Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser is one of the famous products of Obagi brand
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Obagi is a famous cosmetic brand from the United States and is trusted in many countries, is considered to be a professional skin care savior solving problems of dirt, sebum, acne, pigmentation, freckles … Obagi face has many different lines, each suitable for specific skin types. One of the most popular names of this brand is Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser. So is this product really good, suitable for any skin type, at what price? The product information will be answered in detail in this article.

Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser is one of the famous products of Obagi brand
Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser is one of the famous products of Obagi brand

Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser Information

To determine whether Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser is good or not, let’s first learn the basics of this product.

About the product

  • Product’s name: Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser for Dry Skin
  • Manufacturer: Obagi Medical
  • Origin: USA
  • Packaging: 200ml bottle
  • Target audience: People aged 18 years and over.

About the brand

Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser is one of the famous products from Obagi Medical, a famous cosmetic brand in America. This brand was founded by dermatologist Zein Obagi, specializing in exfoliating, acne-fighting and anti-aging products with powerful formulas, botanicals, and ingredients. Safe, benign for the skin, but the effect is extremely positive.

Unlike other cosmetic brands, Obagi Medical does not focus on marketing and polishing brands and names, but focuses on investing in research laboratories and clinical trials. Therefore, although not widely known by mass consumers, it is well-received by dermatologists. Most users affirm that, once you have used the products of this brand, you will become quite a picky person in choosing and using other cosmetics.

Ingredients of Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser

The product has natural ingredients, is extracted from plants, safe for all skin types
The product has natural ingredients, is extracted from plants, safe for all skin types

Unclean skin often has a lot of dirt and oily residue, which is an ideal condition for bacteria to grow, is the cause of skin irritation, facilitating the development of acne, losing the inherent aesthetic. of the face. Therefore, if you want healthy, fresh, smooth and vibrant skin, you should build and maintain a habit of deep cleaning every day. 

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However, if you use non-quality cleansers, which contain a lot of chemicals, especially detergents, it is easy to erode and damage the skin. Therefore, it is best to use products with ingredients extracted from herbs to provide nourishment to the skin and to cleanse the skin, protecting healthy skin. Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser is also one of a line of cleansers with natural ingredients that are safe for the skin. 

The ingredients of Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser include:

  • Aloe: Has the effect of moisturizing, moisturizing, preventing dehydration of the skin, making the skin soft, smooth, youthful, full of energy. In addition, aloe has the ability to remove old and weak cells, instantly cool the skin, and stimulate new cells to grow. At the same time, this ingredient also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects, enhances the smoothness, firmness of the skin.
  • Sage extract: Sage sage is a perennial plant, contains many antioxidants that help neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce bad cholesterol, improve memory, support oral treatment. . For the skin, sage extract has the effect of reducing irritation and redness in the skin caused by acne. In addition, it also feels cool, comfortable, very good for sensitive skin.
  • Apricot essential oil : Apricot essential oil has a mild fragrance, and is widely used in products such as shower gel, cream with moisturizing, nourishing, and skin care effects. This essential oil, although extremely useful for oily skin, is also suitable for dry skin, helping to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Apricot oil is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, gamma linoleic acid, has antioxidant properties, regenerates skin structure, soothes, softens skin, and is suitable for even sensitive skin.
  • Detailed Ingredients: Amino Acids from Oat Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Aloe Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil, Acrylates / C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sage Extract, Hemp extract, Methylparaben, Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Glycerin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycereth-7, Panthenol, Ethoxydiglycol, Triethanolamine, Butylparaben, Purified Water, Saponins, Scent, Oleyl Lactate, Fd & C Yellow. 

It can be seen that, Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser cleanser is a cleanser completely formulated from precious natural herbs, carefully studied by leading scientific experts at Obagi Medical. Therefore, it not only does a good job of cleansing, moisturizing, and deeply nourishing the skin, but also does not cause skin irritation, ensuring skin safety when used including sensitive skin. 

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Objects and uses of Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser

The best users of this product are those with dry skin
The best users of this product are those with dry skin

Objects of use

When choosing a cleanser, you have to consider your skin type, skin condition to choose the right cleanser. Usually, each line of Obagi cleansers is specialized and suitable for certain skin types. Only when one skin type is specialized can the product be maximized. Therefore:

Suitable users include:

  • People aged 18 and over, suitable for normal skin with sensitive skin, dry skin or irritated skin
  • Women have changed skin due to hormones
  • Women are treating aging skin, mixed melasma, deep pigmentation
  • People who want to nourish skin bright, smooth, fresh, clean skin every day.


