Brown rice works well in the treatment of osteoarthritis
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Using brown rice to treat disc herniation is one of the most popular folk remedies, as it can help improve the unpleasant symptoms that the disease causes. But why brown rice works so well for people with disc herniation, not everyone knows how to use it. This article will help you answer questions and how brown rice can cure disc herniation and how to use it.

Brown rice works well in the treatment of osteoarthritis
Brown rice works well in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Brown rice and its use in treating disc herniation

Brown rice is a whole grain, instead of removing the hulls, germs and bran like white rice, during the milling process, people just remove the outer shell and keep the inner bran and germ. Therefore, compared to white rice, brown rice contains more nutrients, especially fiber, vitamins, thiamine, magnesium, iron, zinc and in particular, the GI of brown rice is also lower than white rice. Brown rice is divided into many categories, but on the market today you will find that there are mainly four main types: red brown rice, black brown rice, brown rice and sticky brown rice.

Brown rice is one of the familiar foods in Vietnamese life. Since ancient times, it has been believed that brown rice has a good effect in helping to improve bone and joint problems, has a good effect in the treatment of diseases such as spondylosis, osteoarthritis, disc herniation. … Modern studies also show that brown rice indeed contains many nutrients, good for maintaining the health of bones and joints, and can help support the recovery of damage of the skeletal system. .

The reason brown rice can minimize the symptoms of osteoarthritis pain and support the treatment of disc herniation is because:

  • In brown rice contains two active ingredients, sterolin and phytosterol, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, repel the attack of harmful bacteria, while improving the immune system, helping the body stay healthy. Therefore, brown rice can inhibit arthritis, minimize soreness and reverse degenerative joint disease.
  • High in vitamin K, works to remove excess calcium in the blood, support the body to easily absorb calcium and minerals, thereby strengthening the skeletal system. In addition, vitamins also work to strengthen the immune system, help the wound heal, limit blood loss when injured.
  • Some studies also show that brown rice contains IP6, potassium, and calcium that inhibit and prevent the crystallization of calcium oxalate in the urinary tract, help keep bones and joints strong, and prevent joint degeneration. 
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In addition, brown rice also has effects such as reducing kidney stones, improving eyesight, strengthening mind, improving liver function, supporting liver detoxification, liver cirrhosis treatment, antioxidant, digestive improvement. reduce the risk of cancer … 

How to use brown rice to treat disc herniation

There are many ways to use brown rice to treat disc herniation
There are many ways to use brown rice to treat disc herniation

Although brown rice is very effective in treating disc herniation, brown rice only works best when used in the right dosage and method. Some of the current uses of brown rice to treat disc herniation can be mentioned as:

1. Use brown rice tea to treat disc herniation

Using brown rice to make tea is a simple method of use that can be enjoyed by busy people. Brown rice tea is not only good for bone and joint health, prevents osteoporosis, supports disc herniation, but also works to clear heat, detoxify, and cool down the liver.


  • Clean red brown rice, drain, put in a pan and roast evenly until the rice is fragrant, turns dark, then turn off the heat.
  • Pour rice out, wait for it to cool, put it in a glass jar, cover tightly for storage and then use gradually
  • Every day, use 50g of roasted brown rice with 300ml of boiling water and see the water changes color, with a mild fragrance, you can drink. 

Note: When roasting brown rice, absolutely do not let the rice be too dry, when the rice is drained, roast immediately so that the tea has a characteristic aroma. Although brown rice is good for people with joint problems, aromatic tea, easy to drink, you should only use the right amount. Should maintain the habit of drinking brown rice tea every day to improve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by disc herniation.

2. Use brown rice with sesame salt to cure disc herniation

Sesame salted brown rice is not only good for supporting the treatment of osteoarthritis, but also can help with weight loss if you formulate the right nutrition. Therefore, if you do not want to lose weight, you should use it in combination with other foods to provide full nutrients for the body.


  • 2 cups brown rice
  • 1 cup of sesame seeds
  •  White salt
  • Pressure cooker or rice cooker


Cook brown rice

  • Step 1: Soak the rice

Brown rice is briefly washed, no need to wash too many times like normal rice cooking, then soak in cold water overnight, the best soaking time is 5-6 hours. Soak rice to remove toxins, help soft rice seeds easy to eat, when cooked also faster and especially to help you digest more.

  • Step 2: Measure the rice

When cooking brown rice, in order to have a delicious pot of rice, you must measure the appropriate amount of water. For every 1 level of rice, measure 2 levels of water.

  • Step 3: Cook

Use a pressure cooker to make the rice delicious, soft, aromatic and flexible, the best cooking time is 1 hour, you can add red beans or lotus seeds to the pot to make the rice more fragrant and nutritious. If you add red beans, you should soak the beans first, boil the red beans with water, remove the water from the top, and then cook with brown rice.

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Make sesame salt

  • Step 1: The sesame seeds are washed, roasted and cooked, each time a small handful of roast, stirring evenly, the sesame seeds will be more fragrant
  • Step 2: Mix the sesame seeds with salt at the ratio of 1:20, which means that 1 teaspoon of salt, then 20 teaspoons of sesame seeds, if eaten with brown rice, adjust to the ratio 1: 5


  • Mix rice cooked with sesame salt, enjoy while still hot
  • Use sesame salt brown rice instead of rice used in daily meals
  • Should be eaten with other foods to avoid nutrient deficiencies affecting health.

