Cure oily dermatitis
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Seborrheic dermatitis has become an obsession for everyone, this pathology not only affects the appearance but also makes those who are sick always feel inferior and inferior. Recently, the website has received a lot of questions from readers about this pathology, especially those who are frequently exposed to erratic rainy weather conditions. During the research process, we have listened to the story of Nguyen Do Duc Sang (delivery staff in Ho Chi Minh City) with a very interesting journey to eliminate seborrheic dermatitis. This will definitely be the answer for those who are looking for a cure for oily dermatitis. 

Knowing that Duc Sang is one of many patients who have successfully treated seborrheic dermatitis at the National Medicine Center, so we decided to study Sang’s healing journey to know the difficulties that Sang has. encounter, from there, learn the esoteric oily dermatitis treatment method at the National Medicine Center

The sad days with the young man delivered oily dermatitis 

Searching and asking for information, we finally made an appointment to meet Nguyen Do Duc Sang at a sidewalk cafe on a Saigon afternoon. As soon as we met us, Sang had a big smile on his sweaty face. Perhaps Sang just finished the delivery. 

Cure oily dermatitis
Due to specific work, Nguyen Do Duc Sang must often be in direct contact with Saigon wind and sun

Do not waste your time we quickly get to the subject. Asked about Duc Sang’s previous illness, you are very comfortable sharing: “ I am a delivery staff, typically working all day on the street with dust, rain and dust. At night when I come home from work, I use a cleanser to remove dirt very regularly, but gradually I see tiny red pimples appear on my face, then scaly, causing itching very uncomfortable. Increasingly, acne on the face more and more oil is secreting, so he is always in a state of extremely unpleasant greasy face. ” 

“When I went to the pharmacy, people told me I had dermatitis and gave the bottle of facial cleanser to go home to wash every day. After using up a bottle, I do not see my face is no longer oily, but it turns dry, so the flakes are very irritating. I decided to go to the dermatology hospital to examine, where people prescribe daily oral medications and topical drugs containing corticosteroids. When I first used it, I found it was also less acne, my skin was also less oily, but my skin felt thinner. I thought it was cured, but 1 month after stopping the medicine, the acne continued to grow, the skin continued to drain . ”

For a long time, Duc Sang had to live with itchiness, his face was burning and scaly, extremely inconvenient. Due to the skin inflammation on the face, Sang became more and more self-conscious and timid. You are afraid of contacting people and every time you meet your friends, you must be friends with a mask. 

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Find a good cure, immediately eliminate the condition after just 1 month of treatment 

Not only using Western medicine, Duc Sang also tried many different folk remedies such as: boil water every day, drink water with clover leaves, and apply a mask, but it is not effective. A few times to deliver goods to Hoa Lan, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan Duc Sang District, knew about the Traditional Medicine Center at house number 145. This is a Oriental Medicine clinic specializing in atopic dermatitis and osteoarthritis chronic – true to the disease Sang is having. 

Sang told us at first she also did not believe much because she had been cured a lot and did not see any improvement. However, after paying attention to the next times, Sang sees that the Center is always crowded with patients, so Sang guessed that it must be very prestigious to be so crowded. 

“ After learning about the National Medicine Center, I looked up information on the internet, and found that this is the famous place for skin diseases examination and treatment. There are many positive feedbacks from patients, the media also reported, so I decided to visit the Ethnic Medicine Center for a visit. By the time, about 5 or 6 patients also came to have skin examination; people with atopic dermatitis, and people with keratosis, there are also people with oily dermatitis like me. After going to the counter to register the information, I was asked by a nurse about my illness, feeling very friendly talking like family members. After sitting for a while, I was called into the clinic and was directly examined by Dr. Dang Thi Nhan Tam . 

After examining, Dr. Dang Thi Nhan Tam diagnosed Duc Sang with chronic oily dermatitis, due to the use of many miscellaneous drugs, so the condition appeared deep inside. Herbalist has introduced a treatment regimen with the remedy of Thanh Dach Duong Can Thang with 3 preparations: oral medicine, soaking agent and topical medicine. 

Treatment of oily dermatitis
Sang had a 90% reduction in symptoms after just 1 month of treatment

Duc Sang shared that he had visited and treated in many places, but the National Medicine Center is the only place that combines all 3 methods of DEPRECIATED – NGAM – DRINKING flexibly. According to the information we have learned, traditional medicine experts at the Center for Traditional Medicine have been researching more than 100 rare and precious remedies within 3 years to obtain a complete remedy for Nam Thanh San Duong. The main ingredient is the antidote to the liver and is used to cool the liver and detoxify the body. In addition, the synthesis of more than 30 rare medicinal herbs is reduced by the golden ratio to help treat the etiology of oily skin disease. 

