Dataki Stomach
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Dataki Stomach is a TPCN that supports the treatment of gastroduodenitis, reflux oesophagus, … with the formula completely from nature. Currently, the product has been officially distributed at private drugstores and retail stores with the listed price of 520,000 VND / box of 60 tablets. 

Dataki Stomach
Dataki’s stomach is a TPCN, not a cure

Dataki stomach is medicine or TPCN?

Dataki stomach is health protection / TPCN food of Dataki Joint Stock Company – Vietnam. The product is not a medicine and has no effect to replace medicine. Products are manufactured according to modern specialized lines, meeting GMP standard. Currently, Dataki Stomach is one of the most popular products to support stomach ailments on the market.

Basic Information about Dataki Stomach Food Ingredients:

  • Product Name: Dataki Stomach
  • Category: Food for health protection
  • Manufacturer: Vesta Pharmaceutical Development Joint Stock Company
  • Unit responsible for product quality and distribution: Dataki – Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Dosage form: Hard capsule
  • Specification: Box x 60 tablets
  • SDK: 9491/2019 / ĐKSP

Ingredients of Dataki Stomach Oral Capsule

Dataki Stomach Food is completely researched and developed from natural medicinal herbs. Ingredient content in each 500mg hard capsule, including:

Dataki stomach medicine bought where
The main ingredients of the product are natural medicinal herbs such as hoang hoang, carpentry incense, traditional medicine, …
  • Patchouli extract 75mg – Patchouli has a sweet, bitter taste, mild temperament, moderate effect, consistency, harmony, food consumption, so it is often used by people for diseases caused by spleen. Recent scientific studies show that the essential oil of this herb has the ability to increase gastric secretion, improve digestive performance and strong antibacterial.
  • Powder sample ratio 75mg – Powder sample ratio (powdered from oyster shell) is the main ingredient of Dataki gastric capsule. With natural calcium carbonate content, this medicine has the ability to neutralize acid, limit symptoms due to increased gastric juice secretion such as epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, …
  • Additive 60mg – For a long time, flavoring has been used in remedies to stimulate digestion, improve poor eating, bloating, … Although it does not affect acid production, medicinal herbs This has a calming, analgesic and antibacterial effect. Therefore, additional flavoring is added to the product’s formulation to increase therapeutic effect.
  • Cao hoang king 50mg – Cao hoang anh has anti-inflammatory effects, inhibits acid secretion activity and inhibits histamine, acetylcholine (factors that stimulate the stomach to increase gastric juice secretion and excessive contractility). Currently, this medicinal herb is commonly used in the production of preparations to support the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers .
  • Leukoplakia 60mg – Atractylenolid ingredient in algebraic extract has the effect of regulating gastric juice production and preventing gastric mucosa ulcers. Besides, this herb also helps to foster health, improve taste and reduce weight loss due to prolonged stomach pain.
  • Cao Moc Huong 40mg – Moc Huong is the traditional medicine that has been studied through many scientific experiments. Recent studies show that this herb has the ability to soothe pain caused by excessive contraction of the stomach.
  • Curcumin 95% 40mg – Curcumin is the “key” ingredient in Dataki stomach. This ingredient inhibits the inflammatory precursor NF-kB, while at the same time accelerating ulcer recovery and improving health. Curcumin also helps the body eliminate free radicals, regulates the activity of the digestive organs and reduces the risk of tumors.
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It can be seen that Dataki Stomach Food Ingredient contains a formula of all natural herbs. These herbs are not only used in traditional medicine but have been scientifically researched and recognized for their therapeutic effects on stomach diseases.

Uses of the stomach food Dataki

Dataki stomach food ingredient contains 95% curcumin with high bioavailability along with natural herbs good for spleen such as rosemary, patchouli, rhubarb, aloe vera, … If used regularly The product can provide the following uses:

  • Helps regulate gastric juice secretion
  • Protect the stomach lining, help speed up the healing process of ulcers and prevent ulcers from spreading
  • Support to reduce symptoms of gastroduodenal inflammation / ulcer such as epigastric pain, flatulence, poor appetite, heartburn, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, …
  • Regulate digestive activities, create a sense of appetite, overcome weight loss and weakness due to prolonged stomach pain
  • Support the treatment process of peptic ulcers and reduce the risk of having complications such as stomach ulcers, perforation, pyloric stenosis, stomach bleeding , …
  • Dataki stomach food also has the ability to prevent disease recurrence

Subjects of use / Contraindications

With the effect of regulating acid production and protecting the gastric mucosa, Dataki Stomach TPCN is recommended for those experiencing the following health problems:

how much does the dataki stomach cost
The product is suitable for people with gastroduodenitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, …
  • People with gastroduodenitis
  • People with gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • People with poor digestive function, often encounter symptoms such as heartburn, belching, epigastric pain, poor appetite, indigestion, …

In addition, people at high risk of stomach ulcers such as frequent use of alcohol, using drugs that harm the stomach, … can also use the product. However, you should consult your doctor for specific advice on dosage and duration of use.

