Can people with colitis eat bananas?
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Bananas are a fairly popular food in our country, this fruit contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the body and help prevent a number of diseases of the heart, blood pressure, … However, there are quite a few. Are you still wondering if a person with colitis can eat bananas? To answer this, please find out in the article below.

The use of bananas

Can people with colitis eat bananas?
Bananas are not only a nutritious fruit but also help alleviate the symptoms of colitis

Bananas are a popular fruit grown in our country and bring many health benefits. Because it is not only a dish used for dessert, but also very good in the treatment of diseases. According to research, bananas have solder properties, sweetness, and are rich in positive health benefits such as:

  • Carbohydrates: On average, 1 banana will provide about 27g of moderate carbohydrate. Therefore, people with diabetes can eat half a banana, including those on a low-carb diet.
  • Fiber: On average, a banana will contain about 105 calories and less than 12% fiber. The fiber content not only helps the colon to function well, but also helps maintain the balance of cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing inflammation.
  • Potassium: On average, 1 banana will provide about 422mg of potassium equivalent to 9% of the necessary potassium content for 1 day and have the effect of lowering blood pressure, keeping bones, and helping muscles to function properly.
  • Prebiotics: This active ingredient in bananas has been shown to increase healthy gut bacteria and help reduce bloating symptoms.
  • Vitamin C: A banana will provide about 15% of vitamin C, not only strengthens the body’s resistance but also helps protect blood vessels, produces collagen to connect with muscles, bones and other tissues in the muscle. can.
  • Vitamin B6: A banana will help provide the necessary vitamin B6 each day as well as strengthen the body’s resistance.
  • Pectin: The pectin content in bananas will aid in stabilizing the digestive system, laxative, and help with constipation.
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Effective when eating bananas

From the health benefits mentioned above, bananas bring amazing effects such as:

  • Support for strong bones: Although the calcium content in bananas is not high, it promotes calcium absorption because it contains fructooligosaccharides that help your body absorb maximum calcium in food.
  • Improve stomach, laxative: Bananas help improve constipation and digestive system. At the same time, bananas also support stomach pain treatment, gastric reflux and ulcerative colitis.
  • Maintain blood pressure and good for the heart: This fruit helps maintain blood pressure in a moderate level, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
  • Fight disease: The composition of banana contains 3 types of carotenoids including Provatamin A Carotenoid, Alpha-Carotenoid, Beta-Carotenoid which will transform into vitamin A to support the body against all diseases.
  • Keep the mind and body healthy: Besides the potassium content that helps provide and restore energy effectively, the tryptophan content will reduce stress and stress, helping to bring comfort, happiness and mood. think more positively.
  • Supports memory enhancement: Eating bananas will help prevent memory loss in old age and improve brain power. In addition, bananas are rich in 5 – hydroxytryptamine and 5 – synthetic hydroxytryptamine that helps the body relax and prevent depression.

Can people with colitis eat bananas?

According to Traditional Medicine, bananas have a sweet taste, weld properties that eliminate heat from the intestine, laxative and anti-inflammatory good for the digestive system. That is why a banana is a fruit that provides nutrients that people with colitis can also completely eat.

Regular banana consumption is also one of the safe and effective ways to help treat colitis. Because in bananas contain more pectin fiber to help increase bowel movements and reduce constipation caused by colitis.

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In addition, the fiber content in bananas helps increase the ability of bacteria to increase immunity and fight against bacteria that affect the colon. Along with vitamins C and B6 will help patients improve depression as well as the discomfort caused by the disease.

You can choose from green, ripe and dried bananas. However, for green bananas that are dried at a low temperature will stimulate the growth of the mucous membrane in the inner wall of the stomach and help heal ulcers on the stomach wall. As for dried bananas at high temperatures, it will not be effective.

Can people with colitis eat bananas?
People with colitis should only eat 1-2 bananas per day

The effects that bananas bring in the treatment of colitis:

  • Helps laxative, fast constipation: Bananas contain nutrients which are enzymes that have laxative effects and stimulate the digestive system, very good for people with colitis. At the same time, with the high content of pectin fiber, it helps to protect the damaged mucosa and effectively reduce constipation symptoms.
  • Increase immunity and fight inflammation of the colon: Because of its rich fiber content and beneficial bacteria, bananas help increase immunity to fight harmful bacteria. Moreover, it also helps the colon to absorb water, cleanse the colon and reduce symptoms that cause constipation effectively.
  • Anti-flatulence: High potassium content will help release water from the cells causing flatulence in patients. At the same time this substance will act directly on the brain to provide anti-depressant hormones, especially for people with colitis.
  • Helps reduce stress: In the banana contains trytophan, which helps to calm, reduce stress, and fatigue for people with colitis quite effectively.
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Notes when eating bananas for people with colitis

It can be said that banana is really a fruit that brings extremely beneficial effects on the health of patients. However, how much bananas to get the best results, people with colitis should note a number of issues as follows:

  • Patients should not eat ripe bananas on an empty stomach. It is best to eat half a banana after a meal about 30 minutes, for people with constipation a few days should eat 1 banana before going to bed.
  • In the case of symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation, … should eat 1-2 bananas after a meal about 1-2 hours.
  • Do not eat bananas with some other foods such as watermelon, sweet potatoes, taro, and potatoes.
  • Do not eat bananas in the early morning of the day because the active ingredient serotonin in bananas will cause drowsiness, affecting the working spirit. It is best to eat bananas at noon or in the evening.
  • People with diabetes should be cautious when eating because ripe bananas contain large amounts of sugar that can increase blood sugar in patients.

Overall, a banana is a very good fruit for patients with colitis. Therefore, patients should eat the correct dose of 1-2 fruits per day to help improve the symptoms of the disease. However, the high content of potassium in bananas can cause kidney problems, so patients need to limit their tolerance to too many bananas.


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