Cause insomnia due to shoulder pain nape
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Shoulder and neck pain causing neck fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and insomnia is an increasingly common condition, especially for young people who are working at a high intensity and often sit still. If not treated actively in time, the disease will cause many serious effects, affecting health and upsetting daily life.

Let’s find out more about general information about this disease in the article below.

Insomnia caused by shoulder pain – The obsession of many people

Insomnia caused by shoulder pain and neck pain increasingly appears more and more in modern society. There are many influencing factors such as living habits, age, high intensity of work … that make almost everyone suffer and become an obsession every day.

According to information from experts, the nature of insomnia caused by pain in the back of the neck is one of the diseases of the bones and joints. When the disease appears, it will cause the basic manifestations that are painful sensations, muscles tighten, making it difficult to move the neck and shoulders.

Cause insomnia due to shoulder pain nape
Insomnia due to shoulder pain is an obsession of many people

If the disease is not overcome early in the early stage, more and more serious progress will affect the quality of sleep, making the patient suffer from neck pain and difficulty sleeping, sleep not deeply, easily wake up in the middle. night and cause nagging fatigue in the next day.

Insomnia due to shoulder and neck pain can appear at many ages, but most commonly with the elderly affected by the aging process of bones and joints, those who work in offices, drivers … often have to sit still, in a position and be sedentary. According to a detailed statistics, insomnia due to shoulder pain appears in people over 30 years old is 33%, while those who work in office accounts for 55%.

Not only insomnia, neck pain, neck and neck pain, when suffering from this condition also causes pain in other positions and parts such as arms, headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain … fatigue, drowsiness, easy distraction …

It is these negative effects that have become the obsession of many people, disturbing the normal circadian rhythm of the body, affecting quality of life and work performance. Because we all know that sleep plays an extremely important role, it helps to regenerate energy, produce new cells and restore health for the next day.

Symptoms of insomnia due to shoulder pain

Some obvious manifestations of insomnia caused by neck pain that patients can easily recognize such as:

  • Dull, persistent aches and pains appear in the neck, shoulders and nape area. In more severe cases, the pain will last for a long time, causing the patient to stop all activities and will recur often, even many times a day.
  • The pain in the neck area can spread up to the pregnant area, temples or down to the nape of the neck and shoulders, leading to numbness in the limbs, making it difficult to move.
  • The pain that usually comes in the morning, when you wake up, when you do heavy labor, or when someone who is sick with the flu can cause pain.
  • Pain level will increase when the patient moves, stands or sits for a long time, weather changes and decreases when stopping activities to rest.
  • For some cases severe pain will be accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, difficulty swallowing. If the disease is not overcome, it will cause trouble sleeping, insomnia, loss of health and mental …
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The cause of neck pain causes insomnia and after waking up

Through surveys, experts have identified that shoulder and neck pain stems from a number of reasons:

Mechanical cause

Due to the habit of sleeping high in pillows

Most people think that lying on a high pillow will help you sleep more easily, but in fact, resting your knee too high will adversely affect sleep. High pillows will prevent the body from being fully stretched, the muscles of the neck and nape are tense, and even muscle tears during sleep if this habit lasts.

Not only that, the knee too high will inhibit the blood circulation to the brain, make the brain deprived of oxygen and in the long run it will cause difficulty sleeping, insomnia and dizziness when active.

Due to lying in the wrong position to sleep

Symptoms of insomnia due to neck pain
Poor sleeping position also causes pain and difficulty sleeping

The postures of lying on the side, tummy, curled up … for a long time, will cause pain in one side of the neck, shoulders after waking up or make it difficult for the patient to fall asleep. The reason is that these organs are overpressed during sleep, leading to numbness in the joints and as a result, the patient has a curvature after waking up.

Due to bone and joint diseases

For some osteoarthritis diseases such as degenerative spine, spine spine, disc herniation , congenital scoliosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis … then pain in the back of the neck after waking up is one of the symptoms clearly identifies.

If these diseases are not caught early and intensive specialist treatment to restore function, it will cause dangerous complications, even permanent loss of function.

Due to age

If in the past, shoulder aches and cramps appeared only in the elderly or middle-aged due to the aging of the bones, the elasticity of blood vessels, now this situation tends to be rejuvenated. The proof is that there are many young people who are office workers, drivers … suffering from this disease.

