Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
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Cure premature ejaculation with eggs is a folk remedy that many men think and apply because it is both effective, simple but economical. Please refer to the article below to better understand this cure.

Premature ejaculation is a condition of rapid and uncontrolled ejaculation of men, usually the love lasts only about 5 minutes when the man ejaculates. Premature ejaculation not only makes men become inferior in sex, but also reduces sexual desire and reduces fertility.

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Cure premature ejaculation with eggs is a folk trick that is both effective and simple to do


Currently, with the increasingly developed medicine, men have more options to treat premature ejaculation such as Western medicine, Oriental medicine, surgery … However, with tips to cure premature ejaculation by eggs are still popular with many people because they are effective and easy to make.

The use of chicken eggs is used to treat premature ejaculation

Chicken eggs are a familiar food in the daily tray, used to process many delicious and nutritious dishes. Chicken eggs contain very high nutritional content and good for health. In particular, with enough protein for the body to produce the hormone testosterone – a male sex hormone plays an important role in stimulating production and improving sperm quality, thereby enhancing vitality and desire sex in men.

In addition, eggs also contain good nutrients that help improve premature ejaculation such as:

  • Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E: stimulate the production of testosterone, create a barrier to protect sperm from harmful risk factors and improve sperm quality, help they move faster, preventing prostate disease.
  • Saturated fats in eggs provide benefits against oxidation, preventing premature aging.
  • The large collagen content in egg whites has a good effect on the muscle formation in men, helping the muscles in the body always in a firm, supple state. Not only that, egg whites also have the effect of enhancing yang, stimulating sex drive and increasing the quality of love.
  • A large amount of minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium … are effective in facilitating metabolism, improving overall health, and improving physiological problems in men.
  • Especially zinc – an extremely important mineral that is concentrated in the prostate and semen, has the effect of providing energy for men to maintain love and prolong the erection of the penis, avoiding ejaculation. Soon.
Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Chicken eggs contain many vitamins and minerals that are effective in improving male physiological diseases

In addition to the above-mentioned uses, eggs also provide many other health benefits such as:

  • Active selenium works to prevent the formation and attack of cancer cells, especially prostate cancer, which can cause male physiological diseases, even infertility.
  • The large caloric content in eggs helps provide energy for men to maintain a lasting love.
  • Chicken eggs accelerate metabolism in the body, high calcium content helps keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Strengthen the immune system and the body’s resistance to fight various diseases.
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However, according to the advice of experts, even though eggs contain many essential nutrients for the body, help promote health and improve the treatment of premature ejaculation, you should not overdo eggs. Because using eggs in excess of the permitted level will cause excess and backfire. Best not to eat more than 3 eggs / day.

Suggest a cure for premature ejaculation with simple eggs, effective fast

Chicken eggs are an easy to find and cheap ingredient, when combined with other ingredients that have other therapeutic effects, will bring effective remedies for premature ejaculation.

Chicken eggs combined with honey cure premature ejaculation

From past to present, honey has always been a highly appreciated and indispensable ingredient in many remedies. In particular, honey also brings many good physiological benefits for men.

According to traditional medicine, honey has hot properties when entering the body will help stimulate blood circulation to the penis, improve physiological functions, maintain the erection of the penis, prolong the time. Relationship, combating premature ejaculation and helping to achieve the optimum sperm quality.

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Chicken eggs combined with honey effectively cure premature ejaculation

Instructions on how to make a cure for premature ejaculation from eggs and honey:

  • Step 1 : Prepare 2 eggs, separate the yolk for a cup and beat it into a creamy egg whisk
  • Step 2 : Add honey and a little warm water and continue stirring.
  • Step 3 : Drink it right after mixing it well because the longer the eggs are, the more fishy it will be to drink.

Encouraging men to persevere in this practice every morning will achieve a noticeable cure effect.

