X-Marvel enhancement pills
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X-Marvel lozenges are a physiological enhancement supplement that helps men dispel weak physiological problems from the first time using natural ingredients, without causing frequent side effects. The gentlemen mentioned and selected as a kind of “magic” in the room.

What is X-Marvel lozenge?

X-Marvel lozenges are products that enhance the physiology of men, helping to prolong sex quickly and safely. At the same time, the product also helps you regain your style, bravery and effectively slow down the process of fullness.

X-Marvel enhancement pills
X-Marvel lozenges are products that help to prolong sex quickly and safely

The product is manufactured in the form of a leading US lozenge with raw materials imported from the US. X-Marvel lozenges not only help prolong love but also bring many good uses for male physiological health such as: Erectile dysfunction , support for physiological weakness, weak sperm, …

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Product basics:

  • Product Name: X-Marvel lozenges
  • Country of origin: Vietnam
  • Category: Health food, functional foods to support male enhancement
  • Dosage form: lozenge / lozenge
  • Brand: X-Marvel
  • Manufacturing company: EcoLife Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Distribution company: Viet – USA Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Specification: Box x 12 tablets

Origin and origin of X-Marvel lozenges

X-Marvel lozenges are manufactured at EcoLife Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, based on a modern production line according to US GMP standards. The product has been quality supervised by experts of the US, ensuring the original formula standards from the US.

Currently, the product has been distributed exclusively by the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – USA. Before being released to the market, X-Marvel lozenges were certified as safe by the Ministry of Health according to the publication No. 4071/2020 / ĐKSP.

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Thus, the product has been guaranteed for safety and quality and has been licensed for circulation nationwide, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Ingredients of X-Marvel lozenges

X-Marvel is a product that is completely prepared from rare natural medicinal herbs imported from the United States. Each ingredient has its own use, specifically:

  • Fenugreek: This is a rare herb that is scientifically proven to improve the physiology, nervous system as well as the health of men. Increases levels of free testosterone, enhances protein synthesis, and thereby positively affects endurance in men.
  • Three triggers: This precious herb has long been chosen by men to enhance the physiological functions of men, helping to prolong love, nourish the kidneys, enlarge and strengthen the tendons. Also support the treatment of premature ejaculation , dream, sperm in men.
  • Tribulus: This herb has been referred to as “Viagra” for men with its effects on increasing testosterone synthesis. In addition, it also helps fight atherosclerosis, antibacterial, lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity, stimulating sperm production, … very beneficial for improving the physiological ability of men.
  • Cao Ba disease: Improves physiological function and enhances sexual health. Cao Ba disease also helps men accelerate and maintain a state of positive energy to replenish energy for the body, help reduce stress, fatigue, enhance immunity, prevent tumors and prevent aging.
  • Deer Antler Blood: This is one of the indispensable ingredients in the physiological enhancement foods for men. In addition, the deer velvet blood also enhances fitness, improves health and slows down the process of menopause.
  • Zinc Gluconate: This is the basic element that makes up the growth hormone of the body and is extremely important for the male hormone testosterone. Because, if there is a lack of zinc, men will have reduced desire function.
  • L-Arginine: This ingredient works to circulate blood to the penis, helps the penis to be large, increase pleasure in love, make the other person satisfied.
  • L-Carnitine: Improves sperm quality by increasing the sperm count and quality.
  • DHEA: Helps the male body to produce testosterone and maintain a steady level.
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Uses of X-Marvel lozenges

The product is formulated in the form of Lozenges, which dissolves quickly in less than 1 minute. The medicinal properties in lozenges act directly on the nervous system as soon as they dissolve, so they provide the following benefits:

  • Helps the body secrete the hormone testosterone which is essential for men to improve physiological health as well as increase libido.
  • Support to increase the endurance of the penis helps to prolong love and increase the frequency of sex from 5-6 times per week without fatigue.
  • Increases blood circulation to the penis, improves the size and becomes more erect.
  • Support for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, impotence, physiological weakness , spermatogenesis, ejaculation, premature ejaculation, …
  • Enhance testicular activity and sperm quality to limit infertility problem in men.
  • Support to slow down the process of early menopause and improve health such as: Quickly reduce fatigue, back pain, stress, frequent nighttime urination, …
X-Marvel enhancement pills
Products to support the physiological enhancement, help men regain their bravery

Indications for the use of X-Marvel lozenges

X-Marvel lozenges are products for men who are experiencing problems with:

  • Men over 18 years old are in need.
  • People with reduced sexual desire, no longer feeling when having sex.
  • People with physiological weakness, premature ejaculation, impotence, sperm, dream, erectile dysfunction.
  • Men suffer from early menopause, are often tired when sex is over, back pain, knee fatigue, and night urination many times.
  • Men want to improve the quantity and quality of sperm to avoid infertility.
  • People need improved penis stimulation to be confident in battle.

How to use X-Marvel lozenges

In order for the product to be in full use, users need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well as the following precautions:

  • Take 1 tablet a day
  • Should suck 1 – 2 hours before going to bed every day
  • Do not chew or swallow. Allow the lozenge to dissolve gradually in the mouth.

Note when using:

  • The product is not intended for use by men under 18 years old.
  • Do not use the product for people with a predisposition to hypersensitivity or allergies to herbal ingredients in the product.
  • Do not use the product for people with a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction.
  • Absolutely do not overdose according to the manufacturer’s regulations because it will cause long erections, affecting daily life.
  • The product is not a medicine and has no effect as a substitute for medicine.
  • Limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, …
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Are the physiological enhancement X-Marvel lozenges good?

To know if the physiological enhancement X-Marvel lozenges are good or not, readers can point out the outstanding advantages of the product as follows:

1. The production technology meets the GMP standard

  • X-Marvel lozenges are researched and manufactured by experts based on modern technology lines and qualified at ECOLIFE company.
  • The production stages are strictly supervised by leading experts with the intervention of modern machines to bring a quality product.

2. United States imported ingredients, safe

  • Raw materials in the product are imported from the United States with clean raw materials and meet the quality standards of the Ministry of Health.
  • The extract from the rare herb (curry grass) has been clinically proven to provide good results for the physiology, nervous system and men’s health.

3. Gives noticeable after 30 days of use

  • After 1 day of use: Helps spirit comfort, full of energy and feel more confident when fighting.
  • After 7 days of use: Improve pleasure, increase libido during sex. At the same time increase the sex time each time by 5 – 9 minutes.
  • After 14 days of use: Improving the size of the boy by 2 – 3cm. Help the little boy erect longer, more durable and increase the frequency of sex up to 6 times / week.
  • After 30 days of use: Helps solve physiological problems, improves fullness like a real man. Relieves symptoms such as back pain, fatigue, pillow fatigue, …

4. No side effects

  • The product is manufactured using modern technology, does not contain preservatives, so it is safe and does not bring side effects when used.
  • During testing, it shows that up to 100% of men using it do not experience any side effects and about 85% of men acknowledge the effect after the first use.
X-Marvel enhancement pills
Products are judged by experts and consumers as safe and effective right from the first use

How much does X-Marvel lozenge cost? Where do you buy it?

X-Marvel lozenges are sold by manufacturers for a price of 1,580,000 VND / box x 12 tablets. Currently, the product is having a discount of more than 50% with only VND 790,000 / box x 12 tablets.

You can find the product at pharmacies, large and small, or stores that sell condoms. In addition, you can also order products at social networking sites or e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, …

Hope the above answers will help you answer the question “Are the physiological enhancement X-Marvel lozenges good?”. With the current situation of fake goods and poor quality goods, you need to consider and choose to buy products in reputable places to ensure your health is safe when using.


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