Areca nut
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Areca (Binh lang) is a familiar medicine, commonly used in traditional medicine. With the function of lowering gas, destroying volume, disinfecting and watering onions, this medicinal herb is often used in remedies – a treat for poor digestion, helminth infections and difficult urination. 

Areca nut
Areca nut (warrior lang) has the effect?
  • Other names: Binh lang, bridegroom, and great prince
  • Scientific Name: Areca Catechu
  • Family: Cau / Coconut (Arecaceae)

Description of areca nut medicinal herbs (langur)

1. Characteristics of areca tree

Areca tree is a straight cylindrical plant with an average height of about 15 – 20m. The stem is gray-brown in color and divided into several segments (essentially a leaf stain). The leaves are concentrated mainly on the tops, have a comb shape similar to coconut trees. The flowers develop in clusters surrounded by mo, and when the flowers bloom, they fall.

What is the effect of areca nut soaked in alcohol?
Areca tree image

Areca flowers are ivory-white, have a distinctive aroma, are small, female flowers are below and male flowers are above. The areca fruit is egg-shaped, nut-like, contains 1 seed with brown color and white veins. The tree bears fruit from May to December every year.

2. Distribution

Areca tree is grown in many localities in our country, in which most concentrated in the northern and northern central provinces.

3. Parts used

The areca fruit is used to make medicine, the seeds are called the langur or the great ginseng. The pod is called the great blister.

4. Harvesting – preliminary processing areca seeds

To ensure the medicinal properties of the drug, only harvest old areca nuts (from September to December every year). After picking the areca fruit down, split it in half to get the seeds. Then bring the areca nut soaked with water to soft, scrape off the bottom, slice thinly, dry or let the whole seeds dry.

5. Chemical composition

Areca nut contains a variety of chemical components, including catechin, hormoneoarecolin, arecolidine, guvacolin, arecadidine, arecolin, …

6. Storage

After drying medicinal herbs, they are susceptible to termites and damage, so they should be stored in a cool, airy place away from direct sunlight. If not used for a long time, occasionally expose it to mild sun to avoid mold and damage.

The effect of areca nut according to traditional medicine

How to use areca nut
According to traditional medicine, the warrior has a bitter, bitter, neutral taste, the effect of water, lowering gas and antiseptic.

1. Calculate taste

  • According to traditional medicine, the warrior has a slightly bitter taste, acrid, spicy, non-toxic and neutral
  • Referring to the Sutra and the Great University

2. Pharmacological effects

  • The wolf has effects of stimulating digestion, lowering gas, water, destroying and antiseptic
  • Treatment of helminthiasis, poor digestion, difficult urination, painful gas charges, enteritis, cholera

3. Usage – dosage

People often use sharp areca nut for drinking, powdering, making pellets, soaking in alcohol or used to process some healing dishes. According to folk experience, should only use 6 – 15g areca nut / day or can use 60 – 100g / day in case of treatment of worms, fluke, …

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The use of areca nut according to modern medicine

In recent years, areca nut has begun to be studied in modern medicine. Through many experiments, experts found that the langurs bring many uses for health such as:

How to use areca nut
According to modern medicine, areca nut has the effect of increasing saliva secretion, supporting the treatment of cavities, controlling blood sugar, …
  • Supportive treatment of caries: Areca seed extract inhibits harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, aids in the prevention and treatment of cavities. In addition, using areca wine or sharp water from the areca nut daily also helps maintain strong teeth.
  • Increased salivation: Areca seeds have the ability to stimulate saliva production. Therefore, this herb is often used to relieve dry mouth in diabetics.
  • Improve brain performance: Several ingredients in areca nut have been shown to be effective in improving nerve cells. Currently, the langurs are being studied for application in the treatment of schizophrenia and some other neurological diseases.
  • Control blood sugar: The active ingredient arecaoline in the veteran is capable of controlling blood sugar quite effectively. So, using remedies – foods from high seeds can support the treatment and prevention of complications caused by diabetes.

How to use the langur (dried areca nut) to cure

Areca nut is often used to prepare dishes, remedies or is used to soak alcohol.

Use dishes from areca nut

Areca nut is used to cook porridge with some other herbs to treat helminth infections, poor digestion, headaches, nausea, … Here is a healing dish from medicinal herbs.

1. Tan lang porridge for constipation with diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, vomiting

  • Preparation: Rice 50g and 15g average.
  • Implementation: Color areca nut water, remove the residue and add rice to cook into porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add a little salt and eat it when it’s hot. Consistently using this porridge for a few days will see a noticeable improvement in symptoms.

