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Maral Gel is one of the most popular aphrodisiac products on the market. The product is formulated in a cool gel with the main ingredients of natural herbs such as mara root, ginseng, ginger, mint, …

Maral Gel
Maral Gel is an aphrodisiac, not a medicine


What product is Maral Gel?

Maral Gel is a popular male sexual aid. The product is formulated in gel form with the main effect of stimulating an erect penis, maintaining a long-term erection, “enduring” and increasing pleasure during sex.

Maral Gel comes from Russia with pure natural extracts. With the support of this product, men can regain their confidence, masculinity and completely conquer you through each “love”.

Information you need to know about Maral Gel products:

  • Product Name: Maral Gel
  • Dosage form: Gel
  • Ingredients: Natural herbs
  • Origin: Russia
  • Distributor: Soji Labs Company Limited
  • Specifications: Tube box of 50ml

Ingredients of Maral Gel products

As mentioned, Maral Gel contains natural herbs as the main ingredient. These herbs positively impact the penis’s blood circulation, improve erection and reduce the sensitivity of the genital nerves.

maral gel usage
Maral Gel contains the main ingredients of ginseng extract, ginger, mint, mara root, …

The main ingredients in the product Maral Gel:

  • Ginseng Extract – Effects of improving health, increasing blood circulation to the pelvic area and stimulating libido. With this mechanism, ginseng can assist men to maintain an erection for a long time, “enduring” and stable. In addition, through the effect of increasing blood circulation to the penis, ginseng also helps increase the girth of the “little boy” and brings a feeling of sublimation to the partner.
  • Mara Root – For a long time, mara root has been used to improve sexual function and the health of men. Currently, the effect of this herb has also been researched and recognized in terms of science. Recent studies show that mara root has the ability to promote the production of the hormone testosterone, increase blood circulation and stimulate libido in men.
  • Ginger – Ginger (born Jiang) is a valuable medicine in Oriental medicine. This medicinal herb has also been studied and recognized for its effects on improving health, supporting prevention and treatment of some common diseases. Ginger contains a number of ingredients such as Shogaol, Gingerol which have a vasodilator effect, promote blood circulation and increase the concentration of male sex hormones.
  • Peppermint –  The menthol essential oil in peppermint has a cooling effect, local anesthetic and helps in reducing the sensitivity of the skin on the penis. From there, help limit premature ejaculation and help prolong the time of “sex”.
  • The product also contains a number of natural herbs and other herbal ingredients
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It can be seen that the ingredients in Maral Gel are all familiar herbs, which have been proven effective for male physiological function and completely benign, without causing side effects.

Benefits of Maral Gel products

Maral Gel is a popular sex aid product on the market. With the main ingredients of natural herbs such as ginseng, mint, maca root, ginger, the product can provide the following benefits:

maral gel usage
Maral Gel can improve libido loss, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation
  • Increases blood flow circulating, supports to improve erectile function in men. With the support of Maral Gel, men can achieve their ideal erection quickly, maintaining a “durable” and long-lasting erection.
  • Support to prolong sex (about 20-40 minutes depending on the location)
  • Supports to increase penis length and size. According to information from the manufacturer, Maral Gel can help the penis increase in circumference from 3cm to 5.5cm and the size of “little boy” is completely not reduced after stopping use.
  • Restores nerve signals in the penis, bringing men feelings of sublimation and pleasure when “having sex”
  • Help men dispel anxiety, fear of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and more self-confidence and self-confidence in every relationship.

Subjects for use – Contraindicated

Maral Gel penis enlargement is suitable for men 18 years of age and older who experience the following problems:

  • Men suffer from premature ejaculation
  • Men with erectile dysfunction
  • Men have impaired sexual function
  • Men have “modest” penis size, self-esteem and fear of having sex
  • Men want to improve the quality of their sex life

Contraindications to Maral Gel products for the following subjects:

  • Men under 18 years old
  • The skin on the penis has open wounds, sores or is suffering from skin diseases such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm, lice, scabies, …
  • Men have a history of allergy to any ingredient in the product
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Instructions for use Maral Gel penis enlargement

Maral Gel is in the form of a gel and is applied directly to the penis before intercourse.

maral gel usage
Maral Gel is applied directly to the body of the penis every night before sex

How to use Maral Gel details:

  • Clean the penis and dry it
  • Use your hands to apply directly to the penis body and massage gently to absorb nutrients
  • Wait about 20 minutes for the product to take effect, wash it off and have sex as usual
  • Should be used regularly before having sex and use continuously for 28 days to achieve maximum results

To avoid too long erections and limit irritation and burning, it is not recommended to use Maral Gel more than 2 times / day.

Note when using Maral Gel penis enlargement

Maral Gel is a product that helps increase penis circumference and length, while promoting blood circulation, improving erection and increasing pleasure during sex. However, before using it, men should note the following issues:

  • Maral Gel is an adjunct, not a medicine, and has no medicinal effect.
  • Do not use Maral Gel if the area of ​​the penis is sores, open wounds, or if you are suffering from dermatological diseases in the genital area. Use in this case may cause skin irritation and irritation.
  • Use the product according to the recommended dosage and frequency. Do not take more than 2 times a day or take less than the recommended dose.
  • Maral Gel is a topical product so it is only effective if used regularly for 4 weeks. If the need arises, men can combine it with kidney supplements to improve health and sexual function.
  • Do not use if the penis hives, itching, irritation and redness while taking Maral Gel.
  • Consider cross-allergy risk for your partner. To be safe, do not use Maral Gel if your partner has a history of allergies to ingredients in the product.
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Is Maral Gel penis enlargement good?

Maral Gel is one of the most popular sex enhancement products today. The product is formulated in a cool gel, easy to use and convenient. Formulated entirely from nature, the product is suitable for many people and almost does not cause irritation or allergy.

Using the product regularly every night helps improve erections, limit premature ejaculation and increase pleasure when “having sex”. At the same time, increasing the circumference and length of the boy, thereby helping men sublimate when “in love” and bring you unforgettable feelings.

According to information from the manufacturer, Maral Gel can extend the love time up to 20 minutes or more depending on the location. Moreover, if used regularly, the product can increase penis length by 3 – 4cm in just 4 weeks.

Is maral gel good?
Is Maral Gel good?

However, in fact, the effectiveness of Maral Gel and its supporting products depends largely on the location and some other factors such as health, age, living habits and frequency of “love”. In order for the product to maximize its use, it should be used regularly and actively in combination with a scientific lifestyle.

For men with physiological problems (physiological weakness, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, …), see a doctor to assess the health status and promptly intervene in treatment methods. Because in this case, the Maral Gel and the supporting products are not very effective.

How much does a Maral Gel product cost? Where do you buy it?

Maral Gel to help increase the size of the boy is 550 – 590,000 VND / 50ml box. Products are available at many retail stores and some online stores. Currently on the market there are many establishments trading fake, fake, unknown origin and poor quality products. Therefore, men should be cautious when looking to buy Maral Gel.


Hopefully, through the information about Maral Gel, men can choose the right products for their needs and health conditions. In addition to using this product, proactively change bad habits and establish a healthy lifestyle to improve long-term health and physiological function.


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