Camellia fruit
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Camellia fruit has long been considered a precious medicine bestowed on man by nature. This fruit brings a lot of great uses from health care to healing, beauty … So what is the use of camellia for treating diseases and how to use it? Let’s find out details in the article below.

  • Other names : Son tra, acrid, cat apple, tapioca (Tay), co sam sa (Thai)
  • Scientific name : Crataegus pinnatifida Bunge
  • Family : Rosaceae (Rose)
Camellia fruit
The camellia fruit is considered a precious natural medicine

Things to know about camellia fruit

Types of tea paints

According to the research scientists, there are currently 2 types of camellia fruits:

  • Nam mountain tea : Also known with another name that is wild mountain tea (Crataegus cuneata). The tree is 15cm tall, grows many small spines ranging in size from 5-8mm, elongated leaves size 2 – 6cm, width 1 – 4.5cm, includes 3 – 7 lobes, the top is smooth, the bottom is hairy. tiny. The male camellia fruit is spherical, about 1-2cm in diameter and when ripe it turns red and yellow.
  • Northern mountain tea : Scientific name is Crataegus pinnatifida. This type of tree is shorter than Nam Son Tra, only about 6m high, relatively small branches and grows many thorns. The leaves are serrated, about 5 – 10cm long and 4 – 7cm wide, have 3-5 lobes, the underside of the leaves has small and fine hair, the petiole is 2 – 6cm in length.

Ecological characteristics of camellia fruit

Descriptions of camellia

  • Camellia is a tree with many branches, on the young branches there will be many hairs. When a mature camellia tree will have an average height of about 6 – 10m, the leaf-shaped leaves are long and staggered with each other.
  • Camellia flowers are white, often grow in jars, each cluster has 4-5 flowers, each with 5 sepals and 5 petals. The camellia fruit is spherical, about 1.5 – 3cm in diameter or can be larger depending on the season.
  • Camellia is mainly grown by seed or by branching. In addition, they often grow wild in the mountainous areas of the North of our country such as Hoang Lien Son, Cao Bang, Lang Son …

Distribution, collection and processing

  • Previously, camellia fruit in Vietnam were imported from China. However, now camellia has been grown in many northern mountainous areas, so it is easier to access and use camellia fruit for healing purposes.
  • Ripe camellia fruit, after being picked, will be split horizontally or vertically, dried or dried for use as an effective remedy. In addition, it can be used to soak wine with fresh fruit or yellow stars and then soak the wine.
Camellia fruit
Camellia tree grows widely distributed in the northern mountains

Chemical composition in camellia fruit

According to many scientific studies, it is not natural that camellia fruit is used to cure so many diseases, but because it contains many natural chemical ingredients that are good for health such as:

  • According to Chinese scientific researchers, in camellia fruit contains large amounts of citric Acid, Tactric Acid, Vitamin C, Carbohydrate and Protit. Specifically Protit 0.7%, fat 0.2%; 22% Carbohydrate; Carotene 0.00082%; Vitamin C 0.0089%.
  • According to research by Vietnamese scientists found to contain 2.76% tannin; 16.4% sugar; 2.7% organic acids (Tactric, Citric calculated as H2SO4).
  • The large content of water-soluble substances (highly dry) is 31% solubility 2.25% completely soluble in HCl.
  • The substances Tani Fructose, Choline, Acetylcholine Phytoterin, Oleanic Acid, Urso and Crataegic in different camellia varieties.
  • Quexet Quexitrin, essential oils and some other substances have effective healing effects.
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Pharmacological effects

In Oriental medicine, camellia fruit has a sour taste, welding properties, so it is classified into the group of meridians, flavors and cans with the function of blood only, destroying gas, dissolving phlegm …

In addition, camellia fruit is also used to treat diseases such as:

  • Treat paint sores
  • Treat eczema, sores
  • Lower gas, heartburn treatment, stagnant digestion
  • Active blood, stasis, digestion, chemistry
  • Chemical realism, current position, all gas, drills, blood, blood gas
  • Onion gas, culinary chemistry, blood stasis.

