Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
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The implantation method for premature ejaculation is a method developed based on a combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine. This method works to support the treatment of male physiological dysfunction, helping men to quickly regain the bravery, style and emotions in sex life.

Premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation) is ejaculation in a short time (usually less than 5 minutes) from the time the penis enters the vagina. This ejaculation phenomenon is not desirable and beyond the control of men. This is considered one of the diseases in the group of weak physiological diseases of men.

Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is a phenomenon of rapid and uncontrolled ejaculation that makes men feel inferior in the bedroom

Learn about the implantation method for premature ejaculation only

What is implantation for premature ejaculation?

This method is also known under another name, that is the nano thread transplantation method. This is one of the methods of treating premature ejaculation in particular and weak physiological in general in men based on acupuncture foundation of traditional medicine. This method belongs to the less invasive treatment group and will certainly achieve certain therapeutic effects.

When doing this method, the doctor will use only Cagut (also known as digestion is actually a type of collagen) made from the intestines of sheep and is capable of dissolving within 20-25 days into taste. acupuncture point direction.

Because the procedure is quite similar, many people often confuse the implantation method with acupuncture only. However, in terms of nature, these are completely 2 different methods.

Perform acupuncture will be conducted to prick the acupuncture point for a short time and then withdraw immediately and the effect will only last a short time. As for the thread culture method, the nanofibers are permanently implanted in the acupuncture point and remain there for 20-25 days to dissipate, so the effect will last longer.

Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
Transplanting only for premature ejaculation, also known as nano thread transplantation, is a modern method with high efficiency

The implantation method of only treating premature ejaculation is a very small intervention, but it is very effective. Only after being implanted will stimulate the production of biochemical reactions, stimulate blood circulation, increase the production of proteins and carbohydrates. From there, bring positive treatment results, increase euphoria, prolong erection of the penis, slow ejaculation process, improve the quality of love.

Mechanism of treatment of premature ejaculation by implantation method only

According to experts, implantation for premature ejaculation is a less invasive and highly effective treatment method through the following mechanism:

  • Increases the production of protein and carbohydrates, improves the nutrient metabolic function of the muscles. Generates constant stimulation in the acupuncture points, thereby increasing blood circulation to the penis (where the thread is implanted), supporting the tonic increase of muscle fibers.
  • Stimulates blood circulation to the penis, improves the conduction of nerve fibers, and easily brings excitement in every love.
  • Thickening the capillary system, thereby reducing the sensitivity of the penis, inhibits premature ejaculation in men.
  • Increases the production of the hormone testosterone in the body to improve physiological functions from the inside of the body, while strengthening the system and controlling blood pressure.
  • Support to prolong erection of the penis, bring a feeling of prolonged stimulation for men to regain manliness, improve sexual life.
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Therefore, this is a method of treatment of physiological weakness that is favored and chosen by many men compared to the surgical method.

Who are the subjects applying to treatment with physiological weakness?

The implantation method is usually indicated for use mainly in cases of men with physiological disorders. Typically as:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Physiological weakness

However, people with a history of the following conditions are absolutely not allowed to perform this method including:

  • People who have a high fever
  • People with paroxysmal hypertension
  • People who are allergic to only Cagut or are unable to respond to acupuncture …

It’s best to consult your doctor about whether or not to take this method to ensure it is safe.

Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
Conduct clinical examination as well as tests to determine eligibility for implantation or not

Advantages and disadvantages of the implantation method only treat premature ejaculation

Any treatment for any disease has two sides, advantages and disadvantages. For therapeutic measures related to male physiology such as drug treatment (medical treatment), surgery (surgical treatment) … or any other physical therapy is the same.

Particularly for the implantation method only for premature ejaculation also has its own advantages and disadvantages:


  • Does not cause pain, does not leave bad scars after implantation, the recovery time is quick and almost does not cause any complications.
  • With minimal invasive range, the patient will not need to take painkillers or perform rehabilitation to improve genital function.
  • This method is suitable for many groups of subjects, including those with complications of atrophy, who cannot control their urination.
  • Support to enhance nutrition, restore muscles and nerves.
  • Absolutely not affect fertility.
  • Increases protein, carbohydrates, reduces lactic acid and acid breakdown in the muscle system, simultaneously enhances anabolism and reduces catabolism effectively.
  • Stimulates immune system and improves the body’s resistance.
  • The recurrence rate of the disease is very small, almost does not appear in young people, mainly in people who are old and degenerate to living and motor capacity.


  • The method of implantation for premature ejaculation only requires to be performed in medical facilities equipped with modern equipment and highly skilled doctors.
  • People with sensitive terrain are very susceptible to irritation by nanofibers. So, after transplanting, just follow the hygiene instructions of the doctor to avoid infection.
  • Elderly people do not recommend this method because it can accelerate degeneration of the genitals.
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The process of implantation only treats ejaculation

Implantation to treat ejaculation is classified as a group of minor surgeries, but this process is quite complicated, requires meticulousness, so the doctor performing this method must have a high level of expertise.

Specifically, the transplant process only takes place as follows:

Step 1: Clinical examination

  • At the stage of clinical examination, the patient will be indicated to perform a combination of tests necessary to see if the penis is infected or not. Based on this result, the doctor will make accurate conclusions about whether the patient can perform implantation or not.
  • If the results allow implementation, the patient will be instructed to keep the penis clean, not to use alcohol and abstain from sexual intercourse 3 days before implantation …
  • In addition, the examination will involve measuring the sensitivity of the penis with a specialized machine device. From this result, it will determine how many threads the patient will have to transplant. Usually, the doctor will advise from 3 to 6 threads to get the best treatment effect.

