There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids from ginger root
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Using ginger to treat hemorrhoids is a simple folk remedy, widely used because the ingredients are easy to find again. But ginger is really effective in treating hemorrhoids, how to use it, not everyone knows. Here are 4 ways to treat hemorrhoids from ginger root that you can refer.

There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids from ginger root
There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids from ginger root

The unexpected use of ginger in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Ginger is a herbaceous plant, with a branching rhizome that develops into a tuber. Ginger root is spicy, has warm properties, has a dark aroma with the use of low apples to pepper, clear, dissolve, and repatriate. Often used to treat indigestion bloating, hidden phlegm, asthma cough, vomiting diarrhea, abdominal pain, khong chi increase blood pressure, cold limbs, cold stomach pain …

According to modern research, ginger contains chemical components such as zingeron, zingeron, shogaola, α camphen, β phelandren, zingiberene C15H24, sesquiterpen, citral bocneola, geraniola … have the effect of increasing blood pressure, increasing breathing, inhibiting the activity of intestinal motility if used in high doses, paralyzing the central nervous system of the motor zone. 

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, ginger has the following effects:

  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, assists in injury recovery, helps reduce the unpleasant burning pain caused by hemorrhoids, while also helping to control pain during bowel movements. In addition, ginger’s anti-inflammatory ability also helps prevent and inhibit the activity of parasitic samples that cause inflammation, helping to improve swelling, inflammation in hemorrhoids.
  • Ginger also works well in blood regulation, hemostasis, solving bloody bowel movements, minimizing the risk of anemia caused by hemorrhoids. From there, symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness and dizziness due to blood loss caused by hemorrhoids will be improved.
  • Ginger contains many enzymes that are able to break down proteins into amino acids quickly and strongly to help digest food process quickly and easily. Besides, ginger also helps to stimulate the activity of intestinal peristalsis, speed up the transport of food without causing excessive spasms, making it easier to digest food. Thereby preventing constipation, reducing the risk of making the disease more serious. 
  • In particular, the composition of ginger has active ingredients to help reduce pain, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, when applied directly to the tufts of hemorrhoids can reduce burning pain, support treatment, shrink the tufts very well.
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4 How to cure hemorrhoids from ginger root is simple, easy to follow

Ginger is the remedy for many diseases including hemorrhoids
Ginger is the remedy for many diseases including hemorrhoids

Ginger is very effective in supporting the treatment of hemorrhoids, but you need to follow the right method to get the desired effect. Some popular ways to cure hemorrhoids from ginger root today are:

1. Use ginger tea to treat hemorrhoids

How to cure hemorrhoids from ginger tea is easy to do, suitable for busy people. You can use fresh ginger tea or ginger tea bags to improve digestion, support bleeding, antibacterial, and inflammation. 


  • Take 1/2 of fresh ginger root, remove the skin, and slice thinly
  • Place a few slices of fresh ginger in a cup of boiling water, and simmer for 5-10 minutes
  • Wait for the water is still warm, then enjoy
  • Use 1 time / day, each time 1 cup will see the symptoms of hemorrhoids improve.

2. Steam the hemorrhoids with ginger root

One of the ways to cure hemorrhoids from ginger root that many people apply and bring many positive changes for patients is to steam the hemorrhoids with ginger root. The steam will help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and help the hemorrhoids gradually shrink naturally.


  • Ingredients: 1 fresh ginger root, 1 clean pot
  • Fresh ginger washed, crushed, boiled with water
  • Pour ginger water into a pot, steam directly in the anus
  • Persevere until the steam cools slightly
  • Use ginger residue also applied directly to the anus.

3. Apply fresh ginger to the anus to treat hemorrhoids

Applying fresh ginger directly to the anus is the fastest method to help reduce the itching and discomfort in the hemorrhoids. Because ginger has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, when the active ingredients in ginger are absorbed into the hemorrhoids, it will help relieve pain and ease symptoms quickly.

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  • Take 100g of fresh ginger, washed, crushed, bring hot stars
  • Keep the ginger in a moderate heat, then apply directly to the anal area
  • Perform regularly 2-3 times / week, persevere to see the effect.

4. Add ginger to dishes that treat hemorrhoids

Along with the application of the above methods, you can use ginger to treat hemorrhoids by adding ginger to dishes to support treatment. The dishes with ginger that you can refer to such as salmon with ginger sauce, ginger chicken ramen, boiled beef with ginger, lemongrass beef, ginger … These dishes not only support hemorrhoids treatment, improve resistance. but also ensures nutrition, keeps the body healthy every day.

Notes on how to treat hemorrhoids from ginger root

When using ginger root to treat hemorrhoids, many problems should be noted
When using ginger root to treat hemorrhoids, many problems should be noted

When applying ginger root hemorrhoids treatments, you need to keep in mind the following issues:

  • How to treat hemorrhoids from ginger root is only suitable for people with hemorrhoids in the first stage, for people with hemorrhoids 2, 3 should only apply as a supportive method. 
  • Folk methods made from natural ingredients have a slow effect, so you have to persevere for a long time to see results. Moreover, depending on the location, the implementation that the effectiveness of this method is not the same for each person.
  • Do not apply orally treat hemorrhoids at high doses for subjects such as pregnant or lactating women, people with blood disorders, pain using anticoagulants, people going to surgery, people with diseases such as cardiovascular , diabetes
  • When using ginger, be careful, if you are in a local allergenic, allergic to ginger, some symptoms such as itching, rash, swollen lips, difficulty breathing, urticaria …
  • Do not use ginger for people with yin damage caused by internal heat, vomiting due to heat, stomach pain caused by heat, self-sweating, coughing due to yin …
  • Do not use ginger while you are using remedies with royal palms, royal hares, and yams.
  • Avoid oral ginger for people with high fever, not cold, sweating, heat stroke, aspirin, coumarin. 
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The remedy for hemorrhoids from ginger root, although effective, should only be applied as a supportive method. If you are experiencing signs of hemorrhoids, it is best to see your doctor to determine the condition so that there is a suitable treatment regimen.


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