The cypress tree is quite popular in life
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Trac cypress – a familiar herb in Vietnamese traditional medicine. This plant brings a lot of medicinal uses in human life. However, not everyone understands about this plant and how to use it. The following article will provide you with some of the most useful information for you to understand.

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Ecological characteristics

Trac cypress is a tree of the cypress family, they closely resemble pine trees from the leaf blade to the arrangement of leaves, branches from the bottom up looking like a tower. This type of tree also has many different names such as cypress, cypress, and bala. 

The English name of the cypress is Cupressaceae. And in Vietnam this type of tree is called by a familiar name that is a cypress tree associated with the phrase “… strong as conifer, cypress”.

The cypress tree is quite popular in life
The cypress tree is quite popular in life

Biological characteristics

The cypress tree is capable of living and growing very well. They can be large and grow to 6 – 8m or more depending on living and growing conditions. Along the trunk of the tree are branches of leaves precipitating.

The leaves of the cypress tree are dark green, the leaf blades are small, like pine needles, flat and scaled. The tree bears fruit when it comes to certain periods. The fruit of the 6-8 ceramic cone, facing each other is very special. When the fruit is ripe, release the scales and reveal the seeds inside.

Chemical composition

In the plant that contains the most essential oils and resins are the branches and leaves of the plant. The important chemical composition of cypress must include:

  • Essential oils with two main ingredients are found as Fenchon, Campho, some Flavon chemicals such as: Amentoílavon, Quexetin, Hinokiflavon and Myrixetin.
  • The seeds of cypress tree contain 0.64% saponosit and fat.
  • In addition, in some chemical studies, it was found that Vitamin C was found in cypress leaves, Estolide organic acids and Tannin, but not much.

Parts collection – preliminary processing

All parts of the cypress tree can be used to make medicinal herbs, from leaves, plants, stems to roots, seeds. They can be harvested at any time of the year. However, you can choose the time of September and October because when the climatic conditions are good, the nutrient content of the plant is the highest.

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Zucchini can use all parts

When harvested, the medicinal plants will be cut into short pieces and dried. The drug is put in a balloon bag, tied to storage and used for a long time.

Particularly, the seeds of the cypress tree will be harvested in the fall or winter because the fruits are ripe and can be dried and peeled outside. Bring the peeled seeds to dry again. The final product is considered a separate medicine known as the propaganda of traditional medicine.

Excellent healing effect from cypress and how to use it

Cypress has many different wonderful healing effects that are used in life. The best effects must be mentioned such as:

Trac Diep treatment of hair loss

The first use that people remember when it comes to cypress is to aid in hair loss treatment. The inner walls of the plant stimulate, restore, and facilitate faster hair growth. You need to persistently follow the instructions, you will see amazing results.

  • You prepare fresh cypress leaves (30g), use 70 degree alcohol (100mg).
  • Bring cypress leaves soaked in alcohol for about 1 week.
  • After this time, you use a brush dipped in the solution above and brush your hair, you should only brush each hairline, you do not need to comb all your hair. Brush over and over again to allow the solution to seep into the scalp.
  • To be more effective you can use a cotton ball to absorb the solution and then dab it on the scalp, where the hair is falling and need to stimulate hair growth.
  • You persistently do 3 times / day, after 30 days you will see new hair grow, black and smooth.

Zucchini helps to stop bleeding effectively

The second best use from cypress is the ability to stop bleeding. When you cut your hand or fall and bleed from the skin, you can take some dried or pureed juniper leaves and apply it to the wound. Then, boil cypress leaves with 100ml of water and drink water. This remedy will quickly clot the blood and reduce the amount of blood secreted. 

Cypress helps stop bleeding very well
Cypress helps stop bleeding very well

Cypress helps to calm down and laxative

Zucchini can help you have a better sleep, clear spirit, thereby helping to ease digestion, laxative. To get this effect you need to perform the following steps:

  • Choose old cypress fruit to have the highest nutritional content, then dry it to remove the seeds inside.
  • The seeds of the fruit, or so-called kernels, are taken to the yellow star to smell, then crushed and removed the outer layer to get the inside of the seed. This part is also known in Oriental medicine as the death bone.
  • Bone prince with longan, lotus seeds, red apple, each of 15g in the pot of earthen pot and three bowls of clean water to take away sharp on low heat.
  • Sac taken 2-3 times of water and drink during the day, every day like that to see the best effect. The body will have positive changes after only about 1 week of use.
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Healing goes out blood

If you are experiencing bleeding , acute hemorrhoids may consider using cypress for treatment.

