What is the use of important beans?
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Herbal medicine (carpentry) is often used to treat high blood pressure, pregnancy and other diseases caused by can, kidney failure. In recent years, this medicinal herb has been scientifically researched and recognized many of its effects on health such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immune booster, antibacterial, …

What is the use of important beans?
What is the use of pungent herbs for?
  • Other names: Tu Tu, Moc mien, Mien parked, and Mien Hoa
  • In science: Eucommia ulmoides Oliv
  • Last name: Do Trong – Eucommiaceae
  • Mung bean medicinal plant is the dried bark of the pea plant (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv).

Describe the pea tree

1. How many types of beans are there? Identifying characteristics

Currently, there are two types of herbaceous plants used for medicinal purposes: Do Trong Bac and Do Trong Nam.

  • The North Eucalyptus : The main tree is a woody plant of 15 – 20m high, 35 – 50 cm in diameter, and perennial. The leaf blade is ovoid, serrated at the edge Leaf blade surface is smooth when old and covered with hair when young. The pea flowers grow in clusters at the ends of branches, the fruit is flat, thin and contains 1 seed inside. After being prepared, the medicinal herbs have a crunchy substance, easy to break, fragrant, slightly bitter and has a lot of silk (elastic white plastic).
  • Do male: Male Eucommea shape quite similar to Eucommea north, however lighter shell (usually yellow or brown). South pea pod is thicker than that of north pea, has a pale taste, is slightly acrid, has a poorer aroma, is difficult to break and has less silk fibers than the northern pea.
image of medicinal plants pungent
Pictures of medicinal plants pungent
image of medicinal plants pungent
Pictures of medicinal plants pungent

Azalea has higher medicinal properties than the male pea pod. So when looking to buy medicinal herbs, it is necessary to choose a reputable buying place to ensure treatment effectiveness.

2. Distribution

The tree originated in China, was grown and grew wild in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Nanjing, … In the early 90s of the last century, the importance was It has been migrated to our country and is grown mainly in the northern mountainous regions.

3. Parts used

The bark of the tree is used for medicinal purposes (known as medicinal herbs). Branches and leaves are also used but less common.

4. Collecting and preliminary processing

People usually harvest bark in April – May annually from trees that are 10 years old. When harvested, use a saw to cut the bark, then separate them into short pieces. According to folk experience, it is advisable to peel only 1/3 of the bark so that the tree can continue to grow and harvest next year.

image of medicinal plants pungent
Mung bean herbs have been preliminarily processed, dried and cut into bite-sized pieces

How to prepare important medicinal herbs:

  • After harvesting, boil with water and spread on straw to dry (use heavy objects on the shell to avoid curling).
  • Cover the straw for 7 days to allow the plastic to drain completely
  • When the resin is melted out, the bark will turn purple. At this time, bring to dry, scrape off the cork outside and cut into pieces just used.

In addition, some places also use star-impregnated beans with honey, bowl of milk, use in wine immersion, salt water or raw.

5. Chemical composition

Scientists found that beans contain diverse chemical components, including augoside, vitamin C, betulinic acid, nonacosan, threo-guaiacyl, potassium, …

Taste – function of important medicinal herbs

image of medicinal plants pungent
Eucalyptus has a sweet, spicy, moderate, non-toxic effect, the effect of balm, tonic, energy, …

1. Temperament – Regression

  • Eucalyptus has a sweet and spicy taste, temperament, and is non-toxic.
  • Medicinal materials attributed to Can and Kidney Sutra.