2. Tan lang porridge for treating headache, nausea and glaucoma (first natural) due to increased blood pressure

  • Preparation: 60g ordinary rice, 20g langur, 15g decisive death, 10g death, 12g depicting and 9g.
  • Implementation: Add all the medicinal herbs to the water color, remove the residue and cook the rice into porridge. Divide the porridge into several meals and use it all during the day. Should be used for a few days until symptoms subside.

3. Tan langur porridge with squash seeds for treatment of gastrointestinal helminthiasis or commitment in children

  • Preparation: Son tra and dental cup each 10g, langur 9g, rice 60g, pumpkin seeds 20g.
  • Implementation: Bring herbs to get water, remove the residue and add non-glutinous rice to cook into porridge. Divide the porridge into 2 servings and use it all during the day. Use this porridge for 3-5 days, then can stop and repeat if necessary.

Use remedies from veterans

The langur is mainly used in remedies to treat poor digestion, poor appetite, often belching, heartburn, fluke infections, pinworms, …

Areca nut medicinal
Veterans are often used in remedies for malaria, pinworm infections, fluke, indigestion, …

1. Medicines for malaria treatment

  • Preparation: Inject licorice, langur, envelope (tangerine peel), bare skin and cardamom 2g each, usually painted 3g.
  • Directions: Bring medicinal herbs to the kettle, then add water to the color carefully. After sharpening, you can mix water with alcohol and stir well. Take medicine 2 hours before the fever is present.
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2. Remedies for evidence of stagnation (indigestion, constipation, bloating and poor appetite)

  • Preparation: Additive flavor (stars) and burdock each 120g, areca nut, envelope, bare skin, wood incense, russia, 30g each, royal and rhubarb each 100g.
  • Implementation: For all medicinal herbs in the machine, crushed into a fine powder and stored in a sealed jar for use gradually. Each time use about 6-10g of powder to drink with warm water. Use regularly 2-3 times until digestive function stabilizes.

3. Treatment of pinworm infections

  • Preparation: 15g areca nut, 10g pomegranate pomegranate and 10g male.
  • Implementation: For medicinal herbs warm, sharp to get drinking water. Should use decoction before going to bed (should be hungry to achieve good results). Take this remedy for a few days to completely relieve the worms.
  • Note: When taking the remedy for pinworms from the warrior, pay attention to hygiene of the anus, body, washing blankets, pillows, mats, personal items, … to prevent re-infection.

4. Antidote to fluke

  • Preparation: 10g O mai, langur and licorice each 15g.
  • Directions: Add medicinal herbs to the kettle, add water and drink. Drink up once in the early morning on an empty stomach, should be used regularly within a few days to eliminate all fluke.

5. Anticholinergic remedies in adults and children

  • Lesson 1: Prepare 60g areca nut and 1000g fresh lacquer fruit. Wash the paint, remove the seeds, wash and eat from 15:00 – 22:00 (must fast for dinner). The next morning, put the warrior in the pot, take 1 small cup and drink and lie down to rest. When you feel bad about defecating, you need to hold for about 15 minutes and then soak the anus in a basin of warm water for the fluke to come out.
  • Lesson 2: Use a veteran (sliced) and male death every 30g. Let the male pass the fine powder and the areca nuts are sharp. Then mix 2 things and drink directly.

6. Remedy for heartburn, heartburn due to poor spleen

  • Preparation: Tran envelope 6g and lang lang 12g.
  • Implementation: Take herbal powder, mix well and prepare with honey to make a member. Every day use a sufficient amount, eat regularly for a few days will see heartburn, heartburn significantly reduced.

7. Medicines for indigestion, anorexia, flatulence, excessive belching and bad breath (due to acid reflux)

  • Preparation: Areca nut and hybrid mortar each 10g, 5g ceiling.
  • Implementation: Bring back the last star, washed bare skin, chopped and crushed areca nut. Add all the medicinal herbs to the kettle, add water and decocitate the water. Then add a little sugar, stir and wait for the medicine to cool. Divide the water into 2-3 times to drink and use all of the day.

8. Medicine to treat bloating, flatulence and poor digestion

  • Preparation: Cat apple 16g and langur 8g.
  • Implementation: Sac drink on 1 month, use continuously for 7 – 10 days to improve digestive function.

9. Medicines to stimulate digestion (suitable for people who regularly burp, bloating and eating indigestion)

  • Preparation: Creating 3g, black-knuckle and wood-flavored 4g each, lang lang and tran tran each 5g.
  • Implementation: Bring all the medicinal herbs, mix well, blend into a fine powder and finished weighing 3g. Each day use 3 mixed, each time use 10 tablets to drink with water before meals. Use this remedy continuously for 5-7 days to stimulate digestion and reduce unpleasant symptoms.

