Physiological weakness is more common in men than in women
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Male physiological weakness is a term used by many people when men have premature ejaculation, impotence or other sexual disorders. However, from a scientific perspective, this assignment is not entirely correct and it can cause deviation in the treatment direction. Proper understanding of physiological weakness will help patients get the most optimal treatment solution.

Physiological weakness is more common in men than in women
Physiological weakness not only affects the sex life but also affects men’s health

The concept of physiological weakness

Physiological impairment is sexual dysfunction in both men and women of reproductive age. However, men are more susceptible to this condition. Sexual dysfunction may be related to physical pleasure, libido, interest, or sexual orientation.

Thus, the term “physiological weakness” has a very broad meaning. It is not a specific pathology, but just a general term of many diseases. People with premature ejaculation can be considered physiologically weak. People with weak male physiology are unlikely to have premature ejaculation. Maybe they have other problems such as: erectile dysfunction, decreased libido or a failure to satisfy their partner and themselves …

Prolonged male physiological weakness can lead to risks such as impotence and even infertility. The disease manifests itself in 3 levels:

  • Mild : Men only have difficulty getting the penis erect. However, after that, the sex activities were still normal, still satisfying the partner and himself.
  • Moderate : Significantly decreased libido. Although sometimes men still have needs. However, it will take a long time for the penis to erect.
  • Severity : At this time, men no longer have desire. Although the penis is stimulated a lot, it is very difficult to get an erection. And this is also the most likely level of infertility.

The cause of weak male physiology

The man’s physiology is the resonance of many factors. Which includes endogenous factors (major) and external effects (secondary). Specifically, up to 70% of cases of physiological weakness are caused by hormonal decline from within the body. Only 30% is due to the impact from the external environment (related to living habits, sex life …).

Endogenous causes of physiological weakness

Endogenous causes are factors that originate inside the body. These can be birth defects, illness or age-related impairment of physiological function.

  • Genital birth defects

This is a fairly common cause of male physiological weakness. In particular, the most common defects include: penis short, narrow or too long foreskin, erect testicles … Often people with this condition can return to a normal sex life after perform necessary surgical interventions.

  • Impact from pathology

Men with a history of or currently suffering from high blood pressure, stomach, diabetes, or depression have a higher risk of having a weak physiological condition than healthy men. Especially diseases directly related to sexual ability such as prostatitis, foreskin inflammation, urinary tract infections or prostate cancer …

Causes of weak physiological disease
Pathology is one of the most common causes of weak physiology
  • Impact from age

Just like women with menopause and perimenopause, men go through menopause. Then, the hormone testosterone (male sex hormone) is significantly reduced. This is a hormone that plays a decisive role in a man’s libido.

Therefore, once the male sex hormone decreases, the sex drive of the men is no longer, difficult to satisfy the “partner” or susceptible to inflammatory diseases and fibroids of the genital organs. .

Factors impact from the external environment

  • Unhealthy eating habits

The nature of work or for some reason causes many men to use many stimulants such as alcohol, beer and tobacco. Some people even skip breakfast but overeat late at night. The diet only focuses on animal fats and forgets to add fiber and essential vitamins.

The above not only indirectly affect a man’s desire but also affect the quantity and quality of the sperm. It is worth mentioning that this is also one of the important causes of infertility or infertility in today’s couples.

Unhealthy eating habits and high drug use are one of the most common causes of physiological weakness.
Unhealthy eating habits and high drug use are one of the most common causes of physiological weakness.
  • Living habits unscientific

In the modern life cycle, pressure in work and life is unavoidable. Therefore, many men often fall into the feeling of extreme fatigue. In addition, the habit of sitting for a long time and being inactive causes poor blood circulation. The consequence of these bad habits is that physiological health is increasingly “degraded”.

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Manifestations of weak physiological disease

As mentioned, physiological weakness is a disease related to sexual dysfunction. Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize the signs of this disease. Among them, the common manifestations are:

  • Erectile dysfunction

Folk often called “above and below not listen”. Suffering from this condition, the penis will not reach the required level of erection during sex. However, when a man has no need, the “little boy” gets an erection.