2. The function of important park according to Oriental medicine

According to Oriental medicine, this medicine has a strong effect, balances tendons and bones, tonic health, essential gas, kidney, strong tendons, peace of mind, tonic, … Therefore, this medicine is often used to treat symptoms. following diseases:

  • Body weakness due to can, kidney damage
  • Pregnancy, pregnancy, and pregnant women have a high risk of preterm birth
  • Low back pain, knee pain, sperm, impotence due to kidney damage
  • Painful spine
  • High blood pressure

3. The effect of importance according to modern medicine

Eucalyptus is one of the few oriental medicines that have been specifically researched through many scientific experiments. This medicinal herb has been shown to provide the following effects:

  • Antibacterial effect: The water has been shown to inhibit bacillus dysentery, bacillus diphtheria, B bacteria, E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcal, …
  • Effects of lowering pressure: Research shows that excellent water from pungent beans is capable of effectively lowering pressure (especially star beans). The mechanism of the drug’s hypotension is due to the smooth muscle relaxation of blood vessels. Eucalyptus has a fast lowering effect, but has a short duration of effect.
  • Immune booster: Clinical experiments show that the bark, leaves and branches of the pea plant all have the ability to enhance immunity. This is also the reason why people often use beans soaked in wine and processed dishes to foster health and cure depression.
  • Some other effects: In addition, weight has also been shown to increase the blood flow of coronary arteries, lower cholesterol, prevent seizures, reduce pain, diuretics, shorten bleeding time and euphoria the uterus is mild.
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4. Dosage

Eucalyptus has no toxicity. However, excessive use of medicinal herbs can cause many risks and adverse effects. So, should only use 8 – 12g / day and can increase to 40g in case of need.

Some ways to use beans to foster health – treat diseases

Eucalyptus is a valuable medicine in Oriental medicine that is often used to soak alcohol, cook dishes or used in herbal remedies.

Use remedies from important medicinal herbs

Some remedies from important medicinal herbs (carpentry):

1. Supportive medicine to treat high blood pressure

  • Treatment 1: Use dry herb 80g, birth weight 80g (fresh green beans), field and single package 40g each. Bring all the medicinal herbs into a fine powder and finish. Drink 2-3 times a day, each time use 12g.
  • Remedies 2: Use parking and exhibits parasitic weight each 16g, 20g sample survival (oyster shell), the flower and the goji each 12g. Add all warm medicinal herbs, fill with water and thicken. Every day, use 1 scale regularly until blood pressure is stable.

2. Medicines to treat impotence, coma in men

  • Preparation: Son revenge, veins, ox socks, antelope, rabbits, beans and goji berries each 160g, velvet bud (antler velvet) 80g, five spice 40g and field 230g.
  • Implementation: Bring all medicinal herbs into a fine powder to complete. Each time using 12g of medicinal powder to drink with light salt water, use regularly 2 times a day. When using this remedy, men should combine with moderate sexual activity and eating, scientific activities to enhance health and physiology.

3. An antenatal medication used for women who are threatened with miscarriage or pregnancy

  • Treatment 1: Use white leaves (stars), beans weight (stars), dong quai, customary paragraphs, dong quai and a delivery of 12g each, rabbits 4g. For all of you in the warm, excellent drinking water a day use 1 ladder.
  • Treatment 2: Use 40g live bean, 20 g apple fruit, 20g herbal paint, 12g continuous passage and 4g licorice. Bring special herbs with water, use 1 ladder per day.

4. Treatment of impotence, back pain, knee fatigue due to weak kidney damage

  • Remedy 1: Prepare to pass weight, blood vessel, ox socks, tuber (nostalgic paint), topping out, field, crane, three jacks and dong quai each 12g. Bring all the medicinal herbs into powder, then mix with honey to make a member. Use 2 times a day, each use from 7-10g.
  • Treatment 2: Use crane, crane root, bone pain wire, scratched grass roots, lacquer root (nostalgic paint) and rabbits each 12g, spleen, weight and tonic core each 16g. For medicinal herbs warm, excellent drink on 1 ladder.

5. Treatment of back pain caused by kidney damage

  • Remedy 1 (for the case of negative kidney damage): Use paint enemies, nostalgic paint, humiliation , burdock, bunny nigger and weight every 12g, birth location and goji berries each 16g. Powder mixed with honey to complete or use a decoction.
  • Treatment 2 (for cases of kidney damage): Prepare the sentence of goji berries, rabbits and dong quai every 12g, 26g field, 10g bud, 8g cinnamon, nostalgia and 16g, 6g death. Bring you to the kettle to drink, use 1 ladder a day. Or can be pulverized into a fine powder, mixed with honey to make a finished member.