10. Remedy for lower limb edema

  • Preparation: Sinh Khuong (fresh ginger root), oolong, kumquat, corpse, bare skin and sutras every 6g, carpentry, langur, tang white skin, great envelope and radish seeds every 9 , frankincense 2g.
  • Implementation: For medicinal herbs in a warm drink, divide the water into 3 colors and use all of the day. Use 1 ladder a day until the edema is completely improved.
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11. Remedy to treat swollen thighs, nausea and chest tightness caused by low air charges

  • Preparation: Corn autumn, perilla each 4g, bare skin and langur each 16g, sand and raw ginger 8g each, quince 12g.
  • Implementation: Drink every day using 1 ladder. Use regularly until symptoms subside.

12. Remedy to treat abdominal pain, difficult defecation due to cold weather

  • Preparation: O pharmacy, only food, wood incense and a warrior are equal.
  • Implementation: Bring the powder to powder and store the powder in a sealed bottle. Each time using 6-10g of powdered medicine with boiling water, use 2-3 times a day. Consistently use until symptoms subside completely.

13. The remedy for inflammatory bowel disease in the first period causes constipation, dysentery and dull abdominal pain

  • Preparation: Flavors of women, warriors, princes, rhubarb and peppercorns every 12g, russia (black saffron), triangles, corpses, corpses and ceilings every 8g, carpentry and fenugreek each 4g.
  • Implementation: To bring pepper separately, the rest bring water to drink. Then mix the gills with pepper water and drink. Use regularly 1 month per day. The remedy should be combined with a scientific diet to support the treatment process.

14. The remedy for cold sores due to cold weather

  • Preparation: Cao Luong Khuong, langur, carpentry and anise each 8-12g, 12 – 16g, 12g umbrellas, 8g bar, 4 seeds, 20g arteriosclerosis.
  • Implementation: Using arteriosclerosis and piercing star burns, crushed three beans. Then mix well with the rest and grind into a fine powder. Each time using 4g powder drink with alcohol.

15. Antidote remedies (colds cause body aches, headaches, cold thorn sensation, …)

  • Preparation: Hoang harp, tri-sample and dahlia each 4 – 8g, post-sketch 4-6g, proof 6-8g, cardamom and licorice each 2-4g.
  • Directions: Pour all medicinal ingredients into a kettle, pour in water and flavor. Every day, use 1 ladder regularly until the body is completely healthy.

16. Antidote for abdominal pain caused by discord or stagnation of courage

  • Preparation: Hoang Cam and dong quai 12g each, herbaceous, rhubarb and langur each 8g, white dahlia 24g, cinnamon 2g, piercing 6g, licorice 4g.
  • Implementation: Leave rhubarb alone, then bring all the colors to get water. When the water is almost thick, add rhubarb and color to thicken. Divide the color into 2 drinks and use all of the day. Use 1 ladder a day until the disease is completely relieved.

17. Medicines for dyspnea, thirsty mouth, constipation, abdominal stiffness, edema

  • Preparation: Oranges (coated with toast flour) 80g, rhubarb 80g, black pepper (powdered) 160g, rhubarb (star vinegar) and whole flowers 40g each 20g, 4g contempt.
  • Implementation: Bring all the medicinal herbs into a fine powder, mix with the paste to make a member. Use 1 time a day, each time use 4-8g with water on an empty stomach (should use in the early morning after waking up).

Use areca nut soaked in alcohol

Areca nut is also used to soak alcohol. Areca wine is effective in treating dental diseases such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis and healthy, shiny teeth.

Areca nut medicinal
The seeds soaked in alcohol are effective in treating cavities, reducing bad breath and keeping teeth healthy


  • About 20-25 fresh areca fruit
  • 1 liter of pure white wine


  • Stripping off the green skin, taking only the white pulp
  • Then, cut the areca nut into 4 equal parts
  • Put the white pulp and the areca nut in a glass jar
  • Pour the wine in and soak for 1 month until the wine turns to cockroach color


  • Brush your teeth before using
  • Then use about 20-30ml of alcohol to gargle for 1-2 minutes
  • Do not eat or drink for 15 – 20 minutes so that areca alcohol kills harmful bacteria, repels bad breath and improves the strength of gum tissue, tooth root, …
  • Should persistently rinse with alcohol areca continuously for 7 – 10 days to thoroughly treat oral diseases

Note when using medicinal herbs – areca nut

Before using remedies – dishes from herbal medicine, you should note the following issues:

  • Fire horse Therefore, should only be dried / dried, should not be ripe because the medicinal properties of the drug can be significantly reduced.
  • Need to distinguish areca nut (warrior lang) from the great envelope (dried areca pods).
  • Do not use a veteran in the absence of stagnation, gas damage (herniation of digestive organs), pregnant and lactating women.

Areca (Binh lang) is popularly used in folk remedies. However, to ensure safety, you should consult your doctor before applying these medicinal remedies and foods.


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