Artificial cartilage nose lift to keep for long?  Is it safe?
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If you have a short, poorly charming nose, artificial nose lift is a method to help overcome those shortcomings. So what is artificial cartilage rhinoplasty? How long can it last? Is it safe? The following information will help you to solve these problems.

What is artificial cartilage rhinoplasty?

Owning a tall, slim nose is something that any woman wants. However, not everyone has that luck. Many people have bad nose shapes. Flat nose, raft nose wings will make women become self-confident in daily communication. To overcome this, rhinoplasty surgery is the method that many people choose.

Compared with natural cartilage rhinoplasty, artificial cartilage rhinoplasty does not bring long-term, permanent effects. But it has its own advantages such as faster execution time and especially much lower cost. So, what is artificial cartilage rhinoplasty?

In fact, artificial cartilage rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty method that uses 100% artificial cartilage to shape and improve the nasal bridge. The artificial cartilage here is cartilage made from bio-silicon, produced with many different sizes and shapes to suit many customers.

With increasingly advanced techniques, rhinoplasty with this method has increasingly made progress in the use of cartilage-forming materials and surgical techniques. The cartilage is made of good cartilage material to prolong the life of the bridge of the nose. Specifically, in the traditional rhinoplasty method, the artificial cartilage used is the coarse block of silicon. So after rhinoplasty, there are many cases of unwanted complications.

In contrast, artificial cartilage rhinoplasty uses cartilage made from soft, flexible silicon. It has the ability to improve the shape of the nose and also limit the state of life, red ball. That is why this method is increasingly chosen by many women.

Object specified

The method of artificial rhinoplasty is applied to the following subjects:

  • Customers are both male and female over 18 years old.
  • People with a short, flat nose
  • Customers who have had a nose lift but the results are not as expected.
  • People who want to improve the height of the bridge of the nose with less invasive, effective methods quickly.
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What advantages and disadvantages do artificial cartilage rhinoplasty have?

Raising the nose with artificial cartilage gives customers a high, naturally beautiful, harmonious shape with the face
Raising the nose with artificial cartilage gives customers a high, naturally beautiful, harmonious shape with the face

Before implementing any beauty method, everyone wants to know the benefits that it brings. If you are wondering what are the advantages of artificial cartilage nose lift, you can refer to the following information:

  • Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty gives customers an elegant, natural nose shape that is in harmony with the face.
  • Helps overcome the low blemish of the nose shape.
  • The method of artificial rhinoplasty minimizes invasiveness, has a quick recovery time without rest.
  • The procedure is fast, safe, less painful and leaves less scarring.
  • The results are maintained for quite a long time.
  • Compared with natural cartilage rhinoplasty, artificial cartilage rhinoplasty has a much lower cost.

Although there are many advantages, but artificial cartilage rhinoplasty also has some limitations. Specifically:

  • Since it is man-made cartilage compatibility with the body will be lower than naturally. From there it can cause many complications after rhinoplasty such as allergies, cartilage elimination.
  • Another limitation that we should note is that lifting the nose with this method usually does not work to shrink the nose, nostrils. Therefore, it is only really suitable for sisters whose nose does not have too many defects.

How long can artificial cartilage be kept? Is it safe?

Should go to reputable cosmetic establishments to beautify yourself
Should go to reputable cosmetic establishments to beautify yourself

Before deciding to go to the nose lift, many women wonder how long the artificial cartilage lift can last. Usually, the effects of this method only last about 3-5 years.

However, how long artificial cartilage rhinoplasty is maintained depends on many factors, such as: How to use good cartilage material, how well each person is, and the professional technique of the person. whether or not the postoperative care is good or not … In the case of a good response to these factors, the effect of rhinoplasty will certainly be prolonged and vice versa.

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In addition, whether artificial cartilage rhinoplasty is safe is also something that many customers pay attention to. Until now, the method of artificial rhinoplasty is still considered less invasive and safe. Only a few cases of accident or impact, causing the nose area to be damaged, need to remove the cartilage from the nasal cavity. But to ensure the surgery is safe, avoiding complications later, women should go to reputable cosmetic establishments, have full operating licenses, meet the expertise and techniques to practice. show.

Nasal lift procedure like?

Depending on each cosmetic facility, the rhinoplasty surgery procedure is also slightly different. However, to ensure the safety of customers, most cosmetic hospitals follow a surgical procedure as follows:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The customer will be consulted specifically by the plastic surgeon about the defects of the nose. At this time, women should also state their own wishes to be given the most appropriate remedy by the doctors.

Step 2: General health check

Before the surgery, women will have a general health check to ensure safety. This will help doctors diagnose if you are sick or have abnormal health. From there give the best solution.

During surgery, the doctor will use anesthetic and many other tools. Therefore, when having a health examination, if you are allergic to certain substances, you should also inform the doctor.

Strictly follow the rhinoplasty procedure to ensure the safety of customers
Strictly follow the rhinoplasty procedure to ensure the safety of customers

Step 3: Measure the drawing, sketch the new nose shape

Doctors will examine the structure of the nasal bone to measure and determine the exact location of cartilage. This step is very important, should be done meticulously and precisely because it will help determine the size of the cartilage material to be inserted into the bridge of the nose.

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Step 4: Antiseptic and anesthetic

An antiseptic will help prevent infection during surgery. To help women not feel pain and discomfort, the doctor will perform anesthesia in the nose area. In addition, the necessary tools for surgery will also be fully prepared.

Step 5: Conduct nose-cartilage surgery

Doctors use specialized tools to make an incision under the base of the nasal column. Through the surgical route, the doctor conducted a cavity dissection and put artificial cartilage into the nasal bridge. Along with that is shaping and adjusting the nose shape for a balanced, harmonious with the face. Finally, the wound is fixed with specialized cosmetic only.

Step 6: Provide care instructions and schedule a follow-up visit

After surgery, customers are consulted on how to care and can return within the same day.

Step 7: Examining and cutting threads as directed by your doctor

Women should go to the doctor’s appointment and cut threads according to the doctor’s appointment to make sure there are no bad problems after surgery.

Some things to keep in mind after rhinoplasty

Regardless of the surgical method of choice, care after the procedure is very important. Because proper care not only helps the wound to heal quickly, avoids superinfection but also prolongs the effectiveness of the method / What should be noted after rhinoplasty surgery?

  • The first thing to remember is not to apply force or massage the nose area for at least 1 week after performing rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Wear a mask while on the road or when working in polluted, smoky places to avoid infection.
  • Follow-up visit according to the doctor’s schedule. If you find that the surgical site is abnormal, you should contact your doctor for immediate treatment.
  • Do not use foods, drinks or stimulants that cause allergies or irritability such as seafood, alcohol, processed foods …
  • Drink plenty of water, can add juices or vitamins to help the wound heal faster.
  • Increase your intake of green vegetables, fresh fruits, protein-rich foods, vitamins to speed up the recovery process.

Above are information to know about artificial cartilage rhinoplasty and some things to note. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages as well as the process of implementing each beauty method will help women be more proactive in choosing how to beautify themselves.


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