Oriental medicine to cure gout
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In addition to the use of Western drugs, nowadays many people tend to choose oriental medicine for gout treatment because it is effective, safe, does not cause side effects for health and is suitable for many people.

Gout (gout) according to the concept of Oriental medicine

Gout (gout) is one of the typical diseases of chronic arthritis. The disease usually appears commonly in middle-aged men (from 40 years old and older), premenopausal women or people who are overweight or obese. The mechanism of gout is caused by metabolic disorders in the body, leading to increased levels of uric acid in the blood, forming urate salt crystals and deposition in the muscle joints causing pain.

Oriental medicine to cure gout
Gout or gout in Oriental medicine is a disease that occurs due to external factors


The characteristic of gout pain is that it appears suddenly in a position like the tip of the big toe, then gradually spreads to other toes and other joint positions such as wrists, elbows, fingers, knee joints … If not detected and treated in time will make the disease worse and worse, patients not only face severe gout pain but also have many extremely dangerous complications.

According to the concept of Oriental medicine, gout, also known as gout, occurs due to rheumatism, welding, leprosy penetrates inside the body and affects the performance of internal organs (mainly Kidney, Can and Ty organs). When the function of the organs is impaired, it will lead to gas stagnation, congestion, and become bald, otherwise early intervention will lead to disease.

At this point, the patient will experience sudden joint pain, usually in the middle of the night. Occasionally fever, swelling, red, hot, project, red tongue, moss yellow and thick, hypotenuse, active.

Similar to Western medicine, medicines to treat gout according to Oriental medicine also depend on the stage of the disease as well as the clinical symptoms. The main purpose of using Oriental medicine is to promote blood, rheumatoid arthritis, moderate menstrual pain, reduce phlegm, reduce swelling in the joints, improve yin and kidney.

Gout treatment according to Oriental medicine is one of the methods that are increasingly preferred by many people. Although the effect is slow, the safety is higher than that of Western medicine. Not only that, the oriental medicine also has the ability to be absorbed better than Western drugs, thereby minimizing the negative impact on the liver and kidneys, so it can be completely used in time. long.

However, this method is suitable for the treatment of gout in patients with mild illness, the disease has both onset or has not turned chronic. In severe cases, oriental medicine will not provide effective treatment.

The principles of gout treatment according to Oriental medicine

Gout treatment according to Oriental medicine mainly works directly on the source of the disease to eliminate them completely.

Eliminate external evil factors

To be able to eliminate the root cause of gout, according to Oriental medicine, it is necessary to eliminate external factors that cause symptoms, ie de-leprosy, welding, low subtraction).

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Some oriental medicines with anti-inflammatory, low-minus and heat-dissolving effects will be preferred. Such as

  • Jelly seeds, burdock, spleen, balm, and saffron help inhibit the production of uric acid in the blood.
  • Quince, tuberose, pine tree, banana seeds, willow … have diuretic effects, enhance the function of liver detoxification, improve the function of uric acid excretion from the body and reduce cholesterol effectively.

Discharge of meridians, increase blood circulation

Oriental medicine to cure gout
Oriental remedies have anti-inflammatory, low-subtraction and heat-dissipation effects to help relieve pain caused by gout attacks.

Usually, when suffering from any disease, the patient also needs to supplement many nutrients for the body to quickly recover. However, for gout, on the contrary, the more nutrients and stinging eat, the more severe the disease is due to more sputum production. When the sputum moves through the bloodstream, it will cause seizure obstruction and pain. Sudden blockage will cause severe acute gout attacks, while slow clogging will cause lasting dull pain.

Therefore, the use of oriental medicine will provide nutritional supplementation to improve blood circulation, increase blood circulation and kidney, strengthen tendons and bones to speed up the recovery process of motor function of the system. Osteoarthritis. Some traditional medicines are commonly used such as millet blood, peanut typhoid, Thanh Dai, ox-socks, quince, spleen …

Active blood tonic

Oriental medicines have the effect of toning blood, enhance the ability to eliminate leprosy, quickly relieve pain and prevent dangerous complications of gout. Some drugs are often prioritized for selection such as dong quai, red blood streak, chinchilla, ty through peanuts, ox socks …

Some popular remedies for gout cure according to Oriental medicine

According to Oriental medicine, depending on the cause of the disease, each traditional medicine will use different herbs to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Oriental medicine remedy for low-heat gout form

Low-temperature gout is evaluated by Oriental medicine experts to occur mainly due to low-temperature and long-term stagnation causing the disease. When suffering from this disease, the patient often encounters the typical symptoms such as severe joint pain, burning pain, redness, swelling, often at night with fever, fear of cold, headache, dryness. mouth, thick yellow tongue, dark red color, thirst, yellow urine …

To treat gout in low-heat form, it is necessary to apply remedies that have effects on baldness, dissipation of the economy, heat and low subtraction.