Chicken eggs combined with carrots treat premature ejaculation

Chicken eggs and carrots seem to be two ingredients that are difficult to combine, but in fact, they are an extremely effective remedy for premature ejaculation. Not only that, this remedy also helps to beautify the skin, bright eyes very well.

The way to perform this remedy is also extremely simple as follows:

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Chicken eggs combined with carrots cure premature ejaculation quickly
  • Step 1 : Prepare a chicken egg, filter the yolk. ½ chopped carrots and some ice cubes.
  • Step 2 : Put all the prepared ingredients in the blender and puree until a smooth, smooth mixture.
  • Step 3 : Drink this mixture directly every night before going to bed or 1-2 hours before sex.

Should be persistent in doing this remedy for 1 consecutive month to get the best effect.

Chicken eggs combined with bean sprouts treat premature ejaculation

Chicken eggs and bean sprouts are both familiar ingredients in the kitchen of every family. In the daily diet of men, if using bean sprouts regularly, it will stimulate sexual desire, improve erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation and support the treatment of other physiological diseases.

How to make the remedy for eggs with bean sprouts is as follows:

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Chicken eggs with bean sprouts for premature ejaculation – Delicious dishes can be made at home
  • Step 1 : Prepare 200g bean sprouts and 2 eggs with common spices.
  • Step 2 : Bean sprouts soak in dilute salt water to clean and then rinse again. Then put in a pot of water to boil briefly.
  • Step 3 : The eggs are broken into a cup, seasoning with salt, sugar, fish sauce, pepper and scallions to taste.
  • Step 4 : Put cooking oil in the pan and then add the drained bean sprouts, stir and pour all the eggs.
  • Step 5 : Wait for the eggs to fully ripen, then turn off the heat and enjoy.
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Maintain this dish of fried eggs about 2-3 times / week to get the best results.

Chicken eggs combined with ginger cure premature ejaculation

According to Oriental medicine, fresh ginger is a hot medicine, effective in stimulating blood circulation to the penis, helping to maintain erection and avoid premature ejaculation. Especially when fresh ginger is combined with eggs to increase the effectiveness of treatment of premature ejaculation in men.

How to do this remedy as follows:

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Chicken eggs combined with ginger cure premature ejaculation quickly
  • Step 1 : Boil one egg for 10 minutes. Then take out and peel off. For fresh ginger, wash and peel, cut, crushed, crushed and squeezed ginger juice.
  • Step 2 : After finishing boiled eggs, put in the cup, pour the ginger juice and add 2 tablespoons of honey (whether or not) to mix well and eat while still hot.

Chicken eggs combine turmeric and honey to treat premature ejaculation

The remedy for chicken eggs and honey is inherently an effective remedy for premature ejaculation, but when adding fresh turmeric in this formula will increase the effectiveness and help men achieve effective treatment of premature ejaculation. even better.

How to do this remedy as follows:

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Chicken eggs combine turmeric and honey to treat premature ejaculation safely
  • Step 1 : Prepare a full range of ingredients including 2 eggs, fresh turmeric or turmeric powder and honey.
  • Step 2 : The egg is filtered to the yolk, then beaten with a whisk until it is like cream.
  • Step 3 : Fresh turmeric peels, cuts, and puree.
  • Step 4 : Put the pureed turmeric or turmeric powder in the bowl of the yolk, add 2 teaspoons of honey and then steam it for 15 minutes.

Eat while still hot for the best therapeutic effect. Encourage application of this remedy daily to improve physiological health.

Chicken eggs combined with mint for premature ejaculation

In Oriental medicine, ha thu o is a warm medicine, often used in many remedies for kidney and blood nourishment. When combined with eggs will form an extremely effective remedy for premature ejaculation.

