Temporary erectile dysfunction
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Temporary erectile dysfunction does not mean that a man has lost the ability to have sex permanently. This condition makes many men feel anxious and shy about their partners. The following article will help men find the answer to temporary erectile dysfunction that needs treatment?

Having temporary erectile dysfunction need treatment?

Having temporary erectile dysfunction need treatment? Is one of the biggest concerns of men, because this problem is annoying and affects their psychology quite a lot. To answer the above question, experts say:

Temporary erectile dysfunction is “the boy”, every time he gets into battle, can only “up” for a while and then go completely, even though there are many measures that can not increase libido in a man. love is interrupted and creates anxiety.

People with temporary erectile dysfunction need to visit medical facilities so that the doctor can find out the cause and thereby offer effective treatment measures to help the patient return to a normal living state.

Temporary erectile dysfunction
People with temporary erectile dysfunction need to see a doctor to find a cure


If the disease is not treated properly, sperm volume in the body will be depleted, fertility will be affected or infertility.

Causes of temporary erectile dysfunction and how to treat it

According to doctors, the cause of temporary erectile dysfunction is caused by 2 factors:

  • Mentality
  • Hormonal disorders (testosterone)
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The reason for forming these factors is due to mental stress at work, family, … stress inhibits blood circulation, making blood flow unable to be transmitted to the genitals. 

Besides, the majority of men have many bad habits in their lifestyle, unhealthy activities, and use of stimulants such as beer, alcohol, cigarettes, …

Experts say that to treat erectile dysfunction temporarily, it is necessary to change the lifestyle of life with the following effective methods:

1. Thanks to adjunct medicine

Currently on the market there are many supplements to help cure erectile dysfunction. In which, there are many types of tonic kidney tonic enhancing vitality prepared from benign natural herbs to effectively support and improve physiological function.

However, gentlemen should not use it arbitrarily without consulting the doctor. And avoid overuse of drugs so that the body has undesirable reactions.

2. Relax

When you have temporary erectile dysfunction, you should not be in a hurry to worry that it will affect the body state. Remember that this is just a “temporary” disease, not “permanent”, instead of straining the brain to think, you can relax the body in the following ways:

  • Reduce workload, do not embrace too much work that will make the body stress
  • Listen to lyrics without lyrics on youtube, help focus brain, reduce anxiety
  • Make yourself happy tours and outdoor activities with loved ones
  • Stroll for 10 – 15 minutes a day, take deep breaths and massage the whole body to make your body feel more comfortable and comfortable.
Temporary erectile dysfunction
Traveling, outdoor activities help the body relax to avoid negative thoughts

3. Share with your partner

Almost all men with temporary erectile dysfunction will feel guilty and ashamed to not share this with anyone, including their partner.

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Instead of putting it in your heart, just boldly and frankly share with your spouse so that you can relieve and relieve the burden for forever in your heart. When you share, you are accepting positive things for yourself. That spouse will certainly understand for you.

4. Prelude techniques

If you suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction then men just need to focus on technique foreplay. Because this is a technique that opens up all love going smoothly and helps your partner feel excited while entering.

Try to be positive in foreplay, don’t worry too much about time or try to figure out how to do it through the speaker. Even if the results are not so perfect as expected, just be as bold as possible if you have excitement.

For a good foreplay, men can also spend some time pampering their partner in certain sensitive areas of the body.

5. Eating science

Building a proper diet is essential to help the body absorb nutrients that help produce more testosterone and endorphins to regenerate new sperms for the body.

Temporary erectile dysfunction
Add protein-rich foods to help support erectile dysfunction temporarily

Supplement your body with foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Eat seafood: shrimp, oyster, fish, eel, …
  • Protein and protein rich foods: beef, goat meat, eggs, …
  • Additional vegetables: bean sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, bananas, …

Besides, it is necessary to limit greasy foods, spicy spices such as pepper, chili.

6. Healthy living

In addition to building a scientific eating routine, create more healthy, self-beneficial lifestyles for yourself that help boost your health by:

  • Limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, and cigarettes
  • Take 5 minutes a day to do simple erectile exercises
  • Get enough sleep, do not stay up late
  • Limit the use of certain drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction such as antihypertensive drugs, pain relievers, and depressants.
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Temporary erectile dysfunction
Set aside 5 minutes a day to do simple energizing exercises

7. Relationship moderately, properly

When suffering from temporary erectile dysfunction, the gentleman just had sex regularly to let the “boy” get used to being stimulated. 

Let all love happen as naturally as possible, so confidently fight should not be too stressful. Besides, let’s change a few poses to increase excitement and create emotions.

In short, those with temporary erectile dysfunction should not worry too much, because the illness only lasts 2 – 3 months or less than 1 month and then slowly goes away and returns to normal life. often if you know how to change your lifestyle.

To feel more secure, the patient can go to the hospital to get useful advice from doctors. Train yourself to say no to substances that are harmful to your body. Build yourself to have a happy spirit of optimism and healthy living.


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