Dangerous complications of gout
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Gout seriously affects human health and makes it difficult for patients in daily activities. Patients need to be on the lookout for dangerous complications of gout.

Dangerous complications of gout
Gout seriously affects the health of the patient.

6 dangerous complications of gout

Patients with gout often show signs of swelling, intense pain in the joints. The pain starts from the toe joints and spreads to the knuckles, elbows, feet, … Without timely treatment, the patient will be very susceptible to serious complications due to the disease. cause. Here are some of the complications of uncontrolled gout, patients need to know.

1. Disability of joints

In gout, urate salt crystals quickly form and deposit in the joints. The more severe the disease changes, the more deformed tophi particles will be and the joint’s activities will be hindered. In addition, the enlarged tophi will easily press on blood vessels and peripheral nerves, affecting bones and joints.

At this time, tophi is getting bigger and bigger, so it is easy to break. Leakage of urate salts will create favorable conditions for bacteria to quickly enter the body causing infections and septicemia. This increases the risk of disability, joint removal or amputation. In addition, organs such as blood vessels and the heart are damaged, and treatment becomes more difficult.

2. Kidney damage

The kidneys are responsible for the elimination of uric acids from the body. At this point, the uric acid will quickly transform into urate crystals. From there, the patient will be very easy to deal with a series of other diseases such as slit inflammation, kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, renal tubular obstruction, … Kidney stones account for 10-20% of cases of gout.

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When suffering from kidney diseases, if there is not timely treatment, the patient will be very susceptible to poisoning. The risk of kidney stones increases rapidly, easily leading to kidney failure. This situation will seriously affect human health. The rapidly increasing number of tophi makes kidney disease worse.

3. Stroke

Patients with chronic gout are at risk of having a stroke. The urate crystals deposited will cause the plaques in the blood vessels to be rapidly damaged. At the same time, the patient’s heart muscle suffers from inflammation of the endothelium, reducing blood circulation and leading to stroke. This is one of the most dangerous complications of gout.

4. Joint deformation

Large quantities of tophi will easily cause ulcers in soft tissues under the skin such as the biceps, thighs, abdomen, … Patients are very susceptible to joint deformities in positions such as wrists. , hands, elbows, toes, heels, … When the joints are stiff, painful, the patient will not be able to move.

Dangerous complications of gout
Deformed, swollen hands.

In particular, on X-ray images will see signs of narrowing of joints, images of cavity-shaped defects at the ends of bones. Gout will change complicatedly depending on the condition and severity of the disease. The state of joint deformity more or less depends on the health and severity of the patient’s disease.

5. Broken joints, polio

When gout goes into a chronic stage, it will damage joints, damage joints. Tophi grows rapidly in the cartilaginous tissues around the joint. Gradually, the sick person will very easily become paralyzed. If not treated in time, the joints will be completely destroyed. The patient is at risk of paralysis and gradually losing joint mobility.

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In addition, when the blood is not circulating, it will cause the blood to accumulate in the brain blood vessels. This is one of the causes of catastrophe, danger to human life. In many cases, patients do not receive timely treatment, causing joint function to be affected, causing stiffness.

6. Some other complications

In addition to the complications mentioned above, patients with gout are very susceptible to dry eyes, cataracts, poor vision, … Besides, if the disease is severe, it will affect psychology, colds. emotional instability, becoming pessimistic, emotional disturbance. In particular, patients will be very easy to cope with stomach ulcers, increasing the risk of infection when using too many pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to prevent complications caused by gout

Gout has become a terrifying, life-threatening obsession for many people. With this disease, the patient should pay attention to health. In addition, patients should conduct examination and treatment early. Here are some ways to prevent complications caused by gout, patients should consult.

Dangerous complications of gout
Regular exercise helps to control gout effectively.
  • Develop a reasonable diet, supplement the body with foods containing a lot of protein such as seafood, red meat, animal organs, …
  • Actively replenish water for the body. Every day, you need to drink 2 liters of water to eliminate toxins and prevent precipitation of urate salts.
  • Supplement the body with fruit juices to increase resistance, improve blood circulation.
  • Eat a variety of green vegetables, fruits, some tubers with rapid growth such as bean sprouts, peas, …
  • Weight control, avoid weight gain, obesity
  • Exercise regularly every day to strengthen the body’s resistance and make bones and joints stronger
  • Think positive, optimistic, happy, avoid anxiety and stress affecting the treatment process.
  • Do not stay up late, get up early, work too hard
  • Do not carry heavy objects that cause pressure or serious damage to the joints
  • Clean body hygiene helps with better blood circulation.
  • Absolutely not buy drugs without permission without a specialist’s prescription
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Hope the above information will help you to know the dangerous complications of gout. This is a pathology to be wary of because the complex changes of the disease make the patient unpredictable. Ideally, when you suffer from this disease, you should soon conduct examination and treatment. Depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor will prescribe the most suitable treatment.


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