  • Bai Thanh is as bald as the leader : Prepare the ingredients including earthen spirits, lost leaves and the will of each type 24g, 10g a medicine, 30g eastern rings, 15g prince, 12g dong quai, 16g of ginseng, frequency, Ox socks, 12g each. Put all ingredients in a pot of medicine and decoction daily.
  • Cinnamon and cinnamon conifer reduction : Prepare ingredients including 5 – 10g licorice, sage and eucalyptus each 12g, room, pine and seaweed each 10g, 40 – 60g plaster, 4 – 6g cinnamon, 20 – 30g of lemongrass. Every day use 1 ladder to drink. In the case of severe low-temperature gout with severe swelling and pain symptoms, you can add earthquake spirit, willpower and 40-50g of honeysuckle wire.

* Note: When applying this remedy, you must absolutely abstain from red meats such as beef, goat meat, shrimp, crab, squid, and crabs … Instead, you should increase your intake of green vegetables, fresh fruits and five cup for effective pain relief.

Oriental medicine remedy for stagnant gout gout

The characteristic symptoms of gout have a lot of pain in the joints and make it difficult to walk, hindering the patient’s activities. The symptoms often occur in a persistent and prolonged period, even to a chronic stage, causing the patient to be tired, the ribs are full of pressure, even the bones show signs of deformation, thick white tongue moss and active hypotenuse.

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Oriental medicine to cure gout
Applying the remedies daily and prolonged will help achieve a positive effect

In this form, the use of oriental medicine must have the effect of excluding congestion, gas, and blood activity.

  • Preparation: The ingredients include 30g royal, burdock, majestic, chubby and cute 15g each, 6g bare, 8g cross-frame, frozen capillary and spleen each 24g, 12g dong quai, 10g armor piercing.
  • How to do it: Put all the ingredients in a special medicine decoction kettle, sharp for about 15-20 minutes, then take the medicine to drink 1 month per day until you feel the relief of the pain.

Oriental medicine remedy for stagnant gout stasis

In this form, gout will have features such as difficulty in moving, numbness of the limbs, painful joints and the appearance of tophi because the disease is not actively treated. In addition, the body is always in a state of fatigue, lack of vitality, waxy slow pulse, pale white tongue and pink tongue.

Traditional medicine to treat gout in the form of stagnant spleen often uses remedies to prevent the king from having periodic regimen in order to eliminate, to communicate and sue baldness.

  • Preparation: The ingredients include saffron, saffron, saffron, and cajuput each 12g, 6g licorice, willow, earth dress, royal crown and 24g each.
  • How to do it: Bringing the materials into a medicinal liquid, every day take a pill, persistently until the joints relieve pain.

Oriental medicine remedy for gout stasis kidney failure

Barren nephrotic gout is a disease that has occurred for a long time, the symptoms are persistent, the pulse is waxy, less and thin tongue moss. When moving into a severe stage, tophi particles appear and cause symptoms such as headache, edema due to water retention, urinary retention … thereby causing extremely dangerous kidney complications such as body stones, inflammation. glomerular …

To treat gout in this form with Oriental medicine, it is necessary to use herbs that have the effect of toning yin and yang, except for stasis, baldness and communication.

  • Remedy Reduced Four-Star Peach: Prepare 8g cross-frame, rose flower, dong quai and chained each type of 12g, 24g of living. Bring color to medicine and drink every day 1 month until you feel the transformation of the disease.
  • Reduced royal continental remedy: Prepare ingredients including herbal medicine, herbal medicine, royal emperor and field 24g each, 12g each, 15g mascot, and knitting packaging and describe each 10g. Every day, use 1 ladder of decoction to drink all day to achieve the best effect.

Oriental medicine remedy for chronic gout

When the disease enters a chronic stage, which is a severe stage of gout, symptoms such as severe pain, swelling of the joints, difficulty in walking, even causing joint deformity if not treated promptly. At this time, the skin around the joints will be darkened due to the appearance of painful, swollen tophi.

Oriental medicine to cure gout
Gout in different forms will have different medicines

In addition, chronic gout is diagnosed by Oriental medicine experts through symptoms such as emergency pulse, pale tongue, pale mossy appearance, and possibly kidney damage such as kidney failure. Acute, chronic, urinary retention, hematuria, interstitial nephritis … dangerous.

The treatment of gout in the chronic form according to Oriental medicine needs to focus on the subtraction of rheumatism, communication, domination, and soldering area with the remedy of Tan Thang Sac.