  • Decreased libido

Normally, men’s sexual needs are very high and many times higher than that of women. If one day, you have decreased libido, even if the stimulus doesn’t come back, the chances of you having a physiological weakness is very high.

  • Ejaculation disorder

This may include premature ejaculation or lack of sexual satisfaction after ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is understood as a condition “the boy” is too sensitive to stimuli. You may not be able to satisfy your partner’s needs, but the person with premature ejaculation can still satisfy his own needs. In addition, some men also experience euphoria but cannot delay ejaculation time, ejaculate little or ejaculate upstream.

  • Penis pain during sex

This can happen when the penis is erect or when it is difficult to go to the toilet after sex (typically a painful urination).

Common manifestations of physiological weakness
Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are one of the common manifestations of weak physiological disease

The methods of treating weak male physiology

Although not dangerous to health, but physiological weakness significantly affects the sex life, reproductive function and quality of life of men. Therefore, when noticing abnormal symptoms, men should proactively examine and promptly treat them.

Currently, the purpose of disease treatments is to improve symptoms, repel the cause of the disease, enhance physiological function and alleviate sexual disorders for patients.

Some remedies are indicated in the treatment of physiological weakness, including:

1. Psychotherapy

In fact, sexual disorders such as difficulty with erection, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, etc. can be caused by psychological problems like nervous tension, anxiety disorders and depression . In addition, physiological weakness can also stem from severe psychological aftershocks such as being abused or forced.

weak male physiology
In the case of physiological weakness due to stress, depression, … men should perform psychotherapy

In these cases, your doctor will order psychological treatment to relieve negative thoughts, reduce the pressure on the central nervous system, improve feelings of fear and anxiety during sex. In addition, psychological treatment also helps to improve men’s confidence and sexual skills.

In addition, men should open their hearts to share with their partners so that both of them can understand and sympathize. In fact, having sex only brings a feeling of sublimation and pleasure when you are both without barriers.

2. Use Western medicine

The main effects of drugs are used to improve hormone levels, enhance physiological function, limit premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and some other sexual dysfunction.

Some drugs are used in the treatment of physiological weakness, including:

  • Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) enzyme inhibitors : This group of drugs has a vasodilator effect, promotes blood flow to the penis and helps men easily achieve an erection. This drug is indicated in the case of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Some commonly used phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme inhibitors include Viagra, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, …
  • Testosterone supplements : Physiological weakness has been correlated with decreased testosterone hormone. Therefore, doctors can prescribe a number of testosterone supplements to improve physiological function and reduce sexual disorders such as decreased libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, …
  • Local anesthetics : Local anesthetics (Lidocaine, Benzocaine and Prilocaine) are used for premature ejaculation. This group of drugs has an anesthetic effect on the mucosa, thereby reducing the receptors of nerves in the penis and prolonging the ejaculation time.
  • Injectable drugs: Injectable drugs (Prostaglandin E1, Phentolamine) are used in the case of severe erectile dysfunction and have no response to oral medications. This group of drugs helps to improve blood flow and stimulate an erect penis.
What is weak physiological disease in men
Using drugs helps to increase hormone levels and improve some sexual disorders

In fact, a number of other medications may be prescribed by your doctor depending on your symptoms, age, medical condition, and response to each case.

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Using drugs works to improve sexual disorders caused by weak physiology. However, this remedy is only effective temporarily, at the same time, potentially causing many side effects if men use the drug incorrectly.

Specifically, according to physician Do Minh Tuan, Specialist Director of drugstore Do Minh Duong, the side effects that are not good for men’s health should be cautious:

Common side effects:

  • PDE5 medicine easily causes flushing, congestion in the nose, rhinitis and indigestion, headache, back pain, muscle aches …
  • Local anesthetics can cause dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, numbness of limbs, confusion, drowsiness, taste disturbances, heart palpitations …
  • Group of parenteral vasodilators easily increase the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, stomach if the patient has a history of this disease.

