What is dong quai?
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Dong quai is the oldest used medicine in Oriental medicine (about 2000 years ago). With the effect of nourishing blood, blood only and nourishing blood, this medicine is often used to improve health and treat blood diseases such as anemia, menorrhagia, menstruation, menstruation …

What is dong quai?
Dong quai medicine has any effect?
  • Other names: Sam dong regulation, regular regulation
  • Pharmaceutical name: Radix Angelicae Sinensis
  • Scientific name: Angelica sinensis
  • Family: Apiaceae – Apiaceae
  • Dong quai medicinal plant is the tuberous root of the plant that has been dried / dried

Dong quai herbal what?

Dong quai is a precious herb used in many oriental remedies. This herb has the scientific name Angelica sinensis, belongs to the Apiaceae family. Dong quai originated in China and has now been adopted in many parts of the world. Because of many uses for the health and beauty of women, this herb is also known as female ginseng (ginseng for women).

Currently, dong quai is not only used in oriental medicine, but has been researched and widely applied in clinical practice.

Description of dong quai medicinal herbs

1. Characteristics of dong quai

Dong quai is a perennial herbaceous plant with an average height of 40-100cm. The stems are purple or green, cylindrical and the outer surface has many longitudinal grooves. Double feathers split 3 times, growing alternately, long stalks develop into sheaths embracing the trunk. Leaf edge has irregular serrated.

The flowers grow at the tips of the branches, white green, large inflorescences are grouped into many small flowers (about 10-30 flowers). Flowers bloom in July – August every year, after 1 month will result. The fruit is small, the edges are light purple. Tree-shaped or similar provisions angelica very easily be confused.

Some pictures of dong quai:

Photos of dong quai ginseng
Photos of dong quai ginseng
Photos of dong quai ginseng
Pictures of dong quai

2. Distribution

Dong quai is a plant native to China. Trees grow in high mountains from 2000 – 3000m with a cool and humid climate. Because of its high medicinal properties, this herb has been migrated and cultivated in many other Asian countries such as Korea, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, …

In our country, dong quai was introduced in the 1960s but grew poorly. Later, thanks to advanced cultivation techniques, this herb began to be grown more in mountainous provinces such as Lam Dong, Hoa Binh, Lao Chau, Lao Cai, …

3. Parts used

The root of the plant is used for medicinal purposes.

4. Harvesting – preliminary processing

Dong quai root is usually harvested in the fall (around September – October every year) in plants 4 years of age and older. When harvesting, use a shovel to dig deep to get the roots. Then remove the leaves, cut the roots and keep the roots for medicine.

Some ways to preliminarily process dong quai medicinal herbs:

  • Take the smoked roots with sulfur gas and cut into thin slices
  • Or bring the roots washed, dried or completely dried to use gradually

5. Classification

Depending on the location of the bulbs, dong quai, after preliminary processing will be divided into four categories:

  • The top (foreskin) is strong in effect of blood pressure
  • The middle part is strong in terms of tonic effect
  • The root part (regression) is strong in effect of blood activity, breaking blood stasis
  • The whole tuberous root of a plant is called a complete rule

6. Chemical composition

Dong quai root contains 0.26% essential oil. Besides, this medicine also contains many chemical components such as courmarin, amino acids, vitamin B12, sacharid, sterol, …

7. How to preserve

Store in a cool, dry place.

Dong quai medicine has any effect?

Photos of dong quai ginseng
Dong quai has a sweet, slightly spicy taste, warmth, has the effect of circulating blood, tonic blood, blood control, laxative, …

1. Temperament – Regression

  • Sweet, slightly spicy, warmth and characteristic aroma
  • Refers to the Bhikkhu, Can and Mind

2. The function of dong quai according to Oriental medicine

According to Oriental medicine, dong quai has the following functions and medicinal properties:

  • Effects of blood regulation, circulation, activity, tonic, blood only, active blood and apple laxative effect
  • Treatment of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, osteoarthritis, anemia, pallor of the body, weakness, fostering health for the sick, …

3. The effect of dong quai according to modern medicine

Many scientific studies are done to show that dong quai ginseng brings many benefits to health. The effects of dong quai have been scientifically recognized:

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How to process dong quai
Dong quai has been recognized for its beneficial effects on blood, increasing blood circulation and improving overall health
  • Anti-coagulation: Ginseng has the effect of inhibiting platelet aggregation, thereby reducing the risk of thrombophlebitis inflammation and limiting the formation of blood clots in the brain. At the same time, it promotes blood circulation and increases blood flow to the brain.
  • Resistance enhancement: Research shows that dong quai has an active effect on immune cells (T and B lymphocytes), thereby increasing the antibody production and improving the body’s immune function. With its resistance-enhancing effects, dong quai can improve overall health, prevent debilitation and help reduce the risk of respiratory infections.
  • Healthy blood: Dong quai is a tonic for blood, blood activity and blood only. Scientific research also shows that the abundant vitamin B12 content in this herb has the ability to produce red blood cells and improve anemia in women. Besides, sugar regulation also helps treat dysmenorrhea (dysmenorrhea), menstrual less and menstrual disorders.
  • Good for the digestive system: Dong quai has a laxative effect and stimulates digestion. Therefore, this herb has the ability to treat constipation and aid in improving poor digestion.
  • Skin beauty: With the effect of blood and blood conditioning, dong quai also helps women maintain a rosy, smooth skin and prevent the formation of age marks on the face. Currently, some cosmetic brands also apply this herb to whitening products, fade freckles and prevent aging.

4. Usage – dosage

Dong quai is used in many different ways such as for immersion, decoction, blending or to prepare healthy dishes. According to Oriental medicine experience, this medicine should only be used from 5 to 15g / day. If using fresh dong quai, only use up to 100g / day.

Medicines – Healing dishes from dong quai medicinal herbs

Photos of dong quai ginseng
Ginseng is used in remedies for anemia, menstrual disorders, menorrhagia, …

1. Treatment of anemia, suitable for women with menstrual disorders, menstrual obstruction

  • Preparation: Cross frame 6 – 8g, dong quai, white leaves each 12 – 16g and geography 12 – 24g.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, use 1 ladder.

2. Medicines for the treatment of menstruation less

  • Preparation: Useful herbs, amaranth, incense and dong quai (reducing dosage according to symptoms)
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder. Should be used 7 days before the period to achieve good results.

3. Anemia remedy that causes dizziness, dizziness, thin and pale people

  • Preparation: Field, white dahlia, dong quai and every 12g.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder. Use the remedy continuously for 3-4 weeks until symptoms subside.

4. Poor blood pressure remedy that makes people emaciated, pale skin, tired people, helpless

  • Treatment 1: Prepare royal period 40g and dong quai 12g. Sac drink on 1 month, use immediately for 3-4 weeks.
  • Treatment 2: Use ginseng (can be replaced by ginseng ), dong quai, white ginseng , white ginseng , white spirit and field each 12g, licorice 6g and 8g transframe. Bring the flavors to drink water for instant use in 3-4 weeks. Or can be powdered, finished into members and used for long days.

5. Treatment of dysmenorrhea, closing menstruation

  • Preparation: Rose flowers, geomorphology, cross-frame, burdock and dong quai every 6g, licorice and saffron each 4g, only 8g.
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder.

6. The remedy for spleen damage causes poor digestion, weak body, poor sleep and appetite

  • Preparation: White Buddha, black apple, white spirit and royal flag every 12g, licorice, dong quai and telecoms every 4g, herbs and ginseng every 6g.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

7. Medicines for the treatment of bleeding

  • Preparation: Hoe flowers, rhubarb, royal calf, and dong quai each 30g.
  • Implementation: Bring all the powdered herbs, gold stars and prepare with honey to complete. Each drink 10g refund, 2 times a day.

8. Remedy for chronic malaria

  • Preparation: Fresh ginger (born khong) 3 slices, kumquat 6g, armor and dong quai 12g each, 10g ox all.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on 1 month. Sac until the water is 1/3, turn off the heat, divide the water into 2 drinks (use morning and before bed).

9. Drug treatment of rheumatism (pain, numbness of bones and joints)

  • Preparation: Chrysanthemum 6g, ox socks and commercial each 10g, cinnamon spending 8g, equivalent to 12g.
  • Implementation: Bring color with water until 1/3, then turn off the heat / Divide the water into 2 drinks during the day, should be used morning and night before bed.

10. Remedy to treat sweating

  • Preparation: Field and birth place every 8g, royal, royal and royal each 6g, royal 10g and dong quai 12g.
  • Implementation: Sac with water until the water is 1/3, turn off the heat. Divide water into 2 drinks a day, should drink morning and night before going to bed for good results.
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11. Medicines to treat insomnia , trouble sleeping due to spoiled blood

  • Preparation: Vien Chi, serving gods and ginseng 10g each, 8g apple juice, 12g quota.
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, dividing the water into 2 drinks. Use morning and night before going to bed. Should be persistent in using for a long time until insomnia is improved clearly.

12. Treatment of pain from falls, injuries

  • Preparation: Do Trong and dong quai each 12g, deer horn scales 2g, burdock, vermilion, and queens every 10g, 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • Implementation: Sac for drinking water, use regularly 1 ladder.

13. Medication for coronary artery disease in the middle aged and the elderly

  • Preparation: 6g onion root, 15g lotus root, 90g paint and 10g dong quai quai.
  • Directions: Put all ingredients in a pot and cook with water into a soup. Then, divide the soup into 2 uses and drink it all during the day.

