What should a child with a rash should eat and what to diet is a common question of many parents
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Rubella is a common disease in children, especially babies, because the baby’s sweat glands are not yet fully developed while the baby’s skin is extremely fragile and sensitive. Besides applying conventional care methods, mothers also need to pay attention to diet to help the disease quickly improve the disease. Here are some information to help mothers know what good food and diet should a baby with rashes.

What should a child with a rash should eat and what to diet is a common question of many parents
What should a child with a rash should eat and what to diet is a common question of many parents

What should a child with a rash eat?

Should children with a rash should eat something good is a common question of many parents because everyone wants their children to be healthy. To help children no longer itchy, uncomfortable when suffering from prickly rash, mothers can increase the following foods:

1. Types of cool water

Usually, children are prone to rash when the hottest weather is in the summer or when parents over-care. Therefore, the addition of cool drinks that can cool, rehydrate, and cool the body will actively support the treatment of prickly rash in children. May be mentioned as:

Corn stubble water

Corn stubble is a good drink for both adults and children. Corn stubble has the effect of heat, purifies the body, provides more water than usual, thereby preventing improvement of dehydration of the body. Not only that, corn stubble is also used to relieve itching, relieve pain caused by insect bites and support the treatment of rashes and boils. 

Pennywort juice

Cheek cheeks cool, has diuretic, heat-detoxifying, liver detoxification is often used to treat prickly rash in children, disinfect skin wounds, and treat boils. active support for detoxification, liver protection. Therefore, when the baby has a rash, if you are breastfeeding, you can use the juice to help the baby quickly improve the condition. If the baby is more than 1 year old, the mother can give the baby a drink of Gotu Kola juice, but should not use 30-40g per day. 

Cassava flour

The white cassava pulp is made from the cool roots of the cassava plant, so it effectively dissipates heat. Therefore, this is considered a very good cooling drink in the summer. Not only that, tapioca also helps support very good digestion. However, you should only use a small amount for children because kudzu can be welded, using a lot can cause stomach pain, diarrhea. In addition, should be mixed with warm water or boiled into a paste for children to use, absolutely should not be mixed with cold water. 

Passion fruit juice

Passion fruit or passion fruit has sweet and sour taste, cool properties, the main use is to detoxify heat. Not only that, passion fruit still contains many amino acids which are very good for health. 

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Mom can mix passion fruit juice by taking 1 passion fruit cut in half, scraping the contents into a cup, adding sugar to a little salt, beating evenly for the membrane around the seeds to separate from the seeds. Boil to cool, stir and drink.

2. Cool green vegetables

The rash appears mainly because the baby’s body is too hot, sweat does not escape, causing obstruction of the sweat glands. Therefore, in order to improve this condition, in addition to using topical medicines, cooling the body from within is essential. If your baby has a rash, the mother should add the following vegetables:


Amaranth is rich in nutrients, has a very good heat effect for babies with rashes
Amaranth is rich in nutrients, has a very good heat effect for babies with rashes

Amaranth is rich in iron, vitamins, fiber, calcium, and manganese that have the effect of cooling, cooling the liver, gas, urinating, stimulating digestion. helps to heat, cool the body, making tiny red pimples disappear quickly. Not only that, amaranth is also good for the colon, positively supporting the brain and physical development of the baby.

Vegetable spinach

Korean spinach has a sour taste, has a diuretic, detoxifying, heat-dissolving effect, and cool blood. Works well in the treatment of rash and boils in children. So, don’t forget to add spinach to your daily meals if your baby has a rash.

Some other vegetables

In addition to the above green vegetables, mothers can add:

  • Shrub: Has the effect of heat, detoxification, diuretic, laxative. Not only cooling the body, eliminating toxins, but this vegetable also helps to push the secretions out, very good for postpartum women. 
  • Water spinach: Cool, has the effect of urination, heat, detoxification.
  • Gotu Kola: A type of vegetable known for its very good thermal, detoxifying, tonic and diuretic effects. This is also the reason that many people use cheek vegetable dishes when the weather is hot.

3. Cool vegetables

If you are wondering what your baby should eat and what to avoid, the following cool vegetables are great suggestions for you:


Is an option that cannot be ignored if you want to cool down, reduce skin irritation. Radish has a very cool effect on cooling, cooling, and conditioning.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato tubers both help laxative, and also aid in cooling the body
Sweet potato tubers both help laxative, and also aid in cooling the body

Sweet potatoes have a sweet taste, aroma, and coolness that not only helps to cool down but also has a laxative effect, stimulating digestion. Therefore, when the mother adds sweet potatoes to the diet, it will help children prevent, improve the condition and prevent constipation. 

Old horse teacher

Ma ma or the root, the outside is purple and black, the inside is white, the sweetness, the weld. Often used to fight inflammation, treat inflammation, support jaundice, constipation, laxative … In particular, the root ball is also used to rehydrate, heat, detoxify, cure thirst, improve mood. thermal state. 

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Green bean

Referring to foods with heat and detoxification functions suitable for hot summer days, it is impossible not to mention green beans. This is a nutritious, healthy grain and is suitable for children’s tastes. Mom can cook porridge, water or green bean tea to feed baby every day when the baby has a rash.

4. Types of fruits

Fruits are a group of healthy foods that are loved by children. Therefore, when the baby has a rash, the mother should increase the following fruits in your baby’s meal:

Fruits of the grapefruit family

What should a child with a rash should eat and abstain from?
Add oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit to your baby’s diet when the baby has a rash

 Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit … up to 90% water and very rich in vitamin C. So when your baby eats or drinks these juices, they will both refresh their drinks, cool down, prevent dehydration and have the ability to treat rash. improve children’s resistance.


