Bitter melon is a medicine in Oriental medicine, believed to have the ability to effectively treat hemorrhoids.
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Using bitter melon to treat hemorrhoids is a simple remedy that many people apply. Patients can force fresh bitter melon to drink, drink bitter melon juice, eat dishes made from bitter melon, …

Bitter melon is a medicine in Oriental medicine, believed to have the ability to effectively treat hemorrhoids.
Bitter melon is a medicine in Oriental medicine, believed to have the ability to effectively treat hemorrhoids.

The effect of bitter melon on hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids (English: Hemorrhoids) are a condition that changes the structure of the anal canal. The most obvious manifestation of hemorrhoids is the appearance of hemorrhoids in the anus, obstructing bowel movements, bleeding when passing a bowel movement.

Hemorrhoids are a common disease in today’s society. The cause of hemorrhoids is caused by the constriction of the veins in the veins, causing large swelling, creating hemorrhoids. Scientists divide hemorrhoids into two categories. It is internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that form inside the rectum. External hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that appear in the anal opening.

The underlying causes of hemorrhoids are:

  • Sitting a lot, standing for a long time or being sedentary;
  • Fat;
  • Complications from long-term constipation disease;
  • The habit of wearing tight pants;
  • Pregnant;
  • Anal intercourse;
  • Age: the older, the tissue structure that supports the veins in the anus degenerates, gradually loosens;
  • The diet lacks fiber.

Hemorrhoids cause many problems for patients such as: anal pain, pain when defecating, burning pain during activities, rupture of hemorrhoids, … Besides, people with hemorrhoids can also face some dangerous complications such as: blood sugar infection, rectal infection, rupture of hemorrhoids leading to blood loss, …

Hemorrhoids are divided into several levels, from mild to severe. Patients should see a specialist when they notice discomfort in the anus or feel burning pain while defecating. Currently, hemorrhoids are a treatable disease. It is important that the patient is treated early so that the illness does not get worse.

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There are many methods for treating hemorrhoids. One of the ways to cure hemorrhoids that is concerned by many people is to apply folk remedies. The medicinal plants in the garden are often passed down by folk, claiming that they can treat digestive, joint, … and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can cause dangerous complications.
Hemorrhoids can cause dangerous complications.

Treating hemorrhoids with bitter melon is one of the easy-to-follow folk remedies that are believed to be effective.

Bitter melon, also known as bitter melon, is a familiar food for Vietnamese people. Bitter melon is used in cuisine, processed into dishes such as bitter melon fried with eggs, bitter melon soup stuffed with meat, …

In Oriental medicine, bitter melon is also a medicine that can cure many different diseases. Today, modern medicine also recognizes that the medicinal substances in bitter melon bring some benefits to human health as well as prevent cancer cells from growing.

For hemorrhoids, bitter melon brings the following therapeutic effects:

  • The fiber content in bitter melon helps to soften the intestines and improve constipation. Besides, when the rectum is softer, the tissues in the rectum will work better, blood circulation will be stable, reduce pain swelling, hemorrhoids slowly disappear;
  • Bitter melon helps regulate blood circulation, stability, heat, helps reduce swelling;
  • Vitamins in bitter melon such as vitamin A, vitamin C, … and minerals in bitter melon help strengthen resistance, reduce inflammation, heal wounds quickly and promote tissue in the rectum to function well. than.

3 How to cure hemorrhoids with bitter melon

1. Drink bitter melon juice

One of the easiest ways to cure hemorrhoids with bitter melon that you can do at home is to drink bitter melon juice. Users should buy fresh bitter melon fruit, wash off sand, then soak with dilute salt water or purple medicine.

The user pressed about 2 bitter melon fruit, mixed with a little water to drink.

Bitter melon has a bitter taste but is cool, will help cool blood, blood circulation. If the bitter taste makes the user find it difficult to drink, the user can add 1-2 teaspoons of pure honey to the bitter melon juice to reduce the bitter taste. At the same time, vitamins in honey also help prevent inflammation in the rectal mucosa of hemorrhoids.

