What is the best cream for the treatment of rubella today is the question of many parents
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Rubella is a common disease in children, or occurs when the weather is hot. Although it is a benign disease, the rash can disappear when the baby’s skin is less hot, no longer sweating, but if the disease recurs many times progresses to deep eruption, no intervention will make the skin. baby deeply hurt. To prevent this situation, parents can refer to the top 7 drugs + Topical cream for baby baby fever below.

What is the best cream for the treatment of rubella today is the question of many parents
What is the best cream for the treatment of rubella today is the question of many parents

Top 7 Medicines + Cream for baby rash

The nature of the disease is that the baby is hot, the body temperature rises, the sweat glands are blocked, causing tiny red bumps that make the baby feel itchy and uncomfortable. To help reduce itching, discomfort, avoid the penetration of pathogenic bacteria on the skin, mothers should take appropriate interventions. Here are some safe medicines and creams to help your baby get well from being appreciated today.

1. Cream for rubbing rash BABY

Baby prickly cream
Baby prickly cream

Produced by CVI Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, it is one of the most commonly used antipyretic treatment products today.


  • Nano curcumin
  • Chamomile essence
  • D-panthenol & Allatoin
  • Zinc oxide
  • Vitamin E
  • Almond oil
  • Lanolin


The main ingredients of baby creams are as follows:

  • Turmeric Nano and Chamomile Essence: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothes skin damage, promotes skin cell regeneration, supports damage recovery and prevents scarring.
  • Zinc Oxide: Moisturizes, keeps the skin soft, mild antibacterial, tightens the skin, creates a protective veil to help soothe and heal skin damage.
  • Vitamin E, D-panthenol & Allatoin: Maintain moisture and softness in the skin, promote regeneration of damaged skin.
  • Almond oil, Lanolin: Protects and softens skin without clogging pores.

Effects: Helps eliminate itchiness, dissolve red bites caused by insects, mosquitoes. Cool skin, soothe rash, diaper rash, rashes, moisturize, soften skin, dry chapped skin.

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  • Clean the damaged skin
  • Apply the cream 2-3 times a day

Price: Currently baby cream is sold for 60,000 – 70,000 VND / tube.

2. Medicines to treat rash, bepanthen diaper rash

cream for baby rash
Medicines to treat prickly rash, bepanthen diaper rash

Bepanthen is a topical cream-based decongestant drug manufactured by the German company Hoffmann-La Roche AG with the main ingredient Dexpanthenol. 


In 1g Bepanthen there are:

  • 50mg Dexpanthenol
  • Excipients with enough 50mg include: Sheep fat, soft white paraffin, liquid paraffin, Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, refined almond oil, Protein X, white beeswax, purified water.


  • Bepanthen is formulated in the form of a topical ointment, used to treat rash, prevent redness, rashes.
  • Works as a moisturizer to help prevent dry skin, remove uncomfortable itchiness, and soothe irritation on the skin. 
  • Used to treat dermatitis and diaper rash in babies and children
  • Treats stretch marks, cracked skin in pregnant women, and also prevents painful swelling and nipple inflammation.
  • Treatment of sunburns, minor burns, skin wear, skin dryness, scratches and mild lesions on the skin.


  • Clean the affected area with water, and dry with a soft cloth
  • Apply a thin layer of bepanthen ointment to the damaged skin, massage gently
  • Use 1-2 times / day until the affected area disappears.


  • Absolutely do not abuse, avoid using the drug many times a day
  • Clean hands before and after applying medication
  • Do not use for skin infections, open wounds, sores
  • Consult your doctor if you need medication to apply to your nipples.
  • Store at temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius.

Price: Currently, Bepanthen is sold for 160,000 VND / 100g tube.

3.Kobayashi fever spray

Anti-rubbing spray Kobayashi
Anti-rubbing spray Kobayashi

Japanese Kobayashi Rubella Treatment Spray is extracted from natural ingredients to help minimize itchy, uncomfortable feelings for babies when there is a rash. 


  • Treatment of pruritus, rash due to the location, weather
  • Soothes the discomfort caused by the rash, helping children sleep better
  • Reduces itching, needle-like irritability and symptoms caused by rash
  • Supporting the treatment of eczema, insect bites
  • Cool skin, treat itching, doesn’t leave dark scars, is safe for the skin, doesn’t cause skin irritation.

User manual

  • Clean the affected area, dry or dry with a soft cloth
  • Shake the spray bottle well, tilt it at an angle of about 60 degrees and spray on the damaged skin
  • Do not apply to eyes or areas with open wounds.
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Price: Kobayashi cheesy spray is priced at 230,000 VND with a 40g bottle and 380,000 VND with an 80g bottle. 

4. Oatrum Kids Gel

Oatrum Kids Gel topical cream
Oatrum Kids Gel

Oatrum Kids Gel is also one of the top ablation products that mothers can choose for babies.