Preside over the treatment of diseases such as: stagnant evidence causing bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, stagnation in the postpartum period, not ending production after birth, causing tapeworm, abdominal pain …

Usage: Tea painting can be used alone or in combination with other herbs. Bringing the ingredients into a fine powder or finished pellets to use, the patient can also use the dried camellia fruit and bring it to a medicinal liquid to drink according to their preference.

Dosage: If using tea paint in the form of oriental medicine, use 3 – 10g or 20 – 30 drops in the liquid form of Western medicine to support the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and pain relief.

Dosage form of camellia:

  • 300mg capsule: tea paint extract
  • Leaves, camellia: 667mg / ml of camellia
Camellia fruit
Camellia fruit is used fresh and dried or as capsules with camellia extract

The use of camellia fruit according to modern medicine

Over the past 10 years, modern scientific researchers have found the great uses of tea paint that can be applied to healing and human health care.

Preparations from camellia fruit have the effect of increasing the contractility and stimulation of the heart muscle, increasing the circulation of the heart and cerebrovascular vessels. Not only that, the camellia flowers and leaves have been clinically tested to improve the function of the heart, regulate circulation and reduce stimulation to nerve cells.

  • Camellia fruit helps inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria : Some pathogenic bacteria such as diphtheria, bacillus, typhoid, staphylococcus, E.Coli … will be destroyed thanks to the Antimicrobial active ingredient in camellia. In particular, the black star camellia fruit has the effect of absorbing all kinds of toxins, necrosis substances caused by bacteria. Thanks to this, it helps to reduce stomach pain , reduce the impact on the intestinal wall and effectively prevent diarrhea.
  • Camellia fruit helps improve the functioning of the digestive system : When the active ingredients in the camellia fruit are absorbed into the body, it will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, bile fluid in the stomach, increasing the activity of yeast. digestion such as amylolytic enzymes, lipolytic enzymes … From there, it helps to regulate the contraction of the stomach and intestines more smoothly, improving the general function of the digestive system.
  • Camellia helps lower blood pressure : The content of antioxidants in camellia fruit has the effect of increasing blood flow through the coronary arteries, reducing the amount of oxygen consumed by the heart muscle and improving the function of activities. general cardiovascular system. Not only works to support treatment but also helps prevent coronary artery diseases.
  • Camellia helps lower blood fat : Using camellia fruit has the effect of lowering cholesterol in the blood naturally, helping to inhibit the deposition of excess fat in the vessel walls, preventing the progression of atherosclerosis very dangerous.

Besides, camellia fruit also brings many other therapeutic effects as researched by modern medicine. Such as strengthening the immune system, fighting platelet aggregation, relaxing the bronchi, preventing oxidation, preventing cancer, making asthma, improving mood, reducing stress …

Some remedies from camellia fruit

Camellia fruit is commonly used as a precious medicine in traditional Chinese remedies. Depending on the case, the degree of pathology will combine with many different herbs to bring the best treatment effect.

A remedy for bloating and indigestion in the elderly

  • Remedy 1 : Use 125g of fresh camellia fruit or 30g of dried tea paint for boiling water, filter the water to drink. This remedy helps stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, strengthen the enzymes inside the stomach, thereby helping to overcome the symptoms of bloating, indigestion due to eating a lot of greasy, protein-rich foods …
  • Remedy 2 : Prepare 15g of tea, 12g of malt, 10g of chicken gizzard. Bring all the excellent ingredients into drinking water twice a day. Regular practice will bring relief from symptoms of tension, indigestion, bloating, anorexia …
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Medications to reduce heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux

  • Treatment 1 : Raw camellia fruit and yellow star tea paint, each 20g. Bringing decoction into drinking water every day will bring effective relief from heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux .
  • Treatment 2: Prepare 10g of tea, 6g Only real, 5g Tran envelope, 2g Hoang Lien bring 6 cups of water. Wait until the water is down to about 2 cups then turn off the heat, filter the water into 3 drinks per day.