Rare side effects

  • Although rare, PDE5 drugs can cause penis erections for more than 4 hours, and there are even cases of painful erections for more than 6 hours when using PDE-5 inhibitors. In addition, the patient may have impaired vision and hearing; sudden loss of vision and hearing occurs due to ischemia to the nerves of vision and hearing
  • Local anesthetics can cause convulsions, loss of consciousness, coma, respiratory failure, heart failure, and dangerous breathing stops.
  • Even with testosterone therapy, many people think it is safe for health, but in fact, if it is misused, it can easily cause sleep disorders (causing sleep apnea), acne, dermatitis, increased the risk of pulmonary embolism, stimulating the growth of prostate cells, cancer cells …

Because of the dangerous side effects that can occur, physician Do Minh Tuan advises men to be cautious when using Western drugs to treat physiological weakness. Men need to examine, use drugs as prescribed and contact a doctor immediately if you encounter unusual phenomena.

3. Surgical intervention

In the case of physiological weakness due to birth defects such as ectopic testicles, long foreskin, foreskin stenosis, short penis, … the doctor may prescribe surgery to improve physiological function.

Some surgical techniques are applied in the treatment of physiological weakness:

  • Surgery to remove or enlarge the foreskin
  • Surgery to remove prostate fibroids
  • Penis structure correction
  • Arterial catheterization surgery
  • Place an artificial cavernous body in the penis to increase erectile function
  • In addition, for men who are inferior in size “little boy”, surgery can increase the length and improve confidence in sex.

The penis is an organ that contains many nerves and blood vessels. Hence surgical intervention may pose a number of risks. To minimize potential complications, surgery should be performed only when directed by a specialist.

Measures to improve and prevent physiological weakness from within

The solutions for treating weak physiological diseases from within are also highly appreciated by male experts. These solutions include a reasonable diet, scientific activity regimen, exercises to improve disease conditions or using medicinal drugs to eliminate the cause of disease from within the body .

Healthy eating mode

If the hormone hormone is showing signs of decline, men can supplement with foods that support the action of this hormone. There are many healthy kidney foods, especially foods rich in zinc. In it, there are 3 foods to eat and 3 foods that should not be eaten that every gentleman needs to know are:

  • 3 foods to eat are oysters (produces hormone testosterone), watermelon (dilates blood vessels naturally) and dark chocolate (prolongs hardening time).
  • 3 foods you should not eat are: soybeans (risk of sex hormone disorders), lettuce (decreased libido) and savory dishes (impaired kidney function).
  • In addition, men should include the following foods to promote their physiological health: onions, broccoli, seafood, red meat (especially beef), litchi, eggs, honey and bananas. .
  • In addition, men should limit eating too much cucumber, carrots, bamboo shoots, mustard, chestnuts … to avoid loss of sexual ability.
  • In addition to a reasonable diet and supplementation of foods that help strengthen kidneys, men need to limit the use of stimulants for good sexual health.
  • Also, foods that are too greasy or hot should be limited even if they are tempting.
A reasonable diet and supplementation with foods that support testosterone hormone activity is one of the effective ways to prevent and treat physiological weaknesses.
A reasonable diet and supplementation with foods that support testosterone hormone activity is one of the effective ways to prevent and treat physiological weaknesses.

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Mode of scientific activities

The scientific activity regime starts from the habit of getting enough sleep and not staying up too late. However, many men have the habit of sleeping very late and waking up very late the next morning. This not only affects the spirit of working all day, but also affects the activity of sex hormones.

In addition, some people who often do not get enough sleep and stress too much are also susceptible to physiological weakness. Therefore, to have good sexual health, men need to pay attention to their sleep, keep work and rest in balance.

Masturbation should only be done less than 4 times a week. If you masturbate with more frequency and last many days, men are more likely to experience problems related to sexual dysfunction.

In addition, each gentleman should choose his favorite sport and practice it for about 1 hour per day. Or at least spend about 30 minutes a day jogging or doing physical exercises. This not only helps with sexual health but also helps to feel more relaxed.

effective prevention and treatment of physiological weakness
Stay mentally comfortable and get enough sleep to improve your physiological weakness

Do exercises to improve the condition

There are 3 main ways to improve physiological weakness: Kegel, Yoga and Gym. These exercises have in common that they are easy to do but need persistence to be effective. Instead, the effect is very sustainable. When sexual health returns to normal, men can stop these exercises and just ensure diet and scientific activities.

