Ginseng Cao Ly
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Ginseng, also known as Korean ginseng, is classified in the group of high-end medicinal herbs. It not only has a therapeutic effect, but also is used to nourish, improve health, strengthen the immune system, prolong life, improve memory … But to achieve these benefits you must first understand the properties, processing method and moderate dosage.

  • Other names : Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Ground Ginseng, Earth Ginseng
  • Scientific name : Panax ginseng CA Mey
  • Family : Araliaceae – Araliaceae
Ginseng Cao Ly
Ginseng Cao Ly is an extremely rare and precious natural medicine


Where does Sam Cao Ly come from?

According to historical records, Ginseng Cao Ly was the first type of ginseng discovered in the Kingdom of Cao Ly. This is a small kingdom located on the Korean peninsula, was founded in 918. Until 1932, the kingdom came to a decline and collapse.

Since then, Ginseng Cao Ly is known by another name that is Korean Ginseng or Korean Ginseng.

Description of medicinal herbs Cao Ly

Identification characteristics

Sam Cao Ly is a tree growing in the forest with a very long lifespan, perhaps more than a hundred years. The tree has a height of about 0.6m, the longer the plant lifespan, the larger the root of the plant grows into a ginseng root. The elongated ginseng leaves rotate in rotation with the petiole, a double leaf with many young leaves shaped like a propeller and the leaves have a deep serrated edge.

Usually, when plants are planted for 3 years or more, it will begin to enter the flowering stage, mainly in March – May of summer. The flowers of Sam Cao Ly are light green, the flower cluster is shaped like a canopy, growing at the top of the branch, each flower consists of 5 petals, 5 pistils and 2 knobs.

For Cao Ly Ginseng, it has a slightly flat shape, the size of a green bean. Fruit when ripe will be bright red, each fruit has 2 seeds. Usually, people will take the seeds of ginseng plants that are 4 years old or older to cultivate, but under this time, the seeds are not good enough. Cao Ly Ginseng Fruit is often wrong from June to July every year.

Ginseng Cao Ly
Cao Ly Ginseng seeds over 4 years old can be used for seed

The root of Ginseng Cao Ly is an extremely rare medicinal herb, this is the part used to make a tonic, extremely effective treatment. Cao Ly Ginseng tubers have a plump shape, almost like a human, with many young roots. The skin is golden brown, but when first dug up, it is pink and white and black after drying.

Distribution area

Ginseng Cao Ly was originally from the origin of Cao Ly – Korea. After that, Korea, due to its similar climate and soil characteristics, Sam Cao Ly is also popularly grown in this country.

Parts used

  • The root, also known as ginseng root is the part used the most to support treatment, foster health.
  • Particularly, Sam Cao Ly seeds over 4 years old will be used for planting seeds.

Harvest and preliminary processing

Annual autumn is the time to harvest Ginseng Cao Ly, mainly falls in September – October. Ginseng roots are the part harvested, only ginseng roots that have a lifespan of 4 years or more are collected. After that, the root ginseng is washed, can be used directly to eat raw, cook soup from fresh ginseng root, decoction or preliminary processing and use gradually.

Some popular ways to process Ginseng Cao Ly today:

  • For processing red ginseng : To process red ginseng, people will use carefully selected ginseng tubers with the best quality in terms of both drug and shape. Then bring it to steam from 3 to 6 times so that the water in the ginseng roots drops below 14%. At this time, fresh ginseng, when processed into red ginseng, contains Saponin content that is effective for treating diseases, good for health.
  • For processing white ginseng : White ginseng is essentially a type of ginseng prepared from ginseng roots that do not meet the standards for making red ginseng. After being harvested, the ginseng root will be washed, removed all dust outside, scraped off the skin and dried in the sun. Then, lightly boil water, season with moderate sugar and finally dry to create the final product. White ginseng also contains healthy substances that are not inferior to red ginseng.
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Ginseng Cao Ly
Ginseng Cao Ly is harvested and processed into many types and has an extremely good healing and health improvement effect

Some other common cooking methods such as:

  • Cao Ly Ginseng tubers are washed and dried in the sun and then stored and used gradually.
  • Ginseng Cao Ly poured boiling water, then pour boiling water for a few minutes and stored and used gradually.
  • Cut ginseng root Cao Ly into slices and then soak it with fresh ginger water for 30 minutes at the ratio of 10: 1, put on a saucepan with low heat until the ginseng is dry, then put it in a jar to preserve.