Medications to help relieve epigastric pain

  • Exercise 1: Prepare 12g tea tree powder, add a little red sugar, then add boiling water, stir and drink. Drink 1-2 times a day to get the best results.
  • Exercise 2: Prepare dried camellia fruit, scrub, rustic incense with equal dosage, and puree it into powder. Each time using 4g powder mixed with boiling water, drink 2 times a day after each meal.

Remedy for peptic ulcers

  • Remedy 1: Prepare 16g of tea, 20g of malt, 18g for spirit, 18g of magic, 8g of ceiling, 16g for sale, 8g of overseas, 10g of silver. Bring all the ingredients, crushed and then sharpen with 1.5 liters of water, filter out the medicated water and divide them into 4 servings regularly every day.
  • Exercise 2: Prepare 20g of raw camellia fruit, 20g of star vascular germ. Bring 1 liter of water to drink every day.

Remedy for acute dysentery, acute colitis

Camellia fruit
Camellia fruit is used in many oriental medicine remedies for stomach healing, health improvement …
  • Remedy 1: Prepare 60g tea tree to lighten it, add 30g of white wine to mix until the wine dries, continue to add 200ml of water and boil for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid, add 60g of red sugar and cook until the sugar is dissolved, then turn off the heat. Every day sharpen a medicine and drink it while still hot for best results.
  • Remedy 2: Prepare 120g of burnt star tea, 30g of white bean flower with 1.5 liters of water. Take a pill every day to help overcome symptoms of dysentery and colitis.

Some other remedies from camellia fruit

In Oriental medicine, camellia fruit also has many other medicinal uses that few people know about such as:

  • Cure scabies : Use the dried camellia fruit and cook with water to bathe. Note should wait for the water to cool down and still warm to bathe to avoid burns.
  • Improve high blood pressure : Use dried camellia fruit, choose large fruits, put in a double-layer autoclave to make a sugar solution with 0.65% dried tea paint, then add a little preservative. management. Each day use about 20ml to drink directly after each meal, 3 times a day.
  • Treatment of heart attacks and coronary artery disease : Use fresh camellia leaf extract to form approximately 25mg tablets. Each time taking 4 tablets, taking 3 times a day and prolonging a treatment course of 14 days will achieve a positive therapeutic effect.
  • Prevent fatty blood : Use equal doses of tea tree paint and malt to concentrate. Each use about 60g, 2 times a day and perform the course within 14 days.
  • Treatment of menstruation due to congestion or stasis causing postpartum colic : Use 30g tea tree to remove residue, mix 25g sugar cane to drink every day.
  • Get rid of the fish bones : Prepare 15g of dried tea with 2 cups of water, slightly thicker than normal, then take the sharp water into your mouth for a while and then swallow it will help remove the fish bones that are hanging in the throat.
  • Cure flukes when causing abdication, sagging fluid : Prepare tea paint and repatriate 30g each, spread all the ingredients into a fine powder, add 2 teaspoons of honey to make small pellets like corn . Each time take 50 regional capsules with boiling water before or after each meal for the best effect.
  • Reducing back pain in the elderly : Use the same amount of dried tea and buds of velvet and then blend into a fine powder, add a little honey to mix well, wash the member with moderate stimulation. Take 50 tablets each time to drink before or after meals.
  • Treatment of hiccups : Use fresh tea paint to drink. Adults drink 15ml each time, drink 3 times a day will achieve very good therapeutic effects, most of which will get rid of hiccups during the day.
  • Treatment of tropical polyps : Use 24 – 30g of tea tree pepper to bring color with 1.5l of water, filter to cool water and drink it all day.
  • Treatment of pyelonephritis : Use 100g of raw tea paint with water for 15-20 minutes, 3 times, 500ml each time for adults, children only use 1/3 dose compared to adults, apply 14-day course to get the best results.
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Weight loss method for women effectively from camellia fruit