  • You prepare cypress, lotus, coronary fruit, Kinh flower (the same weight is from 20 – 30g).
  • All the herbs have been dried for the best effect.
  • Take the medicine away yellow and crush it into fine powder. Every day use a spoon mixed with 200ml of warm water. Use 2 times / day in the morning and at night, after only 3 days, the health status has improved significantly.
The cypress leaves effectively treat blood
The cypress leaves effectively treat blood

Trac duchen cure kidney inflammation, acute pyelonephritis

Few people know that cypress is an important medicine in the remedies for pyelonephritis and nephritis. Many people have applied this formula, persisted in implementing it, and noticed positive changes in health. Proceed as follows:

  • You prepare about 50g of cypress, bitter vegetables , licorice and apple of enough weight.
  • Put all of these herbs in the kettle with 2 liters of water, boil for 5 minutes so that all the ingredients are secreted in water.
  • Divide the collected water into 3 drinks at 3 times a day, not to the next day.
Medicinal treatment of pyelonephritis

Treatment of cardiovascular disorders

Zucchini is considered an important medicine in the remedies to support the treatment and prevention of disorders of the cardiovascular system. 

The remedy is as follows:

  • You prepare some dried cypress leaves (300 – 400g) with dong quai (150 – 200g).
  • Bring the two ingredients above to crush into fine powder.
  • Mix the above mixture with a little water to form a dough, use your hands to make small pills like peas.
  • Take these seeds to dry, store in a glass jar.
  • Every day you take 50 tablets divided into 2 times and use regularly for 3 months. Health is not only better, blood pressure balance, blood sugar stabilization, insomnia treatment and prevention of fatty blood disease, stroke, …
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Skin care from juniper essential oil

You absolutely can make your own bottles of juniper essential oil to take care of your skin and beauty, put in the bedroom to purify the air, help relax, sedate, … You just need to crush the juniper leaves and great greatness. filter several times to get the pure water stream and put into a glass bottle to use gradually.

Treatment of coughing up blood

People who have a cough for days that does not go away, coughing up blood can use cypress to improve this condition. There are two very famous remedies as follows:

Exercise 1 : Prepare dried cypress, wormwood and canngu with 15g each. Why do the above-mentioned herbs stop when they wake up with a characteristic smell. Put the herbs in the kettle with 2 liters of water, boil for 10 minutes to let the medicine secret out all the substances mixed with water.

Grandson took the juice stream and divided it into 3 drinks a day. Just perform regular drinking from 5-7 days to see effective.

Remedy 2: Prepare red bamboo leaves, cypress leaves, red mussel leaves and the roots of a small fan of each type from 10 – 15g. These herbs also take away the gold star and cook the same drinking water as above.

Treatment for people with heavy sweating

For those who suffer from mixed sweating, a lot of uncontrolled sweating, they only need to use the kernels, the shell of the grains of barley, the five spores, the cranes, the apple humiliation. Dissolve these herbs into a fine powder and drink each day will help regulate the body’s sweat glands.

Ba Tu Tu – a familiar medicine of Oriental medicine

Where to buy acacia, how much does it cost?

You can buy dried cypress in many places on the market today, most notably traditional medicine stores. As for juniper products such as essential oils, you can find it in stores that specialize in essential oils and herbal scents.

The price of dried cypress will depend a lot on the longevity of the plant. If the type of cypress is from 6 months to 1 year, it will cost from 500,000 to 1,000,000 / kg. As for the newly planted trees to collect leaves, from a few tens to a few hundred thousand can be purchased.

Note when using cypress

There is no denying the great benefits that encyclopedia brings to users. However, any herb should be used in moderation and should not be overused. At the same time you need to note the following to improve efficiency for better use.

  • If you want to use zucchini to treat some diseases such as acute pyelonephritis, nephritis, and cardiovascular disease, you should visit an oriental medicine clinic for examination. Then the doctor will prescribe therapy as well as instructions on how to best use this plant.
  • People with phlegm, having loose stools, people who may weld, or are allergic to any of the cypress ingredients should not use it.
  • Do not use too much, but need a specific dose daily, weekly and use according to the schedule. Do not skip dose, forget to take the medicine because the effectiveness will decrease.

Above are some of the most useful information about cypress tree that many people use today. Hope through here helps you better understand this plant as well as know how to take care of the health of yourself and family members.


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