In addition to the two types of ginseng mentioned above, there are now different types of ginseng, such as Sinh Sat Sam and Dai Luc Sam, which also support the treatment and improve health very well. Not only that, on the market today, there are ginseng tea containing Ginseng extract of Cao Ly which is evaporated and prepared in the form of soluble powder, preserved in foil bags.

Chemical composition of Ginseng Cao Ly

The main ingredients in Ginseng Cao Ly are Saponins including Ginsenosides Ro, Re, Rg1, Rg2, Rg3, Rh1, Rh2, Ra1, Ra2, Polyacetylenic, Fatty Acids, Panaxan A and B, Peptides, Polysaccharides, Malnonyl, Phenolics derivatives , carbohydrates, essential oils …

Classification Cao Ly Ginseng

Currently, Sam Cao Ly has many different types, depending on the needs of each person to choose accordingly. Among them, there are four most popular types including:

Ginseng Cao Ly dried

This is the type of ginseng collected and dried, then preserved and used gradually. This type of ginseng is quite hard, has a characteristic bitter taste of ginseng and contains many precious nutrients. Any object from old to young, male or female to be able to use dried Ginseng Cao Ly. Can be cut into pieces of dried Cao Ly Ginseng small to mouth to suck or chew directly.

In addition, Dried Ginseng Cao Ly is also dried and then blended into fine powder, mixed with drinking water daily is also highly effective.

Ginseng Cao Ly
Ginseng Cao Ly can be used fresh, dried or powdered for long-term use

Fresh Ginseng Cao Ly

Ginseng Cao Ly has a beautiful light yellow color. The fragrance is mild and works extremely well when used. It can be used in many ways such as direct chewing, porridge, soup, making tea, decoction, soaking wine … Fresh Ginseng Cao Ly is suitable for many people.

Ginseng Cao Ly Vietnam

Ginseng Cao Ly in Vietnam is also known as the land ginseng. It is small in size, has a pale pink color and is used to improve health, strengthen the body and support the treatment of a number of diseases such as liver detoxification, dysentery, blood tonic, poor digestion …

Korean / Korean Ginseng Cao Ly

Ginseng Cao Ly originating from Korea or Korea is considered by experts to be the best ginseng, because it is large, heavy and quality than other ginseng. Ginseng can be used to dry, dry, preserve and use, pulverize, soak in alcohol, eat directly … all have very good results.

Characteristics of medicinal herbs Cao Ly Ginseng

Temperament – Regression

  • Ginseng Cao Ly has a sweet and moderate taste
  • It is referred to 3 sutras: Phi, Ty and Tam.

Pharmacological effects

According to modern studies

Scientists have done a lot of research on this rare medicinal herb and judged it to have therapeutic and supportive effects on the following problems:

  • For the central nervous system : Active ingredients in Ginseng Cao Ly stimulates the excitement of the cerebral cortex. Not only that, it also helps to improve the flexibility of the nerves, increases the inhibitory process of nerves. From there, it helps bring the nervous system back to its normal state if any brain disorders occur.
  • For pituitary and adrenal cortex: Ginsenoid active ingredient in Ginseng Cao Ly is effective against irritation and stimulates to inhibit weight changes of the thymus, spleen, adrenal glands and even thyroid gland too.
  • For the ability to improve the general health of the body: The good and rare active ingredients in Ginseng Cao Ly have the effect of improving resistance, fostering health, creating a barrier to protect the body from agents. harmful to the body such as bacteria, viruses, alcohol poisoning, radiation poisoning, especially mental improvement, stress reduction …
Ginseng Cao Ly
Ginseng Cao Ly is used to treat many diseases and improve health very well
  • Ability to regulate blood pressure: According to scientific research, with a small dose of ginseng works to increase blood pressure slightly, whereas at high doses it has the ability to reduce blood pressure. The reason for this problem is that the substances in Ginseng Ginseng cause dilating blood vessels, Atropin is able to inhibit this condition and dilate the vessels of the brain, coronary or fundus fibers caused by adrenalin and chloroform. .
  • For the metabolism of substances in the body: There have been many studies that claim that Ginseng Cao Ly has the ability to promote metabolism in the body, enhance cellular respiration, improve the process of breaking down sugar as well as converting substances into energy for the body.
  • For the gonads: Using Ginseng Cao Ly has the effect of stimulating the pituitary development and maximum activity. Thereby helping to distinguish between sex hormones and sexual orientation. Not only that, it also promotes sexual maturity. In particular, helps to increase the physiological capacity of both men and women.
  • For the circulatory system: The active ingredients in Ginseng Cao Ly not only help improve health but also help stimulate the contractility of the heart, thereby helping to improve heart arrhythmias caused by adrenaline and chloroform.
  • For the skin: Regular use of Ginseng Cao Ly with a moderate dose helps you have a beautiful, smooth, shiny skin, preventing signs of aging.
  • Some other effects: In addition to the above uses, Ginseng Cao Ly also has a number of other great uses such as enhancing the liver’s detoxifying function, inhibiting or assisting in the destruction of cancer cells. gives you a better vision, inhibits the formation of bad cholesterol in the blood, prevents the risk of atherosclerosis, stimulates blood circulation to the brain …
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In summary, according to modern medicine Ginseng Cao Ly has a good effect on the whole body, not only having therapeutic effects but also helping to improve and improve health. Therefore, this type of ginseng is extremely suitable for the elderly, middle-aged people, helping children gain weight, recover quickly after the illness …