Due to a number of other factors

  • The people who work must often sit a lot and be sedentary.
  • Flu, respiratory infections or medical problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatism …
  • People who are frequently exposed to air-conditioning vapor or sit in front of fans.
  • Do not wear a hat or go in the rain when out in the sun.
  • Bathe and wash your hair often at night or soak hands and feet in continuous water.
  • Pregnant or postpartum women are more likely to experience pain in the back of the neck.
  • People who smoke regularly.

Insomnia due to neck pain is dangerous?

According to experts, insomnia due to shoulder pain in the early stages does not cause serious effects on the health of the patient, it only causes discomfort and interferes with the daily activities and movements of the patient. . Most acute shoulder and nape aches and pains will go away on their own.

Insomnia due to neck pain is dangerous?
Insomnia caused by shoulder pain can cause many complications if not corrected in time

However, if the causes of pain continue to persist, the disease tends to get worse. Especially when exercising too much, sitting at work or studying in the wrong position, sleeping in the wrong position, prolonged exposure to hot or cold air causes cells in the body not to be adequately oxygenated, causing ischemia and as a result, shoulder pain in the neck.

In addition, shoulder and neck pain that causes difficulty sleeping, insomnia or pain after waking up is a warning sign of other conditions such as disc herniation, degenerative cervical vertebrae. … can cause dangerous complications.

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How to overcome insomnia caused by neck pain

Insomnia due to neck pain causes patients to fall into a state of prolonged fatigue due to lack of sleep, mental stress, impaired work performance and cause many dangerous complications. Therefore, to actively treat and overcome this situation, patients need to implement different measures.

Currently, there are many methods to help diagnose and treat shoulder and neck pain that causes insomnia. Patients can choose to use drugs or not to use drugs (physical therapy, rehabilitation) or a combination of both methods to improve the disease better.

Use Western medicine

After visiting and being diagnosed by a doctor as well as giving an appropriate treatment regimen, most of the cases are indicated to use Western drugs to support the treatment process. However, depending on the severity or light, the prescribed drug will have different effects. Because there are drugs that easily cause unwanted side effects such as shortness of breath, arrhythmia, nausea … in case the patient overuses the drug.

Typically, some Western drugs used to treat shoulder and neck pain that cause trouble sleeping are divided into 2 main groups:

How to treat insomnia caused by shoulder pain
Use certain pain relievers and sedatives as directed by your doctor
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs : Meloxicam, Celecoxib, Diclofenac … are used to relieve pain at low doses and are special drugs for insomnia due to shoulder and neck pain.
  • Pain relievers : Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofe … help relieve pain in the neck in a short time, do not let them affect sleep.
  • Drugs that help relax muscles : Decontractyl, Pipecuronium, Rocuronium, Neostigmin … help ease tension in the shoulder muscles, thereby reducing pain and improving sleep quality.
  • Anti- depressant and sedative drugs : Quetiapine, Clomipramine, Amisulpride, Olanzapine … have the effect of reducing stress, stimulating appetite to enhance health, and support effective treatment of back and neck pain.

Folk tips to help treat insomnia caused by shoulder and neck pain

In addition to Western drugs that provide quick pain relief, sedation, and muscle relaxation, today many people choose to use folk methods because of their effectiveness, benignness, and no side effects. West.

Ginger helps to sleep, relieve pain

The active ingredient Zingibain in ginger has the ability to fight inflammation, relieve pain and help soothe muscles effectively, thereby repelling the symptoms of pain, stiffness causing insomnia caused by pain in the back of the neck.

Patients can drink fresh ginger tea or use crushed ginger, hot stars mixed with flour and then apply on the aching area to get the best results.

Virgin tree helps calm, easy to sleep

How to treat insomnia caused by shoulder pain
Apply folk tips to treat insomnia caused by shoulder and neck pain for mild cases

According to scientific studies, the active ingredients in the virgin tree have a very effective sedative effect, not only with the ability to fight inflammation, reduce pain also help improve the pain of the neck and shoulders thanks to inhibitors. nerve activity.

The implementation is very simple, the virgin tree is washed, dried, then dried with boiling water into tea to drink every day.

Marjoram helps to improve sleep quality

In folklore, many people know marjoram to improve sleep quality, sedate, dispel fatigue and relieve pain.

Patients can use marjoram daily with each meal or use dried marjoram leaves for sleeping pillows in the gut every night. Applying this tip will help improve pain, reduce stress, and easily fall asleep.

Treating insomnia due to shoulder pain in the neck with Oriental medicine

Traditional medicine offers the ability to cure the root cause, limit the recurrence of the disease thanks to the ability to clear the deadlock, stimulate blood circulation regularly, thoroughly overcome the symptoms of pain in the back of the neck causing loss. Sleep, relaxes tendons, enhances flexibility and supports sedation effectively.