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Users should drink bitter melon juice 2-3 times / week. Consistently using this remedy will help hemorrhoids get better quickly.

2. Drink water with bitter melon

The patient can also choose to color bitter melon to drink. Vitamins and pharmaceuticals in bitter melon will not be lost if the user processes the remedy properly.

There are two ways to color the bitter melon as follows:

  • The first way: The user rinses the bitter melon, clean and sharp with water. Users decoction for about 30 minutes, then pour into a bowl, let it cool down and divide into 3 times a day.
  • The second way: Wash the bitter melon, dry it for 3 – 5 days, then take it to drink. Note, users should divide the drug into 2-3 times a day and use it all during the day.

3. Add bitter melon to meals every day

In addition to bitter melon remedies to drink, people with hemorrhoids can choose to add bitter melon to their daily meals to change taste. This option is also very suitable for busy patients who do not have time to devote to the preparation of remedies. Combining bitter melon for meals with hemorrhoids is a way to help the disease quickly improve, support better digestion, and help with better appetite during meals.

People suffering from hemorrhoids can add bitter melon to their daily meals so that their disease improves quickly.
People suffering from hemorrhoids can add bitter melon to their daily meals so that their disease improves quickly.

Bitter melon is inherently a familiar food for Vietnamese people. The dishes that help treat hemorrhoids are: bitter melon stir-fried with eggs, bitter melon stuffed with meat to cook soup, bitter melon with mushrooms, bitter melon in tomato sauce, bitter melon soup with fresh shrimp, bitter melon fried with bell peppers, …

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A few notes when using bitter melon to treat hemorrhoids

Bitter melon is a medicine that is widely used in folklore and in traditional medicine. However, when using the remedies from bitter melon to treat hemorrhoids, patients should note the following issues:

  • The remedies for hemorrhoids with bitter melon are just those that are passed down by word of mouth in the folk. Therefore, before applying treatment, the patient should consult a specialist;
  • Eating bitter melon to replenish fiber and improve hemorrhoids is a relatively safe method. However, users should also pay attention to dosage, avoid eating too much because they may encounter unwanted side effects such as: cold stomach, diarrhea, lowering blood pressure, …
  • If there are strange symptoms in the process of using bitter melon to treat hemorrhoids, the patient should report to the specialist for timely treatment;
  • Some cases of patients who need to abstain from the taste of bitter melon are: pregnant women, people prone to cold stomach, people with low blood pressure, people suffering from cholera, children, …
  • Before using bitter melon, users need to wash, soak with purple medicine to eliminate bacteria on the interstitial bitter melon fruit, especially for those pressing fresh bitter melon juice to drink.

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are diseases that tend to increase in modern society. The vulnerable subjects are those who work in the office, with the specific work of sitting a lot; Besides, there are other cases such as overweight, obese people, sedentary people, people who eat less vegetables, …

Hemorrhoids can bring unpredictable complications if the patient does not take proper care of his or her health, making the disease worse.

Prevention is a more important goal than disease treatment. To prevent hemorrhoids or prevent disease from returning, we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with proper health care.

Measures to prevent hemorrhoids are:

  • Drink enough water every day;
  • Eat lots of fresh foods, green vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and fresh fruits. Limit eating hot spicy and fried foods;
  • Daily bath and shower, anal hygiene, clean genital area;
  • Avoid damaging the rectum or anus when defecating: do not let constipation for a long time, do not use strong force when defecating;
  • Regularly practice sports, increase mobility;
  • Limit wearing tight pants, tights;
  • For those who have the typical profession need to sit a lot, need to get up, move a few minutes after about 1-2 hours of sitting work. Movement will help blood circulation, avoid causing blockages in the rectal veins;
  • Limit tobacco, coffee, and alcohol consumption.


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