6. Medicines to treat sweating

  • Preparation: Sample rate and pass equal weight.
  • Directions: Bring all the flavors into a fine powder and store for use Each time use 1 teaspoon of powder to drink with alcohol.

7. Medicine to treat pain in the lower back

  • Treatment 1: Use spleen, beans and roots of goji berries (reducing medicinal herbs according to the disease). Bring colors to water with wine, use 1 ladder per day.
  • Exercise 2: Prepare green beans and mandarin seeds 80g each. Put everything in a saucepan, gold star, crush and drink with alcohol or light salt water.

8. Medicine to prevent miscarriage

  • Preparation: Tuberose (used to make cakes), prose, beans, wills (stars), cow’s breasts, three jacks, dong quai and hoof each 10g.
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder.

9. Antibiotic treatment and some common diseases in postpartum women

  • Preparation: Do Trong and crap.
  • Implementation: Crush the medicinal herbs, then wash the bean-sized member. Each time using 10 tablets, 2 times a day.
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10. Supportive treatment for cerebral hemorrhage and high blood pressure complications

  • Preparation: 16g Bach Thuoc, parasitic tang, 10g each, lotus leaf and licorice each 15.5g, weight 12.5g.
  • Directions: Put all medicinal herbs in a kettle, pour water into the cup. Divide the water into several drinks and use it all during the day. Use this remedy continuously for 1 week to get good results.

11. Adjuvant treatment of hypertension

  • Preparation: Do Trong 33g, royal 10g, amaranth and licorice each 6.6g can add cinnamon 6.6g in case of heart failure.
  • Directions: For medicinal herbs, add 800ml of water and boil for 15 – 20 minutes. Then turn off the heat, divide the water into several drinks and use it up during the day.

12. Medicines to treat commitment in young children, children with typhoid, sick body, rickets, slow speech

  • Preparation: Field 8g, five spices 2g, application form and depict each item 3g, additive processing 1.2g, ox socks, bean weight, paint enemies, paint and serve spirit each 4g, cinnamon 0.8g.
  • Implementation: Excellent drink, 1 day using a ladder.

13. Medicines to treat diseases caused by Trichomoniasis (vaginitis)

  • Preparation: Dong quai, geochemistry and weight per 10g, macadamia and talc each 12g, 40 degree wine 500ml, 3g tangerine peel, transframe and angelica each 6g.
  • Implementation: Put medicinal herbs in a glass jar, pour the wine into, cover and soak for 7 days. Each time using 20ml of alcohol, use 2 times a day.

14. Medicines to treat high blood pressure cause negative kidney damage, nervous breakdown

  • Preparation: Circuit subjects, celestial subjects, spirit and weight each 12g, 8g prince, create sense of 4g, party ginseng, sample rules, field, ox socks, dragon bones each 16g.
  • Implementation: Bring all the medicinal herbs into a fine powder, then make the finished member. Every day use from 6-20g until symptoms subside.

15. Remedy for the treatment of exhaustion, spermatogenesis, fever in the afternoon, back pain in the pillow, sweating

  • Preparation: Goji berries, bean curd and burdock each 60g, fetal vegetables (baby vegetables, healthy children, no disease) 1 set, royal and bare (grilled) 40g each, dried ginger ( can khong) 15g.
  • Directions: Wash the placenta, remove the tendons and soak with alcohol for 1 night, then cook. Using the important herbs, ox socks, fishing sentence and unique panacea, mixed with the placenta. Bring the bare skin, dry ginger powder, then mix it all, put on a pan to become tall. Mix a little alcohol 25 degrees and store use gradually. Use 3 times a day, should be used for a long time to tonify, strengthen tendons and fortifications.

16. Steady stage asthma remedies (do not take during an asthma flare-up)

  • Preparation: Thien Mon, dried fetus vegetables, mondo grass and ox all 40g each, weight, rules and crowns 60g each, 80g field.
  • Implementation: Bring the flavors into fine powder, make a member. Each use 10g, 2 times a day.