  • Cleans dirt, sebum, and toxins deep in the pores
  • Keep skin dry as if it does not dry, prevent folliculitis
  • Balances moisture, moisturizes, helps skin soft, smooth
  • Soothes the skin, reduces swelling, and irritation to sensitive skin
  • It feels cool and comfortable while also helping to smooth and brighten the skin
  • Prevent aging, protect skin, prevent wrinkles, help skin firm, not dry
  • Has the ability to gently remove makeup, remove makeup, and gently remove makeup.

User manual

Use Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser correctly to get the best results
Use Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser correctly to get the best results

For the best results, you need to pay attention to how to use the cleanser. How to use Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser as follows:

  • Step 1: Wet your face with warm water. Before you start washing your face, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and then use warm water to wet your face. This not only helps the pores to expand and absorbs nutrients easily, but also allows dirt to be pushed out easily. The appropriate water temperature to wash your face is 37 degrees, so do not use too hot water to avoid dry skin.
  • Step 2: Put a sufficient amount of facial cleanser on the palm of your hand or a dedicated cleanser foam, the amount of milk is about 1 black bean is suitable and then rub to create foam. Foaming is an important step because it cleanses the skin without the risk of tearing or breaking the skin structure.
  • Step 3: Apply this foam evenly over the face, gently massage in the downward direction to easily remove dirt, mucus, should do in 20-30 seconds, pay special attention to the T-zone because this is the skin area. easily greasy. Massage gently, do not use too strong force to avoid skin damage.
  • Step 4: Rinse your face with cool water, do not forget to ignore the hairline, making sure that there is no longer any cleanser left on the face. Use a cotton pad to dry and pat dry with a soft cotton towel.
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Is Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser good?

Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser is a common question of many women. With this question, most people who have used this product have generally said that it is good, “worth the money”. This is also the reason that women, including dermatologists, are extremely trustworthy of Obagi’s products. The reason this product is highly appreciated is thanks to its outstanding advantages:

  • Extracted from plants, safe, benign for the skin, has cleansing properties, regenerates the balance of moisture and deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Able to effectively remove makeup, both helping to remove and clean ordinary makeup while exfoliating.
  • Dual effects of deep moisturizing and cleansing, can penetrate deep into the dermis to nourish the skin from within for healthy and supple skin.
  • Soft, liquid gel design that easily penetrates deep into pores to improve clogging, clog pores, thereby removing sebum, dirt, toxins to help dry pores
  • Not only cleans, moisturizes but also supports acne, dark spots, effectively prevents and repels aging.
  • Rare natural extract, outstanding formula yet gentle, suitable for dry skin and especially safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Thus, this product is really good for the skin, especially those with combination skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin. Furthermore, Obagi’s product lines including Obagi Nuderm cleansing gel are perfectly suited to the Asian climate. If you are treating skin diseases, this product is always preferred to use most of all.

How much is Obagi Nuderm cleansing gel?

Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser is located in the intensive whitening and melasma treatment set
Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser is located in the intensive whitening and melasma treatment set

Products of Obagi Medical brand which are considered “expensive to slice”, are often sold as sets such as: Obagi Nuderm Intensive Melasma Treatment; Obagi CRx Systems, Obagi CRx Systems; Clenziderm Set Acne Intensive Treatment Kit; Obagi Elastiderm Eye Special Eye Care Kit; Obagi 360 dry skin rejuvenation kit; Obagi Gentle Rejuvenation for sensitive skin rejuvenation …

Currently, Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser Cleanser of Obagi Nuderm System has the effect of treating melasma, moisturizing, whitening, and restoring skin texture. The selling price of 1 bottle of Gentle Cleanser 200ml is VND 960,000. However, depending on the promotion program, the promotion policy of each store, this price will have a certain difference.

For beauty believers, especially those who love skincare, Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser is a great product for dry skin, melasma and even sensitive skin. Although this product is safe for the skin, before using it, you should check if the skin reacts to the ingredients in the product.


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