In addition to the therapeutic uses mentioned above, the camellia fruit is also considered a “miracle” to help women lose weight effectively. The reason for this is because according to scientific studies, camellia fruit contains components vitamin C, fructose, protein, carotene, lipid, B2 and minerals such as Ca, P, Fe, tarlaric acids, citric … Work to support fat loss, lower blood pressure, reduce blood fat levels effectively …

Therefore, it is not uncommon for the camellia fruit to be used to help women quickly regain their healthy shape. Here are some ways to lose weight from camellia fruit that you can apply at home:

Camellia fruit
Camellia fruit combined with other herbs also works to lose weight, helping women regain a balanced physique

Lose weight with camellia + calendula

Camellia and saffron are the perfect combination to help women lose weight quickly and safely.

  • Preparation: 30g camellia, 30g malt, 15g bamboo spoons.
  • How to do it: Take all the ingredients to wash, put in the pot and then fill the surface with water and boil within 1 hour. After that, add fresh lotus leaves, green tea and rock sugar to create aroma and sweetness and drink. Can be used daily to replace normal tea to support effective weight loss, especially this formula is suitable for those with a history of obesity.

Weight loss tea from camellia + licorice

Both camellia and licorice are medicinal herbs that are effective in treating diseases and are extremely safe, especially in weight loss.

  • Preparation: 5g fresh camellia leaves, 10g of pea pods and licorice, 500ml of water.
  • How to do it: Boil 500ml of water, then add all the ingredients and boil for 20-30 minutes, then turn off the heat. Drinking water every day will bring a very good weight loss effect, safety, and at the same time limit appetite, improve digestion, effectively reduce blood fat.

Some notes for effective use of camellia fruit

According to experts, although camellia fruit has many advantages and uses for effective treatment, health care and weight loss, it also has disadvantages if used incorrectly. So, in order to achieve good results and avoid the negative consequences of camellia fruit, you need to note the following:

  • Not everyone can achieve the therapeutic effect from camellia, those who are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in camellia should not use. People who have bad, weak, gastric acidosis, have no food and have stomach ulcers are also not allowed to use.
  • Do not overdo camellia fruit because eating or drinking a lot can cause harmful gas to the teeth.
  • Do not use tea tree paint with arterioles because arterioles have the effect of spleen to prevent dysentery, sweating and cooling, so when combined with tea paint, it can cause phlegm.
  • People with lung disease, impaired lung function should also not use tea tree paint.
  • Do not use a lot of tea painting before going to bed because it will cause discomfort and stomach irritation.

The therapeutic use of camellia fruit also depends on many factors such as the location of each person and the degree of disease. Therefore, not everyone when using camellia fruit also achieves remarkable results. Experts also encourage when using camellia fruit in combination with other natural herbs such as:

  • Ginseng: It works to heal lesions, sores
  • Turmeric : The large amount of curcumin in turmeric has anti-oxidation effects, aids in wound healing, and limits complications.
  • The leaves : have the effect of destroying HP bacteria, preventing stomach cancer
  • Licorice: Helps relieve pain, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neutralize stomach acids.
Camellia fruit
To use tea paint effectively, consult a physician to avoid adverse effects

Note: Each medicine has different medicinal properties, when combined, it is necessary to consult experts, traditional medicine doctors. Do not arbitrarily combine herbs without knowing what they are to avoid causing side effects or adverse health effects.

Proper use of camellia will bring many good health benefits and improve disease. However, the use must comply with the prescription of the physician to ensure optimal effectiveness and safety. Avoid accidental overdose or combine with strange drugs so as not to cause adverse effects.  


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