Lang in the back
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Back buzzing is a condition in the back that appears white or brown spots that make the patient feel itchy and uncomfortable. Although the disease does not pose a risk to health, it is easy to recur and often increases rapidly in hot summer weather.

What is vitiligo in the back?

Ringing leprosy is also known as ringworm on the back, this is one of the most common diseases caused by the attack of the fungus Pityrosporum orbiculare along the sweat glands that attach to the skin, damaging the keratinocytes. and the formation of lesions on the skin’s surface.

Lang in the back
The back area will appear round or oval patches and change the skin pigmentation on the body

Leprosy can appear in many areas of the body such as the back, face, neck, chest, … Experts believe that the disease can be spread from one individual to another through direct contact or. through utensils, personal items. The disease will increase rapidly during hot and humid climates.

Although vitiligo in the back does not cause serious health problems, it is easy to recur and has a rapid spread rate and requires complete treatment. If left for a long time, the disease will be very difficult to heal completely and can greatly affect the daily life and quality of life of the patient.

The cause of vitiligo in the back

The main cause of vitiligo in the back is due to the penetration of the parasitic fungus on the skin. This fungus secretes azelaic substances, interfering with the transport of melanin to the epidermal cells, reducing pigmentation. In addition, there are a number of causes that make the disease thrive such as:

  • Weather climate: Living in an environment with hot and humid weather, causing the skin to sweat a lot and it is easy for the skin to be sweaty and easy to be attached to dirt and mucus, creating a favorable environment for fungi to penetrate inside and cause skin diseases. 
  • Sensitive skin, easily allergic: When exposed to external environments such as dust, toxic chemicals, the skin becomes sensitive or allergic and very susceptible to vitiligo. If there is no protective measure, over time it may worsen the condition.
  • Hormone changes: Due to hormonal disorders in women, the metabolism of skin pigmentation is also disturbed. In addition, the disease also occurs commonly in pregnant women, adolescents, people with weakened immune systems, …
  • Eating unscientific: The body does not add essential nutrients, cannot strengthen the body’s resistance to protection, so the skin is very susceptible to bacteria and fungi attacks.
  • Strong exercise: In addition to hot and humid weather, vigorous activity also contributes to the body secreting more sweat and sebum than normal, creating favorable conditions for fungi to grow and cause disease.
  • Unclean hygiene: Bathing is not clean, the sebum still lingers on the skin, or after bathing, the area is still wet can lead to vitiligo.
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Signs identify vitiligo in the back

The back is a very hard to see position, so when wandering around, most people cannot see. Therefore, causing the disease to rapidly develop, spread and risk turning into a chronic stage, it is difficult to completely treat it. When you have strep throat, you should feel the following signs:

  • The back area will appear small round or oval dots with increasing size.
  • There is a change in skin pigmentation, with people with dark skin, the dark spots are usually bright white tones. If you have fair skin, the blotch will have a darker and darker color than your main skin tone.
  • The body feels itchy and uncomfortable when rubbing, bathing, or hot weather and the body produces a lot of sweat.
  • Areas that are messed up will appear a smooth white scale, when lightly scratched, it is easy to make the scales peel into fine grains of sand like powder.

A cure for leprosy in the back

In order for the treatment of vitiligo to be effective, it is best for the patient to see a dermatologist for examination and treatment. Depending on the location, the severity of the disease, the patient will be given an appropriate treatment regimen by a doctor.

1. Use of drugs to treat leprosy in the back

Western medicine is chosen by many people for its effectiveness, quickly and widely used in the treatment of vitiligo in the back. Depending on the development of the disease, the patient will be prescribed a treatment suitable for each subject by a doctor. Some of the prescribed medications are usually:

  • Topical medications: These include moisturizers containing Selenium sulfide, Antimycose cream, Ketoconazole, Nizoral, BSI, ASA, … These are topical medications that are recommended to use to improve the condition.
  • Anti-fungal soap: On the market today, there are many types of soaps and shower gel that are effective for treating illness. However, before buying, patients need to find out the information carefully, so they should buy them at reputable medical establishments to ensure safety.
  • Oral antifungal drugs: These oral pills work to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, including Sporanox, Fluconazole, Itraconazole, …
  • Effervescent C tablets, vitamin C: In the vitamin C component, it is not only used to strengthen the resistance, improve the immune system but also help regenerate and protect the skin from the invasion of bacteria and fungi.
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Lang in the back
Topical medications help improve the itchiness that causes discomfort

Although the use of drugs to treat vitiligo in the back brings immediate effects, however, most of the ingredients of the drug contain side effects, so patients need to consider and use the correct dosage. , avoid abuse will cause skin irritation.

2. Treating leprosy in the back at home

Besides using medicines, folk methods also contribute to repel the disease quite effectively. With available ingredients, safe and especially without side effects, home remedies are well known and applied for their effective properties. Some remedies you can refer to are as follows:

  • Herbal remedies with lettuce: According to folklore, lettuce is considered to be a wonderful medicine because it contains ingredients that inhibit the spread and proliferation of fungi. You only need to do this by crushing laksa leaves, extracting the juice and applying it on the back skin.
  • Ginseng treatment with galangal roots: The composition of galangal root often has anti-inflammatory effects and destroys bacteria that cause disease and skin diseases. You can do this by crushing fresh galangal, extract the juice and apply it directly to the affected area.
  • Garlic treatment: Garlic contains active ingredients that have anti-inflammatory effects, helping to inhibit and prevent the spread of the disease. How to use simply crushed fresh garlic and apply on the back skin within 20 minutes.
  • Treatment of green bananas: Ingredients of green bananas contain many essences that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothe the itchy symptoms of the disease. You just need to use the latex of green bananas to apply to the dark skin areas 2-3 times a day to achieve results.
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Measures to prevent vitiligo

In addition to the treatment of vitiligo in the back area, in order to avoid the spread of langur to other areas of the body as well as to shorten the treatment process, patients need to take the following preventive measures. This is to prevent the disease from developing.

  • Cleanliness: Regular bathing will help remove the sebum that remains on the skin. Should dry the body before dressing, to avoid the body always in a wet state. Natural herbal bath lotions that help with antibacterial properties can be used.
  • Eat enough: Build a scientific diet by adding foods rich in vitamins A and C to boost the immune system. At the same time, it is necessary to limit the use of foods that cause perspiration such as alcohol, beer, coffee and hot spicy foods.
  • Friendly living environment: Ensure the living environment and living place are always clean, clean the house, wash blankets, nets, pillows once a week to avoid pathogens.
  • Careful skin protection: Contact should be limited in dusty environments, toxic substances that cause skin irritation or heavily polluted areas. In addition, you should also use moisturizing creams to prevent the fungus that causes disease.
  • Limit contact with sick people: As mentioned, the disease can be spread from person to person. Therefore, you should avoid sharing clothes and personal belongings with others to limit the increase of the disease.
  • Choose comfortable loose clothes : Wear loose-fitting, cotton-based clothes that help absorb sweat from the body. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing, as this can allow bacteria and fungi to get in.
Lang in the back
Clean body, can use langur soap to help prevent the development of tinea verses

Ringing vitiligo is one of the common dermatological diseases, the disease does not cause serious harm to the health but causes troubles affecting the lives and activities of the patient.

Therefore, in order to limit the itchiness caused by the disease, patients need timely and proactive treatment to prevent the development of the disease in order to protect their own skin and health.


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