  • Nano Curcumin
  • Berberin
  • Excipients include: Carbomer, Glycerin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Purified Water.


  • Treatment of rash, diaper rash, pimples, rashes
  • Antibacterial, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce scarring, heal abrasions on the skin, heal young skin
  • Reducing redness caused by insects, mosquitoes, and ant bites. 

User manual

  • Clean the damaged skin, rinse with normal saline, dry with a soft cloth
  • Use your hand or a cotton swab to apply a layer of Oatrum Kids gel to the rash
  • Use 3 times / day until the rash disappears.


  • Do not apply to mouth and eyes
  • Only use within 5 months of opening
  • Do not use for open wounds more than 1.27cm deep
  • Preserved in dry, cool place.

Price: Currently, Oatrum Kids Topical Gel is sold for 180,000 VND / tube.

5. Cream for rubbing rash and itching Kowa Japan

Kowa Japan pruritus and pruritus cream
Kowa Japan pruritus and pruritus cream

This is a famous rubbing cream from Japan, it works to soothe the rusty skin, reduce the uncomfortable itchy senses for the baby when it is hot on hot weather. 


  • Glycyrrhetinic acid, ethanol
  • Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
  • Stearic acid, polyoxyl acid
  • Cetanol, polysorbate
  • Citric acid, paraben
  • Sorbitan oleate, octyldodecyl
  • Silicic anhydride, hydroxyethylcellulose.


  • Treatment of prickly rash, itching, can be used for infants from 0 months of age
  • Reduces uncomfortable itchiness, does not cause skin irritation.

User manual

  • Clean the affected area, and dry with a soft cloth
  • Apply a thin amount of the cream to the skin.

Price: Currently, the price of Kowa cherries is about 230,000 VND.

6. Yoosun Cheek Skin Cream

Yoosun Cheek Skin Cream
Yoosun baby cheek cream with natural extracts has a cooling effect on the skin, quickly relieves the symptoms of rash.

Designed as a green tube, extracted from young cheeks. The cream is light green in color, soothing, deeply absorbed in the skin.

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  • Centella asiatica (Centella asiatica) contains ingredients such as madecassic acid, asiatic acid that have antipyretic, detoxifying, stimulating effects on young skin, healing wounds.
  • Vitamin E protects the skin, prevents aging, moisturizes the skin, prevents the effects of UV rays and oxidation
  • D-Panthenol (provitamin B5) relieves itching, soothes the skin
  • Chlorhexidine active ingredient helps to prevent and protect the skin from the effects of bacteria.


  • Prevent support for the treatment of rash, ringworm
  • Stimulates young skin, helps fade scars, helps the wound heal
  • Treat rashes, mosquito bites, insect bites
  • Skin care, smooth skin, prevent pustules, acne.

User manual

  • Wash the affected area with warm water to remove bacteria, dirt and help the cream absorb into the skin better.
  • Use a cotton towel to dry the skin, use a cotton swab to apply the cream to the affected area. 
  • Can be used 2-3 times / day, clean the skin before applying, avoid applying the layer after overlapping the previous layer. 

Price: Currently, a tube of Yoosun Cheek Cream 25g is sold for 22,000 VND.

7. French Aderma chrome cream

French Aderma cream topical
French Aderma cream topical

Is a famous baby antipyretic product from France. Can be used for babies, children and adults. Produced on high-tech lines, with 100% natural ingredients.


  • Helps the rash to dry quickly
  • Antibacterial, softening, quickly relieves the burning pain caused by rash
  • Supportive treatment of rashes, diaper rash, rash, dermatitis
  • Paraben free, alcohol free, keeping baby’s skin dry. 

Price: 100ml Aderma Cream, diaper rash cream, costs 230,000 VND / tube. 

Notes when using cream for baby rash

When using medications or creams to treat baby rash, parents should note the following issues:

  • Absolutely do not abuse the treatment, the baby’s rash will disappear when the sweat glands are open again.
  • Do not use topical drugs of unknown ingredients to avoid superinfection
  • Do not let the baby scratch or scratch the rusty skin to avoid causing dermatitis and skin ulcers
  • Try to create a cool space, choose the right fabric and clothes, regularly replace your child
  • If you are taking a bath while applying medicine, you should choose a clean shower leaf, know the origin, cook dilute water, do not cook thick bath water
  • Clean baby’s skin, let him wear loose clothes, absolutely do not wrap the baby towels or incubate
  • Before applying the cream, you should clean your hands, if you are concerned about the benignity of the product, you should consult a doctor.

Depending on the condition of the baby’s rash, parents will have measures to intervene, care for and use an appropriate cream to treat rash. However, it should be understood that these drugs only help to reduce the itching and discomfort, assist in cooling the skin, healing the damage. If the baby is kept too well, the clothes are not cool, the room temperature is too high, the baby’s rash will be very difficult to improve. 


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