A fruit that is 92% water, rich in antioxidants. Mother can feed the baby directly, eat strawberries with yogurt or make strawberry smoothies are very good for preventing and treating baby rash.


Cucumber or cucumber is 96% water, has the effect of cooling, cooling, and replenishing water for the body. Mom can process cucumber into dishes or squeeze water for babies to drink on hot days.


Is a fruit very much loved by children. Pears are sweet, cool, the main effects are heat, detoxification, laxative, phlegm, cough treatment. Mom can feed the baby pear or force it to drink every day to help the rash disappear quickly. 

5. Suggested dishes for mothers when the baby has a rash

When the baby has a rash, the mother can refer to the following foods:

Seaweed soup

Seaweed soup with beef ribs helps cool off summer days
Seaweed soup with beef ribs helps cool off summer days

Seaweed has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, blood cleansing properties, eliminating waste products in the body. Seaweed soup is not only good for babies with miscarriage but also suitable for pregnant women and postpartum women. 

Mom can cook seaweed soup with beef ribs. Bring beef ribs simmered, seaweed soaked with rechargeable water, put in a pot, season to taste the spices to taste.

Natural flower soup cooked crab

Natural flowers are not only rich in nutrients but also have the effect of heat, detoxification, and cooling the body. According to Oriental medicine, natural flowers are sweet and average, with the use of cooling, anti-inflammation … 


  • Ingredients: 500g natural flower, 1kg of crab
  • Crab is washed, ground and filtered to get water
  • Thien ly flowers washed, soaked with dilute salt water, rinsed and then drained
  • Put the filtered crab water in the pot to boil, then add the natural flowers, season to taste the spices to taste, when the water is boiling, turn off the heat.

Chicken green bean porridge

As mentioned, mung beans have a calming, detoxifying effect. Chicken green bean porridge not only provides nutrition but also positively supports the treatment of prickly rash in children. 

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How to do it: – Ingredients: 100g green beans, 50g sticky rice, 50g non-glutinous rice, half a chicken

  • Chicken washed, put in a pot boil with water, add a little ginger to deodorize
  • Glutinous rice, non-glutinous rice, and green beans are washed and drained
  • When the chicken is boiling, let the rice and beans simmer for 5 minutes over low heat
  • Pick up the chicken and tear it into small pieces, put it in a saucepan to simmer, season to taste the spices you eat.

What should a child with a rash?

In addition to actively adding cool foods to the baby’s diet, mothers should also pay attention to avoid using the following food groups in order not to make the disease last. 

Fried food

Absolutely do not give fried food to children at this time
Absolutely do not give fried food to children at this time

When children have skin problems such as boil pimples, mothers absolutely do not give them fried foods because they contribute to promoting heat accumulation in children. Not only that, but eating a lot of fried foods can also cause obesity and increase the risk of cancer. 

Hot spicy food

Hot spicy foods and spices not only affect health, but also are considered enemies of the skin. They not only cause heat, but also increase the activity of the sebaceous glands, causing a proliferation of the rash and easily lead to infection on the damaged skin. In particular, they are not good stomach and easy to adversely affect the health of children. Foods of this group can be mentioned as pepper, garlic, chili …

Foods high in sugar

Foods containing a lot of sugar increase body temperature, make babies cry or cranky, and create conditions for the rash to spread on the baby’s skin. In addition, eating a lot of foods high in sugar and fat such as confectionery, ice cream, jam, and dried fruit also increases the risk of being overweight, obese, and not good for children’s development.

Hot fruit

Heat-tempered fruits such as lychee, longan, mango, jackfruit, pineapple, rambutan or cold foods that are left too long in the refrigerator can also cause heat in the refrigerator, increasing the rash. Therefore, mothers absolutely do not give these fruits to children in hot weather.  

Carbonated beverages, caffeine and alcohol

This group of drinks is very popular on hot summer days, especially carbonated drinks. However, they are drinks that easily cause heat, causing the body to generate heat. Therefore, mothers absolutely should not give babies to drink but instead drink lots of water, juice or fruit smoothies.

Notes when the baby has a rash

Mom should keep the baby's skin clean and be careful when bathing to avoid damaging the baby's skin
Mom should keep the baby’s skin clean and be careful when bathing to avoid damaging the baby’s skin

When building baby diets, mothers need to pay more attention to nutrition and pay attention to the following issues:

  • Children with malnutrition and malnutrition are more susceptible to infections, pimples, and rash.
  • In addition to using foods that heat, should strengthen resistance, add protein and iron to daily meals for children through foods such as beef, chicken, crab, eggs, fish … 
  • Let children wear cool, sweat absorbent clothes
  • Always keep your baby’s skin dry, clean the skin, take a gentle shower when bathing, use specialized bath water to treat rashes like Lactacyd, Cetaphil, Dr.Papei …
  • Do not apply baby powder on the baby’s skin because they easily clog pores, infections, and skin irritation.
  • Let children stay in a cool room, avoid direct sunlight, absolutely do not incubate well, wear too many clothes.

Above are some information to help mothers no longer wonder what good food and dieting a child with rashes should eat and diet. If the condition persists, there is no sign of remission, the rash spreads, the mother should quickly take the baby to the doctor to promptly follow up and take appropriate treatment measures.


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