14. Medicines to treat spinal pain and polio extremities

  • Preparation: Do Trong, only dead body, active and customary every 1g2, licorice and sacrifice each 4g, dong quai 40g, save time 8g.
  • Implementation: Bring color with 300ml until 100ml, then turn off the heat. Divide the water into 2 drinks and use all of the day (morning – evening).

15. Medicines for prostatitis

  • Preparation: 50g goat meat, dong quai, lychee seeds and mandarin seeds each 15g
  • Directions: Stew until soft, eat goat meat and drink all medicated water. Eat 2 times a week until the disease is cured. To increase efficiency, can use dong quai 8g, 5g trach lan and 25g green onion leaves for daily tea instead of drinking water.

16. Medicines to treat common diseases in postpartum women

  • Preparation: Field and herb sample each 12g, 16g dong quai, 10g bodhi, burdock, white dahlia, white beans, 8g each, 6g cross-frame, dried ginger 4g.
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder.

17. Medicines to treat hemorrhage

  • Preparation: Through frame 40g and equivalent to 80g.
  • Implementation: Mix 2 ingredients well. Each time using 20g medicinal herbs with 1 bowl of white wine and 2 bowls of water until there is 1 bowl of water, turn off the heat. Divide excellent water into 2 drinks a day, should use the remedy before eating.

18. All kinds of remedies for women who are difficult to have children due to their bad blood

  • Preparation: 8g, weight and dahlia each 12g, 8g white, 16g dong quai, 14g royal.
  • Implementation: Drink every day using 1 ladder.

19. Medicines to treat abdominal pain in pregnant women (consult your physician before applying)

  • Preparation: Cross-frame and dong quai 120g each, depict 300g, white-and-white and serving 160g each, dahlia
  • Directions: Bring all ingredients to a fine powder. Each time use 1 teaspoon of medicinal powder mixed with alcohol, drink. Use 3 times a day until the abdominal pain is gone, then stop.

20. Medicines for skin care and beauty, to prevent aging

  • Preparation: Green beans, almonds, dong quai, angelica, almonds and yam (nostalgic paint).
  • Implementation: Crush into a fine powder and store in a bottle for use gradually. Each time use a little powder mixed with rose oil to make a skin care mask.

21. Medicines to treat abdominal pain, heart attack caused by blood stasis, flatulence

  • Preparation: Frankincense and a medicinal herb each 6g, knitting ginseng 20g, dong quai 12g.
  • Implementation: Drink daily, use 1 ladder every day.

22. Remedy for acute pain on both sides due to bloody stasis or falling pain

  • Preparation: Thien pollen, peach blossom, rhubarb and dong quai each 12g, licorice 4g, rose flower and cross-paint each day 8g, spend 20g lake.
  • Implementation: Drink, use regularly 1 ladder.

23. Cao dong rules of blood damage to stop menstruation, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation

  • Preparation: Dong quai and zucchini.
  • Implementation: Making high into 1: 1 ratio. Each time use 2-3ml, use 2-3 times a day.

24. Laxative remedy, convenient, suitable for people who defecate with apple and difficulty

  • Exercise 1: Dong quai with sesame oil, then bring excellent drinking water. Use regularly 1 month per day until convenient defecation is.
  • Remedy 2: Prepare actives, rhubarb and yin, each 20g, and minions and digging 63g each. Bring the mashed flavors into fine powder, then melt with molasses to make a finished member. Each time using 8g skill with water, use 2 times a day.

25. Remedies for treating natural eye pain (pain caused by glaucoma)

  • Preparation: Hoang Lien 3g, dong qu 16 and wine.
  • Implementation: Bring medicinal herbs, soak in alcohol for 25-30 minutes. Then bring to heat and drink while the medicine is still warm.

26. Dong quai wine cellar treatment severe headache

  • Preparation: Dong quai 30g and alcohol (just enough).
  • Directions: Boil quai quai with wine over low heat for 15 minutes. After that, remove the residue, get water and drink while the medicine is still warm.
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27. The soup of goat meat for long-term anemia treatment makes the body weak

  • Preparation: Goat meat 400g, dong quai 15g, party ginseng 30g and royal period 45g.
  • Directions: Put all medicinal herbs in a cloth bag, pre-process goat meat and simmer with water. After that, remove the residue, add spices, eat meat and drink all the medicinal water. Divide the food into 2 servings and use it all during the day.
What is the rule
Dong quai stewed chicken is a nutritious dish, suitable for women with menstrual disorders and anemia

28. Chickens stewed as a cure for irregular menstruation, anxiety, dizziness, dizziness

  • Preparation: 1 hen (washed, chopped to taste), quai 30g, ginger, onions and just enough spices.
  • Directions: Add chicken, dong quai, onion, ginger and season with spices. Pour water, cover and simmer over low heat for 2 – 3 hours. Use to eat several times a day to improve blood circulation and regulate menstruation.

