What is the dahlia tree
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Bach Thuoc (Dahlia) is essentially the dried root of the plant of the same name. This medicinal herb has a bitter, sour taste, has a slightly solder effect, has a dominant effect, nourishes blood, and needs negative effects. Dahlia is used in medicine to treat muscle convulsions, osteoarthritis pain and other common diseases in women. 

What is the dahlia tree
The dandelion is the dried tuberous root of a plant of the same name in the Mao Liang family
  • Other names: Dahlia, white dahlia, herbal herbs, real pear, miracle, needle dahlia
  • Scientific name: Paeonia lactiflora Pall
  • Jigs dược root Pacomio Lactiflora / Radix Paeonia White
  • Family: Ranunculaceae

Description of medicinal herbs

1. What tree is Bach Dang?

Dahlia is a valuable medicinal plant that is used in many oriental remedies. Dahlia is a herbaceous plant, perennial and has an average height of about 0.5 – 1m. The roots of the plant grow big, fat, about 1-3cm in diameter, up to 30cm in length, and the inner bark is light brown in color, pale pink or white.

What is leukoplakia?
The leaves of the dandelion

The leaves are young, brittle and brittle. The leaves of the ginkgo tree are yellow and fall in the fall. The leaves are alternate, double leaves, each leaf consists of 3-7 double leaves. Egg shape, light green or dark color. Flowers grow solitary, flowers are large, white or pink. The dahlia is so beautiful that the tree is also grown for ornamental purposes.

Dahlia medicinal herbs
The dahlia flowers grow solitary, red-pink or white in color

2. Distribution

Dahlia is a plant native to China. Currently, this plant species has been migrated to Sapa and some northern provinces, but the number is not much. Therefore, most of the medicinal herbs used have to be imported from China.

3. Parts used

The roots of the ginkgo plant are used to make medicine.

4. Harvesting – preliminary processing

Harvesting time depends on the locality. In Zhe Jiang, medicinal herbs are harvested on the 10th day of the 6th lunar month. In Sichuan, the root roots of the trees are harvested in mid-July through late summer. In Hunan, people collect medicinal herbs during the harvest period, while in Anhui, dahlia roots are harvested in late summer and early autumn.

How to collect medicinal herbs:

  • Harvest ginkgo biloba only on a dry day and dry soil
  • First, cut off the stems and leaves. Then use a hoe to plow the soil around the roots.
  • After that, take the roots and shake off the soil and sand, cut off the secondary roots, rootlets and classify big and small

How to prepare medicinal herbs:

  • Bring the sun to dry to use gradually
  • If you meet the weather, you should bury the roots in moist sandy soil for up to 2-3 days. Then, bring out to dry to use gradually.

5. Chemical composition

Dandelion root contains diverse chemical components, including starch, resin, tannins, paeonol, paeoniflorin, sistosterol, calcium oxalate, essential oils, fats, …

The drug of leukoplakia

what disease is leukemia?
Bach Thuoc has a sour, bitter taste, slightly welded gas, nourishing effects, need, and negative effects.

1. Temperament – Regression

  • The taste is sour, bitter, and slightly welded
  • Referred to the Can, Pi

2. What is Bach thuy’s effect?

– According to traditional medicine:

  • Nourishing effects of blood, postponed middle, collection Han, Liem sound, only system, need, just happy system, just water description, ….
  • Nursing heart spleen blood, congestion, business letter, just water description, …

– According to modern medicine:

  • Glucose in the white dahlia is proven to inhibit the nerve center, so it is used a lot in case of pain relief and sedation.
  • Eucalyptus root juice has strong antibacterial effects such as green pus bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, types of typhoid bacillus, bacillus bacillus, pneumococcus, hemolytic streptococci and some types fungi that cause skin diseases
  • Glucose in diphtheria has the effect of inhibiting acid secretion (inhibiting gastric acid secretion), thereby supporting the prevention and treatment of peptic ulcers . In addition, this component also inhibits the smooth muscle of the uterus so it is also used for pregnancy
  • Glucose in diphtheria has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, increases blood flow for myocardial nutrition, prevents the formation of blood clots, lowers liver enzymes and protects liver cells.
  • Dahlia has a diuretic, perspiration and hypotension effect thanks to its smooth muscle spasmolytic mechanism and peripheral vasodilation.
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3. What is the treatment of diphtheria medicine?

