What does mioskin do?
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Mioskin Korea is a versatile lotion spray and can replace the usual 5 steps of skin care. If you are planning to use Mioskin lotion, you can learn about the product’s effects and some of the most effective uses in the following article.

What does mioskin do?
Does Mioskin Korea spray work?


What is the effect of Mioskin Korea Spray?

Mioskin Korea Spray is the skin care product of the Korean cosmetic brand. Products are imported into our country by Bismo Trading & Service Joint Stock Company and are officially distributed by Hero group Co., Ltd.

With the main ingredients are cheek extract, salmon DNA, plant oocyte (Stem Cell), diamond mushroom (Beta Glucan), pure witch hazel (Witch Hazel Extract), rose hip extract and 25 nourishment. An essential substance, Mioskin Korea spray can provide such uses as:

Water supply, deeply moisturizing

Moisturizing and hydrating are the main uses of Mioskin’s moisturizing spray. Once in contact with the skin surface, water molecules will quickly penetrate into the epidermal cells to help soften the skin, improve dryness and tightness.

What does mioskin do?
Moisturizing and hydrating are the main uses of Mioskin Korea spray

In addition, the product also contains salmon DNA with deep moisturizing ability. Fatty acids, proteins and vitamins in this composition work to soothe dry and rough skin caused by dehydration. Recent studies also show that, polydeoxyribonucleotide essence in salmon DNA has the effect of improving rough and rough skin caused by the local.

Prevent acne from recurring

Mioskin is one of the very few sprays on the market that can prevent acne from recurring. The product is supplemented with pure witch hazel extract (Witch Hazel Extract) to clean sebum in the pores, reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. With the ability to prevent clogging of the pores, Mioskin spray can limit the recurrence of acne .

What does mioskin do?
The product works to clean pores and prevent acne from recurring

Mioskin is also suitable for those with acne-prone skin. In addition to pure witch hazel extract, the product is also supplemented with Gotu Kola extract, which helps to soothe irritated skin, improve red inflammation and hot swelling in acne. In addition, this ingredient also aids in accelerating the healing of damaged cells and helps prevent concave scars.

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Nourishes skin bright white, smooth

In addition to moisturizing and anti-irritating ingredients, Mioskin is also enriched with natural skin-whitening ingredients such as black diamond fungus, salmon DNA and plant oocyte. Unlike synthetic whitening active ingredients, the natural ingredients in the product are safe to whiten without causing thinning or irritation.

What does mioskin do?
The product also has the ability to lighten the skin and improve dull, lifeless skin

In addition, these ingredients help keep skin healthy, supple and visibly smooth. Produced by modern and closed technology, Mioskin possesses microscopic molecules with fast permeability. Immediately after spraying on the skin, the product will quickly absorb and help the face bright and smooth.

Skin rejuvenation, anti-aging

Mioskin Spray is supplemented with plant oocyte stem cells that promote the skin to increase collagen and elastin to improve its elasticity, firm and smooth skin. With this mechanism, the product works to prevent aging and smooth wrinkles.

What does mioskin do?
The vegetative oocytes in Mioskin’s spray are anti-aging and smooth in wrinkles

To increase the effect of skin rejuvenation, Mioskin’s Nourishing Spray from Korea also contains salmon DNA, black diamond and cheeks extract. These ingredients all work to protect the skin, promote cell regeneration and recovery.

Regenerates, restores damaged skin

Mioskin Spray also works to regenerate and restore damaged skin areas with cheek extract, salmon DNA and plant oocyte stem cells. These ingredients are capable of speeding up the damaged skin, reducing dryness, dark spots and scarring.

So, Mioskin Spray is the perfect solution for those who have sensitive, thin, acne-prone and allergic skin. With ingredients entirely from nature, the product is hardly irritating to use. It also keeps skin healthy and reduces its sensitivity to environmental aggressors.

Shrink pores

Minimizing pores is one of the typical uses of Mioskin Spray. With a content of deep moisturizing ingredients, the product has the ability to retain water for the skin to keep the skin shiny, smooth and helps reduce the size of hair follicles in the T-zone.