17. Medicines to treat arteritis of the extremities

  • Preparation: Party ginseng, father-in-law, ox-socks, valuables, birthplace, armor, royal family, tiger-bone, white dahlia and 16g each, knitting ginseng and prince 20g each, bare skin, sacrifice Tan, binh lang (areca nut) and cinnamon each 8g, licorice 4g, cross-frame, room, dong quai, royal mandarin, quince, apricot, peach, poison, frequency, rose and majestic every 12g spirit fairy.
  • Implementation: Add the flavors to a special kettle, then she becomes tall again and drink every day.

18. Medicine to treat sciatica caused by degenerative lumbar spine

  • Preparation: Room room, beans and licorice every 8g, for spirit, solitary, field, party ginseng, dong quai, big apple, white dahlia and mourning every 12g.
  • Implementation: For the taste in warm, excellent drink a day using 1 ladder.

19. Medicines to treat menstruation (dysmenorrhea)

  • Remedy 1: Use nostalgic paint, white-leaves, field, royal regalia and destroy every 12g, cross-frame, a delivery, wormwood, dong quai and weight each 8g, party ginseng 16g. Sac for drinking water, 1 month use.
  • Remedy 2: Use the spirit, white ginseng, beans, dong quai, cross-frame and flavoring every 8g, licorice 4g, field, white ginseng, party ginseng and customary every 12g For you to drink in the kettle, use 1 ladder regularly.

20. Antecedent remedy for falls and injuries

  • Exercise 1: Prepare a delivery, weight and dong quai each 8g, 16g tang, white dahlia and 12g each, 10g thorn root. Wash the medicinal herbs, put in a kettle and sharpen the water. Use 1 month.
  • Remedy 2: Use party ginseng 16g, licorice 4g, cross-frame 6g, flavoring, dong quai, pungent bean, royal mandarin, wormwood, 8g each day, white leaves, white leaves, customary paragraphs, Diaper and royal regalia every 12g. Sac drink on 1 ladder.

21. Medicines to treat lumbar pain and spinal pain caused by typhoid infection

  • Preparation: Eucommia 640g.
  • Implementation: Bring medicinal herbs chopped stars with 2 topping alcohol. Then spread out to cool, then let the bottle, pour the wine in to soak for 10 days. Drink 3 times a day, each time use a small glass.

22. Antibacterial remedy in 2 – 3 months of pregnancy

  • Preparation: Do Trong (soaked ginger until the silk is broken) and pass through (alcohol).
  • Implementation: Bring the medicinal herbs into a fine powder, then use the sharp water from the apple to finish. Use complete drink with rice water every day.
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23. The remedy for lower back pain caused by typhoid with kidney damage

  • Preparation: 6g cross-frame, 6g tilon, 12g weight bean, 12g grammar and 4g cinnamon.
  • Implementation: Bring the alcohol soaked and daily use to tonic kidneys, spread welding and strengthening tendons.

24. The remedy for nephrotic disease makes the back of the pillow painful, the body no longer has strength

  • Preparation: Dong quai, spleen, bean curd, room room, tribulus, bone marrow, ox sock, backpack, rabbits and humiliation each 2 parts, cinnamon 1 part, pig kidney 1 pair (cooked, then pureed).
  • Directions: Bring the powdered flavors, mix well and prepare with honey to make a member. Each time using 12g, 2 times a day.

25. Preventive preterm birth remedy, used for pregnant women with a history of premature birth many times

  • Preparation: White Buddha (star clay), bean weight (stars), ritual and tangling of parasites every 20g, A Giao and dong quai each 12g, rabbit lion’s ear 4g.
  • Implementation: Drink a day using 1 ladder.

26. Remedy for the weak spleen, the kidney is still inadequate

  • Preparation: Eucalyptus 120g (impregnated with yellow star salt wine), velvet buds 300g, white spirit 160g, lacquer 200g, field 320g, burdock 160g, five martyrs 48g, father 60g, nostalgia (lacquer) 240g .
  • Directions: Make a soft softened member, use it every day to improve your health.

Use beans soaked in alcohol

Eucalyptus is a medicine that has the effect of toning kidney damage, balm, strength and energy, so it is also used to soak alcohol. Liquor wine helps improve health, enhance male physiology and prevent diseases caused by typhoid infection.