29. Dong quartet treatment of irregular menstruation, anemia makes the body weak, insomnia, pale skin

  • Preparation: Field 12g, apple 30g, longan 9g, dong quai 12 – 16g.
  • Implementation: Sac with low heat, remove the pulp and drink 2-3 times a day.

30. The remedy for difficult birth, reverse pregnancy

  • Preparation: Transframe and ginseng each 16g, equivalent to 20g.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

31. Remedies for treating postpartum women on heart attack

  • Preparation: Ox socks and utility samples each 14g, 10g lake Hoang, 12g rose flower, 16g dong quai.
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder.

32. Remedy for heat constipation (red blood vessels, red face, thirst)

  • Preparation: Hoang Ky (honey grill) 40g and dong quai (washing wine) 8g.
  • Implementation: Sac with 3 bowls of water until 1 bowl remains, then turn off the heat. Divide water into 2 drinks and use it all day. Use the second time sharp residue and drink while the medicine is still warm on an empty stomach.

33. Treatment of dysuria in pregnant women

  • Preparation: Cross-patterned, bitter melon and dong quai equal to each other.
  • Directions: Bring the crushed flavors, mix with honey to make a large pea-sized member. Each time using 3 tablets, then increased to 10 tablets / time.

34. Stewed chicken dong quai, the party ginseng cure chronic hepatitis

  • Preparation: 1 hen, dong quai and ginseng every 15g.
  • Implementation: Clean the chicken then put the medicine in the chicken belly, bring it to stew. When cooked, season more, eat the whole chicken and drink all the medicated water.

35. Treatment of anemia in postpartum women

  • Preparation: Sinh Khuong, big apple and cinnamon, 6g each, 50g of sugar, 10g of white leaves and 7g of dong quai.
  • Implementation: Sac with 600ml of water until 200ml remains. Divide the water into 3 drinks a day.

36. Complete brain cure insomnia, sleep or dream, headache

  • Preparation: Perspective, phlegm, bodhi bone, saffron and amber each 40g, 100g, five flavors, apple and human factors 60g each, humiliating pecans, death and humiliation each. 80g.
  • Implementation: Powdered, prepared with honey to make members weigh 4g. Each time use 1 tablet, take 2 times a day.

37. Dong quai bovine tail is effective in treating impotence, helplessness, back pain and fatigue

  • Preparation: 200g fresh dong quai and 1 beef tail, just enough spice.
  • Directions: Take a loose shave, wash and chop into bite-sized pieces. Bring dong quai washed, cut pieces. Then, put the oxtail in the pot until it’s tender, then let the dong quai simmering until the herbs are soft, seasoning, and turn off the heat. Eat oxtail and drain the broth.

38. Stewed pig heart is treating neurasthenia and insomnia caused by intense intellectual labor

  • Preparation: Party ginseng 20g, fresh dong quai 100g, pig heart 1 fruit, wine, onion, ginger and spices.
  • Directions: Rinse the heart of the pig, split it in half and soak it with boiling water to remove the fishy smell. Then drain and slit into many slabs so that the heart can absorb herbs and spices. Wash the ingredients, put them in the heart of the pig and use a toothpick to fix it. Put the pig’s heart in a clay pot, add ginger, onion, spices and pour the wine into the water bath. When ripe, remove the residue, eat the pig’s heart and drink the broth.

39. Pangasius stew for health, oxygen, and brain benefits

  • Preparation: 1 fish, 100g fresh dong quai and spices.
  • Directions: Remove fish organs, wash them and put in small scale. Put the fish in the pot, pour the water into the stew until soft. Then, season with spices to taste and eat while still hot.

40. The remedy for menorrhagia and bleeding miscarriage

  • Preparation: Bach Thuoc 16g, bio-field and dong quai each 12g, wormwood, licorice, cross-frame and a delivery each 8g.
  • Directions: Bring the color to 1 liter of water over low heat until the water is ½ sharp. Divide the water into 2 drinks and use it all during the day.

Note when using dong quai medicine

Dong quai is a tonic that is commonly used in traditional medicine. However, before using this remedy and food from medicinal herbs, you should note the following issues:

  • Do not use dong quai in the case of low spleen causing diarrhea and loose stools. People with fever conditions (adrenal tumors, active tuberculosis and thyrotoxic tumors) should also not be used.
  • Using dong quai soaked in alcohol helps to increase the blood tonic effect.
  • People with blood clotting disorders or are using drugs that have a blood clotting effect, pregnant women should not take medicines – dishes from dong quai.

Dong quai is a tonic for health and specializes in treating blood diseases. This medicinal material has no toxicity and can be used for a long time. However, before use, you should consult your doctor for specific advice about the right medicine.


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