Whether practicing solitary bar is good for people with disc herniation is a common question of many people
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There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether practicing monobar is good for people with disc herniation or not. Many people believe that this is an effective treatment support method, helping to quickly reduce the symptoms of disc herniation. Meanwhile, others believe that when having a single-beam disc herniation, it will make the condition worse. If you are wondering if a person with disc herniation should practice monobar, do not ignore the information in this article.

Whether practicing solitary bar is good for people with disc herniation is a common question of many people
Whether practicing solitary bar is good for people with disc herniation is a common question of many people

Should people with disc herniation practice solitary bar?

Disc herniation is a condition in which the disc’s mucous nucleus slips out of a place, causing pressure on nerve roots or spinal tubes. The disease often causes unpleasant symptoms such as pain from hip to leg, shoulder pain in the neck, back, neck; Hand numbness … affects the quality of life and work of the patient. If not treated early, complications such as urination disorders, sensory disturbances, sciatica, muscle atrophy, more severe can lead to hemiplegia.

Disc herniation is treated with many methods such as using analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxants; apply folk remedies to support treatment. apply physical therapy such as thread implants, acupressure or surgery to cure disc herniation. In addition, one of the methods to help improve the uncomfortable symptoms of the disease recommended by specialists in osteoarthritis is the practice of solitary bar. 

Solo bar is a versatile sport, stretching the lower body based on the effect of gravity. This helps to release cartilage layers between the ends of bones for them to grow. Thanks to the practice of simple beams, the ends of the bones are pulled apart, reducing the weight of the body, making the pressure from the bones on the cartilage decrease thereby making new cartilage layers regenerate. Doing solitary bar not only helps the body healthy, supports to increase height for people during puberty, but also supports the treatment of osteoarthritis pain, prevention and treatment of diseases such as degenerative spine, disc herniation. . 

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Thus, with the question of whether single-beam practice is good for a person with disc herniation or not, should a person with disc herniation practice monobar, the answer is definitely yes. People with disc herniation, degenerative spine, and at risk of osteoarthritis should practice solitary bar to improve the flexibility of the spine, improve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by osteoarthritis.

The effect of monocoque on disc herniation

Doing solitary bar exercises are effective in helping to improve the symptoms of disc herniation, helping to prevent bone and joint problems. The reason for practicing monosacuum is recommended by experts to apply to people with disc herniation, degenerative spine is taste:

  • Capable of reducing the pressure on bones and joints, helping to stretch the bone head, creating conditions for joint cartilage to recover and multiply, increase flexibility for joint cartilage, and reduce osteoarthritis pain.
  • Stretching the body, supporting back pain treatment, reducing the body weight on the spine during exercise can help relax the bones and joints, and also increase the movement of the herniated spine. This contributes to promoting the recovery of the body, helping the spine return to its normal shape, in addition to helping bring the herniated disc back to its original position.
  • Has the effect of stretching the spine, stretching the muscles, reducing the pressure on the spinal canal and nerves to help reduce pain, muscle spasm, and reduce stimulation of the nerve roots.
  • Reducing the weight of the disc, helping the disc to increase absorption of nutrients, support recovery if not fibrosis
  • Stimulating the synaptic hole, releasing pinched nerves, helping the spine to be strong and supple
  • Improve health, resistance, increase endurance and endurance of the body while preventing cardiovascular diseases.
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Note: Mono bar practice is recommended only for people with mild disc herniation, people with serious illness should not apply to avoid adverse effects. In addition, the patient must exercise gently, perform properly under the guidance of a specialist doctor, a health care professional. Absolutely do not practice without guidance to avoid affecting the condition.

How to practice single beam to cure disc herniation

Practicing the bar in the right way helps to reduce pain, strengthen the bones and joints
Practicing the bar in the right way helps to reduce pain, strengthen the bones and joints

Before practicing the bar, you need to place the bar in the right position, choose the right distance, you should choose the right range of the bar by standing upright with your fingertips on the bar, and then placing the bar according to the criteria:

  • Use 2 small bricks placed under the feet, the distance between each brick is 60cm
  • The height of each brick should be the same, usually 5 – 7cm

You conduct the practice of single beams according to the following methods:

  • First, place your hands on the bar, the distance between your arms is shoulder-width to reduce the pressure on your hands when lifting the body.
  • 2 hands holding the bar firmly, can hold the palms facing the body or hold the hands on the bar for palms to face out. However, according to experts, for those who are new to this method, you should hold the bar in the first way, that is, the palm of your hand facing in the body. 
  • When you get on, try to keep your back straight, extend your chest slightly forward, keep the most comfortable position, relax your whole body to make the practice of the child easier but also help reduce back injury.
  • When on the bar, you should use the force of your shoulder and arm to pull your body weight over the bar, exhale slowly as you lift your body onto the bar and inhale as you descend. In addition, to reduce body weight when on the bar, you need to close your arms close to the body, combined with breathing, keeping the body steady, just moving the arms and forearms.
  • Try to stay on top of the bar for a few seconds before lowering, repeat the exhalation on the bar and inhale as you descend.
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When supporting single-beam disc herniation treatment, you should do it properly, regularly 2 times a day at 2 mornings, each exercise 2 – 5 times, each time about 10-15 seconds. 

Some notes when practicing the bar

Do not exercise with high intensity to avoid making the illness worse
Do not exercise with high intensity to avoid making the illness worse

With the question of whether single-beam practice is good for a person with disc herniation, the answer is certainly yes. However, it must be done properly and should note the following issues:

  • Need to warm up thoroughly before inhaling, the best warm-up time is 5 – 10 minutes with movements such as wrists, ankles, shoulder blades
  • During the exercise, you should keep your body straight, when you drop your body, keep your arms as straight as possible
  • It is advisable to check whether the beam can withstand body weight or not, and also need to test the vibration of the bar before training to ensure safety.
  • Do not practice menu bar after eating a full meal, or shower after practicing
  • Wear comfortable clothes, avoid wearing gloves when exercising so as not to increase friction
  • When practicing the bar, pay attention to keep your breath steady, always inhale when descending the bar and exhale when forcefully lift the body on the bar. In addition, also need to pay attention to regular breathing to increase the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Pay attention to practice properly, if you exercise too much, the wrong way will make the mucus mass get out of the original position, causing pressure on the nerves, causing pain, affecting the treatment process.
  • Need to build up the intensity of exercise and appropriate diet, if the intensity of the bar is too high, it can cause muscle atrophy, increasing the risk of bone and joint diseases.

In a nutshell, with the above information, you must have determined whether single-bar training is good for people with disc herniation. While this can help treat disc herniation, only gentle exercise should be done in the right direction. Consult with your doctor to determine if you can use this method.


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