cure premature ejaculation with ginger
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Cure premature ejaculation with fresh ginger is one of the popular folk tips applied by men. These herbal remedies work to increase libido, improve erections and help men “endure” more during the battle. 

cure premature ejaculation with ginger
Fresh ginger – A valuable medicine for the health and physiology of men


Fresh Ginger & Cure premature ejaculation effect

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual disorder in men – especially middle-aged and elderly men. This condition occurs when a man is unable to control ejaculation, causing semen to release only a short time after “penetration”. The phenomenon of premature ejaculation makes love become quick and affects the feeling of satisfaction of both men and women.

In fact, all men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. This can be caused by psychological problems, fatigue, weakness, sexual posture or some other factors. Because it is a very sensitive issue, many men are reluctant to visit and often take advantage of some natural herbs for improvement. Among them, ginger is the most commonly used folk trick.

According to traditional medicine, fresh ginger (born khong) has a pungent taste, aroma, warmth, the effect of phlegm, detoxification, onions, active blood and moderate. This herb is often used to cure diseases caused by typhoid infections and promote blood circulation.

cure premature ejaculation with ginger
Fresh ginger works to increase blood circulation, improve erections and support to prolong sex

Research from modern medicine also found that the bioactive substances in ginger root such as shogaol, gingerol and zingiberene have the effect of dilating capillaries, promoting blood circulation and increasing libido. Besides, ginger also provides the body with abundant minerals and vitamins that have the ability to improve health, reduce fatigue and slow down the aging process.

Therefore, the tips to cure premature ejaculation from ginger can help men prolong the time of “sex”, improve health, increase libido and erectile capacity. Some studies also show that, with the mechanism of increasing blood circulation, ginger can help men easily achieve “orgasm” and more satisfied after each sex.

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Thus, it can be seen that ginger’s benefits for health and physiology are not only circulated in folk but also scientifically researched and recognized. Therefore, men with ejaculation problems can take advantage of this herb to boost vitality and improve health.

4 How to cure premature ejaculation with simple fresh ginger

Fresh ginger is a safe and healthy natural herb. Therefore, men should apply these herbal premature ejaculation tips regularly to notice positive changes. In addition to increasing efficiency, men can combine ginger with some other medicinal herbs such as honey, fish bubbles, …

Here are some ways to use ginger to treat premature ejaculation that many men apply:

1. Suck ginger before sex – A simple cure for premature ejaculation

Taking ginger before sex is a simple and easy tip for premature ejaculation. Essences from fresh ginger will easily be absorbed into the body, thereby increasing blood circulation to the penis and helping “little boy” stronger, more durable when “in battle”.

In addition, taking a slice of fresh ginger 30 minutes before sex also stimulates sexual desire in men, helps men become passionate and achieve feelings of satisfaction and sublimation when “having sex”. Although it is a folk remedy, the way to suck fresh ginger is still popular and highly effective.

Cure premature ejaculation with fresh ginger
Suck fresh ginger before having sex – Simple and easy tip for premature ejaculation

Implementation Guide:

  • Prepare 1 fresh ginger root
  • Rinse, peel and cut into thin slices
  • Suck about 2-3 slices of fresh ginger about 30 minutes before sex

In addition, men with premature ejaculation can also take fresh ginger before bedtime every day to improve physiological function and increase libido. If done regularly, men will notice significantly improved premature ejaculation and a longer “love” time.

2. Use ginger and honey to treat premature ejaculation

Combining ginger and honey is an effective remedy for premature ejaculation that has been widely circulated in folklore. Honey has a sweet taste, is calm, fostering health, concentrates and nourishes blood. Also according to modern medicine, this food contains many minerals essential for male physiology – especially boron, magnesium and zinc.

Men applying tips to cure premature ejaculation from ginger and honey can improve libido, improve health and sexual function. Some recent studies show that ginger and honey combine to increase blood circulation significantly, which in turn helps the penis to easily achieve an erection and reduce excessive sensitivity.

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Cure premature ejaculation with fresh ginger
Honey pickled ginger has effects on health and male physiology

Implementation Guide:

  • Honey ginger tea for premature ejaculation: Put a few slices of fresh ginger in a cup, then add 300ml of warm water. Add 2 – 3 teaspoons of raw honey, stir and drink while the tea is warm. Should be used regularly 2 times / day (early morning and before bedtime).
  • Ginger soaked with honey: Prepare about 300g of fresh ginger and 300g of honey. Take ginger washed, drain and cut into thin slices. Put in the jar, pour the honey in and cover the jar tightly. Soak for 20-30 days is okay. Every day use 3-4 teaspoons of honey and a few slices of fresh ginger mixed with warm water to drink directly. Or you can eat from 1-2 teaspoons of honey soaked in ginger.

