It is not widely known that the use of sinus infections of the horseshoe is but it is very effective
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Crossing the horse’s head or atrial bone, the phantom is a year-round herbaceous plant, the Chrysanthemum family, often used to treat respiratory and skin ailments. In particular, the horse’s head is also very good in treating sinusitis, toothache, headache, stuffy nose. If you are wondering how the horse’s head to cure sinusitis is, do not ignore the information in this article.

It is not widely known that the use of sinus infections of the horseshoe is but it is very effective
The anti-sinus treatment of horsetail is not widely known, but is often used in traditional medicine.

The use of curing sinusitis of the horse’s head

The horse’s head is also known as the atrial spear, the phantom, the atrium, atrial bone, belongs to the Chrysanthemum family, cylindrical stem, tall, few branches, hard stem, alternate leaves, heart shape or triangle . Horse-head pods produce a lot in May – August, shaped like eggs, sharp horns on the head, many thorns. In ancient times, people often used the horseshoe fruit as a dye, for treating bone and joint diseases and respiratory diseases.

According to Oriental medicine, the horseradish fruit tastes a bit sweet, less toxic, moderate, has a low antiseptic effect, and the area is only. Often used to treat headaches, nasal congestion, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, toothache, rhinitis, atopic sores …

According to modern research, horse head contains iodine, alkaloids, lactone sesquiterpen (xanthumin, xanthinin, xanthatin), fatty oil, glucose, vitamin C and many other compounds such as fructose, glucose, organic acid, potassium nitrate, sitosterol, struma rosid … The reason why horsehead is effective in treating sinusitis is due to:

  • Contains xanthin with CNS inhibitory effect
  • Contains -sitosterol-D-glucosi has anti-inflammatory effect, supports the elimination of bacteria when suffering from sinusitis, in addition, it also works well in treating boils, sores. 
  • Rich in vitamin C, xanthinin, xanthium has antifungal, antibacterial, and sedative properties. In addition, the horseradish fruit also contains glucose, which helps to lower blood glucose. 
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How to cure sinusitis with horse head

There are many ways to use the horse's head to treat sinusitis
There are many ways to use the horse’s head to treat sinusitis

Horsetail is very effective in supporting the treatment of sinusitis. There are several ways to use the horse’s head as follows:

1. Apply a remedy for sinusitis with the horse’s head

Horsetail can be combined with many other natural ingredients to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Specifically, the remedy includes the following medicinal herbs:

  • Horsetail: As the main ingredient, it has anti-inflammatory effects, cleans the sinuses, aids in wound healing.
  • Peppermint: It is effective in eliminating leprosy, cholera, gastric juice, stimulates digestion, supports headache treatment, stuffy nose, high fever, colds, clears sinuses, helps improve symptoms due to Sinusitis caused. 
  • New dioxin: Considered an indispensable medicine in the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis. It works to enhance blood circulation, dilate local vessels, inhibit the growth of influenza viruses and some bacteria, in addition have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, improve microcirculation. It is a herb that is effective in relieving the symptoms of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis due to its ability to inhibit the release of histamine. 
  • White angel: Sweet and spicy taste, warmth has analgesic and antibacterial effects due to the presence of shigella, salmonella; Has anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the growth and spread of pathogens. In addition, white is only used to relax the mind, treat ear, nose and throat problems.


  • Ingredients: 8g horse head, 8g new di, 12g white angel, 4g mint
  • Clean ingredients, sharp with drinking water 
  • Use 1 month per day, persevere to see effectiveness.

2. How to use the horse’s head to treat sinusitis according to folklore

According to folklore, you only need to use a remedy that is to hold the horse’s head to treat sinusitis. This approach is quite simple, low cost, easy to do and still brings positive changes for the patient. Suitable for people with sinusitis with symptoms such as headache, pain in the forehead between the eyebrows, the nose has a fishy smell, the rhinitis is deafness, nasal congestion leading to difficulty breathing, to breathe through the mouth.

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  • Take 100g of horse-head seeds washed, dried for 5-7 days
  • Grind horse-head seeds into a fine powder
  • Put in a glass jar, store in a dry place to use gradually

There are 2 ways to use the horse’s head as follows:

  • Eat directly 1 teaspoon of horse head powder daily
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of horse head with 1 teaspoon to eat

You can use the horse’s head to squeeze the oil to drip the nose. 

