Bitter soil
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Ground bitter vegetables, also known as cypress bitter vegetables, are commonly used in daily meals. However, perhaps few people know that bitter vegetable has effective therapeutic and preventive effects, and it is also used as a safe slimming food.

  • Other names: Bitter leaf round leaf, crayfish, sea cattle, fish bone tree
  • Scientific name: Glinus oppositifolius
  • Family: Bitter soil / Phien almond (scientific name: Aizoaceae)
Bitter soil
Bitter soil is one of the medicinal herbs with folk remedies


Some common characteristics of soil bitter vegetables

Currently, in our country there are 2 main types of bitter vegetables, including earth bitter vegetables and sea ​​bitter vegetables . Basically, these two types of bitter vegetables are similar in terms of taste, but in terms of each health use, each has its own advantages.

Identifying characteristics of soil bitter vegetables

Bitter soil is a herbaceous plant that grows in the form of cows on the ground, radial stem and branches, purple red in color and 10 – 30cm in height depending on whether they grow and develop well or not. The leaves are small in size as little finger, tapered and clustered from 2 to 5 leaves of irregular sizes, each leaf has an average length of about 1.34cm, width of 0.34cm, the tip of the leaf has pointed teeth, the base is sail-shaped, the upper surface is dark green than the lower surface.


Bitter soil is a type of plant that grows all year round, in which the flower and fruit season usually falls around April – July every year. In Vietnam, soil bitter vegetables are often distributed along coastal provinces from Nam Dinh to the Mekong Delta.

Because this is a light-loving plant, it likes to grow on sand, wild fields, rivers, upland fields or shallow water holes in the dry season. Plants have good self-development ability, can regenerate naturally with seeds without care.

Parts used

For bitter vegetables, the soil is used for treatment and prevention, often using the whole plant, which can be used fresh or dried to use gradually.

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Chemical composition

According to scientific studies, active ingredients saponins and flavonoids are the two main ingredients and have the most effective therapeutic effect. Besides, some other active ingredients in bitter vegetables such as essential oil, tannin, silicic acid, oxalic, caffeine, galic; glycosides: avicularosid, kaempferitrosid; polyphenol derivatives: quercetin, kaemferol, quercitrin, esculetin, avicularin, … Some anthranoid derivatives: emodin; amino acids: methionine, prolin, serin, treonin, tyrosin, phenylalanine … mucus, sugars …

Collection, preliminary processing and preservation

Right from the moment the plant begins to flower, it can be harvested and used. Then, wash and dry, store in a cool place, avoid termites, mold for long-term use.

Dosage form of soil bitter vegetables

According to experience used in folk as well as in traditional medicine, bitter vegetables are used the whole plant, can be used fresh or dried to use gradually. When used, it can be used alone or in combination with other drugs depending on the prescription.

And in modern medicine, active ingredients in bitter vegetables are extracted and combined with the extracts of many other herbs to create traditional medicine in a modern dosage form, making it easier for patients to use.

  • Tablets
  • Soft capsule

Uses of soil bitter vegetables

Pharmacological effects of soil bitter vegetables

According to Oriental medicine, bitter vegetables have cool and bitter taste, so they can subtract heat, heat, reduce heat, diuretics, improve digestion, laxative, antiseptic, appetizer, only itching, flavoring. , very good laxative …

The mechanism of action of bitter vegetables in Oriental medicine is to cool the liver, stimulate the liver to secrete bile and urinate, laxative, and detoxify, so it is commonly used in cases of rashes caused by weak or hot liver. in person.

Treatment effect according to modern medicine

  • Bitter vegetables have a diuretic effect, helping to quickly improve urinary retention, urinary pain, burning pain …
  • Supports cardiovascular regulation, blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and triglyceride fat levels in the blood, thereby supporting the treatment of liver diseases as well as effectively preventing atherosclerosis.
  • Help to clear heat, detoxify and improve symptoms of skin diseases caused by liver failure, hot liver …
  • Thanks to the active ingredients of antioxidants, bitter vegetables are effective in relieving stomach pain and epigastric pain effectively.
  • The tops of bitter vegetables are also proven to have safe antipyretic effects, treat pimples and heal wounds, and assist in reducing pain in the joints.
  • Regular use of bitter vegetable juice will help strengthen the resistance and effectively fight inflammation thanks to the high content of vitamin C.
  • An experiment on diabetic rats showed that bitter vegetables had the effect of reducing blood sugar, effectively preventing fatty blood.
  • Support for epidemic treatment for postpartum women, avoid congestion and promote recovery.
  • Chinese researchers have shown that active ingredients in soil bitter vegetables help to clean free radicals in the body, so they are often indicated for use in people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzeimer, cardiovascular diseases, cancer. letters…
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Bitter soil
The medicinal active ingredients in bitter vegetables have many wonderful uses

Dosage of bitter vegetables

According to the advice of experts, the dosage of any medicine is different depending on many factors such as age, health status, disease level … Particularly for bitter vegetables, it may Use up to 20-30g to drink water or combine with other herbs to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Suggest some remedies from bitter vegetables

An antidote to improve liver function

  • Preparation: ground bitter vegetables, horse head, scratched grass and string of bitter melon each 6g, 3g of licorice, and spend 5g each.
  • How to: Bring the ingredients to a fine powder, if the ingredients are fresh, they should be dried before using. Mix a little flour with honey to wash the pellets and store to use gradually. In addition, you can use ingredients that turn into water and drink every day.