Physiological weakness is a common health problem in men. Although not dangerous, this pathology can affect reproductive function, sexual life, psychology and married life. Therefore, men should actively seek to see a doctor to be examined and suggest appropriate treatment measures.

Treatment from the cause of the disease according to traditional medicine

Treatment of physiological weakness with traditional medicine is now considered one of the safe, benign and effective long-term treatment.

Although they are both medicines, the mechanism of action of Vietnamese and Western medicines is extremely different. It is easy to see that Western drugs act on the surface symptoms, thereby bringing about a quick, clear change immediately after use. That is also a limitation of modern medicine when it easily makes patients dependent on drugs, leads to long-term greasy drug and easy to experience dangerous side effects for health.

Meanwhile, traditional medicine has the principle of direct impact on the cause of the disease , completely cutting off the agent that causes physiological weakness. Although the effective time of oriental medicine is slower, thanks to its strong medicinal properties, the drug will penetrate deeply into the five senses, creating a comprehensive therapeutic effect , eliminating the cause of physiological weakness. gentlemen. 

Accordingly, to completely cure physiological weakness, traditional medicine focuses on improving kidney function, when the kidney is healthy, the reproductive function and the tendons are all improved.

Medical practitioner Do Minh Tuan

Speaking about this issue, physician Do Minh Tuan said: “The cause of male physiological weakness is mostly very ordinary life, but the harm is very great. Therefore, stemming from the principle of traditional medicine, Do Minh Duong’s traditional medicine not only treats the root cause, eliminates the cause of the disease, but also enhances the condition and prevents the disease from recurring ”.

The remedy applied by the Do Minh family in medical examination and treatment for 150 years has been mentioned many times by physician Do Minh Tuan when appearing on health programs on channels VTV2, VTC2 … as a medical advisor. . On television, Dr. Le Huu Tuan, former professional deputy director of the Center for High Technology, Central Traditional Medicine Hospital also gave a very positive assessment on this remedy. 

On VTV2 television, the remedy for weak male physiology at Do Minh Duong Traditional Medicine Clinic is introduced as a combination of three small remedies:

  • Spring recovery ladder
  • Renal tonic
  • Great restoration of the ocean.

Each medicine ladder is made from precious medicinal herbs that enhance the physiology of men, taken from Do Minh Duong’s clean medicinal garden and undergone a scientific, modern and proper treatment. There are no preservatives like Vietnamese and Chinese medicines that are floating in the market. As a result, the therapeutic effect is achieved very positively. Specifically:

  • Healthy liver, blood, strong tendons and bones
  • Increase male sex hormone proliferation, improve libido
  • Beneficial for spermatogenesis, increasing sperm quantity and quality
  • Improve kidney function, tonic kidney function, increase battle time for each “love”
  • Improve health, increase resistance, increase endurance and endurance for men

Do Minh Duong's remedy for physiological weakness

This effectiveness of the remedy has been recognized by thousands of men all over the country. In which, there is a male artist in his forties, actor Le Ba Anh. He is a familiar face to the audience through his roles like Van in Candles in the Night, Deputy Prosecutor of Viet Thanh in Sinh Tu …

Having reduced sexual desire at the age of 47, fatigue, back pain, night urination, after only 2 months of using the herbal medicine Do Minh Duong, the actor regained his full form as a youth.

VTV2: Le Ba Anh shared on VTV2 how to regain the bravery of men

If possible, gentlemen who are suffering with physiological weakness should go directly to Do Minh Duong for timely diagnosis. In Hanoi, the pharmacy address is No. 37A, Alley 97 Van Cao – Ba Dinh – Hanoi (phone number: 024 6253 6649 – 0984 650 816) . The Southern Branch of Do Minh Duong is located at No. 100, Nguyen Van Thuong Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District (hotline: 028 3899 1677/0938 449 768). 

In addition to taking drugs, men should also refer to the following notes in daily life, diet … to further support the treatment process. 


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