Preparation: The ingredients include 4 – 6g cinnamon chi, 5g Tan Tan, 5g head box (front color), dong quai, spleen and sausage each 12g, 16g of earthenware 16g, carpentry and majestic elf each 10g type, 12g will.


  • Every day, use 1 ladder to drink all of the day, persistently apply until a satisfactory result is achieved.
  • If the joints are stiff, tired and numb, it can be considered to increase the number of herbs to 1 – 2g and add erection, create taste, pierce the armor, hyacinth, and seaweed.
  • In case the pain is severe and intense, it is possible to add the list, the peacock and the book.
  • In the case of manifestations of nephrotic disorders such as erectile dysfunction ,  fear of cold, cold hands and feet, aching pain in the back pillow … can be added to the body, tonic and tonic bones.
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Oriental medicine remedy for gout low temperature aggregates

In low temperature aggregates often have typical symptoms such as fear of cold, mild fever, headache, painful joints, hot swelling with thirst, yellow or red urine, pale yellow tongue, red tongue, annoying apple and vascular like, scruffy.

The traditional medicine recommended by experts to treat gout this type of gout is that of a reduced rate of potency remedy that has a beneficial effect on low heat, propaganda, communication and command.

  • Preparation: Hoang qian, white ginseng, dong quai and ginseng, each 10g, will of human (live) and chain of small beans, each 15g, ascending ma, bitter ginseng, pheasant (star) and tri sample each 6g room, spirit, description and injury each 12g.
  • How to do it: Every day use a decoction to drink and perform until a positive result.

Oriental medicine remedy for gout can stop sputum from becoming stray

For gout in the form of sputum, there will be typical symptoms such as swelling, stiffness, hot and red surfaces, pain that makes it difficult to move, difficulty stretching joints, hindering movement … In addition, some cases are accompanied by psychological instability such as fear, anxiety, high fever, headache, less mossy tongue, red tongue and waxy veins.

In the form of sputum to stop getting lost, Oriental medicine experts encourage the application of remedies that have the effect of sputum production, communication, past stasis and harmony.

  • Preparation: Carpentry, peach, dong quai and saucepan each of 10g, motherly philosophy and wild cherries each 12g, bauble, peanut and indulgence 4.5g each, majesty, persimmon flower and frame each type 6g.
  • How to do it: Every day sharpen 1 medicine and drink it while still hot to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Oriental medicine remedy to treat low-form gout, blood stasis

In Oriental medicine, for rheumatism, blood stasis is an acute form of disease, when the conditions are favorable, it will cause illness and pain, usually when it is cold, the weather changes. In this form, the joints are often very swollen, but there is no redness and inflammation, deep sinus vessels and thin white tongue.

So, to treat gout in this form, experts recommend applying the remedies with low-effect, leprosy and amenorrhea.

  • Preparation: Prescription blood, ring east each type 50g, injuries and marjoram wisdom (the dose is reduced according to the symptoms of disease)
  • How to do it: Every day use a decoction to drink all of the day.

Some notes when treating gout according to Oriental medicine

It can be seen that, if applied correctly, in the right dose in a certain time, the oriental medicine for gout treatment will be effective, safe, not negatively affecting the internal organs. other like liver, kidney …

Oriental medicine to cure gout
Patients need to have an pulse and an accurate diagnosis before prescribing appropriate medicine

However, in order for the treatment of gout according to Oriental medicine to achieve the desired effect, patients need to note the following:

  • Oriental remedies are only effective in treating diseases in mild form and do not have many serious complications. In cases of severe pain, uric acid concentration in the blood exceeding the permitted level and the risk of complications, it is necessary to apply medical and surgical treatments as prescribed by the doctor.
  • It is advisable to seek reputable traditional medicine specialists and doctors with long-term medical experience. The physician will conduct examination, take a diagnostic pulse, assess the disease status and prescribe appropriate remedies to achieve effective treatment quickly and safely.
  • When a patient has decided to choose to treat a disease with the oriental medicine method, he should be mentally prepared and persevere until a satisfactory effect is achieved.
  • Choose to buy medicine at reputable and quality oriental pharmacies. Avoid buying cheap drugs in places where the quality is not guaranteed, drugs have no origin, and transparent origins will affect the treatment process, even make the disease more difficult to treat.
  • Combine the use of oriental medicine with massage, acupressure, massage, acupuncture to achieve the best results.

Application of oriental medicine to treat gout is highly appreciated for its effectiveness and safety. However, to avoid the unintended risks, the patient should consult a doctor or expert about this method before use.

* The article is only for reference information, not a substitute for direct doctor’s advice or diagnosis.


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