What is phenergan cream?
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Phenergan cream is a topical medication that can treat itching caused by insect bites, skin irritation caused by X-rays, surface burns and itchy papules. Due to the low level of absorption into the body, the drug can be used for children from 2 years old, lactating people and pregnant women in the last 3 months if needed.

What is phenergan cream?
What is Phenergan Cream?

What is phenergan cream?

Phenergan cream is a topical medication that works to reduce itching caused by surface burns, insect stings, urticaria, skin irritation caused by X-rays or itchy skin due to some other cause. Phenergan ointment is a product of Sanofi Company – France and is produced in Vietnam.

Information you need to know about Phenergan skin ointment:

  • Drug name: Phenergan
  • Category: Medicines for the treatment of dermatological diseases
  • Dosage form: Topical cream
  • Ingredients: Promethazin 2%
  • Manufacturer: Sanofi
  • Specification: Box of 1 tube x 10g

Ingredients of topical drug Phenergan

The main ingredient of Phenergan cream is the active ingredient Promethazin 0.2g. This active ingredient belongs to a group of synthetic antihistamines with local anesthetic properties. Therefore, Promethazine is used topically to reduce itching and prevent histamine-induced reactions.

In the form of topical application, this active ingredient is absorbed through the skin slowly and the content absorbed into the blood is very low. Therefore, Phenergan cream is considered quite safe at therapeutic doses, so the drug can be used for children from 2 years old, pregnant women in the last 3 months and those who are breastfeeding.

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What is the effect of phenergan cream?

With the main ingredient Promethazin 0.2g, Phenergan topical can reduce skin itching in the following cases:

  • Skin irritation caused by X-rays
  • Surface burns
  • Insect bites
  • Itchy papules (often caused by an itchy urticaria)

Phenergan pruritus topical can also be used in situations not covered in this article. If you intend to use Phenergan cream for other purposes, please contact your doctor for specific advice.


Do not use the topical treatment for Phenergan pruritus in the following cases:

  • Children under 2 years old
  • Skin damage with watery, fluid
  • Eczema
  • Skin lesions resulting from infection

Instructions for use of topical medications for Phenergan skin

The drug is applied directly to the area of ​​the skin that needs treatment. Can be used 3-4 times / day until symptoms of itching subside.

phenergan cream price
Apply medicine to the skin needing treatment 3-4 times / day

Specific usage:

  • Clean hand skin with soap and dry
  • Then clean the skin to be treated with normal saline
  • Wait for the skin to dry completely before applying the medication
  • Apply an adequate amount of the medicine to the skin’s surface
  • Wait for the medication to penetrate before getting dressed
  • Wash hands with soap to avoid getting the medicine in your eyes, nose, or mouth (except for those requiring treatment on the skin of your hands).

Some notes when using topical drugs Phenergan

Phenergan cream is used to relieve itching caused by a number of dermatological problems and can be used without a prescription. However, before using this drug, you need to keep in mind the following important information:

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1. Caution

Itching is a potential symptom of many skin problems. Therefore, the topical Phenergan drug has no effect on treatment of the disease completely. For complete control of the disease, it is necessary to identify and improve from the cause.

Phenergan pruritus topicals have a high risk of allergies. Therefore, people with a history of antihistamine topical allergy or sensitivity should inform their doctor before using the drug.

Phenergan cream can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. To avoid irritation and sunburn, it is necessary to limit exposure to sunlight and artificial ultraviolet rays during the entire treatment period.

Do not use Phenergan cream for children under 2 years old – especially babies and premature babies. In addition, the drug is not recommended for children with Reye syndrome (a condition in which fatty degenerative liver and acute brain damage begins after an acute viral infection or from aspirin use).

how much does phenergan cream cost?
Women in the last 3 months of pregnancy can use Phenergan skin itch cream if necessary

There are not enough data and research shows that topical drugs containing Promethazine is safe for pregnant women. If necessary, the drug can be used in the last 3 months of pregnancy, but should consult a specialist. Phenergan ointment can be used for breastfeeding mothers because the amount absorbed into the body is negligible.

2. Side effects

Phenergan skin pruritus medications can cause a number of side effects such as:

  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Allergic in some patients with hypersensitivity

3. Drug Interactions

There are no adequate studies on drug interactions. However, to limit the risk of irritation, avoid using multiple medications on the same skin area.

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How much does Phenergan skin itch cream cost?

Phenergan pruritus ointment costs 13 – 17,000 VND / 10g tube. It is available at most private pharmacies nationwide and can be used without a prescription. However, to ensure safety, you should consult a doctor before use.

Phenergan skin itch cream costs 13 – 17,000 VND / 10g tube

Phenergan cream is a topical cream for skin itching caused by urticaria, pruritus, surface burns, insect bites, … Although it is topical and has low absorption, to ensure safety, readers should consult. Get medical attention and read the directions carefully before use.

Reputable source ThuocLP Vietnamese Health: Phenergan: Uses, dosage & usage

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