Doctor with good disc herniation treatment in Hanoi
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Choosing good local herniation doctors in Hanoi will help patients feel secure in treatment and quickly get rid of the pain, swelling and discomfort caused by the disease.

Doctor with good disc herniation treatment in Hanoi
Some good doctors treat disc herniation in Hanoi


8 good doctors treating disc herniation in Hanoi

Disc herniation is a fairly common disease today. Patients suffering from this disease have a huge impact on their health and psychology. The treatment of disc herniation is essential for the patient. To avoid persistent pain caused by disc herniation, patients should choose reputable and skilled doctors. Here are some suggestions that doctors treat good disc herniation in Hanoi, patients can refer.

1. Assoc.Prof. PhD .BS. Dinh Ngoc Son

Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son is the Head of the Spinal Surgery Department of the Orthopedic Institute (Viet Duc Hospital) and a lecturer in the Foreign Department (Hanoi Medical University). He is a qualified doctor, has many years of experience in treating disc herniation, and is trusted by many patients.

Currently, Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son has a lot of research works and professional documents such as the hospital’s residency thesis (2002), the Doctor of Medicine Thesis (Diagnostic research and conclusion results of surgical treatment of diaphragm ligament clinging to the front of the knee), The study is evaluating the results of idiopathic scoliosis manipulation by the whole screw configuration of the uterus (Journal of Orthopedic Trauma 2012), …

2. Assoc.Prof. PhD .BS. Kieu Dinh Hung

He is awarded the title of Excellent Physician. Currently, Dr. Kieu Dinh Hung is the Deputy Director of the Training and Technology Transfer Center of Hanoi Medical University. Dr. Dinh Hung has many years of experience in surgery and treatment of spinal diseases. With his experience and solid expertise, the doctor has brought hope to many patients with disc herniation.

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Doctor with good disc herniation treatment in Hanoi
The doctor is trusted by many patients.

With over 20 years of experience working in the Department of Neurosurgery of Viet Duc Hospital, Dr. Hung is trusted by the patients and has positive feedback. Besides, doctor Kieu Dinh Hung also regularly participates in conferences and seminars on spinal surgery in the world, especially diseases of the spine, cranial nerve, bone and joint.

3. TS.BS. Nguyen Vu

Dr. Nguyen Vu is Deputy Head of Department of Surgical Chiropractic and Orthopedic Trauma (Hanoi Medical University Hospital), Lecturer of Surgery Department (Hanoi Medical University), Neurosurgery specialist (Diseases Viet Duc Institute from 2009 – 2013). Currently, the doctor has treated many patients and helped the patient function normally.

He is dedicated to the patient. In particular, Dr. Nguyen Vu has participated in many volunteer missions in difficult, remote and remote areas to treat people. For patients suffering from herniated disc herniation, degenerative spine, spondylolisthesis, … patients can be treated by doctor Nguyen Vu.

4. Assoc.Prof. TS.BS. Nguyen Van Thach

Doctor Nguyen Van Thach is former Deputy Director of Huu Nghi Viet Duc Hospital, former Director of Institute of Orthopedics and Trauma – Viet Duc Hospital. This is the person honored as “golden hands” of the spinal surgery industry and highly honored by the medical community. With over 35 years of experience, he has treated many patients with disc herniation and spinal diseases.

He is also a pioneer in the application of information technology in the treatment of high-frequency disc herniation and disc herniation surgery techniques. Most disc diseases are implemented with less invasive methods. In particular, the doctor is responsible for the main surgery for disc herniation. Currently, Dr. Thach is known by many patients and believes in the treatment of spinal diseases.

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5. Dr..BS. Dinh Manh Hai

The doctor is a Lecturer in the Department of Foreign Medicine, Hanoi Medical University. At the same time, he is a surgical doctor of chiropractic and orthopedic trauma (Hanoi Medical University Hospital). With nearly 15 years of experience in treating disc herniation, the doctor has helped many patients to walk and perform daily activities.

Doctor with good disc herniation treatment in Hanoi
The doctor received a positive response from the patient.

