Food tonic kidneys increase vitality
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Physiology is the essential need of most men, helping men to show their masculinity. To increase endurance and prolong the time in all “love”, it is advisable to supplement the body with foods that enhance the vitality of kidneys.

TOP foods for kidney tonic enhancement vitality

Healthy physiology is something that most men aspire to possess, because being physiologically healthy is showing the style of a true man and will help the relationship always be tight and strong. .

Supplementing with potable kidney supplements is beneficial for men, helping to produce more testosterone in the body for the desired sexual performance. 

The foods that tonic kidneys help limit a number of physiological diseases such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, dream, decreased desire. 

Few people know that the proper diet is an important factor that helps the body secrete Edorphin to create a sense of comfort for the body, creating a powerful new amount of sperm to help limit exhaustion of the body. sperm.

To improve this situation, readers can refer to the full range of delicious foods – nutritious – cheap, extremely close to helping the body to be reborn again.

1. Eat sea oysters to help tonic kidneys

Oysters contain zinc because zinc plays an important role in the prostate gland. According to nutritionists after each “love”, the body consumes 2-6 milligrams of semen, equivalent to 300 – 900 micro-zinc, so eating oysters is to add zinc to not affect the frontline. paralysis.

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Food tonic kidneys increase vitality
Oysters contain zinc that limits prostate reduction


In addition to the function of regenerating physiological abilities, oysters also bring many good effects for the body such as: 

  • Good for the heart: in oysters contains unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids contribute to the production of carnitine to prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Good for the skin: The zinc in oysters helps support skin structure and reduces sagging.
  • Improving mood: zinc supplements help the body curb anger, improve autism, depression and extreme behaviors.

Besides, the oysters also contain healthy ingredients such as Omega 3, vitamins A1, B1, B2, lipids, protein, … so adding this food to the menu not only helps. Diverse menu per meal but also increase vitality.

2. Beef helps healthy kidneys

Beef contains a lot of magnesium and zinc. Zinc helps synthesize proteins, for every 100g of beef will produce 22g of protein. Protein content will help improve physiological function, muscle growth and enhance fertility.

According to nutrition experts, zinc in beef helps to protect sperm and prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (male to female). Thanks to that, the number of sperm is improved and promotes desire, effective physiological treatment .

Food tonic kidneys increase vitality
Beef helps to protect sperm and prevent the conversion of male to female hormones

In addition, you can combine beef with some foods to enhance vitality and fertility such as broccoli, ginseng, guise leaves, …

3. Leanuts are good for the kidneys

Pig kidney, also known as pig kidney, helps to tonify kidneys, can treat kidney damage, sexual impairment, dream, benefit. In the pulp contains many nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins A, C, B1 and minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron good for men.

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The pork pulp can be processed into the following items to help treat physiological weakness effectively:

  • Stir-fried pork cutlet with onions
  • Stir-fried pork cutlet with bean sprouts
  • Stir-fried pork cutlet with chives leaves
  • Chinese herbal medicine stewed pork
Food tonic kidneys increase vitality
Pig kidney helps tonic kidneys, effectively cures physiological weakness

Note: should choose a uniform dark color, when processing, wash with salt water, soak for 10 minutes with cold water, mix a little salt and ginger to deodorize.

4. Chicken eggs contain many nutrients to help mening

Chicken eggs are the favorite dish of most people, eggs contain many proteins, vitamins A, B1, B6, D, E, .. protein, fat. Besides, the eggs also contain acids that support the immune system.

Egg whites provide collagen with anti-aging effects for the skin. Egg yolk helps to foster sperm, cure weak physiological, and increase vitality effectively.

5. Goat meat is very good for the kidneys

Goats are one of the most enduring sexually active animals, so men should not ignore this effective remedy.

According to Oriental medicine, goat meat is hot, so it helps to nourish blood, stimulate taste, except for welding, prolong sex, which is very good for male sexual physiology. 

Besides, in goat meat is rich in testosterone and protein good for the body. You can process goat meat into the following dishes to help improve vitality:

  • Goat cooked with brown rice
  • Boiled goat meat
  • Stewed goat meat with Chinese medicine
Food tonic kidneys increase vitality
The stewed goat meat helps prolong all love

Note that in goat meat has a high content of protein and fat, the following cases cannot eat goat meat:

  • People with high blood pressure
  • People with fever, infection
  • People with lipid disorders
  • People with hepatitis
  • People with red eye pain, swelling of the teeth, mouth sores
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6. Eel enhances physiology

According to Oriental medicine, the golden eel meat has a sweet taste to help nourish gas, enlarge the body, strengthen the tendons and bones, clear the needles, benefit gas, cure aching tendons. Besides helping to treat kidney damage, physiological weakness in men.

In eel meat also contains nutritional components such as glucid, lipid, vitamins B, E, A, D, some minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and arginine to create sperm.

On average, every 100g equivalent eel meat will contain 150mg phosphorus, 1.6mg iron, 0.9 lipid to help blood circulation improve significantly physiological functions.

Eel can be processed into the following dishes:

  • Stir-fried eel with turmeric
  • Eel soup
  • Eel porridge
  • Eel sautéed with banana

7. Bean sprouts help positive

Sprouts are also one of the foods that cure male infertility such as sperm regeneration, premature ejaculation treatment , and production of testosterone for the body.

Sprouts contain vitamins B2, B12, C, carotene, and omega fatty acids to help improve sperm nets, enhance male physiology effectively.

The dishes from bean sprouts improve male physiological status such as:

  • Bean sprouts and old-fashioned soup
  • Stir-fried bean sprouts with pigs
  • Tomato bean sprouts soup
  • Stir-fried bean sprouts with vegetables
Food tonic kidneys increase vitality
Sprouts help regenerate sperm, improve physiological functions

Above are the top foods that have been circulated quite popularly and most people know about them, but did not expect to have such an effective effect. The foods are not difficult to find and easy to prepare. Hopefully the above foods will help men improve their physiological functions, and improve erections.

Besides, choose for yourself nutritious foods that are accompanied by health training, scientific rest, combining using natural functional foods for health and health. strong, more durable.


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