How to do this remedy as follows:

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Combination of chicken eggs remedy for premature ejaculation
  • Step 1 : Prepare the main ingredients including 2 eggs, 50g of mint and red sugar.
  • Step 2 : Put the eggs and mint in a pot of boiling water for 30 minutes. Then, take out the eggs and peel them off. Continue to put the eggs in the pot and cook with the mint for another 60 – 90 minutes.
  • Step 3 : Add red sugar and taste it to your taste, then turn off the heat.
  • Step 4: Use eggs to eat and drink mint juice every day.
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Experts evaluate that the remedy of chicken eggs cooked with Ha Thu O is an extremely effective remedy and has the effect of curing many diseases such as improving premature ejaculation, male physiological diseases, reducing knee pain and ringing ears, dizziness, insomnia , memory impairment …

Some notes when treating premature ejaculation with eggs

It can be sure that the tip of using chicken eggs to treat premature ejaculation is a method that is significantly effective for men. Not only simple, easy to do at home, but also cheap, not too expensive. So, at any time, you can do it at home.

However, although it is effective, the nature of this method is only a solution to support the treatment of premature ejaculation. So, before applying this method, the patient needs to thoroughly understand the cause of his premature ejaculation. Because depending on the different causes will determine the effectiveness when applying this remedy.

In fact, this method is only suitable for cases of mild illness, both onset, premature ejaculation due to psychological influence, physical weakness or deficiency of important nutrients.

In the case of men who suffer from premature ejaculation due to serious diseases, they should consult a doctor for advice and a treatment plan with specialized medical measures. At this time, the patient can combine the use of tips from chicken eggs remedies to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Most of the folk tips or oriental remedies that are effective in treating diseases are slow to work, patients need to persistently apply for a long time, avoid interrupting in the middle because they just don’t get results. important is just wasting your time.

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Cure premature ejaculation with eggs is only suitable for mild cases

In addition, the effectiveness that this method brings depends on many factors such as the location of each person and the degree of disease. If after a long period of application but do not feel the therapeutic effect, it should be replaced with another more active treatment.

In addition, to apply the tip of using eggs to cure premature ejaculation with good results, patients should note the following:

  • Chicken eggs used to treat male physiological diseases must be fresh eggs, chickens in the first stage, should not choose industrial chicken eggs. At the same time, the ingredients combined with the eggs must also be of quality and hygiene.
  • Avoid combining eggs with some ingredients such as tofu, rabbit meat, persimmons, tea … because the eggs no longer retain nutrients that have therapeutic effects.
  • Absolutely do not use monosodium glutamate when tasting egg dishes because active ingredients in MSG can reduce the nutritional content of eggs.
  • Eggs must be fully cooked before eating to ensure health. Do not use raw eggs because they easily cause poisoning and create conditions for bacteria and fluke to enter the body and cause disease.
  • People with hot conditions or high blood cholesterol should also avoid eggs.
  • In addition to chicken eggs, men can supplement some foods that are effective in improving male physiological diseases such as oysters, crabs, shrimp, crabs, beef, and eggs

In addition, men need to actively change negative living habits, replace them with a scientific lifestyle, eat healthy, regularly practice sports to improve their health, sleep on time. sleep, do not stay up late, reduce pressure every day … Doing these things will support very well the treatment process of premature ejaculation.

Besides, men should also form for themselves a scientific diet and lifestyle, which will have a very positive effect on the process of improving premature ejaculation. It is best to increase the use of foods that are good for physiological health (beef, bean sprouts, seafood, …), increase exercise (weightlifting, kegels, …), sleep on time and enough sleep, avoid staying up late, …

Cure premature ejaculation with eggs
Men need to develop diet, living, rest and exercise science to support more effective premature ejaculation.

If you realize that premature ejaculation is getting more serious and frequent, and cannot be improved by conventional therapies, it is best for the patient to visit medical facilities to determine the cause of the disease. and are treated according to the regimen.

Hopefully, with the detailed information about the use of chicken eggs to treat premature ejaculation in this article, this article will help the patient to have more personal experience in the treatment of this difficult disease, quickly regain man style and bravery.


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