Gaviscon medication for gastric reflux
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Gaviscon is a modern medicine that is prepared in the form of a mixture and an oral tablet, and is prescribed by doctors to use in case of heartburn, heartburn, digestive disorders, … Gaviscon is considered one of the Brand-name drugs work to support the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease most popular today.

What is Gaviscon?

Gaviscon is an adjunct to stomach reflux treatment that originated from the UK with the full name of Gaviscon dual action. The drug is manufactured by the company Reckitt Benckiser from the UK and is prepared in 2 forms, including oral tablets and a mixture.

Gaviscon medication for gastric reflux
Gaviscon is a modern medicine that is prescribed by doctors to treat reflux


The drug Gaviscon is an antacid used in the treatment of patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease and gastric ulcers accompanied by manifestations such as heartburn, nausea, difficulty breathing, epigastric pain, mouth produces a lot of saliva, … based on the mechanism of creating anti-acid gel layer. Currently, the drug has been imported and officially distributed into our country.

Ingredients of the drug Gaviscon

The drug Gaviscon is prepared from the following ingredients:

  • Sodium alginate (500mg): This ingredient works to create a thin layer of Alginic gel, temporarily located between the esophagus and stomach, forming a barrier to prevent acid from backing up. This active ingredient, when combined with antacids in the drug Gaviscon, will increase the protective effect of the stomach wall and help quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms.
  • Sodium bicarbonate (267mg): This is a salt compound that helps minimize acidity in the stomach. When this ingredient reacts with acid in the stomach, it will produce CO2 gas and at the same time create a foam layer that works to let the alginic gel layer rise up to effectively fight reflux.
  • Calcium carbonate (160mg): This ingredient works to strengthen the wall of the stomach, helping the stomach to contract to perform better digestive function.
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After use, the drug reacts quickly with stomach acid to form a suspended acid gel layer above the contents of the stomach to effectively prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease within 4 hours. Medicines help relieve symptoms quickly after just 5 minutes up to 84%.

Uses of the drug Gaviscon

With the combination of sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate, Gaviscon is known for its uses:

  • Helps to strengthen and support the symptoms related to stomach ailments. At the same time, this medicine also helps the stomach become healthier to enhance the function of contraction and digestion.
  • Helps to quickly relieve symptoms of heartburn, stomach reflux thanks to the brand-name ingredients in the drug.
  • The drug works almost directly in the stomach to form a protective layer of the stomach wall, helping to reduce the damage of the pathology and soothe the discomfort for the patient.
  • Helps to add substances to increase contractility, probiotics and digestive enzymes to help the stomach digest food better. In addition, the drug also works to treat indigestion, bloating and support digestive functions, …
  • The drugs in the drug quickly react with the acids in the stomach to help reduce the acidity and create a layer of alginic gel with a neutral pH that is good for the stomach and limits the spillage of food.
Gaviscon medication for gastric reflux
Gaviscon helps to relieve symptoms caused by acid reflux

Instructions for use of the drug Gaviscon

When using Gaviscon or any other drug, to avoid drug interactions or side effects, patients need to read the instructions carefully before using.

1. Dosage

1.1. For adults:

  • Tablets: Take 2 – 4 tablets per day.
  • Package form: Drink 4 times a day, each time from 10-20ml.

1.2. For children:

  • Children from 6 – 12 years old: Use easy-to-drink package with dosage from 5 – 10ml / 4 times / day.
  • Children over 12 years: Use equivalent to the adult dose.
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2. How to use medicine

The drug is prepared in 2 different ways, so the way of using the drug is also different:

  • Tablets: The drug is taken directly and must not be crushed or chewed because it can affect the effectiveness of the drug.
  • For the package: Mix with a suitable amount of water for use. For this dosage form, a full 5ml spoon should be used to drink.
  • Should take the drug after eating and before going to bed to ensure the effectiveness of the drug. Because at that moment, the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux will usually manifest most clearly.

3. Drug Interactions

The composition of Gaviscon for gastroesophageal reflux can interact with some groups of drugs as follows:

  • Digoxine group of drugs
  • Medicines that contain Fluoroquinolone
  • Group of H2 receptor antagonists
  • The group of drugs contains iron salts

To bring the highest therapeutic effect, patients should use the drug Gaviscon about 2 hours away from the groups of drugs.

Contraindications – contraindications

The drug Gaviscon for gastric reflux is indicated for use in the following subjects:

  • People are showing symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease accompanied by symptoms such as belching, heartburn, bitter mouth, …
  • Supportive treatment of reflux esophagitis-related symptoms.

In addition, the drug Gaviscon is contraindicated for a number of cases such as:

  • Children under 6 years old.
  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug.
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • People with kidney failure, liver failure, hypercalcemia, …

Is Gaviscon good for acid reflux?

Gaviscon is a gastric reflux medication and is regularly used by doctors and pharmacists in hospitals to prescribe stomach pain prescriptions, showing that this is a good medicine popular in the market and has won a lot. the care of many sick people.

The drug works by a different mechanism, when entering the body, Sodium Bicarbonate reacts with stomach acid to form Dosixide Carbon dioxide gas, which helps to produce more foam floating on the alginic gel to aid in preventing reflux. reverse. Thanks to this mechanism, the drug quickly overcome stomach pain and gastroesophageal reflux after only the first few doses.

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The drug has the ability to rapidly relieve symptoms after just 5 minutes of use and its effectiveness has also been recognized in clinical trials. Therefore, patients can use drugs to improve and relieve symptoms caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease.

About 75% of patients treated with drugs experienced relief from reflux symptoms several times. At the same time, the pharmacological ingredients of the drug can prolong the stability of the disease within 4 hours.

Gaviscon medication for gastric reflux
The drug is effective after only 5 coats of use

Note when using Gaviscon

For optimal treatment results when using Gaviscon, patients need to pay attention to a number of things as follows:

  • People who are hypersensitive to any components of the drug should not use them to avoid adverse effects that are dangerous to the body.
  • Store the drug at a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or humid places, including in the refrigerator.
  • Do not use the drug in patients with Phenylketonuria, as it contains Aspartame, which will make the condition worse.
  • If within 7 days of using the drug, there is no sign of remission, discontinue use and consult a doctor directly to consult.
  • Gaviscon drug interacts with certain drugs, such as Digoxine and iron salts. Therefore, patients should pay attention when using or consult a doctor to change to another therapy.
  • Applying the drug to children under 12 years old should follow the prescription of a doctor, pharmacist before use.

In addition, patients when using the drug also need to pay attention to unwanted side effects that may occur such as:

  • The ingredients in the drug are mixed with pain relievers and antibiotics, so it is likely to destroy the mucous layer, causing more damage and inflammation.
  • May affect the function of liver and kidney toxin elimination.
  • Some other allergies such as: urticaria, itching, bronchospasm, anaphylactic reactions, …

How much does Gaviscon cost? Where do you buy it?

Currently, the drug Gaviscon for gastroesophageal reflux is sold in almost all pharmacies nationwide with the following reference price:

  • Gaviscon pills in tablet form: 65,000 VND / box x 2 blisters x 8 tablets.
  • Gaviscon drug package: 135,000 VND / box x 24 packs.

Above are detailed information about Gaviscon medicine for gastroesophageal reflux and answers questions about whether Gaviscon is good or not. Hope this article will help you in choosing the right medicine for treating disease.


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