostic methods, are only effective to support treatment or treatment of mild cases of gout, both onset and uncomplicated.

If you have any questions about how to cure gout by diagnosis or any method, please see a specialist to be examined and advised to treat according to the correct regimen, to fight gout right away.


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