Gout treatment with a yellow comb is a folk trick that many people apply
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Gold comb is one of the precious medicines in Oriental medicine, has many great benefits for health, can support good treatment of liver, stomach or skin diseases. In particular, the yellow comb is good for bone and joint health, can cure diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and even gout. Here are some simple, easy-to-follow folk remedies for gout gout remedies that you can apply.

Gout treatment with a yellow comb is a folk trick that many people apply
Gout treatment with a yellow comb is a folk trick that many people apply

Golden comb and treatment uses gout

Yellow comb also has other names such as octopus, orchid, orchid … is a shade-loving tree, suitable for growing in places with humid climate. The yellow comb belongs to the jasmine family, is a herbaceous plant, the trunk is divided into many different branches, the leaves are staggered, about 12-20 cm in size, the leaf surface is smooth, the upper surface is darker than the lower surface. . The flowers grow in clusters, white, stringy, and bloom mainly in the early spring to autumn, and fade very quickly. 

Golden comb is a tree originating from Central and South America, and was grown as an ornamental in Russia more than 100 years ago. Currently, this plant is also grown as an ornamental plant very popular in Vietnam. In addition, it is also used to support treatment of sore throats, pimples, itchy sores, liver disease, stomach ulcers, back pain, joint fatigue, arthritis, gout …

The reason why many people use gold comb to support the treatment of gout is because:

  • According to research of modern medicine, yellow comb leaves contain ingredients such as vitamins (C, B1, B2, E …), organic acids, lipids, chemical compounds such as flavonoids, quercetin, steroids, kaempferol, phytosterol and many other micronutrients. Inside:
  • Quercetin is an antioxidant, with similar activity to vitamin P, has anticonvulsant, diuretic effects. Often used in the treatment of internal bleeding, allergies, arthritis, nephritis. Due to its effect in the treatment of arthritis, it can help improve inflammation, pain, swelling in the joints caused by gout. In addition, quercetin also helps with diuretic, so it can assist in the elimination of uric acid in the blood from the body.
  • Kaempferol is also an active ingredient with strong diuretic effects, in addition to having a sedative, anti-inflammatory effect, increasing the durability of blood vessels to help the body excrete toxins out of the body. Often used to treat conditions such as urinary dysfunction, infections, allergies. 
  • Steroids in the golden comb are fitosterols that have bactericidal, anti-atherosclerotic effects, inhibit the growth of tumors, can support the treatment of metabolic disorders, endocrine diseases, prostate gland. 
  • In addition, the golden comb also contains elements such as iron, chromium, copper … which work very well with the body’s activities.
  • Gold comb also contains vitamin C, vitamin C, which reduces the concentration of uric acid in the blood, which can help fight gout. According to scientific studies, taking 500mg of vitamin C per day can reduce the risk of gout by up to 17%.
  • According to traditional medicine, the yellow comb has a rapid effect on heat, detoxification, active blood, inflammation, bruising, wound healing. Commonly used to treat diseases such as back pain, osteoarthritis pain, rheumatism, gout, diuretic, peptic ulcer, psoriasis …
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How to cure gout with a yellow comb at home

There are many ways to use the yellow comb to treat gout
There are many ways to use the yellow comb to treat gout

Yellow comb is very well appreciated by folklore for its use in the treatment of skin diseases and gout. There are many simple and easy-to-implement home remedies for gout gout such as:

1. Use yellow comb tea to treat gout

Patients can use yellow comb tea to prevent the formation and deposition of urate salt crystals in the blood. Because the comb has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, it can support uric acid excretion in the blood, effectively purifying the body. You can use the decoction of the yellow comb or use the tea from the stem and leaves of the yellow comb to support treatment.


  • Take the stems and leaves of the yellow comb, wash, drain, chop and dry
  • Every day take a handful of dry gold comb, put in a dedicated kettle, or boil with boiling water in a thermos to drink
  • Made every day, combined with massage remedies from gold leaf wine to improve symptoms of pain caused by gout.

2. Treatment of gout with yellow comb wine

In addition to using decoction water or yellow comb tea to support uric acid excretion in the body, patients should combine with the use of yellow comb alcohol to support treatment. This is a way to relieve osteoarthritis pain from the outside, a simple, effective and extremely safe treatment for external use only.


  • Prepare 100g of leaves or stems of yellow comb, white wine 45 degrees 1 liter
  • Wash the golden comb, drain, cut into small pieces
  • Put the golden comb into a clean glass jar, pour the wine into the soak, leave in the dark
  • About 15 – 30 days, when the wine turns red, the wine will be massaged in the inflamed joint areas caused by gout.
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Can use gold wine to drink, drink 3 times a day, each time 1 small cup, use 30 minutes before meals. 

3. Making golden comb essential oil to cure gout

If you do not like to use yellow comb alcohol, you can get essential oils from this plant to aid treatment. Essential oil is the most quintessential thing of the golden comb, so it will work well in treatment. Using gold comb oil to treat gout is a great tip you can apply.


  • Take a few stems, leaves and roots of the yellow comb, wash, drain, cut into 3cm pieces
  • Put everything in a pot, add a little vegetable oil, simmer over low heat for 2 hours
  • Then take this water filtered through a cotton ball you will obtain essential oils

Use gold comb oil to massage the painful areas of bones and joints caused by gout, massage gently for 20 minutes to allow the essential oil to penetrate the skin. Rinse with water, persistently every day to see good results. 

4. Eat fresh yellow comb leaves to cure gout

One of the simple methods to cure gout with yellow comb is to use fresh yellow comb leaves. You just need to take a few yellow combs to wash, chew and swallow steadily every day. In addition, if you do not like to eat raw, you can put it in a pot of rice to steam and eat. Persistent application for a long time will see the symptoms of gout improve.

Some notes when treating gout with a golden comb

The stems and leaves of the yellow comb are toxic, so it should be used with caution
The stems and leaves of the yellow comb are toxic, so it should be used with caution

When using the yellow comb to treat gout, patients need to pay attention to the following issues to avoid affecting health:

  • Although it has good effects on health, but yellow comb is also a medicine that can cause side effects such as allergic erythema, damage to the larynx, edema of the extremities … Therefore, the patient has an allergic site. People with weak immunity should not use oral yellow comb. 
  • Although in Russia, the yellow comb is a precious medicine, but experts have warned that there is no universal medicine, including the yellow comb. When using a gold comb for treatment, the patient should consult a treating doctor. 
  • Using the golden comb to treat gout is just a method that has been handed down in folk, used by word of mouth experience, its specific therapeutic value is unknown, if used in high doses can cause poisoning because Yellow comb leaves and stems contain toxicity.
  • Should combine with appropriate nutrition, if continuously loaded into the body of foods containing many purines, the effect of this method on the body is negligible.
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Above are some remedies for gout with yellow comb that you can refer to. There are no in-depth scientific studies to clarify the curative value of yellow comb, its effectiveness and unwanted effects when used. Therefore, if you want to use the golden comb to treat gout you should consult your doctor before applying.


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