According to Traditional Medicine

According to the record in the book “The Sutras” (China) that ginseng has the main effect of helping to nourish the organs, eliminate evil gas, sedate nerves, clear eyes, open mind, only economic …

This is a rare tonic and is widely used in traditional medicine to improve health, strengthen mentality, especially when feeling exhausted, tired, experiencing violence. sick and in recovery …

In addition, Ginseng Cao Ly is also used as a medicine effective in treating cardiovascular disease, nervous breakdown, diabetes, and proxies … According to traditional medicine, ginseng dominates: heart palpitations, cough. asthma, dry tongue, body weakness, heart palpitations cause nervousness, blood loss, cold bow, positive nerve, description …

The usage and dosage of Ginseng Cao Ly

Ginseng Cao Ly has many ways to use and depending on the condition that the daily dose will be different. Ginseng Cao Ly is used that is from ginseng from 4 years old and the following ways will help promote the effects of Ginseng Cao Ly:

Ginseng Cao Ly
Ginseng Cao Ly has a characteristic bitter taste, mild aroma and is easy to use
  • Make tea to drink : Use 1 – 2g fresh or dried ginseng, put in a kettle and cook with 200ml of water, cook for 10 minutes. Then, filter the water and drink it all during the day, you can put new water in the kettle and sharpen a few more times until the tea no longer tastes. The remaining residue should not be thrown away, used for chewing and swallowing is also very good for health.
  • Suck on fresh ginseng : Use a thin slice of ginseng directly in the mouth until the ginseng softens, chew it thoroughly and swallow. Encourage each day to suck from 3-4 thin slices.
  • Powdered into fine powder: Fresh Ginseng Cao Ly, washed, dried and then pulverized into fine powder, put into a glass jar to preserve and use gradually. Each time use 1-2g mixed with warm water to drink.
  • Ginseng Cao Ly soaked with honey: Ginseng washed, chopped and put in a glass jar soaked with honey for about 10 days can be used. Honey will help reduce the bitter taste of honey and make it easier to eat, enhance its therapeutic properties, and is good for health.
  • Ginseng Cao Ly soaked in wine: Use 100 – 120g of fresh ginseng soaked with 1 liter of wine for 3 months and then take it out. Every day drinking a small glass of wine not only enhances health but also supports the treatment of physiological weakness , premature ejaculation …

Note, if using Ginseng Cao Ly in combination with other herbs to extract drinking water, it should be used with a dosage of 3 – 15g or 40g if necessary and depending on the remedy.

Suggest some remedies from Sam Cao Ly

1. Anemia remedy

  • Treatment 1 : Prepare ingredients including 20-40g royal family, 12 -16g dong quai and a sufficient amount of ginseng. Bring and filter for drinking water, each day use 1 ladder.
  • Treatment 2 : Prepare 12 – 16g dong quai, 4g ginseng Cao Ly, 6 – 8g cross-frame, 12 – 24g, 12 – 16g transparent. Bring all the excellent ingredients with water until there are about 200ml of water left, turn off the stove, filter for drinking water twice a day, only use 100ml per day.

2. Post treatment of nausea, vomiting due to weakness of the spleen

  • Preparation: 6g quince and kumquat, 8g patchouli and 10g Cao Ly ginseng
  • How to do it: Put all the ingredients prepared in the kettle and get the water to drink, each day using 1 ladder is enough.

