Hedgehog's stomach cure stomach pain
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Many folk have used hedgehog stomachs to treat stomach aches. This method helps improve the uncomfortable, painful symptoms caused by stomach illness. However, the effect of a hedgehog’s stomach on stomach disease depends on many different factors.

Hedgehog's stomach cure stomach pain
Use a hedgehog’s stomach to cure stomach pain


Hedgehog’s stomach is effective in treating stomach pain?

A hedgehog’s stomach is also known as a truffle or mountain. Some other parts of the hedgehog are also used in medicinal remedies such as colon, porcupine hair, meat, liver, lungs, honey, … According to Oriental medicine, hedgehog’s stomach is often sweet, welcoming, Non-toxic. This material has the effect of entering the two meridian and colon.

In addition, hedgehog’s stomach also has the effect of heat, detoxification, pain relief, vomiting, digestion, hemostasis. This is one of the remedies that can treat diseases such as vomiting, dysentery, coma, hemorrhagic hemorrhoids, … With stomach pain , the patient can use the hedgehog’s stomach to support. improve disease.

Currently, there are no studies to prove that hedgehog’s stomach is effective in treating stomach upset in both experimental and clinical situations. However, according to folklore, people can use porcupine stomach medicine powder combined with some other ingredients such as honey, ginger, turmeric to quickly relieve the symptoms of stomach pain.

Hedgehog's stomach cure stomach pain
Stomach pain makes the patient extremely uncomfortable.

The effectiveness of a hedgehog’s stomach in treating stomach pain depends on many different factors such as disease severity, patient’s health, drug compatibility, … With mild cases, the patient can improve. improve symptoms quickly. However, for patients with severe stomach pain, the patient should soon conduct examination and treatment early. Depending on the medical condition, the doctor will prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

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In some cases, patients with stomach upset should not use a hedgehog’s stomach. When using a hedgehog’s stomach to treat stomach upset, the patient needs to consult a specialist first and have a direct follow-up to perform. Absolutely not self-medicating to make the disease worse, affecting the health.

In addition, there are 2 different types of hedgehog stomach on the market. One is native to forest urchins and the other is farm urchin. The price of hedgehog’s stomach is quite expensive, so many people have made fake hedgehog’s stomach with many different materials. Patients need to be careful when buying a hedgehog’s stomach to avoid “money loss carrying disability”.

Use a hedgehog stomach to treat stomach pain properly

Hedgehog’s stomach is an ingredient used in remedies for stomach pain. Although a hedgehog’s stomach can improve symptoms, the patient must not abuse it, but apply it correctly. Here is how to use a hedgehog’s stomach to treat stomach pain, patients can refer.

# Treatment 1: Cure stomach ulcers

With gastric ulcer disease , the patient can use the hedgehog’s stomach to quickly relieve the symptoms of burning pain, discomfort in the abdomen. This is considered a temporary method of pain relief for the patient, but cannot completely cure the disease. Therefore, the patient should not perform too much affecting their health.

Hedgehog's stomach cure stomach pain
Drink porcupine stomach powder to cure stomach pain

Proceed as follows:

Option 1:

  • Use the hedgehog’s stomach clean, drain and cut into pieces.
  • Then, put the ingredients on the stove to swell.
  • Next, you bring your hedgehog’s stomach into powder.
  • Use porcupine stomach powder in combination with flower color water to drink 3 times / day, each drink 2 – 4g
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Method 2:

  • Take your hedgehog’s stomach with its food inside to dry or dry it
  • Then, cut your hedgehog’s stomach into small pieces and place it on the stove until it’s cooked.
  • At the same time, spread the hedgehog’s stomach into a fine powder and stir it well into a glass of rice water.
  • Patients use this water to drink when hungry. Each time using about 10g of powder to achieve the highest therapeutic effect.

# Treatment 2: Cure stomach pain

Using a hedgehog’s stomach in combination with honey and turmeric powder helps in improving stomach upset symptoms. Turmeric powder and honey have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing effects in the stomach. Besides, honey can balance acidity in gastric juice, improve health, improve stomach function, reduce symptoms of digestive disorders effectively.

Hedgehog's stomach cure stomach pain
Combining honey, turmeric powder and hedgehog stomach cure stomach.

Proceed as follows:

  • First, you take your hedgehog’s stomach chopped up, cooked it and blended into a fine powder.
  • Then you use this powder to mix with honey, turmeric powder forms a mixture.
  • Patients with stomach pain can use this mixture 2-3 times / week to support treatment.
  • Patients should practice persistence to improve stomach pain effectively.

Note when using a hedgehog’s stomach to treat stomach pain

Using a hedgehog’s stomach to treat stomach pain is an easy and safe method for patients. However, this treatment also has unfortunate risks if the patient performs incorrectly or uses a fake hedgehog’s stomach. To be on the safe side, patients with stomach problems need to pay attention to a few problems after using a hedgehog’s stomach.

Hedgehog's stomach cure stomach pain
Diet for patients suffering from thickening pain.
  • Check your hedgehog’s stomach before buying to make sure it’s real
  • Patients need to persevere in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
  • Not every patient with stomach problems is eligible for this treatment
  • Build a reasonable diet, supplement the body with essential nutrients with lots of green vegetables and fruits
  • Eaten, drink boil, ensure food safety
  • Limit alcohol, beer, tobacco and foods that are spicy, hot, and greasy
  • Drink enough 2 liters of water per day, provide the body with fruit juices
  • Regular exercise and sports to strengthen the body resistance
  • Keep a positive mentality, be happy, avoid anxiety and excessive stress
  • Do not work too hard, stay up too late, sleep 8 hours a day
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Hopefully the above information will help you to better understand how to use a hedgehog’s stomach to treat stomach pain. Currently, the cure for this disease has not been proven. Ideally, people with stomach diseases should soon carry out treatment to avoid dangerous complications caused by the disease. In addition, you should not buy medicine to treat stomach problems by yourself, which will make the disease not go away but worse, affecting your health.


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