Remedy for allergy pimples, scabies, itchy rashes, urticaria

  • Preparation: a small handful of ground vegetables with the roots intact
  • How to do it: Wash the bitter greens thoroughly, soak for about 5 minutes in diluted salt water to remove all dirt and bacteria. Crush with a little salt and then apply to the area where the pimples are, itching due to scabies. Do it 3 times a day and persevere until the itch is gone.

Antidote, heat, gum, diuresis

  • Preparation: 12g bitter vegetables, 2g morning glory, 15g of artichoke
  • How to do it: The ingredients are washed and sharpened into daily drinking water until you feel the changes of your body.

Medicines to treat liver pain

  • Preparation: equal amounts of bitter herbs and crows shit.
  • How to do it: Rinse all ingredients, dry and bring to the stove to boil, cook until all ingredients are crushed and then filter off the residue and continue to cook over low heat to high. Add in a teaspoon of honey, stir and store in a glass jar and serve. Recommended to use every day, 3 times a day to get the best results.

Remedy for opaque urine

  • Preparation: 2 eggs, 40 – 80g bitter vegetables, a few slices of fresh ginger
  • How To : Boil all the ingredients in the pot. After the eggs are cooked, take the eggs out to eat. Eat only once a day and use persistently for 20 days to improve symptoms of symptoms.

Medicines to support osteoarthritis pain, disc herniation

  • Preparation: 500g of dried bitter vegetables, 3 – 5 liters of rice wine 40 degrees
  • How to do it: All ingredients are washed, drained and put in a large glass jar, and poured in alcohol for 30 days. Each time using 1 small glass after each meal, used 2 times a day and maintained for 1 month for osmotic drugs to work.
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Remedy for roundworm in children

  • Preparation: 100g of ground bitter vegetables
  • How to do it: Wash the bitter greens and wash them well, bring them to water every day, drink once a day until there are no more sick symptoms.

Remedy for itching of the vulva, anus

  • Preparation: 200g fresh bitter vegetables
  • How to: Wash the bitter vegetables and cook for about 10 minutes. Use bitter vegetable juice to wash 1-2 times a day. Do it as many times and persevere as possible without giving up will achieve good results.

Toothache remedy

  • Preparation: 100g of ground bitter vegetables, fresh, without worms
  • How to do it: Wash and bring bitter vegetables to drink twice a day. Persistently drinking bitter vegetable juice within 2-3 days will achieve a noticeable effect.

Headache remedy

  • Preparation: 50g of ground vegetables, castor oil
  • How to do it: Wash and crush the bitter vegetables, drain and crush them, then mix with castor oil. Heat this paste and apply it to the sore spot on your head to quickly cut the painful symptoms.

Bitter vegetable juice helps with weight loss

Bitter soil
Using bitter vegetable juice is also effective for losing weight
  • Preparation: 100g of ground bitter vegetables
  • How to: Wash the bitter vegetables and put them in a blender, filter to get water and remove the pulp to drink directly to help lose weight effectively thanks to the characteristic bitter taste.

Some delicious dishes from bitter vegetables are good for health

Bitter vegetables are inherently a familiar vegetable to humans, especially in the midlands and deltas like the West, bitter vegetables are very famous for their delicious dishes and providing nutrients and improvements. excellent health and disease treatment.

Snakehead fish porridge with bitter vegetables

Prepare materials:

  • 1kg snakehead fish (can be replaced with fish depending on your preference)
  • 500g bitter vegetable soil
  • Onions, scallions, chili, 2/3 cup rice and common spices: salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, pepper …


  • All the ingredients are pre-processed and cleaned. Particularly, the rice is roasted and soaked with water.
  • Snakehead fish cut into chunks just eaten and then boil with 1.5 liters of water on the stove. Season with spices to suit your mouth, depending on the taste of each family.
  • When the fish is cooked, take it out to separate, put the rice in the fish cooked until it is porridge, then add the scallions and turn off the heat.
  • Ladle the porridge into the bowl, put the yellow onion and pepper on top, served with bitter vegetables and spicy fish sauce will be very delicious.
Bitter soil
Processing delicious dishes from bitter vegetables helps provide nutrients and effective treatment

Bitter vegetable soup with shrimp

Prepare materials:

  • 200g of fresh shrimp
  • 200g bitter vegetable soil
  • Common spices


  • Preliminary processed shrimp, peeled, top and back line. Chopped shrimp or put in a blender to puree and then marinated spices for 15 minutes.
  • Heat the pan, add the garlic to the fry, then cook the prawns to stir-fry, stir quickly to let the shrimp cook evenly and add the water.
  • Wait for the water to boil, then let the bitter vegetables land for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat and enjoy.

Some notes when using soil bitter vegetables

Besides the great benefits of bitter vegetables, the use of this medicinal herb for effective treatment, patients need to pay attention to the following things;

  • Clearly distinguish between soil bitter vegetables and sea bitter vegetables to achieve the best therapeutic effect.
  • Pregnant and lactating women need to consult their doctor before using this medicine to ensure safety.

The information in this article has fully summarized the detailed information about medicinal herbs. Hopefully, the patient will have more experience in effective treatment of bitter vegetables, repel disease.


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