Having premature ejaculation makes the couple's "blanket pillow" cold (Artwork)
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Recently, we received an extremely impressive letter of interest. That is the story of a wife who spreads her heart about the journey with her husband to cure premature ejaculation , regain the “bravery” of men. From the past up to now, we have only seen “strong, long-lasting” way for each other, but have not seen a wife sharing experiences with her husband overcoming this secret “pain”. That is why we must immediately share it with the readers of iHs.org.vn.

Is sex a measure of the happiness of a marriage?

“Hello, editors of the iHs site,

Recently, I specialized in “submarines” on articles of the site to learn about male physiology issues. Thinking also funny, a girl like me just took advantage of the lunch break to “sneak” to learn information about male physiological weakness, premature ejaculation and how to improve but only fear Some colleagues see.

But everything has its reasons. Because my brother-in-law, to be more precise, my husband’s life is tired with his husband’s “not going to the market yet”.

My husband and I had a beautiful relationship that lasted for 8 years before getting married. It was a love during the student days that made many people admire that I always “swagger” proud of them. It all started when my husband and I got married for 2 years …

The first time after I got married, I was still infatuated with the happiness of a married couple and thought: People say marriage is the grave of love, but for me, definitely not! Because the couple is very harmonious in all matters: personality, work and especially “sex”!

But about 2 years after my marriage, I began to see her husband having unusual changes. He often comes home from work later, no longer cares for his wife as before and many days back home is when she has a strong smell of alcohol.

As for the “blanket and pillow” section, he has done the “return” for it. At first, each “briefing” of the couple lasted only 3-5 minutes, making me not really feel the pleasure as before. After that, gradually he began to avoid, irritate and even refuse his wife for reasons such as: today he is tired, he has to sleep to go to work early tomorrow, he still has many things to do, … 

Having premature ejaculation makes the couple's "blanket pillow" cold (Artwork)
Having premature ejaculation makes the couple’s “blanket pillow” cold (Artwork)

It is said that when the man “eats clumsy” from outside, he will no longer have the strength to “serve” his wife, get bored with his wife or even have no feeling of excitement when “falling into battle” with his wife. I really crave to have the feeling that husband and wife are rushing together like a burnt child like before.

Once, I mentioned the birth of a baby because the couple had a long plan, but he dismissed it and said: “Now is not the time, what children do to tire!” … You have a third person. Or is marriage really the grave of love as people say? … “

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The suffering of the beard when being premature ejaculation that not everyone understands

Facing the increasingly stressful situation of the couple, I decided to sit down with my husband to clearly tell what problem he was facing, what was not satisfied with his wife or did he have a third person?

After a while of demanding questions, my husband also decided to share: “ You are having physiological problems, premature ejaculation . You must also notice, this situation has been going on for several months. It’s not that I love you all the more, it’s not like I have someone else, but… I feel inferior in the face of you, I really want to please you but… can’t! Sometimes he is afraid of “sex” . “

Husband revealed cold reasons because of physiological problems (Artwork)
Husband revealed cold reasons because of physiological problems, premature ejaculation (Artwork)

Speaking of which, I love my husband very much, why did not you say earlier so that the couple will find a way to overcome them. Before, there was nothing that my husband and I did not share. After that, I decided to advise my husband to go to a specialist to find a treatment.

Results of examination and tests showed that he had no medical problems but had premature ejaculation, decreased physiological health, testosterone levels began to decline and kidney function also deteriorated. Along with that, the pressure of his business staff also affects the mind – physiology.

After that, my husband was prescribed medicine to take by the doctor. Besides, every day I look for information about the disease, how to “take care” of my husband, how to quickly “be healthy” when eating and exercising. 

At first, I also saw that the situation improved, the couple’s battle time was longer. However, after each round I found her husband seemed very tired. Besides, he often experiences headaches and dizziness that make it difficult for himself to concentrate on work.

I understand that it would not be a good idea to let this situation last long, and sometimes lose more than possible. And so, after 2 months, my husband’s physiological problem has not been overcome. 

Hope to cure premature ejaculation from the young man’s share

One day, my husband and I watched TV, accidentally, when switching to VTC2, we saw the broadcast of the program “ Consumer Perspective ” about the topic of effective treatment for physiological weakness, effective premature ejaculation from herbs. If I remember correctly it was May 19, 2019. 

At that time, without saying anything, the couple suddenly turned to look at each other. I smiled, a sympathetic smile and that was enough, then continued to monitor the screen. It is a program about a young man ‘s physiological healing journey in Hanoi. He had physiological problems, had premature ejaculation and affected his married life a lot.

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The young man’s story on the program “Consumer Perspective” – ​​VTC2

When I saw the story very similar to the situation that my husband and I were in, I watched very closely, not missing a single word. In the end, he effectively cured the disease thanks to Do Minh Duong’s physiological enhancement remedy.

