Can disc herniation be cured?
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Disc herniation is one of the osteoarthritis diseases occurring in the elderly and showing signs of increasing rejuvenation. This is a quite common disease today and has a significant impact on health as well as quality of life. Whether a disc herniation is cured will be discussed in the following article.

Can disc herniation be cured?

A herniated disc is an impaired or impaired disc function. The sheath surrounding the spine is dry, worn, or torn, causing the mucus inside the spine to deviate from its normal position. The phenomenon of pinching the nerve roots not only negatively affects health but also causes epidermal anesthesia, pain, …

Can disc herniation be cured?
Disc herniation is a disease whose treatment process is not simple


Currently, the rate of people suffering from disc herniation is increasing, not only in the elderly but also in young people at risk of diseases, seriously threatening work as well as life.

Nowadays, with a developed medical level, the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases including disc herniation is not too difficult. However, compared with the diseases related to musculoskeletal, disc herniation is a disease with no simple treatment process.

Disease “Disc herniation is cured?” It is always a matter of concern for those who are unlucky. In fact, whether the disease is curable or not depends on factors such as:

  • Condition: Each person will have a different medical condition. If the patient is in a new onset of disease and has not yet had damage to the adjacent area, the chance of complete treatment is higher. Conversely, if the condition is severe causing the mucous nucleus to squeeze the spinal nerve roots, it is very difficult to cure completely.
  • Treatment method: If from the beginning, the patient is consulted and applied appropriate treatment methods, the rate of recurrence is extremely low. However, if not treated properly, the disease takes a long time to heal. Therefore, patients also need to carefully learn about treatment methods suitable for their medical conditions.
  • Patient persistence: To completely treat disc herniation, it also takes a long process. Therefore, patients need to persevere and seriously comply with the doctor’s instructions for the disease to bring the desired results.
  • Healing location: The selection of a reputable site also helps the disc herniation treatment process quickly and with good results. Not only depends on the skills, expertise and experience of the doctor, but also with the support of modern machines, techniques also help the treatment process become more effective.
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Therefore, when the disease is detected early and the disease has no signs of pressing on nerve roots, the cure rate is very high. Conservative treatment is the solution that will help inhibit and improve the disease. However, if it has entered a severe stage, it will be extremely difficult to treat and surgery will be an indicated method but will bring certain risks.

Thus, disc herniation can be cured, but the patient will find it difficult to completely regain the inherent motor functions of the disc as well as the entire spine. Later, in the process of living and working, if accidentally encountering some not too great impacts, it can cause damage and make the disease come back at any time.

Methods of treatment of disc herniation

Whether disc herniation is curable will depend very much on the treatment. Here are some of the most commonly used treatments such as:

1. Western medicine for disc herniation

It can be said that treating disc herniation with Western drugs is the most popular method prescribed by doctors as a treatment for patients. Some of the drugs prescribed by a doctor are usually:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Naproxen, ibuprofen, … have quick relief of pain.
  • Analgesics: Meloxicam, paracetamol, … are indicated in mild cases.
  • Muscle relaxants: Decontractyl, myonal, … are indicated for use in case of severe pain.

2. Physiotherapy cures disc herniation

Physiotherapy is also an effective method if the patient follows the doctor’s instructions and perseveres in waves will help the patient improve through therapeutic techniques such as:

  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Nerve stimulation through the skin
  • Electrotherapy or thermotherapy
  • Stretch the spine
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3. Surgical treatment of disc herniation

Surgery is a method that will be indicated for patients in advanced stages, using drugs but not effective. At that time, open surgery and laparoscopic surgery will be the two commonly applied solutions today.

Can disc herniation be cured?
Surgery has many potential risk factors both during and after treatment

However, surgery requires high costs, with potential risks during or after treatment. So, before having surgery, you should go to big and reputable hospitals to do it. At the same time, after surgery, patients need proper care according to the instructions of a doctor.

4. Oriental medicine cures disc herniation

This is also the method used by many patients because of its safety, effectiveness and low risk. In Oriental medicine, people often use drugs derived from nature such as wisteria, grass, wormwood, virgin tree,…. to cure disc herniation.

The reason, traditional medicine is known to many people because they work to reduce pain, regenerate cartilage layer, anti-inflammatory and treat rheumatism very well. At the same time, active ingredients in herbs also help patients reduce the pain caused by the disc.

However, in order for the treatment to bring positive results, in addition to the persistence of application, patients also need to choose reputable Oriental medicine clinics. Because using unsecured and unproven drugs can cause undesirable problems.

The cause of treatment for disc herniation does not go away

With modern medicine like today, musculoskeletal diseases in general and disc herniation in particular have treatment methods and they depend on different factors. However, in some cases that make the course of treatment last long and not cured often stem from the following reasons:

1. Inappropriate treatment

Many patients with diseases related to osteoarthritis often buy medicines for their own treatment without a prescription from their doctor. However, studies have shown that the abuse of pain relievers will increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, perforation, kidney failure, …

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Treating disc hernias with pain relievers from Western and Oriental medicine also improves symptoms for only a short time. Therefore, when seeing any abnormalities in the spine, the patient should see a specialist doctor to be diagnosed and apply appropriate treatment.

2. Failure to comply with doctor’s orders

In the course of treatment, most of the patients have the same mentality that is eager to get rid of the disease quickly. However, disc herniation is a disease that requires a combination of different treatments, and voluntarily stopping treatment will make pain rapidly recur.

Stopping treatment abruptly will cause treatment to start over with a longer time. Therefore, in order to quickly recover from the disease, patients need to strictly follow the regimen as well as the instructions from the doctor.

3. The non-scientific living regime after treatment

After treatment, if the patient does not change the living habits, the disease is more likely to recur. In some cases, the patient continues to carry heavy objects, sit and work in the wrong position, … causing the pain to recur very quickly.

Therefore, during recovery, the patient should consult a doctor to avoid bad postures or habits affecting the spine and help prevent pain from recurring. In addition, scientific nutrition also contributes to the patient a lot in preventing recurrence of disc herniation.

Notes to help people with disc herniation quickly recover

During the treatment of disc herniation, in order to help the patient quickly improve symptoms as well as prevent the risk of the disease coming back, patients need to note a number of issues as follows:

  • Build a scientific diet by eating plenty of green vegetables, fruits, fish, and chicken to provide your body with vitamins, fiber and minerals. In addition, you also need to add milk or dairy products to provide calcium and nutrients for the body.
  • Absolutely do not use alcohol, tobacco or stimulants during treatment. Also, limit eating fast foods and high protein foods to improve symptoms of illness.
  • Regular exercise will help strengthen the resistance, make the skeleton strong, flexible and flexible. The patient should perform exercises that are suitable for the condition as well as the condition to help shorten the treatment time.
  • Always keep the spirit at ease, avoid stress and fatigue. Because mental comfort is one of the factors that contribute to increased effectiveness of treatment.
Can disc herniation be cured?
Add foods rich in vitamins and calcium support

The article has helped to answer the problem “can disc herniation be cured?”. Although disc herniation is a difficult disease to treat, if detected early and treated promptly with a healthy lifestyle will make the treatment much easier.


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