Do not ignore:  Honey and the use of treating premature ejaculation are few people expect

3. Ginger soup cook with dried fish bubble

Fish balloons (seabubs) are nutritious foods. According to traditional medicine, mackerel has a sweet taste, is normalized, attributable to the kidneys, has the effect of blood only, nourishes the pulse, helps the kidneys and nourishes, dissipates and canopy. Therefore, fish ball is often used to treat sperm, sperm in men.

To increase the effectiveness of the treatment of premature ejaculation , men can combine ginger with dried fish flakes. This dish also contains a number of medicinal herbs that are good for male health and physiology such as red apple, three triggers and mental benefits. Using ginger soup to cook fish bubbles 3 – 4 times / week can reduce the frequency of premature ejaculation, helping men to be more resilient when “in love” and completely conquer their partners after each time they are together.

Cure premature ejaculation with fresh ginger
Ginger bong fish soup is good for men – especially men with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction

Implementation Guide:

  • Prepare three triggers, location and dried fish bubbles each 30g, 3 red apple and 1 fresh ginger root
  • Take ginger washed, drain and slice into thin slices
  • Bring fish balls soaked in water to soften, then wash all remaining ingredients
  • Add the herbs to the decoction to get water, then add ginger and fish balls to a low heat
  • Until the fish bubbles soften, turn off the heat, season with seasoning and eat while still hot

In addition to the effect of treating premature ejaculation, fish bubble ginger soup is also used to treat many diseases such as hemorrhagic defecation, gonorrhea, haemorrhage, hemorrhage, hemorrhage, …

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4. Ginger dishes support premature ejaculation treatment

Besides, men can also supplement dishes from ginger to aid in improving premature ejaculation, enhancing health and sexual function. Here are some nutritious dishes from fresh male ginger to add to the daily diet:

Grilled ginger cures premature ejaculation
Men should add ginger dishes regularly to improve premature ejaculation
  • Ginger snail: This dish provides men with abundant protein and zinc content, which helps to increase libido and improve premature ejaculation. To make ginger snails, men need to prepare 200g of pre-cooked snail meat and ginger sliced ​​fresh ginger. First, put the oil in a non-aromatic pan with onions and lemongrass. Then add the snail to the island to cook evenly, add ginger and season to taste.
  • Lemongrass ginger boiled beef: Lemongrass ginger boiled beef is a good dish for men – especially men with weak physiology, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. To make this dish, it is necessary to prepare beef, ginger, lemongrass and spices just enough. Wash the corns, marinate them with salt, soy sauce, white sugar, lemongrass and ginger. Then, boil 1 liter of water to boil, add ginger and lemongrass along with beef corn. Boil beef corn, then take out to cool and cut to eat with sauce.
  • Ginger porridge: Ginger porridge is suitable for men with premature ejaculation due to weakness, fatigue and pallor of the body. This dish has a simple implementation. You just need to cook porridge until it is hot, then add the sliced ​​ginger to eat while still hot. To increase the nutritional value, can be eaten with beef, eggs, chicken or minced pork.

Some notes when using ginger to treat premature ejaculation

Tips for treating premature ejaculation from ginger are simple procedures, ingredients are easy to find and highly safe. However, in order to achieve high results when applying this remedy, men need to note the following issues:

Grilled ginger cures premature ejaculation
In addition to tips for treating premature ejaculation from ginger, men should eat and drink scientifically
  • The cure for premature ejaculation with fresh ginger only has an improvement effect. Therefore, men with frequent and severe premature ejaculation (ejaculation only after 2-3 minutes) should see a doctor for medical examination and consultation.
  • Similar to other natural herbal remedies, ginger remedies work slowly. Therefore, men should persistently apply for a long time to realize a clear effect.
  • Fresh ginger works to enhance blood circulation and anti-platelet aggregation (prolong clotting time). Therefore, men with high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders or taking anticoagulants should not apply this herbal premature ejaculation remedy.
  • Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders in men. In addition to the healing tips from ginger, men should change their diet and healthy activities to improve their health, and be more durable when “having sex” helps the love last forever and more fully.
  • In addition to ginger curing tips, men can also use a number of natural remedies that have been shown to be effective in male health and physiology such as velvet antler (antler velvet), humiliation, trichromat, liqueur , …

The article has detailed instructions on some simple and easy to use ginger to treat premature ejaculation. However, men need to note, these remedies only help to improve. To achieve optimum effect, should coordinate with a healthy lifestyle and medical interventions in case of need.


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