3. Medications to support the treatment of blood vocabulary in postpartum women

  • Preparation : Bowl of wood, ginseng and dong quai each 10g.
  • How to : Sac the ingredients with 300ml of water, note specialties and drink each day with convenience. Persevere every day to take a ladder to get the best results.

4. The remedy for the lowland disease

  • Preparation : O mai and intermittent each 8g, nutmeg, talc and ascend ma each 6g, royal 10g and ginseng 12g.
  • How to do it : Put the ingredients in a warm color with 800ml of water, wait while the remaining 200ml, turn off the stove, filter to get the water divided into 2 drinks, each day take 1 medicine until achieving a positive effect.

5. Treatment of cholera due to cold

  • Preparation : Bach truat 7g, assistant processing, injecting herb and cinnamon each 4g, can Khuong 6g and Cao Ly ginseng 10g.
  • How to do : Sac all ingredients with 1 liter of water, until the color drops to about 300ml of water, then filter the water into 3 drinks. Only 1 medication per day.

6. Remedy to improve health, cure body weakness caused by excessive labor

  • Preparation : Maternal and auxiliary desserts each 8g, cinnamon, five spices each 6g and Cao Ly ginseng 12g.
  • How to : Sharp all ingredients with 600ml of water until 200ml remains. Divide the decoction water into 2 drinks and use it all during the day. Use only one ladder per day
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7. The remedy for panic and uncertain soul

  • Preparation : Telecoms and intellectual interests every 6g, subject 8g, spirit and ginseng Cao Ly each 10g.
  • Directions : Decoc all ingredients into medicinal water and then divide into 2 drinks per day. Note the use of a ladder.

8. Medications to support blood sugar regulation

Ginseng Cao Ly
Some effective remedies from Ginseng Cao Ly
  • Preparation : Dong Thien Mon and Son du du du du du each 12g, 16g each day and ginseng, 24g field, 8g sand forest.
  • How to do it : For forest sand, it is unique to one kettle, while the rest of the ingredients are unique. Then mix 2 excellent water together and divide into 2 drinks, drink all of the day to get the best results.

9. Remedy for bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis

  • Remedy 1 : Prepare five ginsengs, ginseng and gecko 8g each, 16g walnut, 20g field, 12g poop. For Ginseng Cao Ly, it is unique and the other ingredients are unique. After finishing, take the water of 2 teapots to mix together and divide into 2 drinks a day.
  • Treatment 2 : Use 12g walnut and 4g Cao Ly ginseng. Bring all the excellent ingredients for drinking water, drink it all during the day, so drink when it is still warm and use 1 ladder every day is best.

10. The remedy for the death of yang and yang

  • Lesson 1 : Use 4 – 16g processing additive and 3 – 6g ginseng. Sac all the ingredients with 500ml of water, filter the medicine to drink every day, use 1 ladder a day, just use 6 times to get better.
  • Remedy 2 : Prepare about 12g Cao Ly Ginseng, take them in the water for about 15 minutes and then divide them into parts, drink them all during the day.

11. Remedy for colds for people with bad gas

  • Preparation : Cash lake, sand wings, semi-low, bare skin, only Cao Ly body and ginseng every 4g, serve spirit, sand base and bowl each 12g, licorice 3g, apple 2 fruit and bear khong 3 slices .
  • How to do it : Bring Ginseng Cao Ly to its own color, while the remaining herbs are colored together, then add 3g of rustic incense. Mix 2 kinds of excellent water together and divide into 3 drinks, drink all of the day, drink a ladder each day is enough.

12. Medicines to support diabetes treatment

  • Preparation: 16g Cao Ly Ginseng, 24g field, 12g winter celestial body, 8g forest ginseng sand, 12g Son du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du leg legumumumumum, 16g of prince.
  • How to perform: Jilin has its own identity, while the remaining herbs are common. Mix 2 types of water together and divide into 2 drinks a day, should be taken when the medicinal water is warm for best results.

13. The remedy for the lower zone lasts without stopping

  • Preparation: 12g Cao Ly Ginseng, 10g Hoang Lien, 8g humiliation, 8g O mai, 6g of talc, 6g of promotion, 6g of nutmeg
  • Directions : Bring all the ingredients prepared with 200ml water. Filter for water, remove the pulp and divide it into 2 drinks a day, using only one medicine a day.