3. How to cure disc herniation with red bean brown rice water

Red beans, brown rice can be used as drinking water or cook porridge to support treatment
Red beans, brown rice can be used as drinking water or cook porridge to support treatment

If you are tired of brown rice with sesame salt, you can use red bean brown rice porridge or red bean brown rice water to aid treatment. This kind of porridge not only improves bone and joint problems but also beautifies the skin, prevents aging. Red bean brown rice water helps to cool the liver, laxative, clean the blood, help purify the body very well. 


Red bean brown rice water

  • Ingredients: 100g roasted brown rice, 100g roasted red beans
  • Roasted red beans and brown rice, mix well, add 2 liters of water to the pot to cook
  • Bring to a boil, let it boil for 10 minutes until the water turns red, rice and red beans bloom, then turn off the heat. 
  • For warm water to keep heat, to use gradually, can be stored in the refrigerator but should be used during the day, not overnight to avoid being burned.

Red bean brown rice porridge

  • Ingredients: 50g red beans, 10g brown rice, 20g garlic
  • Red beans and brown rice soaked soft, picked out, put in a pot to boil with 2.5 liters of water
  • Bring to a boil over high heat, turn to low heat, simmer until rice and beans are soft, then add a little garlic
  • Season the spices to taste, cook for 5 more minutes, then turn off the heat
  • Use 2-3 times / week with snacks. 

4. Cure disc herniation with roasted brown rice

For those who are busy, do not have time, the use of brown rice is also a measure to help support the treatment of disc herniation worth considering. You just need to buy brown rice flour to use it can save a lot of time or make your own roasted brown rice to use gradually.


  • Red brown rice takes a moderate amount, roast it to brown rice evenly, then turn off the heat
  • Bring brown rice to a fine powder, put in a glass jar, cover carefully to use gradually
  • Every day use 2 tablespoons of roasted brown rice mixed with 100ml of boiling water
  • Drink regularly 2-3 times / day.
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5. Use brown rice to treat disc herniation

Seaweed brown rice nuggets are both delicious and effective in treating disc herniation
Seaweed brown rice nuggets are both delicious and effective in treating disc herniation

The roasted brown rice is a delicious dish that many people love, especially children. Brown rice is a snack but can help prevent and support the treatment of bone and joint diseases including a very good disc herniation.

Prepare materials:

  • Seaweed: Wash the sand, if you buy clean seaweed, you do not need to rinse it
  • Black sesame seeds: Take 1 ounce of black sesame, roast it evenly, it can be fragrant
  • Cooking oil or sesame oil: Use chilled oil or sesame oil is fine
  • Garlic: Chopped or crushed garlic to have essential oils.


Make sesame, seaweed, garlic

  • Seaweed to pan, star dry, until dry, crispy, turn off the heat, put in a mortar to crush
  • Pour the sesame seeds, cooking oil, garlic and soup powder into a pan with the seaweed and stir, you can add a little salt, pepper and other spices for a richer flavor.
  • Stir well when all ingredients are mixed, turn off the heat

Make roasted brown rice

  • Step 1: Choose red brown rice because it is rich in rice bran, containing nutrients such as calcium, manganese, B1, B3 …
  • Step 2: Soak brown rice for at least 8 hours or more, it is best to soak it for 22 hours for the rice to bloom to increase nutrients.
  • Step 3: Cook brown rice so that it is ripe so that the rice is placed on a tray for the rice to dry and seize, then dry in the sun to dry the rice in the sun.
  • Step 4: Roast the salt in the pan very hot until the flavor of the salt evaporates, then add the rice to the pan. Roast evenly until the rice is bulging. If there is no sound, let the sieve cool. 
  • Step 5: Continue to cook, stir well, then mix brown rice with seaweed. Put brown rice, seaweed in a glass jar, cover, store for use gradually. Use as a snack every day, avoid eating too much to not affect your health.

Some notes when using brown rice to treat disc herniation

Do not use brown rice for people with digestive problems
Do not use brown rice for people with digestive problems

When using brown rice to cure disc herniation, there are some notes that patients cannot ignore so that brown rice can be used to promote its use while avoiding health effects as follows:

  • Do not use brown rice regularly for people with calcium or iron deficiency because brown rice contains phytic acid that can combine with minerals to create precipitates.
  • Do not use brown rice for children, the elderly or the sick, because brown rice is difficult to chew, it is quite dry and easy to indigestion.
  • You should use red or black brown rice because it contains many nutrients, so buy rice at reputable stores, choose smooth rice seeds, avoid buying moldy, moldy rice.
  • Brown rice should only be used 2-3 times / week, should be combined with other foods to not cause nutrient deficiencies affecting the immune system.
  • Brown rice, although effective in the treatment of disc herniation, should only be used in mild, onset cases.
  • It is necessary to persevere in the implementation for a long time, the effect depends on the location of each person
  • Develop a nutritious diet, a scientific lifestyle, absolutely do not drink alcohol, tobacco to avoid affecting the treatment process.

Above are some ways to use brown rice to treat disc herniation that you can apply. If the symptoms do not show signs of improvement but are getting worse, you need to quickly visit the osteoarthritis specialist to determine the condition and to have appropriate treatment regimen.


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