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Contraindications to Dataki Gastrointestinal Foodstuff for people with a history of hypersensitivity to any ingredients, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Instructions for use Stomach Dataki

Dataki Stomach comes in the form of a hard capsule. Product is taken orally right after a main meal 15 – 20 minutes.

Recommended dosage:

  • Each time use 3 tablets, 2 times a day
  • Or can be used as directed by your doctor

Dataki stomach is the TPCN so its effect is usually slower than with modern medicines. Therefore, you should use it regularly to see a noticeable effect. As recommended by the manufacturer, should be used for at least 1 month to realize the full effect of the product.

Some problems when using Dataki stomach food

Dataki Gastrointestinal Foodstuff is a support product for people with gastroduodenitis, reflux esophagus and people with poor gastric function. Products are formulated entirely from nature, safe, benign and can be used for a long time.

However, before using Dataki Stomach, you should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Dataki stomach is a TPCN, not a medicine and an ineffective substitute for medication.
  • It is necessary to use the product in accordance with the recommended dosage. Do not increase / decrease the dose by yourself without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not use the product if you have a history of allergy to any of the ingredients, are pregnant or breast-feeding. In addition, people with special health problems (cancer, diabetes, liver, kidney, …) should consult their doctor before taking Dataki Gastrointestinal Foodstuff.
  • The effectiveness of the product can be significantly reduced if used concurrently with alcohol, tobacco, hot spicy foods, containing a lot of acid, … So during treatment, it is advisable to change bad habits and develop healthy life regime.
  • Do not arbitrarily coordinate Dataki stomach with drugs to treat stomach ulcers without medical consultation.
  • Although there are no reports of any side effects when taking Dataki Stomach, you should inform your doctor if any unusual manifestations occur during use.

Is Dataki Stomach Food Good? Should I use it?

Dataki stomach food is good or not matter many readers are interested – especially those who intend to use. This product is completely researched and developed from natural ingredients such as curcumin (turmeric extract), ragweed, patchouli, rosemary, aromatherapy, rhubarb, … These ingredients have been research on the scientific basis and proven effective for the prevention – treatment of stomach diseases.

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The efficacy of the product has also been clinically proven. Experiments show that Dataki stomach food has the ability to reduce the amount of acid excreted if used regularly for 10 days. From day 15 onwards, the amount of gastric juice excreted will return to balance. In cases where the product is used continuously for 30 days in combination with diet, scientific activities, inflammatory foci in the gastric mucosa and duodenum have clear signs of recovery and regeneration.

how much does the dataki stomach cost
Is Dataki’s stomach good?

Although the effectiveness has been proven, in fact, the effects of Dataki stomach food products also depend on the location, health status and lifestyle of each person. Therefore, this product is only recommended for cases of newly developed gastritis and duodenal, not suitable for people with complications of ulcers, pyloric stenosis, stomach bleeding, …

The composition of the product is mainly natural medicine, so its effect is relatively slow. So, should be patient to use the product steadily from 30 – 60 days. Besides, it is necessary to limit alcohol consumption, smoking, nervous tension, stay up late, … to support the treatment process and help the product maximize its effect.

In case the disease has progressed to ulcer phase or is ineffective when taking Dataki Gastric Foodstuff, you should see your doctor for consultation and treatment. Excess dependence on supportive products can interfere with treatment, causing inflammation to spread and progress.

How much does Dataki stomach cost? Where do you buy it?

Dataki Stomach Food has a price of 520,000 VND / box of 60 capsules. Currently, the product has been distributed at retail stores, private pharmacies, … nationwide. In addition, readers can also buy at the official website of the distributor.

Dataki Gastrointestinal Foodstuff is a product that supports the treatment and prevention of gastroduodenal inflammation, reflux oesophagus, … Hope through the general information in the article, readers can better understand the ingredients, the use, price and quality of the product. However, for more specific advice, please consult your pharmacist or specialist.

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