3. Leaning horse head with bodhi to cure sinusitis

Horse-head and septal steam steam also works well in treating sinusitis
Horse-head and septal steam steam also works well in treating sinusitis

According to traditional medicine, the bitter, salty, mild temperament has the effect of eliminating sputum, decomposed, disinfecting, communicating, treating sneezing … High inflammation can help control nasal mucosa damage, aid in thinning mucus, kill bacteria, fungi that cause sinusitis, and reduce nasal mucosa edema. When combined with the horse’s head will bring very good results for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis. 


  • Take 3 handfuls of palm leaves, 10 boiled with 2 liters of water for 20 minutes
  • Lift the pot down, choose a suitable position to sit
  • Cover yourself with a blanket and a pot of water and sit for 20 minutes
  • Do it continuously for the first 3 days, then every 2 days, then use once. 

4. Sinusitis treatment with horse head and five-color flower

Five colors containing ingredients such as precocene, ageratocromen have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects, reduce the symptoms of stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, inflammation, help open airways … When used, can help stimulate mucosa. nose secretes stagnant mucus and easily expels yellow green fluids in the nose. 


  • Ingredients: 30g five colors plant, 20g honeysuckle, 12g horse head
  • Take all the prepared ingredients, and drain
  • Sac with 4 cups of water, seeing 1 cup left the stove
  • Divide into 2-3 servings, drink all of the day
  • Persistently done for 1 week will see the symptoms of the disease improve.

5. Add the horse’s head to the diet

In addition to the above remedies, you can use dishes from the horse’s head such as:

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Chicken egg soup with water at the ear

  • Ingredients: 90g fresh horse head, 2-3 eggs
  • Break the horse’s head to crush, put in boiling water and squeeze the water
  • Grandchildren take the juice, remove the residue, add eggs
  • Getting on the stove to cook again.

Porridge wound atrium only

  • Ingredients: 20g horse head, 30g royal family, 10g marjoram, 6g white angel, 4g tofu, 60 non-glutinous rice, white sugar
  • Put the prepared ingredients in a cooking pot to get water
  • Clean rice, take water to cook porridge, add sugar when cooked
  • Eat 1 time / day, perform each session for 7-10 days, then rest and continue.

Pears marinated in sugar alum at the ear

  • Ingredients: 10g atrium (horse head), 2 pears, a little sugar
  • Pears washed, sliced, put in a bowl with rock sugar, and held the horse’s head 
  • Boil in a water bath for nine, eat once a day
  • Use every 7 days, very good for allergic sinusitis secretion.

Pig lung soup with horse head

  • Ingredients: 500g pig lung, 20g horse head, 15g white algae, 10g new di, 15g for spirit
  • Pig lungs washed, sliced; The prepared medicinal herbs were washed and put in a cloth bag
  • Put the medicinal bag in the pot to cook, take water, remove the residue, add the pork spectrum to cook
  • Tasting spices to taste, use once a day, continuously for 5 – 10 days
  • Suitable for people with runny nose, stuffy nose, headache.

Notes on treating sinusitis with the horse’s head

Do not use the horse's head for people with damaged blood, fatigue all over the body
Do not use the horse’s head for people with damaged blood, fatigue all over the body

It can be seen that the cure for sinusitis of the horse’s head is very clear, but when applying this method to treat you need to note the following issues:

  • Horsetail is a natural medicinal remedy, so when used for treatment, it has a very slow effect, must be persistent for a long time to see the effect.
  • Riding the horse’s head to cure sinusitis is just a folk remedy, only suitable for mild and newly onset diseases, for people with chronic sinusitis should use it as a supportive method. Moreover, the therapeutic effect of horsetail when treating sinusitis depends on the location and implementation of each person.
  • Absolutely do not apply to people with blood damage, fatigue and body aches. Should use the correct dose, because the horse’s head contains a little toxicity, overdose will cause poisoning
  • In particular, do not use horseradish pods with germinated seeds, be careful when using it for pregnant women, the elderly.
  • Consult a doctor before use, if there are any unusual symptoms need to quickly see a doctor for treatment.

Above is some information about the treatment of sinusitis of the horsetail and how to use it. In addition to applying supportive measures, patients should also develop a scientific diet, have a healthy lifestyle, keep optimism, improve the body’s resistance to improve treatment efficiency.


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