It must be said that it is very lucky because that day the couple happened to see this story. And as soon as the program ended, my husband and I went online to find information about the drug and drugstore Do Minh Duong and found that many patients responded positively, gave good reviews, and were highly appreciated by many experts. 

That night, the couple talked for a long time and I decided to mobilize my husband by the next day to go there to examine. Finally he agreed.

The next day, my husband quit work and went to Do Minh Duong drugstore to visit. Can’t wait until the evening comes home from work, take advantage of the lunch break, I have to call my husband right away to see how the situation is going. I said:

– It was the right decision that I heard you come here to examine. Now he has a clear understanding of his condition, and is no longer as shy as he used to be. 

– So in the end how? What did the doctor say? (I’m impatient)

– He was examined by the doctor Tuan that appeared on television the day he appeared. He did a diagnosis, inquired about his health status, work, resting diet, activities, everything, … Thorough examination but it took a long time. In the end, he concluded that he had early menopause, because after 30 o’clock, male sex hormones began to decline, plus pressures, stress from work, psychology, … so he had a state of discharge. premature sperm and erectile dysfunction. Especially, if this situation is not resolved soon, it will be very difficult for us to have children.

Speaking of which, I am too worried, because actually the couple is desperate to have a child but not yet. 

– So did you take the medicine?

– Medicine will be available tomorrow. Because Uncle Tuan also has to prescribe, pick up drugs to soak alcohol, decoction and complete the membership. Take advantage of the 3 remedies: Spring rejuvenation, Ocean revitalization and Great tonic for kidneys like the day before I watched on television. In general, it is now my duty to take good care of my husband and remind him to take the medicine at the right time!

So from that day, my husband and I continued the journey to find “form” again, but this time I felt very hopeful and felt that her husband’s spirit was also more cheerful.

Do Minh Duong's famous physiological enhancement remedy
Do Minh Duong’s famous physiological enhancement remedy

Happy to return …

Although the course is 5 months of use, until now, after nearly 3 months, I feel like my husband has become a different person, even more prolific than before. How should I put it, it is a strong, strong inner fullness, not the same as the fullness of using an “accelerated” aid that he once hid from me once. 

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Not to say how happy I am. It has been a long time since I had such feelings and pleasures again. One day he had to go on a business trip for 2 days but when he returned, the couple was married all night without leaving. 

After using up the 5-month course, not only did her husband’s physiology improved, the time of each “round” was longer, but his mind was also comfortable, his skin was rosy, his body was healthier. I am just sorry that I did not know Do Minh Duong’s remedy earlier. So, my wife and I did not have to go through the days of suffering, quarreling, and doubting each other.

The love of husband and wife is warmed again (Artwork)
The love of husband and wife is warmed again (Artwork)

In particular, the most praiseworthy thing is that a week ago, my wife and I were really happy when we received the accurate conclusions from the hospital that we were about to become a parent. Finally, after many hardships, my wife and I also have complete happiness with a complete family. 

Maybe when I share this story someone will think that I am a lustful woman. However, only people in that situation understand! Try asking what will happen if my husband and I do not know Do Minh Duong’s remedy and cannot find an effective cure? 

Therefore, I definitely have to share this extremely useful information so that men are suffering from loss of confidence, fear, fatigue, … wives who are sad, nostalgic, depressed, … all will find a way out!

Currently, weak physiology, premature ejaculation is a common condition in 30% of men. However, among them there are many people who do not dare to face or struggle to know how to fix it. Therefore, we believe that the above sharing will be of great help to all of you.

Immediately after posting the article, we have received many responses from readers wanting to know more information about Do Minh Duong pharmacy. Therefore, we would like to provide some of the following important information:

  • Do Minh Duong is an heirloom pharmacy with a 150-year history of healing.
  • The pharmacy is committed to using 100% clean natural medicinal herbs.
  • There is a team of doctors – doctors with high skills and qualifications.
  • Do Minh Duong’s physiological enhancement remedy has helped thousands of gentlemen get rid of physiological weakness, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, … and have a happier husband and wife.
  • In 2017: Do Minh Duong is honored to receive the Gold Cup award “Reliable product, excellent service, popular brand 2017”
  • Being a companion unit with many health programs on television such as: Being healthy is simple, Living healthy every day – VTV2, Consumer perspective – VTC2.
  • The effectiveness of treatment has been reported and recognized by many reputable websites such as: vtv.vn, soha.vn, laodong.vn, 24h.com.vn, doisongphapluat.vn, vtc.vn, …
  • The remedy has been verified by thousands of men, including famous people such as actor Le Ba Anh (Movie Candles in the Night, Sinh Tu, …)

Pharmacy address:

  • Hanoi: No. 37A Lane 97 Van Cao, Lieu Giai Ward, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Telephone: 0984 650 816 – 0963 302 349.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: No. 100 Nguyen Van Thuong Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh. Telephone : 0938 449 768 – 0932 088 186.


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