With diverse functions, the herbal remedy is used to treat many diseases such as:

  • Asthma, cough due to reversible acute waste
  • Back pain, stomach pain caused by the evil gas
  • Diseases caused by positive vasculature with heat welding
  • Unexpected blood
  • Seizures
  • Unexpected sound can

4. Usage – dosage

Dahlia is used in the form of sharp, powdered, … with a dose of 6-12g / day.

44 Medicinal remedies from herbal medicine / dahlia

What is Bach dandelion?
Dahlia is used in many remedies

1. Treatment of muscle convulsions

  • Preparation: Licorice and angelica each 16g.
  • Implementation: Put medicinal herbs in a warm, sharp drink for daily use. Use 1 ladder a day until symptoms subside.

2. Remedy for dissonant gas can cause limb shrinkage, abdominal pain, abdominal pain and diarrhea

  • Preparation: Shredded 4g and angelica (alcohol) 12g.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

3. Medicines to treat hip pain in women

  • Preparation: Additive flavor, cinnamon bark, white dahlia and ambera, adjust dosage according to the disease.
  • Directions: Bring all medicinal herbs into a fine powder and mix well. Each time use 8g drink with warm boiling water.

4. Medicine to treat dysentery and pus blood

  • Preparation: Vaccine, langur ( areca nut ) and herbaceous each 8g, royal bird and angelica each 40g, mandarin 6g, dong quai and royal family 20g each, rhubarb 12g.
  • Implementation: Powder and mix well, each time use 20g of decoction powder with 2 cups of water until 1 cup is left, then turn off the heat. Use when the medicine is still warm.

5. Treatment of abdominal pain, diarrhea

  • Preparation: Room room and white leaves each 8g, 6g ceiling envelope and 12g high white algae.
  • Practice: Sac drink a day using 1 ladder.

6. Remedy warm remedies cause dizziness, dizziness, muscle tremors, ears buzzing and numb limbs

  • Preparation: 20g apple juice, cross-frame and quince 8g each, vein 12g, field and dong quai 16g each, white leaves
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

7. Remedy to cure canopathy causing dizziness and headache

  • Preparation: Bowing the mother, serving the spirit, the side, white dahlia, tang Diep, bamboo and chrysanthemum each 12g, licorice and antelope every 4g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder.

8. Medicine to treat dysentery with abdominal pain

  • Preparation: Licorice 6g, royal mandarin and dandelion each 12g
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, use 1 ladder.

9. Remedy to treat shady abdominal pain in pregnant women

  • Preparation: White and white for every 8g, 20g white, cross-frame and dong quai each 6g, describe 10g.
  • Implementation: Bring medicinal herbs and mix well. Each time using 8g of drug powder to drink with alcohol, use 3 times a day or you can drink water.

10. Treatment of gonorrhea, hypotension, sick people, menorrhagia

  • Preparation: Loc Giac Giao, Hoang Ky, mother of law, can Khuong, Bach Thuoc, cinnamon heart, dragon bone and field 8g each.
  • Directions: Pour into fine powder. Each time using 8g of medicinal powder to drink with hot alcohol before eating. Use regularly 3 times a day until symptoms improve.

11. Treatments for epilepsy

  • Preparation: Licorice 2g, bio-geomorphology, cross-frame, scrotum and salt-stick each 3.2g, flavoring, white dahlia and dong quai 8g each.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

12. Remedy for chronic constipation

  • Preparation: Raw licorice 10 – 15g and raw octopus 24 – 40g.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, use 1 ladder. Regular use 2 – 4 months will see complete remission.

