Erectile dysfunction in young people
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Treatment of erectile dysfunction is not only a drug treatment, but men need to apply simple exercises to help alleviate the disorder.

To own a strong body, take for yourself about 5 minutes a day to perform 1 of the 5 erectile dysfunction exercises below.

5 exercises for erectile dysfunction should be applied

Exercise, sports not only helps to be healthy, possesses a beautiful body, but also is one of the methods to help cure erectile dysfunction effectively. Exercise helps the body circulate blood, toning kidneys.

Here are 5 effective exercises recommended by experts:

1. Kegels exercises help in erectile dysfunction

A sexologist of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Washington said: “Men when applying Kegels exercises will help men increase endurance, improve their ability to love in bed, possess a beautiful physique. That helps cure erectile dysfunction ”.

Cure erectile dysfunction
Kegels exercises help men improve erectile dysfunction effectively


To do this exercise, you first need to identify the pubic muscle. This muscle group plays an important role in controlling semen and urine. When determining the position of the pubic part, it will help men improve their physiological status, increase libido and prolong sex.

One of the easiest ways to identify this muscle is to stop halfway through urination to feel the movement of this muscle group. Then perform the constriction and relaxation of the pubic muscle in the following order:

  • Once the position is located, tighten the pubic muscle for 1 second, relax for 1 second to get used to, repeat for 10 times and then stop.
  • Then it can be increased to 3, 5, 8, 10 seconds depending on ability and then relax, repeat for 4 times and then rest for about 10 seconds to continue.
  • Should spend 2 minutes to practice 3-4 times a day to help bring efficiency. Can practice in the form of many postures such as standing, lying, walking, closed or legs.
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A few notes when practicing Kegels:

  • Urinating before training is highly effective
  • Breathing steadily, not holding your breath will have difficulty during the exercise
  • During the exercise, the penis can be erect, but this is a normal phenomenon of the body so there is no need to worry.
  • Need to apply this exercise regularly every day to help bring good results.

2. Tiptoe when urinating

Tiptoeing when urinating is one of the traditional medicine exercises. On tiptoes, the body weight will be put on the toes, causing the muscles in the back to stretch. Making the blood circulation process better helps to tonify the kidneys , increase testosterone in men.

Exercises are applied during urination and performed as follows:

  • Legs parallel to each other, feet shoulder-width apart
  • Get on tiptoe and try to stand with your toes
  • Keep your back straight, squeeze your glutes, and bite your teeth together. Then use the force of the abdominal cavity to push the urine out
  • Finally relax your body and slowly lower your legs.

Should repeat this movement from 20-30 times, maintain every day you will see effective after 1 month of implementation.

3. Yoga is also an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction

Yoga is a type of fitness that helps the body stay supple and flexible. Especially for men, yoga exercises will help men improve their physiology, increase libido and be able to perform many new creative movements, achieve excitement in each. to love.

Cure erectile dysfunction
Yoga poses help to enhance physiological function


  • Lie on your stomach on the floor, legs straight and as wide as thighs
  • Palms face down and straight at hips, chin rested on floor
  • Tilt your body back and forth so that your hands can get under your body so you can knit your fingers together. Hands should be placed inside the thighs and the elbows should be close together
  • Breathe and relax, raise your legs so that they are straight, do not bend your knees and spread your legs by the distance of your thighs.
  • Hold this position for 10-20 seconds, then exhale, then slowly lower your feet to the floor, returning to starting position. Applying exercises from 2-3 times to help bring significant results.
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4. Gymnastics enhances physiology

Nowadays, the gym has become quite popular among men. Because it can help men to have a toned, healthy body, it is also one of the effective erectile dysfunction healing exercises recommended by fitness experts.

According to experts, lifting weights to help men increase testosterone by going to the gym every day to do weightlifting about 10 times will bring about the expected results.

Cure erectile dysfunction
Daily exercise helps the body produce more testosterone

In addition, the men can also incorporate additional training for the shoulder, abdominal muscles and chest to cure erectile dysfunction, increase body endurance to help prolong love.

5. Walking is also a good solution

According to research experts at Harvard University (USA), spending about 30 minutes on walking or jogging helps the body burn 200 calories in the body, reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 30. %.

Instead of sitting still, being sedentary will make the blood flow unstable and the genitals will not receive the blood circulation. Causes the phenomenon of physiological weakness in men, affecting essential needs.

According to the researchers’ conclusion, spending 15-30 minutes walking helps the body to circulate blood to the genitals, prolonging physiological ability. In addition, walking also causes the body to release Endorphins that help men to enjoy and promote sexual desire.

Cure erectile dysfunction
Do 15-30 walking or jogging to help circulate blood

Above are 5 exercises to help treat erectile dysfunction quite popular have been surveyed and recommended by research experts. Just 5 minutes a day doing a few simple movements also helps to enhance physiological function.

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In addition, men need to have periodic health examinations and a combination of a diet full of essential nutrients to improve the condition and regain the true form of men.


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