cure premature ejaculation with vegetables
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Cure premature ejaculation with greens is a folk trick that has been circulated and widely applied. With abundant phytochemical, vitamin C and mineral content, greens have the ability to increase sex hormone production, improve libido and help men “endure” when in love.

cure premature ejaculation with vegetables
Lettuce – Herbal remedy that cures premature ejaculation and fosters health


Cure premature ejaculation with greens – Is it effective?

Vegetable sweet (Bo ngot) is a familiar vegetable to Vietnamese people. This vegetable has a sweet taste, cool properties, cooling effects, diuretic, active blood and detoxification. Therefore, greens are often used to cook soup with shrimp, crab, and minced meat to eat in hot days to prevent constipation and improve hot conditions in the body. In addition, the herb is also used to treat premature ejaculation and some common sexual disorders in men.

According to scientific research, phytochemical compounds in this vegetable have the effect of increasing sex hormones, stimulating libido and improving sperm quality – quality. With positive effects on physiological function, greens can improve premature ejaculation and increase pleasure when “having sex”.

In addition, greens also contain active ingredient papavenrin, which has a vasodilator effect, increases blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. Therefore, these herbal remedies also help improve erectile function, reduce erectile dysfunction due to the effects of high blood pressure.

cure premature ejaculation with vegetables
Shrimps can enhance male physiology and aid in improving premature ejaculation

Grapefruit also contains vitamin C and countless minerals essential for health. The healing tips from this vegetable can help men strengthen their health, boost their immune systems and slow down the aging process.

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Therefore, men can completely perform the tip of curing premature ejaculation from vegetables to improve their health, increase libido and improve sex life. In addition, greens also work to increase the quantity – sperm quality, heat, detoxify and improve overall health.

Although it has many health benefits, the trick to cure premature ejaculation from greens only works to improve. Therefore, men should actively seek to see a doctor and implement medical measures to control the disease completely. Over-reliance on natural remedies can disrupt treatment and turn the disease in a negative way.

4 Tips to cure premature ejaculation with greens right in the garden

Shrimps is not only a nutritious food but also has the use of heat, detoxification and enhancement of male physiology. So in addition to changing bad habits, men can do 1 of 4 simple remedies at the same time from holding fresh Bodhi leaves.

1. Drink fresh water ginseng – Simple tips to cure premature ejaculation

Using fresh vegetable juice is the simplest cure for premature ejaculation . This remedy can provide the body with many essential minerals and vitamins and assist in increasing levels of male sex hormones. In addition, fresh vegetable juice also has the effect of clearing toxins, detoxifying and limiting the hot situation in the person on hot days.

Because of its solder properties, fresh vegetable juices can cause colic in those with poor intestines. To limit this, men should drink with a few slices of ginger or mix with 2 tablespoons of raw honey.

Implementation Guide:

  • Prepare 1 handful of fresh vegetables, soak, wash and drain
  • Crush, squeeze the juice and mix with 200ml of cool boiled water (you can use a blender to shorten the time)
  • Then drink it directly or you can add a little sugar to increase flavor

Every day use 1 small glass, use steadily for about 1 month. For people with welding organs, should use every other day to avoid diarrhea and flatulence, bloating.

2. Vegetable broth with minced meat for health

In the case of premature ejaculation due to body weakness, men should add a vegetable soup with minced meat to improve health, reduce fatigue and enhance physiology. If used regularly, premature ejaculation will be significantly improved.

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Moreover, this dish also provides the body with fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein from pork. Men who do not have problems with ejaculation can also supplement with minced meat broth 2 times / week to maintain health and physiological function.

cure premature ejaculation with vegetables
Vegetable broth with minced meat provides the body with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals

Implementation Guide:

  • Prepare 1 bunch of vegetables and 100g of ground lean meat, just enough spice
  • Pluck the leaves of the vegetables, remove the stems and roots, soak them and let them drain
  • Minced meat is marinated with a little salt, seasoning and pepper
  • Put oil in a pan, fry it with onions and stir-fry
  • Then, pour the vegetables into the island for fragrant for about 20-30 seconds
  • Pour in boiling water (1.5 liters of water) and wait for the soup to boil for another 5 minutes, then turn off the heat
  • Tasting spices to taste and eat with or without rice

3. Vegetable soup with shrimp for premature ejaculation

Shrimp is a nutritious food with abundant protein and minerals. Including zinc – trace element necessary for the production of endogenous hormone testosterone. At the same time improving sperm mobility and endurance, thereby helping to increase the rate of successful conception.

The vegetable soup cooked with shrimp is suitable for men who have premature ejaculation and have difficulty in having children. This dish also has a delicious taste, good for the digestive system and resistance.


  • Prepare about 150g of fresh shrimp and 1 bunch of fresh vegetables
  • Take the plucking leaves, rinse with salt water and drain
  • Shrimps peeled, take black thread, cut pomegranate seeds and marinated with a little salt and pepper
  • Put the oil in the frying pan with onions for fragrant, then add the vegetables to the stir fry
  • Pour 1.5 liters of boiling water and boil again
  • Then add the shrimp, season with spices, wait to boil again and turn off the heat
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4. Cure premature ejaculation with vegetable soup

Despite providing abundant mineral content, but shrimp are prone to allergies. Therefore, men can replace them with fish and vegetables soup. Fish is one of the most nutritious, balanced foods and is encouraged to add to your daily diet.

Fish soup with vegetables is a good dish for health and male physiology. Using this dish 3-4 times / week can help reduce premature ejaculation, help men increase libido and improve the quality of sex life.

cure premature ejaculation with vegetables
Men should supplement fish soup with vegetables 3 times / week to improve physiological function


  • Prepare 1 fish (about 200g) and greens
  • Soak the vegetables in salt water, take out and drain
  • Bring the fish to fry to reduce the fishy smell or you can boil it to get the broth, then separate the fish meat
  • Take a new pan, add oil to the onion to make it fragrant
  • Then add the fish and vegetables to the aromatic island
  • Pour in boiling water or broth cooked from fish
  • Boil for 5 minutes (10 minutes if using fish chunks), then taste spices and eat while still hot

Note when treating premature ejaculation with vegetables

Cure premature ejaculation with greens is a popular popular trick. In addition to its physiological benefits, the healing tips from greens also bring many benefits to health. However, before applying this remedy, men should note the following:

  • Cure premature ejaculation with vegetables only has the effect of improving the disease. Therefore, men should combine with scientific lifestyle and medical measures to achieve optimum effect.
  • Healing tips from natural ingredients work quite slowly. To see a positive change, these remedial tips should be done regularly for at least 4 weeks.
  • Avoid using vegetable remedies if you have problems with sleep, low blood pressure or poor digestive function. In addition, people with welding organs also need to avoid using vegetables to treat premature ejaculation.
  • Premature ejaculation can occur due to psychological stress, smoking, alcohol abuse, … Therefore, besides the tip of curing greens, men should exercise regularly, eat in moderation and change the Bad habits to positively impact the treatment process.
  • The cure from greens has been relatively slow. If you want to look for an “speedy” solution, men can apply long-term sex methods or use a spray against premature ejaculation (if necessary).

Cure premature ejaculation with greens is a popular popular trick. However, in order to be highly effective, men should carry out these remedial tips regularly. In addition, it is necessary to change bad habits, eat and drink in moderation and implement medical measures as directed by a doctor.


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