13. Medicines for muscle convulsions

  • Preparation: Carpentry 10g, licorice and cinnamon, 15g each, white leaves
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder. Drink from 3 to 5 months to stop shrinking.
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14. Medicines to treat stomach ulcers

  • Preparation: Liquorice injection 12 – 15g and angelica 15 – 20g.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

15. Medicines to treat hyperplasia

  • Preparation: Licorice and herb every 12g, majesty and millet of blood 15g each, white dahlia 30 – 60g.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

16. Asthma remedies

  • Preparation: Licorice 15g and angelica
  • Implementation: Bring the powdered flavors, each use 30g and cook for 3-5 minutes with 100 – 150ml of boiling water. After that, let the residue settle and drink it hot

17. Medicines to treat pertussis

  • Preparation: Licorice 3g and Dahlia Can add juniper and jogging in case of a lot of cough.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

18. Medicine to treat thigh fibrillation syndrome

  • Preparation: Licorice and angelica each 15g.
  • Implementation: Herbal medicine with 3 cups of water (equivalent to 600ml) until 200ml, then turn off the stove. Divide the water into 2 drinks (drink in the morning and then 2 hours later).

19. Remedy for dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, headache and closing menstruation

  • Preparation: 8g cross-frame, 16g white, dong quai and field, 12g each.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

20. Medicines for menorrhagia, haemorrhage and irregular menstruation

  • Preparation: Cypress leaves (black stars) 12g and white dahlia
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water.

21. Remedy for treatment of intercostal nerve pain

  • Preparation: White and white leaves 40g each
  • Directions: Star with alcohol, crush and mix. Each time using 6g, 2 times a day.

22. Epigastric pain remedy with heartburn, flatulence

  • Preparation: 12g saffron, cross-frame, envelope, extra incense and only 8g each, licorice 6g and angelica
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

23. The remedy for the long-lasting damage caused the yellow person to leap and thin

  • Preparation: Cao ban dragon, royal prince, mother of law, white dahlia, dragon fruit, field, cinnamon heart and can khong each 8g.
  • Implementation: Powdered into a fine powder, each time using 8g mixed with alcohol drink before eating. Use regularly 3 times a day until symptoms improve.

24. Medicines for nephrotic syndrome cause symptoms such as cough, fever, fear of cold, lightheadedness, and heart palpitations

  • Preparation: Reunification, White Buddha, Birth of the Buddha and Father Diep every 8-12 hours, 12-16 grams white.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, divide the water into 2-3 times and use all of the day.

25. Antidepressants for body weakness due to long-term damage to blood or gas

  • Preparation: White-bellied , white-leaf, burdock, thyme, apple and prickly sting every 8g, 2 big apple, 3 cinnamon fruit, 4-8g, 4g live weight, 10g white and Ginseng 6g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder.

26. Remedies cure the white zone caused by spleen damage, gas and gas

  • Preparation: Dark world wisdom and bare skin every Wednesday – 6g, saffron 6 – 8g, licorice 4g, coin 12g, injury and ginseng every 8 – 12g, white transparent 12-20g, white white ( earth star) and pharmaceutical paint (stars) each 40g.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, use regularly 1 ladder.

27. A remedy for women suffering from tropical white chain

  • Preparation: Luong Khuong, Bach Thuoc, dong quai and prince every 12g, spring root package 24g, cross frame 8g and field 16g.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, use regularly 1 ladder.

28. Medicines to treat peptic ulcers

  • Preparation: Licorice 5g, cinnamon 10g, white dahlia and royal 12g each, 3g of birth, 5 fruit apples, 30g alum.
  • Implementation: Bring color with water and divide the water into 3 drinks a day.

29. Medicine to treat joint pain caused by blood damage, weak body

  • Preparation: Cinnamon 6 – 8g, 12g born Jiang, 12g white dahlia, 16g royal apple and 3 large apples.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

30. Remedy for colds with symptoms such as dry mouth, bitterness, little urination, apple defecation, fear of cold, fever, …

  • Preparation: 120g talc, licorice 80g, pepper bearing, cross-frame, angelica (star), black zodiac, white gorilla, dong quai, mint, mint, marjoram, rhubarb (distillation ) and room every 20g, sand wings, royal hares and plaster each 40g.
  • Implementation: Bring all medicinal herbs into a fine powder. Each time use 6-8g of powdered medicine to drink with hot ginger water. Or can be used as a medicine decoction.
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31. Remedy for irregular menstruation, difficult delivery, menstruation and placenta not coming out

  • Preparation: Useful samples, dong quai, white dahlia, and trans-frame benefits to reduce the dose according to the disease.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

32. Menstrual pain remedy, menstrual blood dark purple and blood clots

  • Preparation: Rose flower 4 – 12g, peach, white dahlia each 8 – 12g, cross frame 6 – 12g, birth location 12 – 20g and dong quai 12g.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, divide the water into 2 drinks and use all of the day.

