Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility?
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Most men with erectile dysfunction are worried about infertility, affecting reproductive health. With this disease, men should soon conduct examination and treatment early, to avoid possible complications.

Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility?
Erectile dysfunction affects male fertility.


Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility?

Currently, the proportion of men with erectile dysfunction is increasing. When suffering from this disease, the patient often has difficulty getting erections during sex or the erection does not meet the insertion of a woman’s vagina. Subjects infected with this disease are mainly gentlemen from 40 to 60 years old. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction such as psychological stress, high age, medical conditions (diabetes, arteriosclerosis, spinal cord injury, …)

Erectile dysfunction indirectly causes infertility in men. When having sex, men with erectile dysfunction will make it difficult for the penis to approach the “little girl”. In many cases, the penis is “lapsed”, unable to meet the sexual intercourse, making the sex life lack of harmony. If this condition persists, it will put the men at risk of infertility because there is no intercourse between the egg and the sperm.

Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility?  photo of cock, photo of cock, photo of penis
The “slump” penis is difficult to have sex with.

In addition, people with erectile dysfunction often have diluted semen, which does not meet the quality and quantity of the sperm. The rate of “sperm” deformed, premature death, slow moving touch is high. In addition, at the age of 40-60 years, the amount of male hormone produced is no longer stable as during the period of fullness, and testosterone levels in the blood decrease, leading to a decrease in sexual function. This increases the risk of infertility for men.

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The degree of erectile dysfunction in men heavy or mild will affect fertility and make men face infertility, infertility. If the patient completely lacks an erection, is unable to penetrate the vagina, the risk of infertility is very high. However, if the penis is still partially erect, when it is not erect, the men still have hope of conception and fatherhood.

Although erectile dysfunction has the potential to cause male infertility, not every man with the condition will become infertile. If during sex, a healthy sperm meets the egg at the right time, conception is normal. Therefore, the men should not be too worried about their own reproductive health. However, the gentleman should not be too subjective because when suffering from erectile dysfunction, “sperm” is very weak, scarce, and difficult to “attack” eggs to conceive.

Erectile dysfunction – What to do to prevent infertility?

With erectile dysfunction, timely control of the disease is extremely necessary, helping men to easily improve their health and soon realize their dream of being a father. To avoid infertility, in addition to conducting early examination and treatment and strictly complying with the instructions of a specialist, the men should pay attention to the following issues.

Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility
Exercise improves erectile dysfunction
  • Building a reasonable diet, supplementing the body with necessary nutrients
  • Actively exercise to increase the body’s resistance and muscle endurance
  • Keep a comfortable mind, be happy, avoid stress and worry too much that affects the treatment process
  • Arrange rest time reasonably, sleep enough 8 hours per day
  • Do not masturbate, abuse masturbation affects the erection of the penis
  • Limit the use of stimulants that are harmful to health, make the disease worse, such as tobacco, alcohol, beer, …
  • Use exercises to treat erectile dysfunction at home, but consult your doctor before doing it
  • Do not use drugs that enhance libido or prolong sex to avoid affecting your health
  • Talk to your partner for solutions to improve erectile dysfunction
  • Decorate the bedroom according to the preferences of the couple to increase excitement and sublimation when “in love”
  • Add testosterone to the body to increase sperm count and quality
  • Absolutely not buy drugs or use oral enhancement products on the market by themselves
  • Re-examination as directed by specialist. During the treatment, if there are any abnormal health problems, the men should immediately notify the specialist to have timely control methods.
  • Treatment and control of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, … to avoid affecting erectile dysfunction treatment
  • If men use potency remedies, you should consult a specialist.
  • Not to arbitrarily change the medication prescribed by the doctor prescribed or quit, do not take drugs
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Hope the above information will help men know: Erectile dysfunction can cause infertility? Ideally, when suffering from this disease, men should conduct an early examination. Depending on the degree of erectile dysfunction, the doctor will prescribe the most appropriate treatment for the patient. The patient can use drugs or surgery to treat the disease, psychological adjustment depending on the cause of the disease.


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