Lamp wick
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Wick grass (posted heart seminar) is a drug with welding properties, clinical effects, bar waste heat, sedation and mental fire. Therefore, this medicine is often used to treat many diseases such as difficulty urinating, hot urination, insomnia, trouble sleeping, nervous body, sore throat, bronchitis, …

Lamp wick
Juncus effusus belongs to Juncaceae – Juncaceae
  • Other names: Post tam thao, jade jade, tiger tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu, tu tu tu tu tu tu, phac hoa tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu per 1uc hang,…
  • Scientific name: Juncus effusus
  • Jigs dược: The Sildrefamilien
  • Family: Wick – Juncaceae

Description of herbal medicine wick grass

1. Characteristics of wick plants

Wick grass (wick grass) is a herbaceous plant, with a height of 0.5 – 1m and often develops in clusters. The trunk is round, small, hard, 1-2mm in diameter, pale green on the outside and with many longitudinal grooves. Red pepper leaves only have small sheaths at the stem base. Flowers are round, hermaphrodite and perianth, brown. Fruit capsule and contains many small seeds inside.

grass wick lights
Pictures of trees and grass wicks

2. Distribution

Wick grass grows wild in wet areas around ponds and lakes. In our country, this plant species concentrated mainly in the northern provinces such as Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, …

3. Parts used

The intestines of the wick plant are used to make medicine – called the wick plant.

4. Harvesting – preliminary processing

Harvest the tree in the fall. After harvesting, cut along the shell to get the core. Then, tie into bundles and dry. Postcentrism is an odorless medicine, white or light yellow, 90cm long, 0.1 – 0.3cm in diameter and has a small, long round cylinder.

5. Chemical composition

Wick grass contains several chemical components such as phlobaphene, methyl pentosan, araban and xylan.

6. Storage

Medicinal materials are easy to mold and damage, so they should be stored in a well ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

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The medicinal herbs posted mind herb (wick grass)

wick lamp
The medicinal herb (wick grass) has a sweet, odorless taste, has properties of welding, diuretic effect, and heat

1. Temperament – Regression

  • Sweetness, odorless, weldability.
  • Referred to the Tieu Truong, Phi and Tam sutras.

2. The effect of posting mindfulness in traditional medicine

Effects of fire, diuretic, pine, heat waste and diuretic. Treatment of diseases such as heat forest, maidservant, hydrocephalus, insomnia, high fever, boils, …

Although popularly used in folk but currently, wick grass has not been studied in specific science.

3. Usage – dosage

Use in decoction or dispersant form. Dosage 8-16g / decoction and 1-2g / powder.

Some remedies for healing from wick plants

wick lamp
The wick plant is used in many remedies

1. Remedy for edema, poor sleep and urination

  • Preparation: 8g wick core.
  • Directions: Put medicinal herbs in a kettle, bring color to 250ml of water and boil for 15 minutes, then turn off the heat. Grandchildren take excellent water, remove the residue and divide the water into 3 drinks a day.

2. Antidote to stop bleeding in case of mild bleeding

  • Preparation: Lamp wick plant.
  • Directions: Take to wash, drain, crush and apply to the injured area to stop bleeding.

3. Remedy for mental disorder, thirsty mouth

  • Preparation: Bamboo leaves and mondo grass each 12g, 4g wick.
  • Implementation: For medicinal herbs in a warm, excellent drink a day using 1 ladder.

4. The remedy for gonorrhea causes painful urination, cloudy urination, and blood in the urine

  • Preparation: Post seminar 8g, 8g grass roots.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder until well.

5. Remedy for red urine and urinary urgency

  • Preparation: Dandelion and pine tree every 6g, away from money, sea animals and prince each 9g, wick grass 9g.
  • Directions: Put all medicinal herbs in a kettle, bring color to 800ml with low heat until 250ml. Grandchildren removed water, left the pulp and divided the water into 3 drinks a day. Use the remedy continuously for 10 days.

6. Medicines to treat urinary disorders

  • Exercise 1: Prepare away from the first draft and phoenix phoenix 30g each, 10g wick. Cook dilute porridge water, then use decoction with herbs and drink during the day.
  • Treatment 2: Use pine, zucchini, curd and licorice pepper 10g each, 15g talc and wick 3g. Bring excellent drink, use regularly 1 month.

7. Medicines to treat difficulty sleeping

  • Exercise 1: Preparing 3g wick-leaf plants and 9g of elm protein Heat with boiling water to get drinking water daily.
  • Treatment 2: Use 2g wick and bring color with 400ml of water until it remains 100ml, divided into 2 times a day. Use the remedy continuously for 15 days and repeat 2 – 4 courses until sleep is completely improved.
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8. Medicines for heart edema

  • Preparation: Old tree wick 6g lamp wick and earth tux 50g.
  • Implementation: For medicinal herbs in a warm and excellent drink every day 1 month.