In addition, the doctor has trained a lot of Spine-specialized Inpaters at Viet Duc Hospital. This is one of the young, talented, and highly regarded professional doctors. In particular, Dr. Manh Hai has received positive feedback from many patients about the effectiveness of treatment during the past time.

6. Assoc.Prof. PhD .BS. Nguyen Vinh Ngoc

Dr. Vinh Ngoc is the Head of the Department of Arthritis – Deputy Head of Department of General Internal Medicine (Hanoi Medical University). Besides, the doctor is also the Vice Chairman of Hanoi Association of Arthritis, treating the Department of Musculoskeletal Medicine (Bach Mai Hospital). Currently, the doctor has participated in exchange of experience and practice in more than 30 countries around the world.

In addition, Dr. Ngoc has improved treatment regimens for Musculoskeletal Disease, which has brought positive results during treatment. For patients suffering from bone and joint diseases such as disc herniation, sciatica, degenerative spine, osteoarthritis , … can be treated directly with a doctor. This is also a doctor who treats patients with drugs (drink, poke, smoke, inject, …) without having to apply invasive methods.

7. Assoc.Prof.Dr.BS. Nguyen Le Bao Tien

Doctor Bao Tien is the Director of the Institute of Trauma Orthopedics (Viet Duc Hospital), Deputy Secretary-General (Vietnam Association of Trauma Orthopedics). Assoc. Nguyen Le Bao Tien has participated in many specialized training faculties on Spine and Spinal surgery in countries such as the US, France, Germany, … This is a useful source of knowledge for doctors during treatment. for your patients.

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Doctor with good disc herniation treatment in Hanoi
The patient is treated wholeheartedly by the doctor.

Besides, Dr. Bao Tien is also a leading spine expert. The doctors and his teammates are gradually applying the world’s advanced surgical treatment to Vietnam and have obtained certain achievements. Therefore, patients with disc herniation can choose Doctor Dr. to get rid of the obsessive pain caused by the disease soon.

8. MSc.BS. Tran Trung Kien

As one of the highly qualified doctors with many years of experience, BS. Tran Trung Kien cures bone and joint diseases. Currently, she works at the Department of Spinal Surgery (Viet Duc Hospital). The strength of doctor Trung Kien is the treatment of spinal diseases by non-surgical methods such as disc herniation, spinal pain, degenerative spine, …

In addition, the doctor also performed surgery to replace the cervical spine disc, adjust the scoliosis curvature, … In particular, patients with disc herniation, having difficulty in moving, moving, Patients can be treated at Dr. Tran Trung Kien. Patients will be enthusiastically advised and given the most suitable treatment by the doctor.

Note to choose a good doctor to treat disc herniation in Hanoi

With disc herniation, the patient needs to be treated at reputable and quality places. Absolutely not go to the “underground” clinics with unsecured physical conditions. In addition, patients should choose qualified and skilled doctors to help patients recover quickly. Here are some notes for patients when choosing a doctor to treat.

Doctor with good disc herniation treatment in Hanoi
Notes when choosing doctors to treat disc herniation.
  • The doctor must have many years of experience in the field of spine, orthopedic trauma.
  • Doctors have been working for many years in large hospitals and clinics.
  • Doctors have a strong expertise in treating osteoarthritis diseases.
  • The doctors are highly appreciated by the patients, with good feedback in the treatment of spinal diseases.

Currently, in Modern Medicine, there are many different methods to help treat disc herniation such as surgery, rehabilitation, taking medicine, … Regardless of the method of treatment, doctors need to have. high qualification and solid workmanship. Besides, the treating doctor must have in-depth knowledge in the field of osteoarthritis, especially disc herniation.

Hopefully the above information will help readers know about the best doctors who treat disc herniation in Hanoi. From there, there are more suitable options for myself. During the treatment of disc herniation, the patient should strictly comply with the instructions of the specialist. It is absolutely forbidden to buy oral medications or apply unproven folk remedies to make the disease go away but get worse.


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