Here are some ways to use beans soaked in alcohol to improve health and support the treatment of some common diseases:

1. Liquor of sweet beans gives birth to treatment of stiff back pain caused by leprosy, low welding

  • Preparation: 1.5 liter white wine, fresh ginger and green beans
  • Directions: Fresh ginger wash, squeeze juice. Put the beans in a saucepan with ginger juice until all the silk is broken, put in a cloth bag, put in a jar and soak with alcohol. After about 10 days can be used, each time use 20-30ml, 3 times a day.

2. Liquor of cinnamon in cinnamon is used to treat back pain and improve health

  • Preparation: Passing the 200g frame, 80g Tan Tan, 160g cinnamon, weaving ginseng and beans 300g each.
  • Directions: For all medicinal herbs chopped, then soak with 1 liter of white wine for 5 days to use. Each use from 20-30ml, use 2 times a day.

3. Liquor wine with ginseng strengthens tendons and bones, tonifies the kidneys, cures back pain and fatigue in the pillow

  • Preparation: Through frame 200g, knitting ginseng and bean weight 320g each.
  • Directions: Crush and soak with 1 liter of white wine for 5 days is ok. Each time use 1 small cup (20-30ml), use 2 times a day.

4. Liquor of pecans can treat impotence, back pain, knee fatigue due to kidney failure

  • Preparation: 500g walnut, 250g weight, 1 liter of white wine and 50g of aniseed.
  • Implementation: Bring all the chopped medicinal herbs into a cloth bag, soak them with alcohol for 7 days to be used. Use 2-3 times a day, each time 1 small cup.

5. Liquor for longan beans helps foster health, treat insomnia, poor appetite

  • Preparation: Big apple, longan , bean curd, goji berries, field, peaches and dong quai each 60g, white wine 5 liters.
  • Directions: For all chopped, soaked with alcohol for 7 days is usable. Each time use 1 small cup after eating, use 2-3 times a day.

Use beans to prepare dishes

Because of the effect of fostering health, beneficial properties and strengthening tendons, people also use beans to process a number of dishes. The foods from beans help improve health, reduce joint pain and kidney health.

Lentils soaked in alcohol
Eucalyptus is also used to process nourishing dishes and support the treatment of some diseases caused by can and kidney damage

1. Stewed pork with bean paste to support the treatment of sciatica (sciatica)

  • Preparation: Pork back and bean weight 30g.
  • Directions: Wash the pork, cut it into bite-sized pieces and put in the pot for 30 minutes. Then add in beans, stew for 30 minutes, eat with meat and drink all the water. Use this dish continuously for 7 – 10 days in combination with medical remedies to shorten treatment time, improve health and reduce pain.

2. Goat body broth helps reduce lower back pain due to kidney failure

  • Preparation: Kidney kidney 3 – 4 and weight (just enough).
  • Implementation: Scrape the outer shell of the green bean, yellow star with 1 pound of bowl of milk and divide it into 10 equal scales. Every night, use 1 ladder of decoction in 5 soup, get water, remove the residue. After 10, bring 10 times of water, mix well and add chopped goat kidneys to the color. When meat is tender, season with seasonings and eat when hungry.

Note when using medicinal herbs

Despite its many health benefits, improper consumption of beans can cause a number of side effects. So before using these foods – remedies from this medicinal herbs, you should note the following issues:

  • Do not use mung bean with ginseng and serums.
  • Not used for those who do not have any kind of kidney damage or damage.
  • The antihypertensive effect of key beans is more limited than that of western medicine. Therefore, patients should not be overly dependent on these herbal remedies.
  • It is necessary to choose a reputable business address to avoid buying fake and poor quality medicinal herbs.

Eucalyptus is a precious medicinal plant that has the effect of toning kidneys, balancing the kidneys, strengthening the tendons, lowering blood pressure, … However, the therapeutic effect of the medicinal plant is only supportive. Therefore, readers should consult a doctor before implementing the remedies – dishes from this medicinal flavor.


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