acupressure treatment of premature ejaculation
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Acupressure to treat premature ejaculation is a healing tip originated in traditional medicine. This remedy makes use of the physical action from the back of the hand and fingers to unclog blood vessels, promote blood circulation, inhibit feelings of excessive euphoria and help men “endure” more during sex.

acupressure treatment of premature ejaculation
Acupressure to treat premature ejaculation – Tips are safe, simple and can be done at home


Acupressure treatment of premature ejaculation is effective?

Acupressure is a treatment method according to traditional medicine. This method uses the force of the liver, the back of the hand, and the fingers to act on acupuncture points that are closely related to stagnant meridians. By physical action, acupressure is capable of promoting blood circulation, clearing stagnant acupuncture points and improving blood circulation.

Because it only uses force from fingers and hands, acupressure is considered to be highly safe and suitable for many subjects. For a long time, this therapy has been used to treat a number of common physiological conditions such as premature ejaculation (also known as algae in men).

Premature ejaculation (secretory algae) is the most common ejaculation disorder in men. This condition occurs when a man is unable to control ejaculation, resulting in ejaculation only a short time after “penetration”. Premature ejaculation can occur when the body is tired, depressed and mentally stressed. However, if this condition appears with a dense frequency, premature ejaculation is identified as pathological.

Currently, in addition to the methods from modern medicine, many men choose to improve the disease through some methods from traditional medicine. In particular, many men choose to treat premature ejaculation by reflexology. This remedy is relatively simple, safe and can be done at home.

Acupressure cures premature ejaculation
The impact of acupressure helps reduce the level of excitement and helps men prolong sex

According to experience from traditional medicine, acupressure has the effect of improving vigilance, regulating the organs, vitality, toning the kidneys and increasing the sexual function of men. Performing this measure regularly can limit premature ejaculation to help men become stronger and “more resilient” during the battle.

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However, acupressure for premature ejaculation is just a supportive measure. Therefore, men should not be too dependent on this cure. Instead, it is necessary to change bad habits, build a scientific, healthy lifestyle and should combine it with medical measures if necessary.

Tip acupressure to treat premature ejaculation at home

Acupressure for premature ejaculation is a simple remedy that can be done at home. However, to achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to perform this remedy correctly. Here are 3 methods of acupressure to treat premature ejaculation that many men apply:

Method 1: Internal reflexology Day

Similar to modern medicine, traditional medicine considers that algae is largely due to psychological factors. Excessive ejaculation is the main reason why men cannot control ejaculation activities and lead to premature ejaculation. For premature ejaculation due to psychological causes, pressure should be placed on the internal acupuncture point.

The internal acupuncture point is located in the slit created by a baby’s palms and large palms, above the 2-fold wrist fold. The acupuncture point located on the path of the Tam cell channel has the effect of calming fire, sedating, benefiting the mind, calming down and drills physical energy. Day pressing acupressure for 10 minutes continuously before sex can reduce psychological sensitivity, thereby improving premature ejaculation and helping men prolong the time of “sex”.

Acupressure cures premature ejaculation
Day acupressure Intrinsic in 10 minutes to cure premature ejaculation

How to use acupressure internal organs:

  • The acupuncture point is located on both hands, so you need to have your partner’s assistance
  • Use your fingers to press strongly on the acupuncture point continuously for 10 minutes until you have a numb, painful sensation in place
  • Do it every day or do it before sex

Method 2: Day acupressure Syphilis

In addition to internal acupuncture points, men can also use acupuncture points to improve premature ejaculation. This spot is located at the perineum node, located between the midpoint between the line connecting the anus (anus) and the cyst (scrotum).

Huyen Hoi Yin is the convergence of three circuits Doc, Pulse, Nham, so it has the effect of low heat, regulating kidney function, and is used by the people to treat genital and urinary system diseases – especially is premature ejaculation, sperm, sperm, …

How to day acupressure Syndrome:

  • Men can do reflexology on their own or with the help of a partner
  • You should use your index finger or middle finger to do acupressure continuously for 10 minutes
  • The acupuncture point is located in a quite sensitive position, so it only uses moderate force, avoiding too strong pressure, leading to bruising and skin ulcers.
  • Note: Because it is located near the anus, it is necessary to clean the acupuncture point before applying pressure.
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Acupressure Day before sex has the effect of balancing the nerves, reducing excessive excitement and helping to prolong sex.