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Some herbal remedies for patients can be applied to achieve a quick therapeutic effect such as:

  1. Medicine Area room, canopy
  • Fully prepared ingredients including 8gr cinnamon, 10g white spirit, 12gr bare skin, 12g coriander, 12g licorice, 16gr sand base, 16g wormwood, 16gr five ingredients, 16g mausoleum, 16g millet blood, 16gr of tomato thorns, 16gr of Ha Thu O, 16gr of 16gr of 16g ​​of male continuity, 16gr of jelly.
  • Bring all the sharp ingredients in the super potion over low heat. After about 10 – 20 minutes depending on the drug, filter the drug and drink twice a day. Persistently apply within 1 week to feel the noticeable effect.
  1. All-Korean folk remedy
  • Prepare the ingredients, including: 8gr cinnamon, 10g of bean curd, 10g of fresh beans, 10g of millennium bales, 12g of licorice, 12g of waiting root, 12g tang chi, 12g of crayfish, 16g of blood, 16g of tang, 16g guise leaves, 16gr of room, 16gr of virgin, 16gr of marjoram, 16g of poisonous activity, 16gr of sand base, 16g of rhubarb
  • The above ingredients are washed, dried and sharpened into medicated water divided into 2-3 drinks / day for optimal effect.
How to treat insomnia caused by shoulder pain
Oriental remedies help to treat insomnia caused by insomnia safely, without side effects

Carry out physiotherapy measures

Work properly

The fastest onset of insomnia due to shoulder and neck pain is that the patient needs to actively change the position of walking, standing, sitting, lying in the way of daily activities and activities. Such as:

  • When walking, keep your back and neck straight, avoid bending your head forward or leaning back too much.
  • When sitting, you should have a pillow or cushion behind your back to reduce pressure on the spine as well as relax the muscles.
  • When lying down, lie upright, avoid lying on their side, lying on their stomach or curling up …
  • Should choose a pillow lower than 10cm to easily fall asleep without causing fatigue in the neck and neck after waking up. The sleeping mattress should be a mattress that is moderately soft, neither too hard nor too soft to support the most natural spine.
  • Avoid cracking the neck or shaking the neck for crying because it will cause degeneration, spinal disc herniation is dangerous.

Practice the habits of scientific activities

  • For those who do jobs of specific nature that have to sit and maintain only one posture, being sedentary, try to create for yourself fixed periods of the day to rest. It is best to take a 5 – 10 minute break every 1 hour to move around, stretch, stretch … to relax the muscles and reduce the pain in the back of the neck.
  • Avoid staying up late because at night is the time when your body needs time to recover and re-energize, staying up late will cause the affected muscles to ache and the body to fall into a state of restlessness and difficulty sleeping.
  • Combining with light and medium intensity sports such as walking, swimming, cycling, yoga … to improve spinal flexibility, improve pain in the shoulder and nape area … Not only So, exercising and sports helps the body to consume energy, burn fat for good health, and at night, you will easily fall asleep.

Hot compresses, cold compresses

How to treat insomnia caused by shoulder pain
Use hot or cold compresses for quick relief from soreness

Hot compresses or cold compresses are both physical therapy methods used to support pain relief in cases of bone, joint and spinal problems. Hot compresses will help stimulate blood circulation and relieve pain, while cold compresses will help reduce swelling and inflammation.

For people with shoulder pain, hot compresses or cold compresses are effective pain relievers. However, experts encourage when pain flares, patients should apply hot compresses to achieve faster results thanks to the ability to remove lactic acid (the cause of neck pain) in muscle areas, recover. Reduces blood flow to the neck area and effectively relieves pain.

Take a warm bath

After a tiring day of work and study, shoulder and nape aches and pains, a warm bath will help quickly relieve the pain of the neck. For even better results, you can use it in combination with your favorite essential oils to help relax, aid in falling asleep easily and fall asleep, not startled.

Proper nutrition

According to nutrition experts, people suffering from shoulder pain causing insomnia should increase the intake of foods containing vitamins B, C, E, K, fiber, omega-3 and avoid foods that cause deficiency. calcium deficiencies such as sweets, salty foods, animal organs, stimulant foods … to improve resistance, reduce inflammation, relax muscles and prevent possible complications.

If all the above measures are implemented, it will help to improve or completely treat the insomnia caused by shoulder and neck pain in the mild form when the disease has just started. However, if this condition persists and tends to get worse, the patient should consult a doctor for consultation and treatment according to the most appropriate regimen.


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