14. Supportive remedy for diarrhea and digestive disorders

  • Preparation : 4g Cao Ly Ginseng, 12g white almond, 12g white linh and 4g licorice.
  • How to do it : Put the ingredients in a potion and color with 300ml of water, filter the medicine and divide it into 3 drinks. Should drink all day and drink while still warm is best.

Some delicious dishes to help foster health from Sam Cao Ly

In addition to its therapeutic and medicinal uses, using Cao Ly Ginseng in dishes also has the effect of fostering health and improving disease effectively.

Some delicious dishes with Ginseng Cao Ly you can make at home such as:

Lotus seed soup, high ginseng cup

  • Preparation of ingredients: 20g lotus seeds. 6g ginseng ginseng, 15g sugar alum
  • How to cook : Ginseng cooked with lotus seeds until it was ripe, then added the sugar alum to create a sweet taste. Then continue to boil in the water bath for 1 hour, then turn off the heat. Should drink while still hot to achieve the effect of improving health, stimulating appetite and overcoming the weakness of the body.

Glass soup with ginseng

  • Preparation : 9g ginseng, 150g millet, 15g chives and 1 egg white.
  • How to prepare : Ginseng brings color to thick water to separate. Cook rice and porridge until cooked, then add ginseng, chicken eggs, chives to stir, season with a little salt, seasoning, sugar to taste, then turn off the heat. 2 times a day to help support improvement of diseases such as stroke, irritation causing struggles, anorexia …

Chicken ginseng stew

Ginseng Cao Ly
Ginseng Cao Ly is also used for processing delicious and healthy food
  • Preparation : 3g ginseng, 1 young hen, 3g of royal, 3g of baiyun, 3g of white-haired, 3g of telegraphy, 3g of rabbits, 3g of spirit, 3g of birth, 3g of prostitution, 3g of nostalgia ox socks.
  • How to prepare : Pre-processed chicken clean, remove feathers, organs in the pot, all medicinal ingredients in a cloth bag, tied the head and put in the pot with the chicken. Add water and season with a little seasoning to taste and then start to simmer for 1 hour. Chicken picked out to eat, drink water and can chew ginseng for better results.

Ginseng steamed eggs

  • Preparation: 1 egg, 1 – 2g ginseng powder
  • How to cook: Chicken eggs make a small hole on the top of the point, put the ginseng powder into the chicken and stir well. Cover the small hole with a paper towel and place in the steamer. Every day eating a steamed egg will help improve the disease very well.

Note when using Ginseng Cao Ly to cure diseases

It can be seen that Ginseng Cao Ly brings a lot of therapeutic uses, extremely good health improvement for humans. It is seen as a rare gift that God gives to us humans.

However, to get the benefits of it, you need to have a clear understanding of the medicinal properties as well as how to use it correctly, and adhere to the dosage if you do not want to cause side effects. So, when deciding to use this medicine, read and understand the following information:

  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with heat field or a cold, should avoid using.
  • Infants, children under 6 years old also avoid use. Particularly malnourished children can consult a nutritionist to adjust the dose accordingly and safely.
  • People with diabetes and blood pressure need to monitor and observe the health status after using because Ginseng Cao Ly has a very fast lowering effect on blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • People with weak health and sensitive body should only use it in the morning with a low dose of 2-3 / day.
  • When using Ginseng Cao Ly should avoid eating with radish. In addition, medicinal herbs such as Le Lo, Ngu Linh Chi, and Tao Giap should also be avoided.

How much is Cao Ly Ginseng?

Ginseng Cao Ly
Depending on the type, quality, size of ginseng and the time of harvest, the price of Ginseng Cao Ly will vary

With many types of ginseng, diverse types, the price of Ginseng Cao Ly is also different. In addition, depending on the age, origin and weight of the new ginseng can be attributed to a specific price. In general on the market today, Korean Ginseng is more expensive than Korean ginseng.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, the price of Korean Ginseng is usually around 3,000,000 – 5,000,000 VND / kg, while the price of Korean Ginseng Cao Ly is 2,000,000-4,000,000 VND / kg. Vietnamese ginseng is priced from 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 VND / kg.

* Actual prices may vary depending on the type of product, the time, the quality of ginseng.

In summary, Ginseng Cao Ly is a rare and precious medicinal herb with many good health benefits and effective treatment. However, use the right amount and use it properly, buy ginseng in reputable places, ensure quality, not fake goods to achieve the best therapeutic effect.


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