9. Medications to treat hypothermia, causing blood loss, heat (hot urination, blood in urine)

  • Preparation: Rhubarb (hot pot), tubers, pine needles, sea buckthorn, money, talc, sting licorice and lacquer are equal in quantity with the color of the plants.
  • Implementation: Bring the medicinal herbs into a fine powder, each time use 10 – 15g of decoction powder with the color of the wick. Divide the water into 3 drinks and use it all until complete remission.

10. Remedy for young children who are delirious, comatose due to high fever

  • Preparation: Ox ox 1g, wick lamp 1 amount, chu sa 6g, uat kim 8g, born Hoang Lien 15g, royal hold and paint chi each 12g.
  • Implementation: Bring own sharp light wick. You bring into a fine powder, each time use 1-3 grams of medicinal powder to drink with the sharp water of wick.

11. Antidote for high clinical syndrome (nutrient urination due to impaired renal function)

  • Preparation: Licorice and wick grass each 10g, sea buckthorn and talc 40g each.
  • Implementation: Bring grass with sharp light to drink, and the other flavors bring powder. Each time using 8g of medicinal powder to drink with the color of grass wick. Use regularly 8 times until it is clear.

12. Remedy for chronic sore throat and tonsillitis

  • Preparation: Plum blossoms 1g, Hoang Hoang (charred) 2g, wick grass 3g and dry non-acid alum 2.5g.
  • Directions: Bring the flavors into fine powder and store in a sealed container for use. Each time use 3 – 4g of powder blown into the throat to relieve pain.

13. Medicines to treat body heat, restless people, struggling hands and feet

  • Preparation: 30g pineapple shoot young buds, 30g bean sprouts chain, 6g wick grass and 15g bamboo buds.
  • Directions: Put all medicinal herbs in the kettle, pour in water and sharpen drinking water. On regular use 1 ladder until completely cured.

14. Antidiarrheal remedy

  • Preparation: Spirit, incense like, ginseng , money away from money and white dress, each 12g, 2g wick grass.
  • Directions: Put all medicinal herbs in a kettle, pour water and sharpen drinking water. Use 1 month regularly until diarrhea stops.
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15. Antipyretic remedy in the bladder

  • Preparation: Far from the precursors, capillaries, wicks and inter-radial (increase dose depending on disease).
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

16. Treatment for children with fever, difficulty sleeping to bring home due to bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis

  • Preparation: Burdock, apple and royal hold 8g each, 2g wick, 6g of sand, 4g of marjoram, 3g of licorice and 12g honeysuckle.
  • Implementation: Bring to drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

17. Medicines for acute conjugated membrane inflammation

  • Preparation: Fresh emperor, chrysanthemum flowers, long pheasant, draft resolution and honeysuckle every 12g, boat withdraw 2 – 4g, wick grass 4g and water drop 10g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink regularly a day using 1 ladder.

18. Remedy for treatment of urinary retention, incontinence due to heat in the upper digestion

  • Preparation: Spirit of 10g, herb of 0.8g, serving spirit 6g, description, tickle and amber each 1.6g, 3g of coinage, 2g of seaweed, 0.4g of wick grass, 2g pine.
  • Directions: Mix all medicinal herbs. Each time use 16g of decoction with water and use when hungry. On using 1 month until urinating, then stop.

19. Remedy for red eye swelling and pain due to heat blockade

  • Preparation: Tang Diep, saffron, chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum every 12g, 8g resolution and wick grass 2 – 4g.
  • Directions: Put all ingredients in the kettle, add water and drink. On using 1 to 2 months, take the medicine continuously until symptoms improve, then stop.

20. The remedy for treating tropical gas damage

  • Preparation: Vegetable chunks, wick plants and phoenix each 12g.
  • Directions: Put all in the kettle, add water and drink. Use regularly 1 month per day until symptoms improve, then stop.

21. Remedy for chronic fungal intestinal infections causing fatigue, cold stomach, flatulence

  • Preparation: Twins, mugs, and pistachios each 20g, cloves and wickers each 16g, black saffron, tamarind and bear bulbs 160g each, langur and burdock each 49g.
  • Implementation: Bring medicinal herbs into a fine powder, then make a complete member. Each time using 8 – 12g drink with water to produce Jiang (fresh ginger).

22. Remedy to cure sleep problems in the elderly

  • Preparation: Post seminar 2g.
  • Implementation: Sac with 400ml of water boiled over low heat until 100ml, then turn off the heat. Use excellent water to drink several times a day. Each 15-day treatment, performing 2 – 4 sessions will see significantly improved sleep.

Some notes when using wick plants

Wickle grass is a familiar medicine and is widely used in traditional medicine. However, before taking this medicinal remedy, you need to keep in mind the following issues:

wick lamp
Since medicinal herbs are welded, it is necessary to avoid prolonged use
  • Postcentrism has welding properties and diuretics, so it should be avoided for cases of welding, damage, and incontinence.
  • Should not be used continuously for a long time.
  • Caution when using for pregnant women.

The article has synthesized some information about the effects, remedies and notes when using medicinal plants wick wick. However, before using it, you should see a physician to see the pulse, advise the medicine and adjust the dosage accordingly.


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