Step 2: Proceed to transplant the thread

After the examination, clinical examination and determination of the patient eligible for implantation, the doctor will implant the thread into the acupuncture point according to the following procedure:

  • Conducting disinfection of genitals with medical alcohol to eliminate bacteria, limit the risk of infection.
  • Local anesthesia will be implanted only to relieve the patient’s pain.
  • Locate acupressure point and perform precise insertion with a special tool.
  • Disinfect the penis again and apply the bandage. This implantation step only takes about 20-25 minutes.
Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
Only properly implantation will leave no complications, no bad scarring and fast recovery time

Step 3: Take care after implantation only

  • The patient will have to stay in the hospital to rest in bed to monitor for 30 minutes to see if the implantation position is only stable or not causing counteracting reactions. If not, the patient can leave within the same day.
  • Within the first 2 days after implantation, the patient should absolutely not work too hard or too much.
  • Also, be careful not to wash or expose the penis to water for at least 6-8 hours after implantation.
  • After 10 days of implantation, only the cavern will soften and form a soft tissue strip inside the penis, creating a feeling that the penis is larger and longer, improving the quality of love.
  • No alcohol, no sex, no masturbation.

Usually, the time of implantation to treat premature ejaculation only depends on the cause of the disease. Usually, however, patients will have to undergo at least 3 or more treatments. Each procedure to implant only inside the acupuncture point will be 10 to 15 days apart. A session lasts from 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on the complexity of the disease.

Some notes when performing implantation only treat premature ejaculation

In order for the implantation method to only treat premature ejaculation is most effective, men should pay attention to follow the doctor’s instructions and take the following precautions:

  • Implantation is performed only at reputable medical establishments, hospitals and directly performed by highly qualified doctors to avoid errors as well as limit the risk of infection and complications after treatment.
  • Follow the steps to clean the penis according to the doctor’s instructions, do not touch the penis without hand antiseptic to avoid infection.
  • Absolutely do not use alcohol, stimulants about 25 days after transplanting only. Because this is the time to take advantage only.
  • Do not have sex, do not masturbate, do not use other types of sexual aids after implantation.
  • Do not work too hard to avoid putting pressure on the penis.
  • Fully supplementing nutrition, eating science, living healthy, getting enough rest for the body to recover.
  • If you find burning pain or any signs of infection, please promptly notify your doctor for prompt examination and remedy.
  • Follow the scheduled follow-up visit with your doctor to monitor the body’s response to treatment after implantation.
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Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
After transplanting, only patients need to abstain from relationships in the target waiting time to achieve optimal treatment effects

Where to perform implantation for premature ejaculation only?

The implantation of only premature ejaculation is a very sensitive minor surgery, requiring meticulousness of the performing doctor and advanced and modern equipment. Therefore, choosing a reputable site for implantation is only important, should not go to places with poor quality in both equipment and doctor expertise because there may be unintended risks. want like:

  • Infection : The process of implantation into the pressure point on the penis must be done under a sterile state to avoid infection. If this requirement is not met, the risk of skin infections, even penile infections is very high.
  • Cross-contamination : The implantation implants must also ensure absolute sterilization, as the implants such as needles can only be used for many patients, otherwise disinfection can cause disease cross-contamination.
  • Bleeding : Implantation is just a procedure that requires extremely meticulousness and care. Therefore, the workmanship of the unstable doctor can accidentally implant it into blood vessels or thin muscle areas and cause bleeding, hematoma in danger.

In a nutshell, the choice of an implantation address for premature ejaculation is extremely important for the treatment, choosing a reputable and quality place to minimize the risk of facing the following risky complications. there.

Patients can refer to a number of reputable sites and are trusted by many to choose to transplant only:

Address for transplanting premature ejaculation only in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Traditional Medicine Hospital City. Ho Chi Minh City : The hospital has specialized in acupuncture and implantation. At the same time, it has linked training with leading experts from Korea, Japan to get the safest and most effective technology and technique of implantation.
  • Ho Chi Minh International Clinic : This is the address licensed by the Department of Health to specialize in the treatment of male physiological diseases. Some doctors with expertise and high skills such as Pham Minh Loc, Ha Van Luong, Pham Trung Hoa …
  • In addition, patients can look to other famous hospitals in the city such as Binh Dan Hospital (371 Dien Bien Phu, District 3), Pacific Clinic Clinic (District 1) …
Implantation method only treat premature ejaculation
Should choose a reputable and quality medical facility for implantation only to avoid facing risks and complications

Address for transplanting premature ejaculation only in Hanoi

  • Central Acupuncture Hospital : This is a hospital that specializes in acupuncture and includes transplant therapy for premature ejaculation. Some experienced doctors are known to many people at this hospital such as Bui Viet Hung, Do Gia Quy, Nguyen Viet Thai, Dao Hong Quang …
  • Hanoi South School Clinic : This is a prestigious medical facility specializing in the treatment of all male physiological diseases with many methods from traditional to modern. In particular, nano-thread implantation is a therapy that has long been in treatment here. The clinic is highly appreciated and trusted by professionals and patients thanks to the professional qualifications of the doctors as well as fully equipped with advanced equipment.
  • Community International Clinic : When it comes to male physiology hospitals, it is impossible not to mention Community International Clinic. There is a team of skilled, experienced and dedicated and attentive doctors and doctors, the equipment is also very modern. Some doctors have high expertise, with many years working in the industry such as Nguyen Duy Men, Do Quang The, Le Van Minh …

Implantation only treats premature ejaculation is a modern and highly effective treatment method. However, to achieve the most optimal results by this method, the patient must follow the instructions of the doctor. In addition, choose a reputable facility to treat you with peace of mind.


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