The leaves are effective in reducing inflammation and swelling, helping to eliminate uric acid in the bloodstream from the body
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Gout is a metabolic disorder related to the diet that causes high levels of uric acid in the blood, causing the deposition of urate crystals in joints causing stiffness and deformation of the joints. There are many safe, simple, and easy-to-follow home remedies for gout such as using green cabbage, brown rice, guise leaves and especially the use of mango. Using the leaves to cure gout is one of the remedies that many people apply, here are some information about the gout treatment uses of the leaves and how to properly implement this method.

The leaves are effective in reducing inflammation and swelling, helping to eliminate uric acid in the bloodstream from the body
The leaves are effective in reducing inflammation and swelling, helping to eliminate uric acid in the bloodstream from the body

Benefits of gout treatment of the leaves

Voi is a woody plant, growing wild in many plains and mountainous areas in our country, with a height of 5 – 7m. The egg-shaped mantle is wide, the stalk is hard and long, the width is 1.5cm, the leaf length is from 8 – 20cm. The plant has white flowers, blooms in clusters, the fruit is quite small, green when young, purple when ripe. The leaves are often cooked into water for drinking, supporting the treatment of many diseases.

According to Dr. Do Tat Loi in the book “Vietnamese medicinal plants and herbs”, the leaves are cool, bitter, contain no toxins, are safe and benign for health. Plant parts such as buds and leaves are used for healing. In particular, the leaves are often used to brake tea to drink, have a heat and refreshing effect. Buds can aid in the treatment of digestive problems and may stimulate appetite.

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The reason why the leaves can support the treatment of gout is because:

  • According to traditional medicine, the leaves are cool, have heat effect, help to purify the body, support uric acid excretion from the body through the urinary tract. 
  • According to research by the Institute of Oriental Medicine, the leaves contain a type of Gram-negative bacteria, which has antibiotic effects, acts as a powerful natural antibiotic to help reduce inflammation in the joints caused by gout. .
  • The leaves also contain many active ingredients such as tannins, flavonoids, and alkaloids that help fight inflammation, antibacterial, and help to repel the painful symptoms of joint discomfort caused by gout. 
  • Modern research also shows that, the leaves contain little purines, when entering the body will not cause an increase in uric acid levels in the blood, very safe for the health of gout patients.

In addition to the effect of soothing the pain of bones and joints, reducing redness and burning in the inflammatory joint position, the fresh leaves also help to improve gastrointestinal diseases, colon disease, jaundice. , helps to sedate the patient to have a better sleep.

A simple remedy for gout at home

You should use dried lotus leaves to treat gout better than fresh banana leaves
You should use dried lotus leaves to treat gout better than fresh banana leaves

The leaves are grown in many places, very easy to find, low cost, the way to use the leaves to treat gout is simple, easy to implement, so many people apply. If you are suffering from mild gout, new onset disease, you can apply home remedies for gout gout to improve the pain and discomfort caused by gout. 

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According to folklore, drinking freshly and regularly, drinking water with fresh leaves will support the elimination of uirc acid in the blood, effectively reducing pain. In addition, the leaves are non-toxic, contain many healthy nutrients, and using them regularly will help improve health, help sleep well, improve heart problems. 

You can use fresh or dried leaves to treat gout. However, due to the fact that the fresh leaves have pus and resin, if used for a long time, it will affect the digestive system and blood. Therefore, the best patient should be dried or dried for use. 

How to dry the palm leaves:

  • Take a large amount of fresh palm leaves, wash them, and take them out to drain
  • Put the leaves in the basket or jar, use dried straw or banana leaves to spread them evenly
  • Incubate continuously for many days, when the leaves turn black, they are dried in the sun
  • When the leaves are dry, put them in a plastic wrap or plastic jar, cover with a lid, and store for use.

How to use the leaves to treat gout:

  • Take 30g of dried lotus leaves, brake or boil with 2 liters of water
  • After 15 minutes, turn off the heat, let it cool, drink while still warm
  • Use the water to drink banana leaves instead of water, consistently apply each day to support treatment.

Besides the leaves, you can use the buds to dry, capture the water, do not need to dry like leaves. Persistently use the water of leaves and buds every day, about 1-2 months will see the symptoms improve.

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Some notes when using the leaves to treat gout

Do not use banana leaf juice when you are hungry
Do not use banana leaf juice when you are hungry

When treating gout with palm leaves, you need to keep in mind some of the following issues:

  • Using the leaves to treat gout is only suitable for cases of mild and newly onset diseases. If you’ve had gout for a long time, this method will only bring about the positive effects that won’t work as well. 
  • Gout treatment with Robusta leaves is a safe folk trick that causes less side effects for health, but the effect is very slow, requiring persistence for a long time to see the effect.
  • When using the leaves of the plant, should only be used with a sufficient dose, do not drink too thick to avoid losing beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, affecting the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Do not drink the leaves on an empty stomach because the active ingredients in the water will stimulate bowel movements to make you crave more. Meanwhile, people with gout should limit food intake into the body.
  • Do not use Robusta leaf water for people with lean, debilitated body.
  • Store in a dry, cool place, avoid moisture so as not to cause moldy leaves, cannot be used.

Above is how to use the leaves to cure gout that you can refer. If there are any unusual symptoms during use, it should be discontinued immediately and replaced with other treatments. See your doctor regularly to get helpful advice and keep track of your condition.


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