33. The remedy for hemorrhage can cause pain in the ribs, irregular menstruation, fatigue, anorexia

  • Preparation: Bach truong, white dahlia, white spirit, dong quai and using 40g each, 20g licorice injection.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder. Or you can bring medicinal herbs, mix well each time with ginger and mint water.

34. Remedy for the cure by fire

  • Preparation: Chi Chi, single envelope each 8 – 12g, 4g injection, mint 4g (for later), white dahlia, white spirit, and white leaves each 12g, dong quai 16g, ginger 2 slices.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder.

35. The remedy for menstrual irregularities in women

  • Preparation: An intersection, birth Jiang, maize enemy, mondo grass, cinnamon chi, dong quai, monosodium glutamate, white dahlia, persimmon apple, licorice, semi-low, transframe and ginseng, reducing symptoms according to the disease.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

36. Treatment of iron deficiency anemia

  • Preparation: Dong quai 20g, millet blood 20g, ginseng 16g, white leaves 12g and 24g field.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder.

37. The remedy for damaging blood gas causes anorexia, fever, fever, hemorrhage, cough, fatigue

  • Preparation: Five – 8g, 3 – 4g cinnamon, 4 – 8g white, 12g white, mondo grass (star with rice) and 8g each, serving 6g, apple 4g, field 20 – 30g.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

38. A remedy for rheumatoid arthritis (chronic arthritis causes long-term back pain and knee pain)

  • Preparation: Single activity, room and frequency every 8 – 12pm, white leaves, valuables, spirit dress, ox socks, cross-frame, ginseng and dong quai every 12-16, cinnamon 4g, royal 16 – 24g, 4g injection, 6 – 12g cross-frame, 4 – 8g, parasitic funeral 12 – 24g.
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder. Divide the water into 2 drinks and use it all during the day.

39. Medicinal value urticaria can welding room

  • Preparation: Raw ginger, white dahlia, tundra and marjoram every 12g, room, cinnamon, white only 8g each, sacrifice and ghost king every 6g.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

40. Remedy for cold urticaria with constipation

  • Preparation: Cinnamon, white dahlia, royal and white only 8g, rhubarb 6g, marjoram, room, party ginseng and apple every 12g, born Jiang 6g, ghost king 6g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder.

41. The remedy for heat-resistant urticaria

  • Preparation: Dandelion, regal boat and baijiu each 8g, 20g plaster, birth and marjoram each 16g, room and burdock every 12g
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

42. Medicine to prevent recurrence of rheumatoid arthritis

  • Preparation: Biosphere, white dragon, peacemaker, serving spirit, ox socks, room, party ginseng and poison every 12g, 16g funeral, dong quai, sacrifice, frequency, father and cinnamon each 8g, licorice 6g.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

43. Treatment of thrombophlebitis in the early and middle period

  • Preparation: Cross-regulation, white-bellied, cross-frame, father processing, knitting ginseng, royal flag, ox-sock and cross-training every 12g, field and funeral every 16g, white world, rose flower, peach and cinnamon for each 8g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on regular use 1 ladder.

44. Remedy for nausea, back pain and abdominal pain

  • Preparation: Dong quai, white dahlia, puffed up and pungent weight each 14g, white almond 10g, licorice 4g, ceiling envelope 8g, party ginseng and spirit of each 12g.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

Some notes when using white dahlia medicine

Dahlia is a valuable medicine used in many remedies. However, before using this medicinal herb, you should note the following issues:

  • Do not use together with some medicinal herbs such as pear loot, mini-thistle, armor, pepper jelly, jelly, … If used together, it must be combined with other herbs.
  • Not used for cases of blood damage, acne, cold broken rice and bad taste.
  • Dahlia has anticoagulant, anticoagulant, sedative, … Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using in combination with anticoagulants, high blood pressure medications, sleeping pills and drugs affecting the central nervous system . If you intend to use the combination, you should consult your doctor for specific advice.

The article has synthesized some information about the effects, usage, and remedies of medicinal herbs. However, if you intend to use this medicine, readers should consult a physician to ensure treatment effectiveness and limit some risks and unwanted effects.


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