In addition, Witch Hazel Extract in the product also aids in deep cleaning of pores, thereby helping the hair follicles tighten and soften the skin surface.

How to use Mioskin Korea most effectively

Mioskin Korea is a multipurpose spray product that can completely replace skin care steps such as toner (rose water), serum, cream, mask, eye cream, … So in addition to normal usage, You can also use the product in a number of other ways to increase the effectiveness of your care and improve skin problems.

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Some of the most effective ways to use Mioskin Korea spray:

Conventional usage

Similar to mineral sprays on the market, Mioskin products are used by spraying directly onto the face regularly 1-2 times / day or used when skin lacks moisture, dullness. However, for the product to be absorbed well, you need to use it in the following order:

What does mioskin do?
Mioskin can be used as a regular mineral spray
  • Step 1: Hold the spray bottle parallel to your face, then tilt the bottle slightly forward to create a wide spray angle.
  • Step 2: Keep the spray bottle 20cm away from your face (for cleansing your face) and 30cm (in case you use makeup). Putting the spray bottle too close to your skin can cause the makeup to become patchy, uneven and unsightly.
  • Step 3: Press the spray button and move the spray bottle in a circle around the face so the product fully penetrates the skin. When spraying, close eyes to avoid eye irritation and irritation.
  • Step 4: Use your hands (already cleaned with soap) to gently pat the essence in Mioskin lotion to penetrate deeply into each cell. After about 10 – 20 seconds, the product will quickly penetrate the skin, leaving the skin smooth and shiny.
  • Step 5: If your face is still waterlogging, you should use a cotton pad to absorb the water layer to keep the makeup durable. In the case of use with clear skin on the face, can be patted until fully absorbed.

Some other uses

In addition to the usual usage, Mioskin Korea spray can also be used in many other ways such as:

What does mioskin do?
Mioskin sprays can be used as lotion, primer and face mask
  • Use as a lotion: With its concentrated essence, Mioskin Korea moisturizing spray is able to quickly hydrate the skin. So if you don’t have a lot of time, you can use the product instead. If used for this purpose, spray the lotion into your hands and massage directly onto the face until the product fully absorbed.
  • Increase the effectiveness of sunscreen: Before you use sunscreen, you can use Mioskin lotion spray. With the ability to moisturize and protect the skin, the product helps to prolong the effectiveness of sunscreen. At the same time, it helps the sunscreen penetrate deeply and limit the condition of leaving white streaks on the skin.
  • Use as a primer: Possessing a natural ingredients panel, Mioskin is also used as a primer before makeup. The product helps to layer the file into the skin, avoids the “cakey” condition and protects the skin against the effects of chemical ingredients in cosmetics. So instead of investing in extra primers, you can take advantage of Mioskin Stem Cells.
  • Use as a skin mask: In order for Mioskin’s essence to penetrate deeply and improve damaged cells, you can use a product as a face mask. If used for this purpose, a thin cotton pad or compressed paper mask should be prepared. Then, use lotion spray to wet the cotton pad and apply to dull, lifeless areas.
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Some notes when using Mioskin Korea spray

Mioskin Moisturizer is a multi-purpose skin care product. The product can be used in a variety of ways and is an alternative to 5 common skin care steps (toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and acne treatment). However, in order for the product to maximize its use, you need to note a number of problems when using:

What does mioskin do?
It is recommended to clean your face before using to spray Mioskin to maximize its effects
  • For good absorption, should cleanse your face twice a day (morning and night before going to bed). In case of using sunscreen and makeup, it is necessary to use a specialized makeup remover before using the cleanser.
  • When using the product, you should wash your hands with soap to limit the “accidental” status of bacteria on your face.
  • The product should be placed 25 – 30cm from the skin of the face for the product to spread evenly and penetrate into the skin areas. Putting too close to the face can cause eye irritation and irritation and cause the product to not evenly distribute.
  • Should combine facial massage to spray Mioskin penetrating deeply inside. At the same time need to use the product regularly 1-2 times / day.

The article has mentioned the effects of Mioskin Korea spray and some of the most effective ways to use the product. Hopefully, through the above information, you can better understand this product and choose the right spray to suit your skin’s needs.

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