Method 3: Day presses many acupuncture points

In the case of premature ejaculation that occurs with frequent frequency and seriously affects the sex life, men should perform pressure acupressure to increase effectiveness. At this time, need to conduct acupressure both before and during “act” to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, delay the feeling of euphoria and help increase the time of “sex” significantly.

Before “act”:

Conducting day press on the points of Tam Yin Giao, Khuc Cu, Khi Hai, Quan Nguyen within 30 seconds. When applying pressure, it is necessary to use strong force so that a numb feeling runs down the penis.

Acupressure cures premature ejaculation
Tam Yin acupuncture point has the effect of regulating blood, tonic, beneficial kidney, is used to treat impotence, algae, …

How to determine the acupuncture point:

  • Acupuncture point: The point is located on the upper shore of the pubic bone, located in the depression between the pubic hair just one inch below the Trung Polar point. Acupuncture point is effective in treating common physiological diseases in men such as impotence, diarrheal diuresis and some urinary diseases such as urinary retention, difficulty urination, …
  • Huyen Quan Nguyen: The point is about 3 inches below the navel just above the midline of the abdomen. Acupressure works to treat back pain and other common diseases in the genitals, urinary organs.
  • Air point: Located 1.5 inches below the navel and 1.5 inches above Quan Nguyen acupuncture point. Day pressing on this acupuncture point has a tonic effect on the whole body, and is used to treat genital ailments in men such as algae, impotence, diarrhea, decreased libido, dysuria, …
  • Huyet Tam Giao: Huyet Tam is lying on his ankle about 3 throats. The acupuncture point is the convergence of 3 syllables (Kidney, Ty, Can). This acupressure day has the effect of regulating blood, kidney benefits, tonic and ventilating. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation or suffer from diseases such as impotence, somatic dreaming, urinary retention, etc., can use acupressure regularly to improve their health.
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Then, rub your lower abdomen clockwise for about 3 minutes. Continue to apply pressure on the points of Than Du and Me Mon for 2 minutes.

How to determine the acupuncture point:

  • Huyen Thuot: The point is located on both sides of the spine, below the tip of the second lumbar spine measuring 1.5 inches across. Acupuncture point has the effect of opening atrium, intelligent item, strengthening tendons and regulating the kidney gas. Men suffering from physiological diseases caused by impaired kidneys should press this acupressure often.
  • Huyet Meet Mon: Huyet Mem Mon is located in the depression under the tip of the second spine vertebrae. This male acupressure is effective in treating dream, impotence, low back pain, …

While “acting”:

During the “practice”, men should ask for the help of their partner by grasping the testicle and gently pulling it down about 5-10 times. When they are about to “ejaculate”, men do acupressure themselves as a second way to delay feelings of euphoria, limit premature ejaculation and help prolong the time of “sex” significantly.

Note when applying reflexology tips to treat premature ejaculation

Acupressure for premature ejaculation is a treatment that originated in Oriental medicine. This remedy makes use of the force of the hands and fingers to unclog pleasure, tonic, regulate the organs and improve secretory algae. Because not using drugs, reflexology massage is considered to be highly safe, suitable for many people and can bring optimal results if done regularly.

Acupressure cures premature ejaculation
Besides reflexology tips, men should exercise and eat in moderation to increase the effectiveness of treatment

However, to limit the risks when reflexology is used to treat premature ejaculation, men need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Acupressure treatment for premature ejaculation only improves. Therefore, men should apply this remedy when the illness is mild and has not seriously affected their sex life.
  • In case of need, should actively seek to see a doctor for timely medical examination and treatment.
  • Do not perform acupressure if the skin surrounding the acupuncture point becomes infected, has open wounds, redness, soreness, …
  • When using acupressure, you need to clean the body, keep your nails short to avoid infection and bleeding. In addition, for each specific acupuncture point, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate pressing force to bring high efficiency and minimize risky situations.
  • Acupressure can reduce euphoria, balance the nerves, and support kidney and physical strength. However, to achieve high results, men should coordinate with some other measures such as regular exercise, eating moderation, having sex with a moderate frequency and taking advantage of some natural herbs such as ginseng, deer velvet, …

The article has summarized some information you need to know about reflexology to treat premature ejaculation. However, this remedy works relatively slowly. So to achieve optimal results, men should do it regularly every day and need to combine with a scientific, healthy lifestyle.


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