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When Sang first used it, there were obvious changes. However, according to information shared by Sang, the first month of using Sang’s facial medicine, his face is red, blistering, and his face is more rough. Sang has a phone to meet directly Dr. Nhan Tam – a physician treating Sang to ask about this phenomenon, but he was told that this is a normal phenomenon after taking the drug. Having this phenomenon means that the drug has begun to work. In this stage, the medicinal herbs will remove toxins from the outside, purify the body, and cool the liver. 

“ After a month of regular use of the drug, I found that the peeling of skin was reduced, my face was no longer unpleasant and unpleasant, the itchy, burning sensation was almost gone. I went to the re-examination center and was told the good news by the doctor that the treatment was going well. I took 2 more rounds of medicine and it was completely cured. ”Sang said while pointing to his face and smiling. Your face now no longer has any scars or scars. 

Asked how Sang felt when he was treated for seborrheic dermatitis at the National Medicine Center, Sang happily replied: “To be honest, I thought that chronic oily dermatitis could not be cured, but if it could be cured. It only helps somewhat, I do not think it will completely heal like this. I thank the doctors at the Center for Traditional Medicine very much. Coming here to visit, both find an effective remedy and are also cared for by doctors and doctors enthusiastically. I did not say anything specifically, doctor Dang Thi Nhan Tam, but all the nurses and doctors at the Center were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic. During the course of taking the drug, whatever happens, you can call or text Online, the doctor will answer all of it . ” 



Dermatology Can Thang – The first oriental medicine cure dermatitis in the treasure of traditional medicine 

Through the story of successful treatment of chronic seborrheic dermatitis of patient Nguyen Do Duc Sang, we had an interview to learn more about the remedy of the Traditional Medicinal Center’s Thanh dermatology. The biggest difference of the remedy is that it is completely natural, does not contain synthetic medicinal herbs, does not contain antibiotics, treats diseases from the root cause, and patients will not be greasy when treated. or experience any side effects. 

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Clean herbs are the soul of the remedy. … is used to destroy gas, disperse stagnant, impact internal organs to directly regulate the skin. After being harvested, medicinal herbs are processed according to a closed process from drying, drying to standardization, extraction, and packaging according to regulations of the Ministry of Health. 

Especially with 3 flexible preparations for double effects to help patients completely eliminate the cause of the disease from the inside out. In drinking, in addition to topical, continuous soaking helps to quickly remove toxins inside the body, and quickly restore external damage. 

  • After 1 month, itching, acne, and oily skin is reduced
  • After 2 months, the phenomenon of peeling, pimples and itching disappeared
  • After 3 months, symptoms decreased by 80%
  • After 4-5 months, symptoms completely cease
The remedy combines 3 flexible atopic dermatitis preparations for perfect double action
The remedy combines 3 flexible atopic dermatitis preparations for perfect double action

The use of Thanh San Herbal can also be highly appreciated by experts in traditional medicine. Dr. Le Thi Phuong – Professional Director of Center for Inheritance and Application of Oriental Medicine in Vietnam evaluated: “ Over 30 years of working in the profession, having known many Vietnamese remedies for skin diseases. However, Thanh San Duong Can Thang is a remedy that fully converges the factors of “male medicine to cure men”. Using clean medicinal herbs to treat diseases inside and out, strengthen the body’s resistance, prevent recurrence of seborrheic dermatitis. Thanh Dach Can thang deserves honor as an esoteric remedy to help patients say goodbye to oily dermatitis with just 1 treatment .

On November 17, 2019, the remedy for Thanh San Duong Can Thang was also broadcast on VTV2 in the program “Healthy living every day”. This is a prestigious health counseling program organized by VTV2 television in collaboration with the Ethnic Medicine Center with the aim of introducing to everyone effective remedies for seborrheic dermatitis. The program shared the miracle with Ms. Nguyen Thi Tho (Hanoi) with her journey bye-bye to chronic oily dermatitis for 7 years thanks to the remedy of Thanh San Duong Can Thang. 

With the composition of 100% natural medicinal herbs, the remedy is suitable for many different patients, small children or pregnant women, lactating women can use. As of October 1, 2019, 3597 patients have been successfully treated thanks to Thanh Dermatology.

Thanks to Thanh San Duong, Nguyen Do Duc Sang said goodbye to oily dermatitis with only 1 course. The use of the remedy depends on the condition and location of the patient, so in order to have the most effective treatment route, the patient should directly visit or contact a doctor for advice. 


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