How to properly cure hemorrhoids using alum?
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Using alum to treat hemorrhoids is a simple, safe folk trick that brings positive results. However, patients need to use alum to cure them properly? The following article will provide specific instructions for readers.

Alum is the folk name for sodium aluminum sulfate (potassium alum – KAL (SO4) 2 ). This drug also has many other names such as: birth complaint, white complaint, complaining, code complaining, complaining, complaining, dancing, dancing. 

White or milky white alum, usually exists as irregularly sized grains / crystals. When heated, the alum turns into a mild porous form, known as dry flakes or filament.

How to properly cure hemorrhoids using alum?
Alum is the folk name for sodium aluminum sulfate (potassium alum – KAL (SO4) 2). This medicinal material is white or opaque white, usually exists as particles / crystals with irregular sizes.


Today, alum is produced by modern industrial lines by adding potassium sulfate to concentrated aluminum solution and is widely used in the culinary, pharmaceutical – cosmetic, dyeing, tanning industry …

Benefits of treating hemorrhoids of alum

According to the conception of traditional medicine, alum is acidic, acidic, non-toxic, in the menstruation, has the effect of detoxifying, rheumatism, antiseptic, eliminating itching, curing dermatological diseases such as blackhead Laos , foot water and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are bulging, varicose veins in the rectum (the last part of the large intestine) and anus. To inhibit the inflammatory process in hemorrhoids, folk have combined alum with natural herbs with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in simple and easy-to-do remedies.

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However, because alum has an antibacterial and disinfecting effect, this treatment can only support treatment. To have a comprehensive effect and reverse the pathology, patients should apply these hemorrhoids treatment tips with compliance with the doctor’s instructions.

Benefits of treating hemorrhoids of alum
Folk have taken advantage of the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of alum to treat hemorrhoids.

Instructions on how to use alum to treat hemorrhoids safely

Here are two popular and highly effective ways to cure hemorrhoids with alum:

1. Anal bath

Because the medicinal properties of alum are quite simple, this folk remedy will incorporate a number of other medicinal herbs such as flowers, marjoram , wormwood , sage … to help reduce pain and itchy feelings in the anus. of the patient.

  • Prepare marjoram and wormwood each 40g, flowers and body only 20g each, 12g alum
  • Wash the herbs above 
  • Put everything in the pot and add clean water and alum, boil for 10 minutes
  • Pour water into the tub to charge the anal area
  • When the water cools, patients soak and rinse the anus gently to reduce inflammation
  • Do it 1-2 times / day for at least 2-4 weeks


  • Before inhaling, you should clean your anus thoroughly and dry with a soft, soft bristle towel. 
  • During treatment, patients need to maintain personal hygiene in general and anal hygiene in particular to minimize the risk of infection.

2. Soak the anus

This simple way of making requires the only ingredients of alum and a quiet, comfortable space. You do not need to prepare or incorporate any other ingredients.

  • Put some alum (finely blended) on a hot pan
  • Stir until acid alum swells up, turn off the heat, then let the pan cool
  • Put the alum powder in a glass jar to use gradually
  • Every day, the patient takes 3 teaspoons of alum mixed with a sufficient amount of warm water to soak the anal for about 15 minutes.
  • Perform 1 time / day
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Anal soak
This simple way of making requires the only ingredients of alum and a quiet, comfortable space.

Things to note when using alum to cure hemorrhoids

Using alum to treat hemorrhoids is a safe, effective folk trick that rarely causes side effects. However, in order to minimize the undesirable risks, the patients should be aware of the following issues:

  • Alum and natural herbs in remedy no.1 only work to support treatment. If the patient subjectively applies this method alone in the treatment of hemorrhoids , it is difficult to improve symptoms, even inflammation of the varicose veins will become more severe if you do not. tutorial.
  • Patients should take Western medicine in parallel with the application of these two folk tips.
  • Readers need to abstain from fast food, hot spicy foods, lots of grease and spices, away from cigarettes, alcohol, stimulants … during the healing period.
  • The sick person should not sit too much, avoid carrying heavy objects or exercising too hard.
  • Be sure to clean the ingredients before proceeding to minimize the possibility of a hemorrhoids infection.

These two simple ways are only useful for mild conditions. Depending on the location of each person, this method will be effective in a different fast – slow time. Therefore, patients need to persistently perform to achieve the desired results. If the disease has changed seriously, readers should proactively visit a doctor for prompt and definitive advice and treatment.


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